"Perpetuall monuments"

die Repräsentation von Architektur in der italienischen Festdokumentation (ca. 1515 - 1640) und der englischen court masque (1604 - 1640)

Author: Axel Stähler

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825851422

Category: Architecture in literature

Page: 512

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Includes bibliographical references and index.

Männer und Frauen im Job-Interview

eine evolutionspsychologische Studie zu ihrem Sprachgebrauch im Englischen

Author: Daniela Wawra

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825872830

Category: Communication

Page: 374

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Amerikaner in der Fremde

Humor als Überwindungsstrategie

Author: Anahita Teymourian-Pesch

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825896591

Category: American literature

Page: 274

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The Edible Monument

The Art of Food for Festivals

Author: Marcia Reed

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 1606064541

Category: Art

Page: 192

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The Edible Monument considers the elaborate architecture, sculpture, and floats made of food that were designed for court and civic celebrations in early modern Europe. These include popular festivals such as Carnival and the Italian Cuccagna. Like illuminations and fireworks, ephemeral artworks made of food were not well documented and were challenging to describe because they were perishable and thus quickly consumed or destroyed. In times before photography and cookbooks, there were neither literary models nor a repertoire of conventional images for how food and its preparation should be explained or depicted. Although made for consumption, food could also be a work of art, both as a special attraction and as an expression of power. Formal occasions and spontaneous celebrations drew communities together, while special foods and seasonal menus revived ancient legends, evoking memories and recalling shared histories, values, and tastes. Drawing on books, prints, and scrolls that document festival arts, elaborate banquets, and street feasts, the essays in this volume examine the mythic themes and personas employed to honor and celebrate rulers; the methods, materials, and wares used to prepare, depict, and serve food; and how foods such as sugar were transformed to express political goals or accomplishments. This book is published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Getty Research Institute from October 13, 2015, to March 23, 2016.

Das Gelobte Land

Erez Israel von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart ; Quellen und Darstellungen

Author: Alexandra Pontzen,Axel Stähler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783499556562

Category: Palestine

Page: 382

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Agriculture of Maine

First[-Forty-fifth] Annual Report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of Agriculture

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agriculture

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Annual Report

Author: Maine. Board of Agriculture

Publisher: N.A



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Earls Colne's Early Modern Landscapes

Author: Dr Dolly MacKinnon

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472432746

Category: History

Page: 358

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The Essex village of Earls Colne boasts one of the most comprehensive collections of historical documents in Britain, and has been the subject of an intensive and ongoing research project to collate and computerise the surviving records. As such, Earls Colne is undoubtedly one of the most studied parishes in England. Yet whilst much is now known about the village and its inhabitants, little work has been done on the social relationships that bound the community together within its mental and physical landscape. As such, scholars will welcome Dr MacKinnon’s investigation into the social, political and cultural world of early modern England as represented by Earls Colne. The book provides a fresh approach to the study of the landscape of a seventeenth-century village by focussing on the relationships between political power and cultural artefacts. It examines how private, public and communal spaces within society were generated, gendered and governed, and how this was recorded and perpetuated in the records, names, and monuments of the parish and surrounding landscape. Yet whilst the ‘elites’ tried to represent a select social landscape through their control of the local records and documents, these attempts were always counterbalanced by the less powerful members of the community who occupied and contested these spaces. By reconstructing the dynamics of Earls Colne through a careful reading and cross-referencing of the surviving documents, buildings and place names, this book offers a fascinating insight into how the sights and sounds of early modern society were imbued with the social relations of parish politics. As well as deepening our understanding of Earls Colne itself, the book offers historians the potential to revisit other local studies from a fresh perspective.

The Jewish Spy

Being a Philosophical, Historical, and Critical Correspondence by Letters, which Lately Passed Between Certain Jews in Turkey, Italy, France, Etc

Author: Jean-Baptiste de Boyer Argens (marquis d')

Publisher: N.A


Category: Antisemitism

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The History of the Christian Church

From the Birth of Christ to the Eighteenth Century, Including the Very Interesting Account of the Waldenses and Albigenses

Author: William Jones

Publisher: N.A


Category: Albigenses

Page: 607

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Same-Sex Desire in the English Renaissance

A Sourcebook of Texts, 1470-1650

Author: Kenneth Borris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135577102

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 400

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The readings gathered here include many rare texts that have not been reprinted for centuries, excerpted from biblical commentary, legal writings, medical and scientific writings, popular encyclopedias, and literature, as well as continental vernacular and Latin sources never before available in English translation. The selections are assembled in ten chapters addressing particular discursive fields - Theology, Law, Medicine, Astrology, Physiognomics, Encyclopedias and Reference Works, Prodigious Monstrosities, Love and Friendship, the Sapphic Renaissance, and Erotica. Each chapter includes a substantial introduction summarizing its topic and its relation to early modern homoeroticism. The volume also poignantly addresses key issues in Renaissance thinking about sexual identity, and newly clarifies central problems and debates in the historiography of same-sex love.

The Modern Part of an Universal History

From the Earliest Account of Time. Compiled from Original Writers. By the Authors of The Antient Part

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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An universal history

from the earliest accounts to the present time

Author: George Sale,George Psalmanazar,Archibald Bower,George Shelvocke,John Campbell,John Swinton

Publisher: N.A


Category: Virginia

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