Monsoon Dynamics


Publisher: Springer-Verlag

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Author: Wilbur Smith

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781429908924

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Monsoon, a Courtney Family Adventure from Wilbur Smith One man. Three sons. A powerful destiny waiting to unfold. Monsoon is the sweeping epic that continues the saga begun in Wilbur Smith's bestselling Birds of Prey. Once a voracious adventurer, it has been many years since Hal Courtney has dared the high seas. Now he must return with three of his sons - Tom, Dorian, and Guy - to protect the East India Trading Company from looting pirates, in exchange for half of the fortune he recovers. It will be a death or glory mission in the name of the crown. But Hal must also think about the fates of his sons. Like their father before them, Tom, Dorian, and Guy are drawn inexorably to Africa. When fate decrees that they must all leave England forever, they set said for the dark, unexplored continent, seduced by the allure and mystery of this new, magnificent, but savage land. All will have a crucial part to play in shaping the Courtneys' destiny, as the family vies for a prize beyond any of their dreams. In a story of anger and passion, peace and war, Wilbur Smith evinces himself at the height of his storytelling powers. Set at the dawn of eighteenth-century England, with the Courtneys riding wind-tossed seas toward Arabia and Africa, Monsoon is an exhilarating adventure pitting brother against brother, man against sea, and good against evil.


Author: Di Morrissey

Publisher: Pan Australia

ISBN: 9781741980219

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Monsoon is a journey into the hearts and memories of those caught in a certain time in a particular place from Australia's favourite storyteller with new novel Arcadia out now. Sandy Donaldson has been working for a volunteer organisation in Vietnam for the past four years. As her contract nears its end, she is reluctant to leave so she invites her oldest friend, Anna, to come for a holiday and discover its beautiful tourist destinations. Both girls have unexplored links to this country. Sandy's father is a Vietnam vet and Anna's mother was a Vietnamese boat person. During their travels, they meet Tom, an old Australian journalist who covered the war and plans to report on the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. It is Tom who tries to persuade Sandy's father to return to Long Tan and settle the ghosts that have haunted him for 40 years, and suggests that Anna should delve into her mother's past. But the girls are reluctant, swept up in their own concerns, relationships, and a business deal that has the potential to go horribly wrong. However, it is the near-blind Buddhist nun living alone in the pagoda atop one of the karsts in Halong Bay who might hold the key.

Ravi the Rickshaw

The Monsoon

Author: Guy Sinclair

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1622128788

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This is the story of how a loveable young auto rickshaw named Ravi learns about the monsoons of India, from his very first customer to his meeting of Sri the truck.Ravi leaves the factory for the first time with all the other rickshaws as they go off in different directions, discovering and experiencing the sights and sounds of their native country.This book was created with the intention to teach children about India and its culture, which is not always portrayed in the media. This is an ideal book for any children between the ages of 4-10 as it can be read by children or to them as a unique bedtime story.Experience and enjoy Ravi’s adventures as he learns his way around incredible India!


Author: Robert D. Kaplan


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For much of the twentieth century, Europe dominated global attention. Two world wars were won and lost on its battle fields, and the great ideological struggles of the Cold War were played out in its cities. The Atlantic Ocean was the locus of international power. This is no longer the case, as bestselling author Robert D. Kaplan deftly proves in Monsoon. He shows how the rise of India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Burma and Oman, among others, represents a crucial shift in the global balance of power. It is in 'Monsoon Asia' that the fight for democracy, energy independence and religious freedom will be lost or won. It is here that European interests are being replaced by Chinese and Indian influences, and where the often tense dialogue is taking place between Islam and the West. It is towards this region that global powers need to shift their focus if they are to remain dominant in the new century.

The Asian Monsoon

Author: Bin Wang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540406105

Category: Nature

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Satellite observations and computing technology have advanced our understanding of the monsoon climate enormously in the last two decades. The author provides an update of the knowledge gained over this period, presenting the modern morphology and the physical principles of monsoon climate variation on all time scales ranging from intraseasonal to tectonic time scales. He brings new ideas that can be expected to markedly improve the prediction of monsoon climate, and includes contributions by experts who expand our understanding of the monsoon environment by their study of paleoclimate records, who present evidence of human influences on monsoon climate, and who describe the links of the monsoon to the economy and to human health. This is a comprehensive interdisciplinary text book summarizing new knowledge of Asian monsoon climate variability, dynamics, modeling, and prediction from intraseasonal to geological time scales, and human influence and its links to environmetal/economic issues.

Home Before the Monsoon

Author: Kali Plomin

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595313647

Category: Fiction

Page: 140

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In Chicago, Vijay Dalvi seems to have it all an interesting job, fun co-workers, a loving family, and a beautiful American girlfriend. But back in India, his mother writes him letters reminding him it is time to come home and perform his duties as her only son. She explains that it is time for him to settle into a proper arranged marriage and to take over the day-to-day management of the family's furniture factory to give his father a break. Then Vijay meets Saraswati Srinivas, a young, first generation Indian woman. She complicates his neat division of what is Indian and what is American. As Vijay becomes more aware of the possibility of blending east and west, he begins to focus on who he truly is and what it is that he wants from his life. Inspired by those around him, Vijay sets forth on his chosen path.

Flood and Monsoon Alert!

Author: Rachel Eagen

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778715771

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Features the science behind these destructive natural disasters and tells how societies around the world cope with their ferocity, covering such topics as the making of a monsoon, famous floods, and types of damage.

