Once Bitten

An Unofficial Guide to the World of Angel

Author: Nikki Stafford

Publisher: ECW Press

ISBN: 1550226541

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 438

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Presents information on the cult television series including interviews with the cast and crew, episode guides, and trivia.

Der Kuss der Ewigkeit


Author: Kalayna Price

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641071291

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Gestaltwandler, Vampire und Magie – eine prickelnde Mischung Kita Nekai stammt aus einer Familie von mächtigen Gestaltwandlern. Ihre Geschwister verwandeln sich in Löwen, Tiger oder Panther. Nur Kita wird eine gefleckte Hauskatze. Als wäre das noch nicht schlimm genug, wird sie auch noch von einem Vampir gebissen, dann taucht ihr Exfreund wieder in ihrem Leben auf, und schließlich macht eine Magierschülerin sie zu ihrem Abschlussprojekt. Und um dem Ganzen die Krone aufzusetzen, wird Kita zum Tode verurteilt. Wie soll sie nur das Chaos ihrer Gefühle bewältigen und aus alldem wieder lebend herauskommen?

Once Bitten

Author: Nigel Vardy

Publisher: Ecademy Press

ISBN: 1905823274

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 168

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. . . Not just another 'climber gets stuck on mountain but survives to tell the tale' book. The gripping accounts. . . are all there, but the other half of the book is all about the journey Nigel has made since. . . and his refusal to disappear into the crevasses of self pity and helplessness.--Carolyn Budding.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Book One of the Jaz Parks Series

Author: Jennifer Rardin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748131825

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1142

Vayl is the CIA's top assassin. A master of black ops, he has never failed. He's also a 291-year-old vampire. Assigned to protect Vayl, if such a formidable creature can be said to require protection, is Jasmine Parks - 'Jaz' to her friends. But Jaz has got problems - and not just the run-of-the-mill ones you'd expect from someone whose job consists of putting her life on the line for an undead assassin. She hasn't had sex in god knows how long, so Vayl's almost overpowering vampire charisma is making it increasingly difficult for her to keep their relationship . . . professional. Her personal life is a long line of missed birthdays and Christmases, and lies and excuses to her family. And then there's that other thing: the blackouts. See, there's times that Jaz can't account for and things that happen in those times that Vayl - not to mention the CIA - may not appreciate. And if they find out, Jasmine knows it won't just be her contract that's terminated . . .

Once Bitten

Author: Kalayna Price

Publisher: BelleBooks

ISBN: 1935661353

Category: Fiction

Page: 265

View: 9826

Kita Nekai, on the run and the smallest of her shifter clan--a calico cat among lions and tigers--is being hunted. She was expected to accept her role as her father's successor whether or not her cat was up to the task of leading the clan. She disagreed. Now she's less than a step ahead of the hunters, bone-tired, cold, and living hand-to-mouth in the city of Haven. And that's the high point of her day. She's also drugged, "accidentally" turned into a vampire, and sentenced to death for recklessly creating a rogue shifter who tortures its human prey. She's got seventy-two hours to find the rogue, evade a city full of hunters, prove she's not responsible for the rogue, and keep the vampire council from killing her. All while sorting out an apprentice mage, a married ex-boyfriend shifter-hunter, and the vampire who made her.

Once Bitten

Author: Clare Willis

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 1420113720

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 9938

Is it more than just a one-bite stand? Angie McCaffrey has endured her share of liquid lunches and boardroom shmoozefests to win new advertising clients. But her latest account--a cosmetics line for wannabe vampires--involves some unusual customer research at San Francisco's hippest private nightclub. The "undead" patrons are about as genuine as Macabre Factor's press-on fangs, but one thing is very real--the skin-tingling connection Angie feels with her clients' mysterious friend, Eric Taylor. Still, there are a few problems with this hot new romance. 1) Eric is rumored to have dated Angie's scheming boss, Lucy. 2) Lucy, missing for days, just turned up dead and bloodless. And, oh yeah, 3) Angie has suddenly developed a teeny aversion to sunlight. Is Eric a real vampire, a killer, or both? Angie's got a lot riding on the answer--her heart, her life, and maybe even her soul. . . "Clare Willis offers a clever twist on the world of vampires." --Alexandra Ivy, author of Darkness Unleashed

