One Doctor

Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine

Author: Brendan Reilly

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476726299

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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"A first-person narrative that takes readers inside the medical profession as one doctor solves real-life medical mysteries"--Provided by publisher.

One Doctor

Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine

Author: Brendan Reilly

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476726361

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

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Told by a unique voice in American medicine, this epic story recounts life-changing experiences in the career of a distinguished physician, and is described by The New York Times as “a true service [to history]. Dr. Reilly deserves a resounding bravo for telling it like it is.” Malcolm Gladwell agrees: “Brendan Reilly has written a beautiful book about a forgotten subject—what it means for a physician to truly care for a patient.” Every review of One Doctor noted its beautiful writing and compelling story, the riveting tension and suspense. “Remarkable with heart-pounding pace and drama” (Publishers Weekly); “a gripping, moving memoir” (Abraham Verghese); “a terrific read” (The Boston Globe); “an astonishingly moving and incredibly personal account of a modern doctor” (The Lancet). In compelling first-person prose, Dr. Brendan Reilly takes readers to the front lines of medicine today. Whipsawed by daily crises and frustra­tions, Reilly must deal with several daunting challenges simultaneously. As Reilly’s patients and their families survive close calls, struggle with heartrending decisions, and confront the limits of medicine’s power to cure, One Doctor lays bare a fragmented, depersonalized, business-driven health care system where real caring is hard to find. Every day, Reilly sees patients who fall through the cracks and suffer harm because they lack one doctor who knows them well and relentlessly advocates for their best interests. Filled with fascinating characters in New York City and rural New England—people with dark secrets, mysterious illnesses, impossible dreams, and limitless courage—One Doctor tells their stories with sensitivity and empathy, reminding us of professional values once held dear by all physicians.

Epic Measures

One Doctor. Seven Billion Patients.

Author: Jeremy N. Smith

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062237527

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 7963

Moneyball meets medicine in this remarkable chronicle of one of the greatest scientific quests of our time—the groundbreaking program to answer the most essential question for humanity: how do we live and die?—and the visionary mastermind behind it. Medical doctor and economist Christopher Murray began the Global Burden of Disease studies to gain a truer understanding of how we live and how we die. While it is one of the largest scientific projects ever attempted—as breathtaking as the first moon landing or the Human Genome Project—the questions it answers are meaningful for every one of us: What are the world’s health problems? Who do they hurt? How much? Where? Why? Murray argues that the ideal existence isn’t simply the longest but the one lived well and with the least illness. Until we can accurately measure how people live and die, we cannot understand what makes us sick or do much to improve it. Challenging the accepted wisdom of the WHO and the UN, the charismatic and controversial health maverick has made enemies—and some influential friends, including Bill Gates who gave Murray a $100 million grant. In Epic Measures, journalist Jeremy N. Smith offers an intimate look at Murray and his groundbreaking work. From ranking countries’ healthcare systems (the U.S. is 37th) to unearthing the shocking reality that world governments are funding developing countries at only 30% of the potential maximum efficiency when it comes to health, Epic Measures introduces a visionary leader whose unwavering determination to improve global health standards has already changed the way the world addresses issues of health and wellness, sets policy, and distributes funding.

One Doctor

A Physician's Diary

Author: Thomas Marzili

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1599260786

Category: Medical

Page: 129

View: 1888

One Doctor: A Physician's Diary contains over eighty moving stories as they appeared in the Courier-Post, Southern New Jersey's largest newspaper. Dr. Marzili's stories focus on the human side of medicine in a stirring and compelling manner. Readers feel like they are in the room with Dr. Marzili and are offered a rare glimpse into the doctor-patient relationship. They are witness to the hopes, fears, suffering and raw courage experienced by patients and their families as they go through their medical ordeals. The book begins as you join Dr. Marzili on the first day of his residency as he is called to pronounce a dead patient. You will sit with him in horror as a medical school instructor uncaringly presents a terrified seventeen year old girl who has just been paralyzed. Ride with him to the streets of Camden, New Jersey to find beauty in a dying AIDS patient amidst the squalor of the city. Enter a dark and lonely hospital room where a murderer awaits. Struggle to answer a young boy's questions about life and death. Uncover the surprising causes of an elderly man's bruises and a young man's rash. Tell an irate and threatening father that his baby has died. Teach a valuable lesson to a suicidal young girl. Watch a war hero as he goes to his final reunion. This book is must reading for anyone entering the medical profession or for anyone whose life has been touched by a medical crisis. Readers will easily relate to these moving stories. One Doctor: A Physician's Diary is sure to touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye.

