Pass the PSA

Author: Will Brown,Kevin W Loudon,James Fisher,Laura B Marsland

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702055174

Category: Medical

Page: 144

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Drug prescribing is one of the most important parts of clinical practice. Yet it remains one of the most commonly failed components of undergraduate assessments, and accounts for an uncomfortably high proportion of medical errors. To remedy this, the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) exam has been introduced in the UK. It is compulsory and will set a minimum standard for safe prescribing. Failure will preclude GMC registration. Pass the PSA is written specifically for the exam, with one chapter dedicated to each PSA section. Each chapter includes: The marking scheme for the PSA exam section and how to approach it. All the theory condensed into a few pages of memorable, illustrated text. Multiple worked questions covering the most common exam scenarios. In addition: Introduces a simple, memorable and failsafe approach to prescribing (the ‘PReSCRIBER’ mnemonic). Specifies the universal basic principles of prescribing for all sections. Over 300 worked questions, structured identically to the exam. Data interpretation made memorable and simple including ECG, ABGs, chest X-rays and basic bloods. Common traps highlighted throughout. Two mock exams.

Mortgage-Backed Securities

Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques

Author: Frank J. Fabozzi,Anand K. Bhattacharya,William S. Berliner

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118044711

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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An in-depth look at the latest innovations in mortgage-backed securities The largest sector of the fixed-income market is the mortgage market. Understanding this market is critical for portfolio managers, as well as issuers who must be familiar with how these securities are structured. Mortgage-Backed Securities is a timely guide to the investment characteristics, creation, and analysis of residential real estate-backed securities. Each chapter contains cutting-edge information for investors, traders, and other professionals involved in this market, including discussions of structuring mortgage products-such as agency CMOs and new types of mortgages-and an in-depth explanation of the concept of option-adjusted spreads and other analytical concepts used to assess relative value.

A Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testament

In which the Words and Phrases Occurring in Those Sacred Books are Distinctly Explained : and the Meanings Assigned to Each Authorized by References to Passages of Scripture : and Frequently Illustrated and Confirmed by Citations from the Old Testament and from the Greek Writers : to this Work is Prefixed a Plain and Easy Greek Grammar Adapted to the Use of Learners, and Those who Understand No Other Language Than English

Author: John Parkhurst

Publisher: N.A



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PSA 1974

Proceedings of the 1974 Biennial Meeting Philosophy of Science Association

Author: Robert S. Cohen,C.A. Hooker,Alex C. Michalos,J. van Evra

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401014493

Category: Science

Page: 747

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For this book, we have selected papers from symposia and contributed sessions at the fourth biennial meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, held at the University of Notre Dame on November 1-3, 1974. The meeting was lively and well-attended, and we regret that there was no way to record here the many stimulating discussions after the papers and during the informal hours. We also regret that we had in sufficient space for all the contributed papers. Even more, some of the symposia were not available: those on systems and decision theory (c. W. Churchman, P. Suppes, I. Levi), and on the Marxist philosophy of science (M. W. Wartofsky, R. S. Cohen, E. N. Hiebert). Unhappily several individual contributions to other symposia were likewise not available: I. Velikovsky in the session on his own work and the politics of science, D. Finkelstein in the session on quantum logic. Memorial minutes were read for Alan Ross Anderson (prepared by Nuel Belnap) and for Imre Lakatos (prepared by Paul Feyerabend). They initiate this volume of philosophy of science in the mid-seventies.

The Leeser Bible

Author: TOV Rose


ISBN: 110569545X


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The Holy Bible

Containing the Old and New Testaments, According to the Authorized Version : with Introductory and Concluding Remarks to Each Book of the Old and New Testaments; and the References and Marginal Readings of the Polyglott Bible, with Numerous Additions from Bagster's Comprehensive Bible, and a Valuable Chronological Index

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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The Holy Bible

Author: John Canne,John Brown

Publisher: N.A



Page: 884

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Prostate Disorders 2007

Author: H. Ballentine Carter, M.D.

Publisher: Johns Hopkins Health

ISBN: 1933087536

Category: Medical

Page: 88

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Probabilistic Safety Assessment in the Chemical and Nuclear Industries

Author: R. R. Fullwood

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780750672085

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 514

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Many examples of applications of PSA to both industries are presented."--BOOK JACKET. "Problems are included at the end of many chapters with answers at the back of the book."--BOOK JACKET.

The Holy Bible

Containing the Old and New Testaments ... : with a Commentary and Critical Notes Designed to Help to a Better Understanding of the Sacred Writings

Author: Adam Clarke

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bible

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Capital Markets

Institutions and Instruments

Author: Frank J. Fabozzi,Franco Modigliani

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 9780130673343

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 644

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This text offers the most comprehensive capital market coverage available. It covers the instruments, the players, and the principles of valuation with an excellent blend of theory and practice. Topics include Overview of Market Participants and Financial Innovation, Depository Institutions, Investment Banking Firms, Stock Options Market, The Theory and Structure of Interest Rates, and The Market for Foreign Exchange and Risk Control Instruments. Appropriate for corporate treasurers.

The Oxford Guide to Financial Modeling

Applications for Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Financial Institutions

Author: Thomas S. Y. Ho,Sang Bin Lee

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199727704

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 768

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The essential premise of this book is that theory and practice are equally important in describing financial modeling. In it the authors try to strike a balance in their discussions between theories that provide foundations for financial models and the institutional details that provide the context for applications of the models. The book presents the financial models of stock and bond options, exotic options, investment grade and high-yield bonds, convertible bonds, mortgage-backed securities, liabilities of financial institutions--the business model and the corporate model. It also describes the applications of the models to corporate finance. Furthermore, it relates the models to financial statements, risk management for an enterprise, and asset/liability management with illiquid instruments. The financial models are progressively presented from option pricing in the securities markets to firm valuation in corporate finance, following a format to emphasize the three aspects of a model: the set of assumptions, the model specification, and the model applications. Generally, financial modeling books segment the world of finance as "investments," "financial institutions," "corporate finance," and "securities analysis," and in so doing they rarely emphasize the relationships between the subjects. This unique book successfully ties the thought processes and applications of the financial models together and describes them as one process that provides business solutions. Created as a companion website to the book readers can visit to gain deeper understanding of the book's financial models. Interested readers can build and test the models described in the book using Excel, and they can submit their models to the site. Readers can also use the site's forum to discuss the models and can browse server based models to gain insights into the applications of the models. For those using the book in meetings or class settings the site provides Power Point descriptions of the chapters. Students can use available question banks on the chapters for studying.

Memoirs of the Wesley family;

collected principally from original documents

Author: Adam Clarke

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 421

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