Mastering Landscape Photography

The Luminous-landscape Essays

Author: Alain Briot

Publisher: N.A


Category: Photography

Page: 252

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Thirteen essays on landscape photography by master photographer Alain Briot. Topics include practical, technical, and aesthetic aspects of photography to help photographers build and refine their skills. Also covered is how to be an artist in business. Alain Briot is one of the leading contemporary landscape photographers. He received his education in France and currently works mostly in the southwestern part of the United States. This book starts with the technical aspects of photography; how to see, compose, find the right light, and select the best lens for a specific shot. It continues by focusing on the artistic aspects of photography with chapters on how to select your best work, how to create a portfolio, and finally concludes with two chapters on how to be an artist in business.

Mastering Landscape Photography

Author: David Taylor

Publisher: Ammonite Press

ISBN: 9781781450840

Category: Photography

Page: 176

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Landscape photography can be a solitary experience but award-winning photography David Taylor believes creativity requires peaceful contemplation to flourish. The ability to ignore being cold or wet, an understanding of how the weather and seasons impact on the environment, and an appreciation of navigational skills are vital attributes of the landscape photographer. Illustrated with the author's own stunning images, this book reveals the skills and techniques required to capture compelling photographs in empathy with the natural world. Chapters cover equipment, exposures, lighting, preparation, filters, composition and plenty of advice on postproduction, image corrections and some helpful website addresses.

Mastering Landscape Photography

Learn by Video

Author: Video2brain,Phil Hawkins

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780321808332

Category: Computers

Page: 48

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UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS IN HALF A DAY THIS FOCUSED WORKSHOP, shot in the inspirational terrain of the southern Colorado Rockies, provides almost 3 hours of high-quality video. Landscape photographer Phil Hawkins shares his secret tips and tricks as he takes you through a unique geographic region that boasts spectacular vistas and some of the world's best sunset photography. You will learn what to expect in the field and which lenses and filters to include in your gear bag. Phil provides you with the technical settings that will ensure the best possible image quality, while exploring the creative aspects as you consider composition. Finally, Phil delves into post-production in Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, and Photomatix.

Mastering Photographic Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style

Author: Alain Briot

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 145710069X

Category: Photography

Page: 369

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Alain Briot states that, "The personality of the photographer must be present in the image for an artistic photograph to have value." And in this book he sets out to teach the things that are essential in achieving this goal. Following his successful first book, Mastering Landscape Photography, Briot goes beyond the conventional rules of composition and takes on a fresh, new approach to teaching the art of photography. Based upon his personal experiences as an artist, teacher, and photographer, he opens new doors to the reader-doors leading to new ways of seeing and composing images. Briot approaches fine art photography as being a combination of art and technique. In this new book he addresses both of these by presenting artistic and technical information. On the artistic side, Briot introduces artistic concepts that have been rarely, if ever, associated with photography. On the technical side, he presents numerous tools that can help you learn how to create better photographs and provides technical solutions to common photographic problems. The author practices photography as a fine art. What matters most to him is how photography can be used to express feelings and emotions. For Briot, a good photograph must be both artistically inspired and technically excellent. To have just one of these two elements is not enough for a fine art photograph to be successful. Topics include: - How to compose with color, with black and white, and with light - Why you need to consider your audience while composing a photograph - Recreate the emotions you felt when you captured your photographs - How the elements of color-hue, contrast, and saturation-work in your images - How to control the elements that have a visual effect in your photographs - How to draw upon your personal way of seeing and then share your vision - How to diagnose image maladies and apply the proper remedies - How to define a color palette for a specific photograph - How to use compositional elements to develop a personal style Forweword by Tony Sweet

Complete Photography

Understand cameras to take, edit and share better photos

Author: Chris Gatcum

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1781574944

Category: Photography

Page: 400

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400 pages to take you from beginner to expert photographer"The must have book for EVERY photographer" - Diana Elizabeth Whether you're a complete beginner, a casual snapper or a seasoned photographer, there is a lot to be learned from this extensive photography guide. Take the guesswork out of your photography and understand not just what to do with your camera, but how and why this affects the photos you take. Make More Impact You'll learn how to compose a shot for visual impact, focus it to attract the viewer's eye, expose it so every detail is captured and so much more. Get More Book At 400 superbly designed & illustrated pages, this book represents better value than anything else. Any Camera Photography never stands still so it doesn't matter what camera you have, whether you own an SLR, film camera or a compact digital camera, Chris will teach you how to take the best photos possible. Easy to Read Chris Gatcum's writing is clear and instructive, covering a vast range of essential photography aspects in great detail so that you can truly understand how to take a great photo that stands out. The Voice (& Photos) of Pros As well as Gatcum's expertise on the subject, Complete Photography is packed with tips and masterclasses from other inspirational professionals. Stunning Photography and Bespoke Diagrams Each point is illustrated with carefully selected, beautiful photography examples along with clear diagrams to inspire and instruct. Table of professionals case studies in this bookSectionMasterclassProfessional Master-PhotographerExposureLandscape David Taylor PortraitsBen Anker SportsIan MacNicol InteriorsAdrian WilsonLight & ColourFoodStuart Ovenden Still LifeDaniel Brooke FashionDixie DixonLensesStreet PhotographyBrian Lloyd Duckett WildlifeRichard Garvey-Williams MacroAndy Small ArchitechtureJanie Airey AbstractRyan BushPost-processingRetouchingMiss AnielaIn The BagDocumentaryMichelle Frankfurter The cover design features a mirrorless digital camera with interchangeable lenses, a reto-style film camera and an iPhone 7 because this book applies to every different way you can take a photo.

