Organizing Political Parties

Representation, Participation, and Power

Author: Susan E. Scarrow,Paul D. Webb,Thomas Poguntke

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198758634

Category: Political Science

Page: 384

View: 8500

Political party organizations play large roles in democracies, yet their organizations differ widely, and their statutes change much more frequently than constitutions or electoral laws. How do these differences, and these frequent changes, affect the operation of democracy? This book seeks to answer these questions by presenting a comprehensive overview of the state of party organization in nineteen contemporary democracies. Using a unique new data collection, the book's chapters test propositions about the reasons for variation and similarities across party organizations. They find more evidence of within-country similarity than of cross-national patterns based on party ideology. After exploring parties' organizational differences, the remaining chapters investigate the impact of these differences. The volume considers a wide range of theories about how party organization may affect political life, including the impact of party rules on the selection of female candidates, the links between party decision processes and the stability of party programmes, the connection between party finance sources and public trust in political parties, and whether the strength of parties' extra-parliamentary organization affects the behaviour of their elected legislators. Collectively these chapters help to advance comparative studies of elections and representation by inserting party institutions and party agency more firmly into the centre of such studies. Comparative Politics is a series for researchers, teachers, and students of political science that deals with contemporary government and politics. Global in scope, books in the series are characterised by a stress on comparative analysis and strong methodological rigour. The series is published in association with the European Consortium for Political Research. For more information visit: The series is edited by Emilie van Haute, Professor of Political Science, Universite libre de Bruxelles; Ferdinand Muller-Rommel, Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, Leuphana University; and Susan Scarrow, Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Houston.

Political Parties and Democratic Linkage

How Parties Organize Democracy

Author: Russell J. Dalton,David M. Farrell,Ian McAllister

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199599351

Category: Political Science

Page: 238

View: 4378

Political Parties and Democratic Linkage examines how political parties ensure the functioning of the democratic process in contemporary societies. Based on unprecedented cross-national data, the authors find that the process of party government is still alive and well in most contemporary democracies.

The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics

Author: Georgina Waylen,Karen Celis,Johanna Kantola,S. Laurel Weldon

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199324042

Category: Political Science

Page: 888

View: 2138

As a field of scholarship, gender and politics has exploded over the last fifty years and is now global, institutionalized, and ever expanding. The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics brings to political science an accessible and comprehensive overview of the key contributions of gender scholars to the study of politics and shows how these contributions produce a richer understanding of polities and societies. Like the field it represents, the handbook has a broad understanding of what counts as political and is based on a notion of gender that highlights masculinities as well as femininities, thereby moving feminist debates in politics beyond the focus on women. It engages with some of the key aspects of political science as well as important themes in gender and feminist research (such as sexuality and body politics), thereby forging a dialogue between gender studies in politics and mainstream political science. The handbook is organized in sections that look at sexuality and body politics; political economy; civil society; participation, representation and policymaking; institutions, states and governance as well as nation, citizenship and identity. The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Politics contains and reflects the best scholarship in its field.

Beyond Party Members

Changing Approaches to Partisan Mobilization

Author: Susan E. Scarrow

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199661863

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 7392

This book offers a broad-based overview of an important and ongoing transformation in relations between political parties and their closest supporters. Focussing on established parliamentary democracies in Europe and elsewhere, it shows how the changing nature of party membership is affecting how political parties define themselves, and the choices that they present to voters.