Doctor Who: One Doctor, Two Hearts

Author: Adam Howling,Doctor Who

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405937564

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 1905

Learn your 1, 2, 3 across the stars, with the help of the Doctor and friends! One Doctor. Two Hearts. Three Knocks. Four Daleks . . . A Doctor Who counting book with a timey-wimey twist on every page! Featuring Doctors, companions and monsters both past and present, kids of all ages will love this Doctor Who numbers book. In the wonderful style of T is for Tardis, this includes stunning original illustrations, in a retro style, on every page

The Addict

One Patient, One Doctor, One Year

Author: Michael Stein

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061970875

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

View: 7493

“A gripping, illuminating book . . . Dr. Stein is drawn, in an almost Sherlock Holmesian way, toward trying to fathom and analyze addicts’ behavior. . . . hauntingly and successfully, Stein lets readers make a doctor’s experiences their own.” — New York Times “Beautifully told… [with] great insight, empathy and compassion.” — Abraham Verghese, author of The Tennis Partner, My Own Country, and Cutting for Stone The Addict is the powerful and revealing narrative of Dr. Michael Stein’s year-long treatment of a young woman addicted to Vicodin. Dr. Stein has followed up his award winning book The Lonely Patient with “a useful, sensible, and often inspiring guide to how the medical profession does—and should—treat the sick, and the sick at heart.” (Francine Prose, O magazine)

The One Doctor

Author: Gareth Roberts

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781903654569

Category: Science fiction plays

Page: N.A

View: 3169

When the evil Skelloids launch an attack upon the seventeen worlds of the Generios system, its peace-loving inhabitants face total destruction. So it's fortunate that the famous traveller in time and space known only as the Doctor is in the area, and doubly lucky that, with the help of his pretty young assistant, Sally-Anne, he manages to defeat the deadly creatures and save the day. But now it looks as though the Doctor£s luck has run out. Who is the mysterious, curly-haired stranger who insists on causing trouble? What role does the feisty redhead Melanie play in his scheme? And what have they to do with the sinister alien cylinder approaching Generios? One thing is certain: for the Doctor and Sally-Anne, there£s deadly danger ahead. This story takes place between "The Trial of a Time Lord" and "Time and the Rani."

Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals

How One Doctor's Checklist Can Help Us Change Health Care from the Inside Out

Author: Peter Pronovost,Eric Vohr

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101185278

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 4839

The inspiring story of how a leading innovator in patient safety found a simple way to save countless lives. First, do no harm-doctors, nurses and clinicians swear by this code of conduct. Yet in hospitals and doctors' offices across the country, errors are made every single day - avoidable, simple mistakes that often cost lives. Inspired by two medical mistakes that not only ended in unnecessary deaths but hit close to home, Dr. Peter Pronovost made it his personal mission to improve patient safety and make preventable deaths a thing of the past, one hospital at a time. Dr. Pronovost began with simple improvements to a common procedure in the ER and ICU units at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Creating an easy five-step checklist based on the most up-to-date research for his fellow doctors and nurses to follow, he hoped that streamlining the procedure itself could slow the rate of infections patients often died from. But what Dr. Pronovost discovered was that doctors and nurses needed more than a checklist: the day-to-day environment needed to be more patient-driven and staff needed to see scientific results in order to know their efforts were a success. After those changes took effect, the units Dr. Pronovost worked with decreased their rate of infection by 70%. Today, all fifty states are implementing Dr. Pronovost's programs, which have the potential to save more lives than any other medical innovation in the past twenty-five years. But his ideas are just the beginning of the changes being made by doctors and nurses across the country making huge leaps to improve patient care. In Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals, Dr. Pronovost shares his own experience, anecdotal stories from his colleagues at Johns Hopkins and other hospitals that have made his approach their own, alongside comprehensive research-showing readers how small changes make a huge difference in patient care. Inspiring and thought provoking, this compelling book shows how one person with a cause really can make a huge difference in our lives.