Digital Photography: Essential Skills

Author: Mark Galer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136101500

Category: Photography

Page: 248

View: 493

Looking to take your photography to the next level? Need guidance on the basics, from choosing cameras to perfecting capture, managing files, editing images and developing a creative, critical eye? Packed with quality images to inspire and enthuse, Digital Photography: Essential Skills takes a refreshingly practical, focused approach to cover exactly what you need to know develop a creative, competent style and a seamless photography workflow. As a working photographer and teaching lecturer, Mark Galer is the perfect guide to take you through the skills and knowledge needed to take fantastic images. Now updated to cover file management and editing in Lightroom, Adobe's popular workflow software, for a stream-lined process from capture to output.

Landscape Photography

The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography at Night

Author: James Carren

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519321367


Page: 30

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Discover The Secrets to Mastering Landscape Photography At Night! Night photography and astrophotography can be two of the most frustrating sub-genres of landscape. A lot of the reason for this is because: 1. It really is a hard subject to master due to the lack of light. 2. People don’t understand how to go about mastering it. It’s very technical, math based, and has a lot of steps. While this can put a lot of people off, I’m here to break it down for you. Planning is absolutely key, and I’ll walk you through every step you need to make your shoot successful. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside... Tips and Tricks for Photographing in Low Light: Before diving right into night photography, I think it’s best to get your feet wet with a little introduction into the world of low light photography. If you can master this, night photography is the next logical step. The tips include information on the importance of selecting ISO and using a tripod to reduce shake. These things carry over into night photography. Astrophotography and Night Photography: I explain the difference; inclusion of landscape along with the sky or without. How Dark Does it Need to Be?: This chapter discusses how to figure out the light pollution in your area, and a few tips on how to combat it and use it to your advantage if need be. The Gear: This comprehensive list breaks down the essential gear you need to make it work. Planning Your Shoot and Composition: Talks about all the steps you need to take to make your shoot successful. Have a list of all the equipment you need and make sure to pack it all (and extra) at least the night before. Get to know your equipment and make sure it’s all set where it should be in the daylight, before you get to your location. This chapter also discusses the way in which composition differs when you work at night. Getting Star Trails: How to make beautiful star trails in your image Getting Point Stars: Provides opposite techniques to the previous tip, including how to determine exposure time for this style. Editing: Night photography has its own kind of retouching that you have to do to get the perfect image, and I break down all the steps and how to make them work for you. Simply scroll back up the page to download your very own copy today! ----------------- Tags: photography, photoshop, photography books, photography magazine, photoshop cc, photo books, photoshop cs6, photography for dummies, photography for beginners, photography business, photography compostion, photography for kids, photography coffee table books, photography lighting, dslr, photography composition, landscape photography, darkroom photography, photography for beginners, photography lighting, digital photography for beginners, digital photography, dslr photography for beginners, portrait photography, dslr photography

Digital Landscape Photography

Author: John and Barbara Gerlach

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136100709

Category: Photography

Page: 208

View: 6815

Photographing landscape with a film camera is different than with a digital camera. There are several books on the market that cover landscape photography, but none of them are specifically for the digital photographer. This book is what you are looking for! Digital Landscape Photography covers: * equipment such as accessories and lenses * exposure from shutter speed to common mistakes * shooting * light and its importance * composing your perfect photo * printing * and a special section on specific subjects such as waterfalls and sunrises Digital Landscape Photography, written by experts that have been shooting outdoors for decades, is a fresh look at current ways to shoot landscapes by making the most of digital format.

From Dawn to Dusk

Mastering the Light in Landscape Photography

Author: Ross Hoddinott,Mark Bauer

Publisher: Ammonite Press

ISBN: 9781781453063


Page: 192

View: 1797

This photography guide has a unique structure that leads the reader on an hour-by-hour, picture-by-picture journey from dawn to dusk, and then on into the night. Each chapter focuses on the benefits and challenges of shooting in the available light at a particular time of the day, highlighting suitable landscape types, styles of photography and processing techniques of that moment. There are regular "technique" panels to help readers hone their camera skills, and each chapter concludes with an awe-inspiring double-page image that demonstrates the results that are possible--accompanied by an extended caption and a personal anecdote from the photographer.

Mastering Exposure

Author: David Taylor

Publisher: Ammonite Press

ISBN: 9781781452059

Category: Photography

Page: 176

View: 2500

Explains the fundamentals of exposure and how varying three parameters--shutter speed, aperture, and ISO--can be used creatively and practically to determine correct exposure, but deliver substantially different images.

