Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis

Author: John A. Rice

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0534399428

Category: Mathematics

Page: 688

View: 9549

This is the first text in a generation to re-examine the purpose of the mathematical statistics course. The book's approach interweaves traditional topics with data analysis and reflects the use of the computer with close ties to the practice of statistics. The author stresses analysis of data, examines real problems with real data, and motivates the theory. The book's descriptive statistics, graphical displays, and realistic applications stand in strong contrast to traditional texts that are set in abstract settings. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Problems and Solutions in Mathematical Finance

Equity Derivatives

Author: Eric Chin,Dian Nel,Sverrir Ólafsson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119966108

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 856

View: 4231

Detailed guidance on the mathematics behind equityderivatives Problems and Solutions in Mathematical Finance Volume IIis an innovative reference for quantitative practitioners andstudents, providing guidance through a range of mathematicalproblems encountered in the finance industry. This volume focusessolely on equity derivatives problems, beginning with basicproblems in derivatives securities before moving on to moreadvanced applications, including the construction of volatilitysurfaces to price exotic options. By providing a methodology forsolving theoretical and practical problems, whilst explaining thelimitations of financial models, this book helps readers to developthe skills they need to advance their careers. The text covers awide range of derivatives pricing, such as European, American,Asian, Barrier and other exotic options. Extensive appendicesprovide a summary of important formulae from calculus, theory ofprobability, and differential equations, for the convenience ofreaders. As Volume II of the four-volume Problems and Solutions inMathematical Finance series, this book provides clearexplanation of the mathematics behind equity derivatives, in orderto help readers gain a deeper understanding of their mechanics anda firmer grasp of the calculations. Review the fundamentals of equity derivatives Work through problems from basic securities to advanced exoticspricing Examine numerical methods and detailed derivations ofclosed-form solutions Utilise formulae for probability, differential equations, andmore Mathematical finance relies on mathematical models, numericalmethods, computational algorithms and simulations to make trading,hedging, and investment decisions. For the practitioners andgraduate students of quantitative finance, Problems andSolutions in Mathematical Finance Volume II provides essentialguidance principally towards the subject of equity derivatives.

Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS

Author: J. P. Verma

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119206723

Category: Medical

Page: 392

View: 5470

A step-by-step approach to problem-solving techniques using SPSS® in the fields of sports science and physical education Featuring a clear and accessible approach to the methods, processes, and statistical techniques used in sports science and physical education, Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS® emphasizes how to conduct and interpret a range of statistical analysis using SPSS. The book also addresses issues faced by research scholars in these fields by providing analytical solutions to various research problems without reliance on mathematical rigor. Logically arranged to cover both fundamental and advanced concepts, the book presents standard univariate and complex multivariate statistical techniques used in sports research such as multiple regression analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, and factor analysis. The author focuses on the treatment of various parametric and nonparametric statistical tests, which are shown through the techniques and interpretations of the SPSS outputs that are generated for each analysis. Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS® also features: Numerous examples and case studies to provide readers with practical applications of the analytical concepts and techniques Plentiful screen shots throughout to help demonstrate the implementation of SPSS outputs Illustrative studies with simulated realistic data to clarify the analytical techniques covered End-of-chapter short answer questions, multiple choice questions, assignments, and practice exercises to help build a better understanding of the presented concepts A companion website with associated SPSS data files and PowerPoint® presentations for each chapter Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS® is an excellent textbook for upper-undergraduate, graduate, and PhD-level courses in research methods, kinesiology, sports science, medicine, nutrition, health education, and physical education. The book is also an ideal reference for researchers and professionals in the fields of sports research, sports science, physical education, and social sciences, as well as anyone interested in learning SPSS.

Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, Second Edition

Author: Darren J. Wilkinson

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439837724

Category: Mathematics

Page: 363

View: 5815

Since the first edition of Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, there have been many interesting developments in the use of "likelihood-free" methods of Bayesian inference for complex stochastic models. Re-written to reflect this modern perspective, this second edition covers everything necessary for a good appreciation of stochastic kinetic modelling of biological networks in the systems biology context. Keeping with the spirit of the first edition, all of the new theory is presented in a very informal and intuitive manner, keeping the text as accessible as possible to the widest possible readership. New in the Second Edition All examples have been updated to Systems Biology Markup Language Level 3 All code relating to simulation, analysis, and inference for stochastic kinetic models has been re-written and re-structured in a more modular way An ancillary website provides links, resources, errata, and up-to-date information on installation and use of the associated R package More background material on the theory of Markov processes and stochastic differential equations, providing more substance for mathematically inclined readers Discussion of some of the more advanced concepts relating to stochastic kinetic models, such as random time change representations, Kolmogorov equations, Fokker-Planck equations and the linear noise approximation Simple modelling of "extrinsic" and "intrinsic" noise An effective introduction to the area of stochastic modelling in computational systems biology, this new edition adds additional mathematical detail and computational methods that will provide a stronger foundation for the development of more advanced courses in stochastic biological modelling.