Bedside Manners

One Doctor's Reflections on the Oddly Intimate Encounters Between Patient and He aler

Author: David Watts, M.D.

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 0307419878

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 4461

In beautifully crafted vignettes, physician and NPR commentator David Watts explores the world of modern-day medicine and reveals the emotional truths and practical realities at the heart of the doctor-patient relationship. Bedside Manners is an engaging, often surprising investigation into what happens when we sit down and talk openly about vital issues of health and mortality. Combining the grace and precision of a poet with the down-to-earth, compassionate manner of a doctor who deals with the problems of real people every day, Watts describes situations both odd and touching: the patient who stays awake during an endoscopy to ward off demons; the woman who recites poetry to get through a frightening treatment; the man who arrives at Watts’s office bearing Internet research on syndromes that have little to do with his own condition; and the seventy-four-year-old architect who faces a tough cancer diagnosis with dignity and courage. Readers will come away from these tales of difficult diagnoses, irreverent colleagues, brave survivors, and examining-room poseurs sharing Watts’s own sense of humbled astonishment. As he tells each story, Watts closes for the reader the protective distance many doctors employ, and touches all of us who have felt vulnerable in the position of patient. Refreshing, wry, and reassuring, Bedside Manners holds important lessons for both healers and those who seek their help. From the Hardcover edition.

One Hundred Days

My Unexpected Journey from Doctor to Patient

Author: David Biro

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307427110

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 4493

It is a situation we all fear and none of us can imagine: a life-threatening diagnosis. But what if the person receiving the diagnosis--young, physically fit, poised for a bright future--is himself a doctor? At thirty-one David biro has just completed his residency and joined his father's successful dermatology practice. Struck with a rare blood disease that eventually necessitates a bone marrow transplant, Biro relates with honesty and courage the story of his most transforming journey. He is forthright about the advantages that his status as a physician may have afforded him; and yet no such advantage can protect him from the anxiety and doubt brought on by his debilitating therapies. The pressures that Biro's wild "one hundred days" brings to bear on his heretofore well-established identity as a caregiver are enormous--as is the power of this riveting story of survival. From the Trade Paperback edition.

One More Sunrise

Author: Al Lacy,Joanna Lacy

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9780307564139

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 7028

Countless perils menaced the early settlers of the Wild West - and not the least of them was the lack of medical care. Dr. Dane Logan, a former street waif who has been adopted by a doctor's family in Cheyenne, puts his lifelong dream to work filling this need. His renown as a surgeon spreads throughout the frontier, even while his love grows for the beautiful Tharyn, an orphan he lost contact with when he left New York City as a child. Will happiness in love ever come to Dane - or will the roving Tag Moran gang bring his hopes to a dark end? Showdown in Cheyenne 1880. The frontier is uneasy. Tag Moran and his vicious gang are roving the West, robbing banks and stagecoaches. Dr. Dane Logan, a former street waif adopted by a doctor’s family in Cheyenne, is gaining renown for his delicate surgical skill. Dane’s situation becomes precarious when an unfortunate death turns Tag into his bitter enemy. If outlaws come between the tall young surgeon and his childhood love, who’ll be left to see another sunrise? Story Behind the Book Always planning ahead for what we will write for Multnomah Publishers, JoAnna and I decided to follow the ORPHAN TRAIN trilogy with one about a medical doctor in the Old West, so we came up with the idea of a trilogy called FRONTIER DOCTOR. We introduced a teenage boy in the final ORPHAN TRAIN book who has a burning desire to one day become a physician and surgeon. This first book in this trilogy keys in on this young prospective doctor. Seeing history through this young doctor’s eyes will deeply touch your heart and make these books impossible to set down. We also think you’ll find this new trilogy filled with our faith—gained from so many years of serving the Lord and trusting His written Word. From the Trade Paperback edition.

One Doctor

Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine

Author: Brendan Reilly

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476726353

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

View: 2355

A distinguished physician whose tenure as the chair of medicine at Chicago's Cook County Hospital served as the inspiration for the television series ER describes his efforts to advocate on behalf of patients in the face of a business-driven health-care system and his own aging parents. 50,000 first printing.