Party Reform

The Causes, Challenges, and Consequences of Organizational Change

Author: Anika Gauja

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198717164


Page: 224

View: 5138

Party Reform is a new comparative study of the politics of party organization. The book provides a novel perspective in party scholarship and develops the concept of 'reform' as distinct from evolutionary and incremental processes of party change. As an outcome, reform is captured in deliberate and often very public changes to parties' organizational rules and processes. As a process, it offers a party the opportunity to 're-brand' and publicly alter its image, to emphasize certain strategic priorities over others, and to alter relationships of power within the party. Analyzing the last ten years of party reform across a handful of established democracies including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, the book examines what motivates political parties to undertake organizational reforms and how they go about this process. Party Reform reveals how parties' perceptions of the social trends in which they operate shape reform agendas, and how this relates to competitive demands and pressures from within the party for organizational change. In addition to the motivations for reform, the book is equally concerned with the process of reform. The book demonstrates that declining party memberships have had a fundamental effect on the way in which political parties 'sell' organizational reform: as part of a broader rhetoric of democratization, of re-engagement, and of modernization delivered to diverse audiences - both internal and external to the party. The chapters focus particularly on four key reform initiatives that begin to blur the traditional boundaries of party: the introduction of primaries, the changing meaning of party membership, issues-based online policy development, and community organizing campaigns. Using these cutting-edge developments as primary examples, this book provides a framework for understanding why, and how, reforms occur, and what the consequences might be - in terms of how we think about modern political parties as vehicles for participation and representation. Comparative Politics is a series for researchers, teachers, and students of political science that deals with contemporary government and politics. Global in scope, books in the series are characterised by a stress on comparative analysis and strong methodological rigour. The series is published in association with the European Consortium for Political Research. For more information visit: The series is edited by Emilie van Haute, Professor of Political Science, Universite libre de Bruxelles; Ferdinand Muller-Rommel, Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, Leuphana University; and Susan Scarrow, Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Houston.

Mind the Gap

Political Participation and Representation in Belgium

Author: Kris Deschouwer

Publisher: Studies in European Political

ISBN: 9781786605412

Category: Political Science

Page: 324

View: 3610

This book draws a picture of a parliamentary and representative democracy that faces multiple tensions and multiple gaps.

The Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements

Author: Rawwida Baksh,Wendy Harcourt

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199943494

Category: Political Science

Page: 984

View: 9925

The Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements explores the historical, political, economic and social contexts in which transnational feminist movements have emerged and spread, and the contributions they have made to global knowledge, power and social change over the past half century. The publication of the handbook in 2015 marks the fortieth anniversary of the United Nations International Women's Year, the thirtieth anniversary of the Third World Conference on Women held in Nairobi, the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and the fifteenth anniversaries of the Millennium Development Goals and of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on 'women, peace and security'. The editors and contributors critically interrogate transnational feminist movements from a broad spectrum of locations in the global South and North: feminist organizations and networks at all levels (local, national, regional, global and 'glocal'); wider civil society organizations and networks; governmental and multilateral agencies; and academic and research institutions, among others. The handbook reflects candidly on what we have learned about transnational feminist movements. What are the different spaces from which transnational feminisms have operated and in what ways? How have they contributed to our understanding of the myriad formal and informal ways in which gendered power relations define and inform everyday life? To what extent have they destabilized or transformed the global hegemonic systems that constitute patriarchy? From a position of fifty years of knowledge production, activism, working with institutions, and critical reflection, the handbook recognizes that transnational feminist movements form a key epistemic community that can inspire and provide leadership in shaping political spaces and institutions at all levels, and transforming international political economy, development and peace processes. The handbook is organized into ten sections, each beginning with an introduction by the editors. The sections explore the main themes that have emerged from transnational feminist movements: knowledge, theory and praxis; organizing for change; body politics, health and well-being; human rights and human security; economic and social justice; citizenship and statebuilding; militarism and religious fundamentalisms; peace movements, UNSCR 1325 and postconflict rebuilding; feminist political ecology; and digital-age transformations and future trajectories.

Handbook of Political Party Funding

Author: Jonathan Mendilow,Eric Phélippeau

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1785367978

Category: Political Science

Page: 552

View: 6285

Scrutinizing a relatively new field of study, the Handbook of Political Party Funding assesses the basic assumptions underlying the research, presenting an unequalled variety of case studies from diverse political finance systems.