Statistik in Theorie und Praxis

Mit Anwendungen in R

Author: Michael Falk,Johannes Hain,Frank Marohn,Hans Fischer,René Michel

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642552536

Category: Mathematics

Page: 507

View: 8740

"Statistik in Theorie und Praxis" schlägt die Brücke statistischer Theorie und realen praktischen Anwendungen. Zum einen wird Wert auf eine saubere Herleitung der gängigen statistischen Verfahren gelegt. Zum anderen beinhaltet der zweite Themenschwerpunkt reale Anwendungen der Methoden in der Praxis. Darüber hinaus werden Projekte an der Schnittstelle zwischen Schul- und Hochschulunterricht vorgestellt. Als Software dient das kostenlose Programm R mit der zugehörigen grafischen Oberfläche R-Commander; die zahlreichen Programmbeispiele ermöglichen es, die vorgestellten Themen selbst nachzuvollziehen. Für die Lektüre werden lediglich elementare Stochastik-Kenntnisse vorausgesetzt.

Mathematical Statistics with Applications

Author: Dennis D. Wackerly,Richard L. Scheaffer

Publisher: Brooks/Cole


Category: Mathematics

Page: 853

View: 7768

This is the most widely used mathematical statistics text at the top 200 universities in the United States. Premiere authors Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall, and Richard L. Scheaffer present a solid undergraduate foundation in statistical theory while conveying the relevance and importance of the theory in solving practical problems in the real world. The authors' use of practical applications and excellent exercises helps students discover the nature of statistics and understand its essential role in scientific research.

Statistik mit Excel für Dummies

Author: Joseph Schmuller

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527811702

Category: Computers

Page: 535

View: 5864

Statistiken und Aussagen zu Wahrscheinlichkeiten begegnen uns heute überall: Die Umsatzentwicklung in Unternehmen, Hochrechnungen für Wahlergebnisse, PISA-Ergebnisse fünfzehnjähriger Schüler sind nur drei von zahlreichen Beispielen. Joseph Schmuller zeigt Ihnen in diesem Buch, wie Sie die Zahlen in den Griff bekommen und Daten, Statistiken und Wahrscheinlichkeiten richtig lesen und interpretieren. Dafür brauchen Sie keinen Statistikkurs zu belegen und kein Mathegenie zu sein. Für alles gibt es in Excel die passende Funktion und das passende Werkzeug. So können Sie Theorie und Praxis sofort miteinander verbinden.

Einführung in die Komplexe Analysis

Elemente der Funktionentheorie

Author: Wolfgang Fischer,Ingo Lieb

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3834893773

Category: Mathematics

Page: 214

View: 5012

In den Bachelor-Studiengängen der Mathematik steht für die Komplexe Analysis (Funktionentheorie) oft nur eine einsemestrige 2-stündige Vorlesung zur Verfügung. Dieses Buch eignet sich als Grundlage für eine solche Vorlesung im 2. Studienjahr. Mit einer guten thematischen Auswahl, vielen Beispielen und ausführlichen Erläuterungen gibt dieses Buch eine Darstellung der Komplexen Analysis, die genau die Grundlagen und den wesentlichen Kernbestand dieses Gebietes enthält. Das Buch bietet über diese Grundausbildung hinaus weiteres Lehrmaterial als Ergänzung, sodass es auch für eine 3- oder 4 –stündige Vorlesung geeignet ist. Je nach Hörerkreis kann der Stoff unterschiedlich erweitert werden. So wurden für den „Bachelor Lehramt“ die geometrischen Aspekte der Komplexen Analysis besonders herausgearbeitet.

Elementary Statistics

Author: Robert Johnson

Publisher: Pws Publishing Company


Category: Mathematics

Page: 733

View: 3576

Fundamentals of Biostatistics

Author: Bernard A. Rosner

Publisher: PWS Publishing Company


Category: Biometry

Page: 655

View: 935

FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOSTATISTICS (WITH CD-ROM) leads you through the methods, techniques, and computations necessary for success in the medical field. Every new concept is developed systematically through completely worked out examples from current medical research problems.


Tool for the Social Sciences

Author: Ott,Larson,Mendenhall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780534930158

Category: Mathematics

Page: 634

View: 9247

SAS applications programming

a gentle introduction

Author: Frank C. DiIorio

Publisher: Arden Shakespeare


Category: SAS (Computer file)

Page: 684

View: 3477

Intro Busns Stats

Author: Shiffler,Angela Adams

Publisher: Arden Shakespeare

ISBN: 9780534922023


Page: N.A

View: 7354