Native Science

Natural Laws of Interdependence

Author: Gregory Cajete

Publisher: Clear Light Pub


Category: History

Page: 315

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Cajete examines the multiple levels of meaning that inform Native astronomy, cosmology, psychology, agriculture, and the healing arts. Unlike the western scientific method, native thinking does not isolate an object or phenomenon in order to understand it, but perceives it in terms of relationship. An understanding of the relationships that bind together natural forces and all forms of life has been fundamental to the ability of indigenous peoples to live for millennia in spiritual and physical harmony with the land. It is clear that the first peoples offer perspectives that can help us work toward solutions at this time of global environmental crisis.

Native Science

Natural Laws of Interdependence

Author: Gregory Cajete

Publisher: Santa Fe, N.M. : Clear Light Publishers

ISBN: 9781574160413

Category: Science

Page: 315

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Cajete examines the multiple levels of meaning that inform Native astronomy, cosmology, psychology, agriculture, and the healing arts. Unlike the western scientific method, native thinking does not isolate an object or phenomenon in order to understand it, but perceives it in terms of relationship. An understanding of the relationships that bind together natural forces and all forms of life has been fundamental to the ability of indigenous peoples to live for millennia in spiritual and physical harmony with the land. It is clear that the first peoples offer perspectives that can help us work toward solutions at this time of global environmental crisis.

The Blackfoot Physics

Author: David Peat

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609255862

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

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"The modern version of The Tao of Physics. . . We gain tantalizing glimpses of an elusive alternative to the thing we know as science. . . . Above all, Peat's book is an eloquent plea for a fair go for the modes of enquiry of other cultures." --New Scientist One summer in the 1980s, theoretical physicist F. David Peat went to a Blackfoot Sun Dance ceremony. Having spent all of his life steeped in and influenced by linear Western science, he was entranced by the Native American worldview and, through dialogue circles between scientists and native elders, he began to explore it in greater depth. Blackfoot Physics is the account of his discoveries. In an edifying synthesis of anthropology, history, metaphysics, cosmology, and quantum theory, Peat compares the medicines, the myths, the languages—the entire perceptions of reality of the Western and indigenous peoples. What becomes apparent is the amazing resemblance between indigenous teachings and some of the insights that are emerging from modern science, a congruence that is as enlightening about the physical universe as it is about the circular evolution of humanity’s understanding. Through Peat’s insightful observations, he extends our understanding of ourselves, our understanding of the universe, and how the two intersect in a meaningful vision of human life in relation to a greater reality.

A People's Ecology

Explorations in Sustainable Living

Author: Gregory Cajete

Publisher: Book Marketing Group

ISBN: 1574160281

Category: Nature

Page: 283

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This book presents a tapestry of perspectives on food and the interplay of health, cultural ecology, and environment, which are the fabric and foundation of all sustainable living It offers personal stories, documented information, traditional understandings, and speculations on future directions. Each contribution calls on us to reclaim our human heritage of "caring for our home fires" -- a metaphor that can inspire the revitalisation of our connections to the earth, all living things, and each other. The writers examine the underlying ecology of sustainable living rooted in the historical traditions, environmental practices, and a sense of place of peoples of the Southwest; and they describe the impact that disruption of this way of life continues to have on health, well-being, communal identity. Drawing on an indigenous paradigm of "healthy environment, healthy culture, healthy people," this book explores possibilities of applying the principles of sustainable living in both traditional and non-traditional communities.

Indigenous Community

Rekindling the Teachings of the Seventh Fire

Author: Gregory Cajete,Gregory Cajete, Ph.D. Ph.D.

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781937141172

Category: Community and school

Page: 252

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Gregory Cajete has provided another must-read book for educators seeking a comprehensive theory and action to Indigenous education. In clear, coherent, and accessible style, he answers the most important education quest today: what kind of pedagogy can maintain and revitalize the Indigenous peoples in the 21st century? Twofold: Comprehend Indigenous peoples' historical trauma and reclaim Indigenous ways of thinking, teaching, and learning from a context of community, land, and spirit. Done!-- Marie Battiste, Mi'kmaw educator, University of Saskatchewan

Igniting the Sparkle

An Indigenous Science Education Model

Author: Gregory Cajete

Publisher: Kivak I Press


Category: Mathematics

Page: 233

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Indigenous Peoples and the Collaborative Stewardship of Nature

Knowledge Binds and Institutional Conflicts

Author: Anne Ross

Publisher: Left Coast Press

ISBN: 1598745786

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 4684

Comprehensive and global in scope, this book critically evaluates the range of management options that claim to have integrated Indigenous peoples and knowledge, and then outline an innovative, alternative model of co-management, the Indigenous Stewardship Model.