Democracy and the Cartelization of Political Parties

Author: Richard S. Katz,Peter Mair

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192562002

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 3094

Political parties have long been recognized as essential institutions of democratic governance. Both the organization of parties, and their relationships with citizens, the state, and each other have evolved since the rise of liberal democracy in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Going into the 21st century, it appears that parties losing popular support, putting both parties, and potentially democracy, in peril. This book traces the evolution of parties from the model of the mass party, through the catch-all party model, to argue that by the late 20th century the principal governing parties and (and their allied smaller parties - collectively the political 'mainstream') were effectively forming a cartel, in which the form of competition might remain, and indeed even appear to intensify, while its substance was increasingly hollowed out. The spoils of office were increasingly shared rather than restricted to the temporary winners; contentious policy questions were kept off the political agenda, and competition shifted from large questions of policy to minor questions of managerial competence. To support this cartel, the internal arrangements of parties changed to privilege the party in public office over the party on the ground. The unintended consequence has been to stimulate the rise of extra-cartel challengers to these cozy arrangements in the form of anti-party-system parties and populist oppositions on the left, but especially on the right. Comparative Politics is a series for researchers, teachers, and students of political science that deals with contemporary government and politics. Global in scope, books in the series are characterised by a stress on comparative analysis and strong methodological rigour. The series is published in association with the European Consortium for Political Research. For more information visit: The series is edited by Emilie van Haute, Professor of Political Science, Université libre de Bruxelles; Ferdinand Müller-Rommel, Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, Leuphana University; and Susan Scarrow, John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Political Science, University of Houston.

After the Mass Party

Continuity and Change in Political Parties and Representation in Norway

Author: Elin Haugsgjerd Allern,Knut Heidar,Rune Karlsen

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498516556

Category: Political Science

Page: 168

View: 4208

This book shows that the decline of parties as membership organizations does not necessarily mean that parties have decayed as channels for representation in democracies. Possible explanations can be found in party competition for votes and in other aspects of party organizations.

Democracy Within Parties

Candidate Selection Methods and Their Political Consequences

Author: Reuven Y. Hazan,Gideon Rahat

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199572542

Category: Political Science

Page: 212

View: 8174

Elections are central to democracy, but the electoral game takes place in two arenas, not only between parties but also within them. This pioneering book, by the leading scholars on the topic, is a culmination of two decades of research. It presents a new approach to understanding political parties, sheds light on their inner workings and offers the first comprehensive analysis of the way parties choose their candidates for public office. Candidate selection is,after all, the function that separates parties from other organizations. This book defines the field of candidate selection, provides a framework for its future analysis by scholars and analyses the consequences of different candidate selection methods on democracy. It is based on empirical datagathered from dozens of countries. The book explains which candidate selection method is best for democracy and addresses the question 'Can too much participation harm democracy?'

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Author: Mark Kesselman,Joel Krieger,William Joseph

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111831823

Category: Political Science

Page: 736

View: 3669

Updated to reflect today’s political climate, the Sixth Edition of INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS offers a country-by-country approach that allows students to fully examine similarities and differences among countries and within and between political systems. Each chapter offers an analysis of political challenges and changing agendas within countries and provides detailed descriptions and analyses of the politics of individual countries. The Sixth Edition offers a condensed narrative and student-friendly pedagogy such as marginal key terms and focus questions that will help students make meaningful connections and comparisons about the countries presented. INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS, Sixth Edition, consists of 13 country case studies, selected for their significance in terms of the comparative themes and because they provide an interesting sample of types of political regimes, levels of economic development, and geographic regions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

When Movements Become Parties

The Bolivian MAS in Comparative Perspective

Author: Santiago Anria

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108427579

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 7743

Why do some parties formed by social movements develop top-down structures while others stay more open and responsive to their social bases? The first rigorous comparative study of movement-based parties, this book shows not only how movements can form parties but also how movements contribute to parties' internal politics and shape organizational party models over the long term. Although the existing literature argues that movement-based parties will succumb to professionalization and specialization, Anria shows that this is not inevitable or preordained through an in-depth examination of the unusual and counterintuitive development of Bolivia's MAS. Anria then compares the evolution of the MAS with that of other parties formed by social movements, including Brazil's PT and Uruguay's FA. In a region where successful new parties of any type have been rare, these three parties are remarkable for their success. Yet, despite their similar origins, they differ sharply in their organizational models.