Alles über Digitalfotografie

Author: Michael Freeman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836514743

Category: Digitale Photographie - Anleitung

Page: 640

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Das digitale Fotografie-Buch

Author: Scott Kelby

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827328274

Category: Photography

Page: 241

View: 9685

Low Budget Shooting

Fotozubehör einfach selbst gebaut

Author: Cyrill Harnischmacher

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3864914795

Category: Photography

Page: 74

View: 7709

Der Einstieg in die Arbeit mit Licht ist keine ganz billige Angelegenheit, professionelle Lichttechnik übersteigt sehr schnell das zur Verfügung stehende Budget. Softbox, Lichtzelt, Aufnahmetisch, Striplight oder Diffusor, all das trotzdem einfach einmal auszuprobieren, damit zu experimentieren und dabei zu lernen, ist der Wunsch vieler Amateure. Was liegt also näher, als sich das passende Zubehör selber zu bauen - doch wie, ohne Anleitung? Welches Werkzeug und Material wird benötigt? Wie richte ich kostengünstig ein kleines Table-Top-Studio ein? Genau diese Fragen möchte das Buch beantworten. Ein wenig handwerkliches Geschick vorausgesetzt, entsteht aus Materialien, die für jedermann erschwinglich sind, Fotozubehör, dass sich in seiner Funktionalität nicht hinter professionellem Equipment verstecken muss. Neben der jeweiligen Bauanleitung zeigen auch viele Beispielbilder die Ergebnisse, die sich mit dem selbst gebauten Zubehör erzielen lassen. Und selbst wenn Sie später einmal auf eine große Blitzanlage umgestiegen sind, werden Sie viele der hier vorgestellten Hilfsmittel immer noch zu schätzen wissen. Dieses Buch richtet sich an alle, die mit ihrer Digitalkamera noch etwas mehr aus ihren Bildern herausholen wollen. Sei es, um eine Sammlung zu dokumentieren, Produktkataloge »inhouse« zu realisieren, als Grafiker perfekte Layoutbilder zu machen, kreativ mit Licht zu arbeiten oder einfach den Einstieg zu finden. Es ist jedoch kein Fotolehrbuch im klassischen Sinn, sondern Anleitung, Ideenfundgrube und Anregung für alle, die sich mit dem Selbstbau von Fotozubehör beschäftigen.

John Shaw's Landscape Photography

Author: John Shaw

Publisher: Amphoto Books

ISBN: 9780817437107

Category: Photography

Page: 144

View: 898

This is the only book offering step-by-step instruction on the current methods and materials used by professional artists to handcolour photographs. James McKinnis, a nationally known handcolourist, provides detailed, illustrated lessons on how to apply various media--photo oils, pencils, and markers--to a wide range of photographic papers and special surfaces. Then twenty acclaimed handcolourists describe the special techniques they employed to create the spectacular of their work featured in this comprehensive guide to handcolouring.

Photo-Graphics: Exposure

An Infographic Guide to Photography

Author: David Taylor

Publisher: Ammonite Press

ISBN: 9781781452707


Page: 176

View: 9374

Photo-Graphics: Exposure looks behind the lens at the science of light, color, and lenses, and then applies this to the practical matters of such essentials as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, depth of field, metering, movement, histograms, exposure adjustment, and dynamic range. All the relevant information is presented in instantly engaging infographics that inform, illuminate, intrigue, and entertain, creating a unique guide to photographic technique that can be studied from start to finish or kept in the camera bag as a dip-in refresher course that s as exciting to the photographer s eye as it is essential to the photographer s craft."

Perspectives on Place

Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography

Author: J.A.P. Alexander

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 147423920X

Category: Photography

Page: 192

View: 719

Perspectives on Place provides an inspiring insight into the territory of landscape photography. Using a range of historic and contemporary examples, Alexander explores the rich and diverse history of landscape photography and the many ways in which contemporary photographers engage with the landscape and their surroundings. Bridging theory and practice, this book demonstrates how mastering a variety of different photographic techniques can help you communicate ideas, explore themes, and develop more abstract concepts. With practical guidance on everything from effective composition, to managing challenging lighting conditions and working with different lenses and formats, you'll be able to build your own varied and creative portfolio. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions and an assignment, encouraging you to explore key concepts and apply different photographic techniques to your own practice. Richly illustrated with images from some of the world's most influential photographers, Perspectives on Place will help you to explore the visual qualities of your images and represent your surroundings more meaningfully.

Fotografie als zeitgenössische Kunst

Author: Charlotte Cotton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783422070967


Page: 248

View: 535

Der erste Band der Reihe Kunst Kompakt widmet sich dem Spektrum der zeitgenössischen Fotografie: von scheinbar banalen Schnappschüssen bis zu den akribisch inszenierten tableaux eines Jeff Wall bespricht das Buch all jene Aspekte, die diese Kunstform im 21. Jahrhundert auszeichnet. Neben prominenten Fotografen wie Cindy Sherman oder Andreas Gursky lassen sich auch viele weniger bekannte Künstler entdecken, die die Beständigkeit, aber auch die Vielseitigkeit dieses Mediums eindrucksvoll belegen.