Who's Asking?

Native Science, Western Science, and Science Education

Author: Douglas L. Medin,Megan Bang

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262026627

Category: Education

Page: 304

View: 3800

Analysis and case studies show that including different orientations toward the natural world makes for more effective scientific practice and science education.

Original Instructions

Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future

Author: Melissa K. Nelson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1591439310

Category: Nature

Page: 384

View: 8261

Indigenous leaders and other visionaries suggest solutions to today’s global crisis • Original Instructions are ancient ways of living from the heart of humanity within the heart of nature • Explores the convergence of indigenous and contemporary science and the re-indigenization of the world’s peoples • Includes authoritative indigenous voices, including John Mohawk and Winona LaDuke For millennia the world’s indigenous peoples have acted as guardians of the web of life for the next seven generations. They’ve successfully managed complex reciprocal relationships between biological and cultural diversity. Awareness of indigenous knowledge is reemerging at the eleventh hour to help avert global ecological and social collapse. Indigenous cultural wisdom shows us how to live in peace--with the earth and one another. Original Instructions evokes the rich indigenous storytelling tradition in this collection of presentations gathered from the annual Bioneers conference. It depicts how the world’s native leaders and scholars are safeguarding the original instructions, reminding us about gratitude, kinship, and a reverence for community and creation. Included are more than 20 contemporary indigenous leaders--such as Chief Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Winona LaDuke, and John Trudell. These beautiful, wise voices remind us where hope lies.

The American Indian Mind in a Linear World

American Indian Studies and Traditional Knowledge

Author: Donald Fixico

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135389608

Category: History

Page: 232

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This book is part of a 3-volume anthology of women's writing in Latin from antiquity to the early modern era. Each volume provides texts, contexts, and translations of a wide variety of works produced by women, including dramatic, poetic, and devotional writing. Volume One covers the age of Roman Antiquity and early Christianity.

Enduring Seeds

Native American Agriculture and Wild Plant Conservation

Author: Gary Paul Nabhan

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816522590

Category: Social Science

Page: 225

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As biological diversity continues to shrink at an alarming rate, the loss of plant species poses a threat seemingly less visible than the loss of animals but in many ways more critical. In this book, one of America's leading ethnobotanists warns about our loss of natural vegetation and plant diversity while providing insights into traditional Native agricultural practices in the Americas. Gary Paul Nabhan here reveals the rich diversity of plants found in tropical forests and their contribution to modern crops, then tells how this diversity is being lost to agriculture and lumbering. He then relates "local parables" of Native American agriculture—from wild rice in the Great Lakes region to wild gourds in Florida—that convey the urgency of this situation and demonstrate the need for saving the seeds of endangered plants. Nabhan stresses the need for maintaining a wide gene pool, not only for the survival of these species but also for the preservation of genetic strains that can help scientists breed more resilient varieties of other plants. Enduring Seeds is a book that no one concerned with our environment can afford to ignore. It clearly shows us that, as agribusiness increasingly limits the food on our table, a richer harvest can be had by preserving ancient ways. This edition features a new foreword by Miguel Altieri, one of today's leading spokesmen for sustainable agriculture and the preservation of indigenous farming methods.

Reasoning Together

The Native Critics Collective

Author: Craig S. Womack,Daniel Heath Justice,Christopher B. Teuton

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806138879

Category: History

Page: 451

View: 5362

A paradigm shift in American Indian literary criticism.

Bridging Cultures

Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Nature

Author: Glen Aikenhead,Herman Michell

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 9780132105576

Category: Education

Page: 196

View: 6758

Grade level: 9, 10, 11, 12, i, s.