The Oxford Handbook of State and Local Government

Author: Donald P. Haider-Markel

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191611964

Category: Political Science

Page: 976

View: 2300

The Oxford Handbook of State and Local Government is an historic undertaking. It contains a wide range of essays that define the important questions in the field, evaluate where we are in answering them, and set the direction and terms of discourse for future work. The Handbook will have a substantial influence in defining the field for years to come. The chapters critically assess both the key works of state and local politics literature and the ways in which the sub-field has developed. It covers the main areas of study in subnational politics by exploring the central contributions to the comparative study of institutions, behavior, and policy in the American context. Each chapter outlines an agenda for future research.

Democracy Transformed?

Expanding Political Opportunities in Advanced Industrial Democracies

Author: Bruce E. Cain,Russell J. Dalton,Susan E. Scarrow

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780199291649

Category: Political Science

Page: 309

View: 9029

This text assembles the evidence of how democratic institutions and processes are changing and considers the larger implications of these reforms for the nature of democracy. The findings point to a new style of democratic politics that expands the nature of democracy.

Comparing Democracies

Elections and Voting in a Changing World

Author: Lawrence LeDuc,Richard G Niemi,Pippa Norris

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473905087

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 8541

This book provides you with a theoretical and comparative understanding of the major topics related to elections and voting behaviour. It explores important work taking place on new areas, whilst at the same time covering the key themes that you’ll encounter throughout your studies. Edited by three leading figures in the field, the new edition brings together an impressive range of contributors and draws on a range of cases and examples from across the world. It now includes: New chapters on authoritarian elections and regime change, and electoral integrity A chapter dedicated to voting behaviour Increased emphasis on issues relating to the economy. Comparing Democracies, Fourth Edition will remain a must-read for students and lecturers of elections and voting behaviour, comparative politics, parties, and democracy.

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics

Author: Susan Carol Stokes

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199278480

Category: Political Science

Page: 1021

View: 9919

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics offers a critical survey of the field of empirical political science through the collection of a set of chapters written by 48 top scholars in the discipline of comparative politics

Political Power in Spain

The Multiple Divides between MPs and Citizens

Author: Xavier Coller,Antonio M. Jaime-Castillo,Fabiola Mota

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319638262

Category: Political Science

Page: 327

View: 9438

This book explores why some people become politicians, how they represent citizens in parliaments, and what they think about democracy and its institutions. It analyses the results of the first survey of a representative sample of Spanish MPs (580 cases) and citizens. The study covers areas such as: social profiles; recruitment and selection; women in parliaments; motivation for politics; perception of the representative function and how this is affected by corruption, disaffection and mistrust; national and regional identities; ideology; the functioning of parliamentary groups, and perceptions about the EU. The case of Spain is used to demonstrate how MPs' values, opinions and attitudes conflict and complement with those of the citizens they are supposed to represent. Through a systematic comparison between MPs and citizens, the contributions deal with topics that are key to understanding how democracies work and the role played by MPs.

Women's Political Participation and Representation in Asia

Obstacles and Challenges

Author: Kazuki Iwanaga

Publisher: NIAS Press

ISBN: 8776940160

Category: History

Page: 315

View: 8544

The ability of a small elite of highly educated, upper-class Asian women to obtain the highest political positions in their country is unmatched elsewhere in the world and deserves study. But there is a marked lack of relevant research as well as of comprehensive and user-friendly texts. Aiming to fill the gap is this timely and important study of the various obstacles and opportunities for women's political participation and representation in Asia.

Parties Without Partisans

Political Change in Advanced Industrial Democracies

Author: Russell J. Dalton,Martin P. Wattenberg

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199253099

Category: Political Science

Page: 314

View: 7066

Parties Without Partisans provides a comprehensive cross-national study of parties in advanced industrial democracies in all their forms - in electoral politics, as organisations, and in government.