East Asian Monsoon

Author: Chih-Pei Chang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812701411

Category: Nature

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The East Asian summer monsoon has complex space and time structures that are distinct from the South Asian summer monsoon. It covers both subtropics and midlatitudes and its rainfall tends to be concentrated in rain belts that stretch for many thousands of kilometers and affect China, Japan, Korea, and the surrounding areas. The circulation of the East Asian winter monsoon encompasses a large meridional domain with cold air outbreaks emanating from the Siberian high and penetrates deeply into the equatorial Maritime Continent region, where the center of maximum rainfall has long been recognized as a major planetary scale heat source that provides a significant amount of energy which drives the global circulation during boreal winter. The East Asian summer monsoon is also closely linked with the West Pacific summer monsoon. Both are part of the global climate system and are affected by El Nino?Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and surface temperature variations in the western Pacific and surrounding oceans, the tropospheric biennial oscillation, and the South Asian summer monsoon. In addition, typhoons in the western North Pacific are most active during the East Asian summer monsoon. They may be considered as a component of the East Asian summer monsoon as they contribute substantial amounts of rainfall and have major impacts on the region. Because of its impacts on nearly one-third of the worldOCOs population and on the global climate system (including effects on the climate change), the study of the East Asian monsoon has received increased attention both in East Asian countries and in the United States. This book presents reviews of recent research on the subject."

The Young Girl and the Monsoon

Author: James Ryan

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822216506

Category: Drama

Page: 57

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THE STORY: Growing up is hard to do--particularly if you are a pre-adolescent girl in Manhattan living with a photo-journalist father reeling from a messy divorce. Constance is a thirteen-year-old torn by life and stretched between parents, struggli

Monsoon Dynamics

Author: James Lighthill,R. P. Pearce

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521224970

Category: Science

Page: 735

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This volume presents a survey of our state of knowledge of the physical and dynamical processes involved in the Asian monsoon. Although traditionally the main emphasis has been on the study of the atmospheric component, it has long been known that the oceans play a vitally important part in determining the occurrence of this spectacular seasonal event. A scientific study of this phenomenon involves a detailed investigation of the dynamical processes which occur in both the atmosphere and the ocean, on timescales on up to at least a year and on spatial scales from a few hundred kilometres or so up to that of the global atmospheric and oceanic circulations. The editors present a coherent survey of each of the meteorological, oceanographic and hydrological aspects and of their implications for weather forecasting and flood prediction. Monsoon Dynamics is a timely survey of a dramatic meteorological phenomenon which will interest meteorologists, climatologists and geophysicists.

Children of the Monsoon

Author: David Jimenez

Publisher: Autumn Hill Books

ISBN: 9780982746677

Category: Travel

Page: 195

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In this award-winning essay collection, the Asia bureau chief for the leading Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, tells the story of the changing face of Asia as seen through the eyes of its youngest citizens. From a small, dispirited Thai boxer to the underground children of Mongolia, from a little girl dying of AIDS in Cambodia to a teenage monk in Tibet, these stories capture what it means to grow up in an unstable and unjust world. Here, the monsoons are as manmade as they are natural. The essays demonstrate, in poignant detail, how their cycles carry with them both unshakable fear and hope for tomorrow.


Erzählungen aus der Mitte

Author: Hans Wilfried von Stockhausen

Publisher: N.A

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Southwest Monsoon

Author: Y. P. Rao

Publisher: N.A


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The Global Monsoon System

Research and Forecast

Author: Chih-Pei Chang

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814343404

Category: Science

Page: 594

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This book presents a current review of the science of monsoon research and forecasting. The contents are based on the invited reviews presented at the World Meteorological Organization's Fourth International Workshop on Monsoons in late 2008, with subsequent manuscripts revised from 2009 to early 2010. The book builds on the concept that the monsoons in various parts of the globe can be viewed as components of an integrated global monsoon system, while emphasizing that significant region-specific characteristics are present in individual monsoon regions. The topics covered include all major monsoon regions and time scales (mesoscale, synoptic, intraseasonal, interannual, decadal, and climate change). It is intended to provide an updated comprehensive review of the current status of knowledge, modeling capability, and future directions in the research of monsoon systems around the world.

Chasing the Monsoon

Author: Alexander Frater

Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated


Category: Travel

Page: 273

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An account of the author's two-month journey in 1987, chasing the summer monsoon through India, from its "burst" near the southernmost tip of the country to its grand finale in a remote hill town on the Bangladeshi border

Monsoon: A Courtney Novel 10

Author: Wilbur Smith

Publisher: Pan

ISBN: 1743035942

Category: Fiction

Page: 680

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It is the dawn of the eighteenth century. At the farthest edges of the known world, the mighty East India Trading Company suffers catastrophic losses from pirates of the high seas. After four years away from service, master mariner Sir Hal Courtney prepares for his latest and most dangerous voyage -- a death or glory mission in the name of the Empire and the Crown. Monsoon is Wilbur Smith's extraordinary new Courtney novel: a story of anger and passion, of peace and war. Action, romance and adventure shape a family's destiny as they contest a prize beyond any of their wildest dreams... 'Let yourself be blown away by the hurricane of storytelling that is Monsoon... a fantastic reading experience.' Sunday Times 'Wilbur Smith is one of those benchmarks against whom others are compared.' The Times

Gorilla Monsoon

Author: Ross Davies

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780823934348

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Presents the life and career of the professional wrestler known as "Gorilla Monsoon," Robert James Marella.