Critical Neurophilosophy & Indigenous Wisdom

Author: Donald Trent Jacobs,Don Four Arrows,Greg Cajete,Jongmin Lee

Publisher: Sense Pub


Category: Education

Page: 170

View: 561

This book begins a long overdue dialogue between Western neuropsychology and Indigenous wisdom. The latter holds that technology, including that which supports the neurosciences, is an important aspect of humanity, but that without a deeper understanding of the sacred, natural world, its consequences will continue to disrupt the balance of life on Earth. This book argues that without incorporating Indigenous wisdom into theories relating to brain research and scientific assumptions about human nature, humanity may never learn how to avoid this problem. After summarizing current studies about such important topics as generosity, truthfulness, courage, humour, art, spirituality and lateralization, two indigenous scholars and a South Korean neuroscientist discuss the research conclusions. In most cases, the ancient knowledge of Indigenous Peoples reveals significantly contrasting perspectives. By offering students of neuropsychology and the various schools of neurophilosophy radically different views than those seen through the lens of Western science, this book will help assure that understandings about the human brain may lead to a more healthy balance in human affairs. Questions at the end of each chapter give opportunities for the reader to continue the dialogue and find further studies to support or refute the Indigenous assertions.

American Indian Thought

Philosophical Essays

Author: Anne Waters

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 9780631223047

Category: Philosophy

Page: 346

View: 4754

This book brings together a diverse group of American Indian thinkers to discuss traditional and contemporary philosophies and philosophical issues. Covers American Indian thinking on issues concerning time, place, history, science, law, religion, nationhood, and art. Features newly commissioned essays by authors of American Indian descent. Includes a comprehensive bibliography to aid in research and inspire further reading.

They Dance in the Sky

Native American Star Myths

Author: Jean Guard Monroe,Ray A. Williamson,Edgar Stewart

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618809127

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 130

View: 1099

The authors combine factual information on both astronomy and native American culture with authentic tales and myths about constellations told by many American Indian tribes. Reprint.

Animate Earth

Science, Intuition, and Gaia

Author: Stephan Harding

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 1603581499

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

View: 1558

Modern science and western culture both teach that the planet we inhabit is a dead and passive lump of matter, but as Stephan Harding points out, this wasn't always the prevailing sentiment and in Animate Earth he sets out to explain how these older notions of an animate earth can be explained in rational, scientific terms. In this astounding book Harding lays out the facts and theories behind one of the most controversial notions to come out of the hard sciences arguably since Sir Isaac Newton's Principia or the first major publications to come out of the Copenhagen School regarding quantum mechanics. The latter is an important parallel: Whereas quantum mechanics is a science of the problem--it gave rise to the atomic bomb among other things--Gaia Theory in this age of global warming and dangerous climate change is a science of the solution. Its utility: Healing a dying planet becomes an option in a culture otherwise poised to fall into total ecological collapse. Replacing the cold, objectifying language of science with a way of speaking of our planet as a sentient, living being, Harding presents the science of Gaia in everyday English. His scientific passion and rigor shine through his luminous prose as he calls us to experience Gaia as a living presence and bringing to mind such popular science authors as James Gleick. Animate Earth will inspire in readers a profound sense of the interconnectedness of life, and to discover what it means to live harmoniously as part of a sentient creature of planetary proportions. This new understanding may solve the most serious problems that face us as a species today.

Iroquois Culture & Commentary

Author: Douglas M. George-Kanentiio

Publisher: Clear Light Pub


Category: History

Page: 224

View: 2740

This book offers fascinating perspectives on the life, traditions, and current affairs of the peoples of the Iroquois Confederacy. Author Doug George-Kanentiio is a Mohawk now living in Oneida Territory who is actively involved in issues affecting the Confederacy and has been writing about developments in 'Indian Country' for the past decade. In his book he offers a portrait of the Iroquois that touches on a multitude of topics, beginning with iroquois traditions concerning their origins as a people and their spiritual, communal, and family traditions.

Blackfoot Ways of Knowing

The Worldview of the Siksikaitsitapi

Author: Betty Bastien,Jürgen W. Kremer

Publisher: University of Calgary Press

ISBN: 1552381099

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 235

View: 6334

This book clearly articulates the philosophical and epistemological foundations of Blackfoot ways of knowing. It examines the interdependent, interconnecting and reciprocal relationships of identity, knowledge, and research among the Blackfoot-speaking peoples. It is a journey of connecting the ancient pieces of the knowledge processes of indigenous peoples. This book is an important contribution to indigenous scholarship and offers a special insight into the stories being told through a moving personal narrative.