Once Bitten, Never Shy

Confessions of a Backpacking Diplomat

Author: N.A


ISBN: 9814305391

Category: Backpacking

Page: 120

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Once Bitten, Twice Dead

Author: Bianca D' Arc

Publisher: Kensington

ISBN: 0758257252

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 570

Thrills, chills, and a smoldering sexy hero combine to unforgettable effect in Bianca D'Arc's irresistible new novel of paranormal romance. . . When police officer Sarah Petit investigates a disturbance in an abandoned building, she expects to find a few underage drinkers. Instead, she's attacked by creatures straight out of a horror movie. Waking a week later in a hospital, Sarah is visited by Special Forces soldier Captain Xavier Beauvoir. The zombies who attacked Sarah are the result of military research gone terrifyingly wrong, and Sarah's immunity to the virus makes her the perfect person to help Xavier eradicate them. But his smooth Cajun accent, whiskey-colored eyes, and dizzying kiss are risky to her in a very different way. Sarah attracts danger like a magnet--and the smart, fearless cop attracts Xavier too, instilling a bone-deep need that's undermining his steady façade. Enlisting her aid is a necessary gamble, but vicious undead creatures are not the only enemy they face. And the only way to keep each other safe is to trust in an instant connection that could be their greatest strength--or the perfect way to destroy them both. . .

Once Bitten

Author: Heather McCorkle

Publisher: Entangled: Select Otherworld

ISBN: 1633759318

Category: Fiction

Page: 329

View: 651

One night was all it took to change everything. One moment of weakness, and now I’m becoming. Werewolves were supposed to be things only seen in movies, not things that exist in real life. Instead of med school and homework, my life is filled with a laundry list of things that were once impossibilities. Groups fighting over whom I belong to. The possibility of dying if I don’t learn everything before the next full moon. Figuring out how to survive in a world I never knew existed. But the biggest danger? Ty: history professor, super sexy Viking werewolf, and the man who’s been assigned by the Council to teach me how to survive becoming a werewolf

Once Bitten, Twice Fined

Author: Graeme H. Pagan

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: 0857906291

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 2671

This lively book is an account of Graeme Pagan's encounters and experiences in over forty years of legal practice in Oban. It is a lively mixture of the humorous and the sad, the significant and the trivial, the intentional and the serendipitous and paints an entertaining and informative picture of the life in this beautiful part of western Scotland. Graeme Pagan was involved professionally with an enormously wide range of cases in his long and varied career. But this is not a book just for those interested in the law; it is full of human interest and the peculiarities of life in the Highlands and Islands. Here he includes stories about accident enquiries, court room anecdotes, and some cautionary tales of divorce and family law from less enlightened times, including the hilarious tale of the Brigadier who wanted to divorce a woman who was not his wife. We also learn about the solicitor who was a prisoner-of-war for an hour and a half; the man who was assaulted by a ferret, and how the author accidentally ended up on the catwalk while on the way to a session at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival. On a more serious note, Graham Pagan also relates incidents from his political activism, his

Once Bitten, Twice Burned

Author: Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758284098

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5530

BLOOD—AND LUST Ryder Duncan keeps his secrets. With a twisted scientist starving him in a 10 x 12 cell, it’s not easy to conceal the abilities that set him apart from other vampires, or his plans for escape. But survival—and revenge—are worth waiting for. Until the so-called doctor tempts his appetites with something special: a woman, with a soft Southern accent and a scent like flowers. Sabine. Sabine Acadia didn’t volunteer to be dinner. She was kidnapped and tossed into the cage of a monster. A monster with fierce green eyes, a body that speaks of ruthless power—but a touch gentle as a caress. Ryder knows things about her, secrets Sabine needs to learn fast. Because while they might soon escape this prison, she’s fighting an urge to set all her desires free . . . Praise for Cynthia Eden and Burn for Me “Cynthia’s on my must-buy list.”—Angie Fox “Inspired, masterful.” —RT Book Reviews, TOP PICK! “Alluring.” —Publishers Weekly “Readers will be looking forward to more Phoenix Fire books and, of course, hot alpha men.” —USAToday.com “Wickedly sexy!” —The Parkersburg News & Sentinel “Vampires and shape-shifters abound . . . Eden takes the book to the next level.” —The Washington Post