For the Love of Babies

One Doctor's Stories about Life in the Neonatal ICU

Author: Sue L. Hall,Sue L. Hall M. D.

Publisher: WorldMaker Media

ISBN: 0982827377

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 318

View: 7791

For the Love of Babies: One Doctor's Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU invites readers into the NICU - one area in the hospital that is unfamiliar and frightening to most people - and demystifies the place where extraordinary things transpire. This book is for anyone who has ever wondered how doctors and nurses work under intense pressure to diagnose and treat the smallest of patients and how parents cope with the enormous emotional stresses facing them. It is a touching and unforgettable glimpse into the triumph, loss, happiness, and pain that make up the daily rhythms of life in the NICU.

One Life at a Time

An American Doctor’s Memoir of AIDS in Botswana

Author: Daniel Baxter

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1510735771

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 5827

When Dr. Daniel Baxter arrived in Botswana in 2002, he was confident of the purity of his mission to help people with AIDS, armed with what he thought were immutable truths about life—and himself—that had been forged on his AIDS ward in New York City ten years earlier. But Baxter’s good intentions were quickly overwhelmed by the reality of AIDS in Africa, his misguided altruism engulfed by the sea of need around him. Lifted up by Botswana’s remarkable and forgiving people, Baxter soldiered on, his memorable encounters with those living with AIDS, and their unfathomable woes assuaged by their oft-repeated “But God is good,” profoundly changing the way he thought about his role as a doctor. Now, after caring for innumerable AIDS patients for eight years in Botswana, Baxter has written an urgent, quietly philosophical account of his journey into the early twenty-first century’s new heart of darkness: AIDS in Africa, where legions desperately struggled to be among the spared and not the doomed. Part memoir, part travelogue, part chronicle of the zaniness of Botswana (one of the questions on his driver’s license application was “Are you or have you ever been an imbecile?”), and part witness to suffering unknown to most Americans, his testimony is an unforgettable tribute to the many people he cared for. Join Baxter on his life-changing journey in Botswana, as he recounts the stories of people like Ralph, a deteriorating AIDS and cancer patient who nonetheless always wore a smile, or Precious, a woman found sick and abandoned in the capital’s slum, or “No Fear,” a rude man in Baxter’s gym whose descent he halted. After many years on the front lines of the African pandemic, Baxter realized that “one life at a time” was the only way to fight AIDS.

A Maverick's Odyssey: One Doctor's Quest to Conquer Disease

The Story of Stephen L. Defelice, M.D. and Fim, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine

Author: Michael Mannion

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781463462123

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 5381

Can we quickly alter our health care system so that we can discover new medical breakthrough therapies and make them rapidly available to patients? The answer to this critical question is a resounding Yes! Dr. Stephen L. DeFelice has put forthhis creative solution to this critical problem through conferences, talks, articles, books and the efforts of his Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, FIM.His solution has yet to catch on so its tremendous promise remains to be fulfilled. But things may be about to change dramatically. Dr. DeFelices answer seems simple at firstperhaps too simple. Its called Doctornauts, the term he coined to describe physicians who can more easily volunteer for clinical studies than the rest of us. These physician-volunteers can be the subjects in clinical trials that the general public cannot participate in because of legal and ethical concerns. Doctornauts has the potential to help patients all over America--immediately and immensely. This book tells the story of Dr. DeFelice and of his life-long passion, not only to prevent and treat illness, but also, to conquer disease through his innovative approach to increasing medical discovery and improving medical treatment. Perhaps the single most important aspect of the Doctornaut concept becomes evident when it is understood who it will most helpyou!

Mountains Beyond Mountains

One doctor's quest to heal the world

Author: Tracy Kidder

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847654622

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 447

View: 5110

Profound and powerful, Mountains Beyond Mountains takes us from Harvard to Haiti, Peru, Cuba and Russia, as the charismatic but flawed genius Dr Paul Farmer challenges widely-held preconceptions about poverty and healthcare. As a medical student, Farmer found his life's calling: to cure infectious diseases and to bring the lifesaving tools of modern medicine - so readily available in the developed world - to those who need them most. Beginning in Haiti, he tackles the conditions that contribute to so many unnecessary deaths with his trademark combination of world-class expertise, unlimited compassion, and the unstinting dedication of friends and colleagues. Tracy Kidder's magnificent and moving account shows how, from achieving this modest dream, one person can make a difference in solving global problems through a clear-eyed understanding of the interaction of politics, wealth, social systems and medicine.

