Author: C. W. Morgan,Michael L. Katz,Harvey S. Rosen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780077121778

Category: Microeconomics

Page: 749

View: 2093

Microeconomics, 2nd European Edition offers comprehensive and accessible coverage of microeconomic theory, explaining how this is used to analyse and evaluate contemporary market systems. The book draws on relevant real world examples to highlight how theory can help to solve or understand a range of problems and is a central basis for thinking like an economist.

Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

Basiswissen mit Praxisbezug

Author: Knut Sydsæter,Peter J. Hammond

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827373571

Category: Mathematics

Page: 894

View: 3919

Grundzüge der Mikroökonomik

Author: Hal R. Varian

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110478315

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 912

View: 804

This textbook succeeds like no other in providing a clear explanation of microeconomic theory while also elucidating how to interpret analytical results. The new edition has been expanded with a chapter on econometrics. In addition, it includes new examples of applied microeconomics based on Silicon Valley firms.


Author: David Begg,Gianluigi Vernasca,Stanley Fischer,Rudiger Dornbusch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780077154516

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 708

View: 8158

Economics affects almost everything we do: from our decisions at work to our shopping habits, voting preferences and social attitudes. This new edition of the popular text by David Begg and Gianluigi Vernasca enables the reader to understand today's economic environment by examining the underlying theory and applying it to real-world situations. Economics surveys the latest ideas and issues, such as the role of regulation in banking, the consequences of globalization and monetary union, and the efficacy of our current economic models. This coverage, combined with a rich array of pedagogical features, encourages students to explore our economic past and present, and to think critically about where this might lead us in the future. The new edition is updated to provide a comprehensive analysis of the financial crash: its causes, consequences, and possible policy responses, from fiscal stimulus to quantitative easing.


Aufgaben zur Formelsammlung Wirtschaft ; [mit Lösungen prüfungsgeeignet!]

Author: Johanna Härtl

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783589242382


Page: 198

View: 4422

Intermediate Microeconomics

Author: Robert Mochrie

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137211660

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 672

View: 2151

This innovative intermediate microeconomics textbook covers both standard theory and exciting topics and developments, such as behavioural economics and advanced game theory. The book's unique problem-solving approach encourages active learning, introducing the mathematical tools that underpin economic theory in an accessible, student-friendly way.



Author: Wolfgang Cezanne,Jürgen Franke

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 348679194X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 168

View: 4218

Die beliebte und erfolgreiche Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre für Wirtschaftsstudenten im Grundstudium. Aus dem Inhalt: Ökonomische Grundprobleme jeder Gesellschaft. Funktionsweise von Wirtschaftssystemen. Einige Elemente der Wirtschaftsordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Aus der Presse (zur ersten Auflage): Da die Darstellung - am Beispiel der Bundesrepublik orientiert - eine Fülle empirischen Materials und insgesamt einen abgerundeten Überblick über die Volkswirtschaftslehre enthält, eignet sie sich wohl insbesondere für Nebenfachstudenten der Volkswirtschaftslehre, ist aber auch Anfängern an Fach- und Gesamthochschulen ebenso wie an Universitäten zu empfehlen. Studium 33/83/84

Principles of Economics

Author: Moore McDowell,Rodney Thom,Ivan Pastine

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 9780077132736

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 864

View: 1880

With an accessible approach, the third European edition of Principles of Economics provides students with the tools to analyze current economic issues. The book is underpinned by a focus on seven Core Principles, which help students to make the link between economic theory and practice. The 'economic naturalist' approach, supported by exercises, problems and examples, encourages students to employ economics principles to understand and explain the world around them. Developed from the well-regarded US textbook by Frank and Bernanke, it presents an intuitive approach to economics and is suitable for all students taking a Principles of Economics course.

Economics for Business

Author: Chris Mulhearn,Howard Vane

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137429232

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 544

View: 1560

A concise and vibrant introduction to economics for business and management students which covers all the most relevant theory applied to engaging examples from the business world and everyday life, offering insights from real-life managers into their use of economics at work.

Microeconomic Reform in Britain

Delivering Enterprise and Fairness

Author: H. Treasury

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230518338

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 438

View: 5459

Microeconomic Reform in Britain: Delivering Opportunities for All provides a comprehensive guide to the extensive microeconomic reforms implemented over the last 6 years to realise the UK Government's goals: a stronger more enterprising economy and a fairer society. This companion volume to Reforming Britain's Economic and Financial Policy: Towards Greater Economic Stability , published in 2002, offers a detailed account of a programme of reforms which together constitute a comprehensive strategy to lock in the stability needed to support steady growth by pursuing both enterprise and fairness for all. Building on the foundations of monetary and fiscal reform, the reforms in microeconomic policy described in this volume provide the framework for improving Britain's overall productivity, expanding national wealth and protecting the environment. The government's approach to raising productivity across all sectors and income groups, supporting families, and tackling poverty is presented, together with a detailed account of the reform of the delivery of public services. This volume is a key resource for students of economics and politics, bringing together the work which will have a profound influence on the future of British economic policy making.

Business Economics

Author: Win Hornby,Robert Gammie,Stuart Wall

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780273646037

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 456

View: 839

This introduction emphasises the business applications of economic theory, without sacrificing rigour. Hornby takes care to explain concepts such as the theory of the firm, production and game theory.