Once Bitten

Author: Laurien Berenson

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 0758289073

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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With her former fiancé off finding himself, Melanie Travis figures the only ring she'll be seeing in the near future is one where she's showing her prized poodles. But love is still in the air for her brother Frank, who is about to tie the knot with his sweetheart, Bertie Kennedy. With scant knowledge of tulle, favors, or cocktail hors d'oeuvres, Melanie happily leaves the nuptial arrangements to Sara Bentley, a fellow dog handler moonlighting as a wedding coordinator. But when Sara suddenly vanishes, a panicked Bertie gives Melanie a choice: either pinch-hit for Sara--or find out where she is. Opting for the latter, Melanie begins sniffing around into Sara's past--and unearths big trouble when Sara's cottage burns to the ground and a woman's body is found in the rubble. There are plenty of people with grudges against Sara--from Maris Kincaid, a disgruntled dog groomer; to Debra Silver, a competitor whose dog had been poisoned a decade ago; to Josh Bennett, her embittered ex-boyfriend. Even Sara's own family seems oddly unconcerned about her disappearance. . .but are the blue-blooded Bentleys cold-blooded enough to kill one of their own? Melanie soon realizes that despite the best-laid plans, anything can happen. And when it comes to Sara Bentley, nothing is certain--except that it's up to Melanie to stop a murderer in his--or her--tracks. . . "An entertaining mystery."--Publishers Weekly "Totally satisfying."--I Love A Mystery

Once Bitten

Author: Loribelle Hunt

Publisher: Loribelle Hunt


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

View: 2407

Liza is Paladin, third in power in the Redstar pack. Half witch, half werewolf, but without the ability to change forms, she has an acrimonious history with Caleb, the Alpha’s heir. Then one explosive night, they explore her interest in submission, but he leaves the pack. And her. Five years later, the Alpha orders Liza to bring Caleb home. The years of distance have not dulled his anger at her, or the heat that once flared between them. Caleb is biding time before returning to Redstar. It’s pleasurably spent with his lover Zach. When Liza shows up, once again at his father’s bidding, he’s angry and hurt, but he still wants her. This time he isn’t letting her go. Zach takes one look at the woman and knows she’s the one for them. But can he accept that her delicious submission in bed goes no further than the bedroom door?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Author: Spencer, Catherine,Weston, Sophie

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9780373152605

Category: Remarriage

Page: 379

View: 2883

Once Bitten...

Author: Joyce Wigglesworth

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477213896

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

View: 7120

Linda is flying out to view her property in Majorca, bequeathed by her exhusband, Alan. She has no idea about what trouble lies ahead. Alan, a drug dealer, abandoned her and their baby, Beth, six years ago. On take-off Linda panics and clutches the hand of the man in the next seat. He, Ryan, is returning to his Garden Centre business. He recognizes her plight and offers his help. They view the property, and seeing its potential, Ryan offers to buy it, but two men seem anxious to gain access, which necessitates police intervention. Later, when Linda returns to sign paperwork, she takes her mother Monica and Beth for a holiday. There are sinister events—an attempt to kidnap Beth, a catastrophe at sea, and strangers lurking near the property. There are happy times too, and good friendships are forged, but Linda and Ryan find it difficult to commit romantically. They have too many bad memories. Beth makes an exciting discovery that solves many problems, but will Linda ever solve hers? This story has laughter and tears and shows that true friendship is a treasure.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Author: Robyn Donald

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780263774634


Page: 186

View: 4082

Once Bitten

The Adventures and Misadventures of a Young Veterinary Surgeon

Author: Nick Marsh

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533106247


Page: 238

View: 4973

When Alan Reece qualified as a veterinary surgeon at the dawn of the new millennium, he had a plan: save the world, one animal at a time. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and Alan soon discovers he has far more enemies than he was expecting - aside from vicious pets, difficult owners, surly farmers, and children from hell, he finds himself working with an unhinged and jealous surgeon who makes it his personal mission ruin Alan's life. Battling long hours, life and death decisions, tragic cases, a complaint from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and an unexpected love triangle, Alan's hopes of saving the world are quickly replaced with a simple question: Can he even last a year in practice? Once Bitten... is the story of a young vet's first few months in practice, and how they changed his life forever.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Author: Ita Akuku

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1445296705


Page: N.A

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