Gifts from the Poor

What the World's Patients Taught One Doctor about Healing

Author: Glenn W. Geelhoed,Patricia Edmonds

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1608322955

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 9164

For more than four decades, surgeon and educator Glenn Geelhoed has taken medical missions to the poorest parts of the globe to treat patients at no cost and train locals to dispense care. Drawn from indelible memories, personal papers, and Geelhoed's daily journals, Gifts from the Poor takes readers along on his journey. Whether he is stitching wounds, delivering babies, mentoring younger colleagues, or challenging destructive cultural practices, Geelhoed constantly discovers the power and dignity of each individual. From solid, Midwestern beginnings, Geelhoed developed a profound drive to explore the world. What he found both thrilled and goaded him, and shaped a career in which he jousted with medical establishments, confronted corruption, and followed his own instincts. Geelhoed exposes the true mechanics of foreign medical aid and development and proposes game-changing alternatives to the status quo. Most of all, he advocates an upside-down approach to international medical service in which the educated healer gathers a wealth of wisdom from the poorest patients. A self-described "hunter-gatherer" whose interests range far beyond his profession, Geelhoed takes readers outside the medical tent to experience adventures in some of the world's harshest environments. His exploits as a marathon runner, photographer, and hunter add an unexpected dimension to his portraits of life on the edge. An inspiring tale of compassion, conviction and grit, Gifts from the Poor is Geelhoed's invitation to join him in healing a wounded world. His determination and energy will empower you in your own life's journey. All proceeds to be donated to the Medical Mission Hall of Fame Foundation.

One Hot Doctor

Author: Ashlee Price

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781726470636


Page: 362

View: 6981

A lot has changed in the 7 years since I saw Ava... Yes, I'm still the only son to billionaire parents. And yes, I'm a doctor now who seems to have women blog about my looks every time I do a TV interview. But Ava's despair runs deep. Her arrogant, abusive fiance makes me f*cken sick. He belittles her and won't let her speak her own mind. This jack*ss deserves an *ss kicking and I'd love to give him one. Heck, even her mother has turned her into a lifeless doll. To h*ll with them. Underneath her fragile exterior, I can see she has so much more to offer. Ava and I belong together. I knew it then and I know it now. I'm the only one that can rescue her from this mess. I'll stop at nothing to protect my family and our baby. But how can I heal Ava's deepest scar if I'm the one who left it?

Considering the Journey

One Doctor’S Perspective

Author: Jeffrey T. Evans DHA

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1546241817

Category: Education

Page: 126

View: 1733

The doctoral journey is not something that should be entered in too lightly. It can be both expensive and very time consuming and must be understood before the commitment is made to begin. Chances for success in finishing the journey would be greatly enhanced if the trials and tribulations of the journey was known before the journey began.This book gives the perspective doctoral candidate an inside look at those trials and tribulations and what the candidate deals with once on the journey. The value of this book is get the inside look at doctoral work before making the commitment.

Light and Death

Author: Michael B. Sabom

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310219922

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 4550

Begun in 1994, The Atlanta Study is the first comprehensive investigation of its kind into near-death experiences (NDEs). The study's name hardly captures what lies behind it: life-and-death dramas played out in operating rooms and hospital beds--and simultaneous events unseen by medical personnel but reported with astonishing clarity and conviction by nearly 50 individuals who returned from death's door. Now the founder of The Atlanta Study, Dr. Michael Sabom reveals their impact on the people who have experienced them. From both medical and personal perspectives, he shares the electrifying stories of men and women from all walks of life and religious persuasions. He explores the clinical effect of the NDE on survival and healing and discloses surprising findings. He questions some common conclusions about NDEs. And he scrutinizes near-death experiences in the light of what the Bible has to say about death and dying, the realities of light and darkness, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.