Business Economics

Author: Paul R. Ferguson

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1349226963

Category: Managerial economics

Page: 432

View: 7474


Mit vielen Fallstudien

Author: N. Gregory Mankiw

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3791037846

Category: Law

Page: 800

View: 3510

!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2016-02-17T17:17:57 -- Der „Mankiw" ist nicht nur ein maßgebliches Standardwerk an deutschen Hochschulen. Übersetzt in zahlreiche Sprachen wird der Klassiker weltweit erfolgreich in Lehrveranstaltungen eingesetzt. Diskussionen um Themen wie Inflation, Arbeitslosigkeit und Wachstum Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Geld-, Fiskal- und Außenwirtschaftspolitik Die 6. deutsche Auflage wurde umfassend überarbeitet und berücksichtigt auch die Aktualisierungen der 7. US-Auflage. Eine zentrale Neuerung ist das Kapitel „Ein dynamisches Modell der Gesamtnachfrage und des Gesamtangebots". Es präsentiert die wesentlichen makroökonomischen Forschungsergebnisse der letzten Jahre. Aktuelle Texte und neue Fallbeispiele zur jüngsten Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise Modernisiertes, zweifarbiges Layout


Author: Robert S. Pindyck,Daniel L. Rubinfeld

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 348678420X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 918

View: 6573

Eine fundierte Lehrbuchdarstellung, die den Anforderungen der Studierenden in Grund- und Hauptstudium gerecht wird. Das Werk betont die Relevanz der Mikroökonomie für Managemententscheidungen und politische Entscheidungen. Ausführliche Beispiele sind direkt in die Darstellung integriert.

Economics for Business and Management

Author: Alan Griffiths,Stuart Wall

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 0273762400

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 592

View: 2793

Economics for Business and Managementoffers an exciting introduction to the principles and applications of microeconomics and macroeconomics to the global business problems faced by today’s decision makers: · What are the characteristics for successful entry into new international markets? · How can ‘sustainability’ affect decision making within businesses? · Why are today’s global investors so concerned about national debt issues? · In what ways does an awareness of cultural differences improve decision making by international marketing and human resource strategists? · What strategies can companies such as BP use to repair damaged global reputations? It is an ideal text for introductory courses in economics with a business and management focus and more general business environment courses with an economic underpinning. Visit the fantastic website at www.pearsoned.co.uk/griffithswall to find extra practice questions, interactive activities, quizzes and exam style practice questions with instant feedback, as well as podcasts, news articles, animated professional power points slides and a testbank of questions.

Educational Innovation in Economics and Business Administration:

The Case of Problem-Based Learning

Author: Wim H. Gijselaers,Dirk T. Tempelaar,Piet K. Keizer,Jos M. Blommaert,Eugene M. Bernard,Hans Kasper

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792332725

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 468

View: 3286

During the last few years economics and business education have emerged as one of the largest fields of study in higher education. At the same time, the pressing concern for improving the quality of higher education has led to a definite need for more knowledge about effective instruction and innovation in economics and business education. The book brings together many examples of reform in economics and business education. Special attention is paid to the problem-based learning approach, which over the past ten years, has developed as a very important innovation in higher education. The book contains contributions from a variety of institutions on the necessity of curriculum reform, the choice of instructional methods, assessment and testing, and management of change. It is of interest for teachers in higher education, educational psychologists, and any person interested in educational innovation in economics and business administration.

Economics Express: Microeconomics

Author: Stuart Wall

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 0273776053

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 2130

Welcome to Economics Express – a series of short books to help you: · take exams with confidence · prepare and deliver successful assignments · understand quickly · revise and prepare effectively. As you embark on your economic journey, this series of books will be your helpful companion. They are not meant to replace your lectures, textbooks, seminars or any other sources suggested by your lecturers. Rather, as you come to an exam or an assignment, they will help you to revise and prepare effectively. Whatever form your assessment might take, each book in the series will help you to build up the skills and knowledge you will need to maximise your performance. Each topic-based chapter will outline the key information and analysis, provide sample questions with responses, and give you the assessment advice and exam tips you will need to produce effective assessments based on these core topics. A companion website provides supporting resources for self testing, assessment, exam practice and answers to questions in the book. Stuart Wall is series editor and Professor of Business and Economics Education. He is one of the UK’s leading authors across a wide range of economic areas, with many of his textbooks translated into Chinese, Russian and other foreign languages. Stuart has extensive experience of assessing students’ work in economics from many UK and overseas universities.

Das Ende der Weltwirtschaft und ihre Zukunft

Crisis Economics

Author: Nouriel Roubini,Stephen Mihm

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593408309

Category: Social Science

Page: 470

View: 7245

Nouriel Roubini ist der neue Superstar der Ökonomie. Kein anderer Ökonom hat so frühzeitig und präzise vor der Wirtschaftskrise gewarnt wie er. Zunächst von Fachkollegen ungläubig bestaunt, haben sich seine Prognosen als äußerst treff - sicher erwiesen. In seinem Buch liefert er eine große und fundierte Analyse der Krise und beantwortet die wichtigsten Fragen, die Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft aktuell bewegen, wie: Wer ist schuld an der Krise, die Märkte oder der Staat? Was ist die Zukunft des Kapitalismus? Wie können wir das globale Wirtschaftssystem reformieren, um zukünftige Krisen zu verhindern? Roubini erklärt die globalen wirtschaftlichen Zusammenhänge ganz neu. Er schaut für uns in die Zukunft und sagt, wie die Weltwirtschaft aus der Krise herauskommen kann und draußen bleiben wird.

Modern Principles of Microeconomics

Author: Tyler Cowen,Alex Tabarrok

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1319051790

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 900

View: 9743

Engaging authors, unbiased presentations of essential ideas, and a knack for revealing the 'invisible hand' of economics at work inform the thoroughly updated new edition of Modern Principles, drawing on a wealth of captivating applications to show readers how economics shed light on business, politics, world affairs, and everyday life.