Pitt Ford's Problem-Based Learning in Endodontology

Author: Shanon Patel,Henry F. Duncan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444391992

Category: Medical

Page: 328

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Pitt Ford's Problem-Based Learning in Endodontology combines the theory and practice of endodontics, providing the reader with information that is both clinically relevant to everyday practice and also evidence based. It includes a wealth of cases that span topics such as the maintenance of a vital pulp, root canal treatment, surgical endodontics and trauma. Each case is accompanied by full colour photographs and/or radiographs that illustrate the key stages in diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment and prognosis. In addition, the detailed commentary provides information on viable alternative treatment strategies, rationale (biologic considerations) for the treatment described, evaluation of the current evidence for/against the course of treatment and finally the prognosis. The book allows the reader to apply their existing knowledge to a range of clinical scenarios and to gain new knowledge and apply it to further clinical situations. In addition the reader will be encouraged to transfer knowledge and diagnostic skills from one problem to another and guided to improve their self-directed learning and reflective skills.

The Principles of Endodontics

Author: Shanon Patel,Justin J. Barnes

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199657513

Category: Medical

Page: 170

View: 9661

The Principles of Endodontics, Second Edition integrates theory with practice to produce an ideal introduction to endodontics. Fully illustrated and written in a straightfoward style, this guide demystifies a core aspect of the clinical practice of dentistry.


Biologia e Técnica

Author: Helio Pereira Lopes,José Freitas Siqueira Jr

Publisher: Elsevier Brasil

ISBN: 8535283110

Category: Medical

Page: 848

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Comemorando os 15 anos desde a primeira edição, este livro continua sendo o texto completo e defi nitivo para o ensino e prática da Endodontia. Escrito pelos principais formadores de opinião em cada assunto do Brasil e do exterior, como Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Itália e Noruega, todos com vasta experiência clínica, de pesquisa e de ensino. Aborda os diversos tópicos endodônticos com gradientes de profundidade que abrangem leitores em todos os níveis de formação: alunos de graduação, especialização, mestrado e doutorado, clínicos gerais, especialistas e professores. Esta 4a edição é uma obra completamente nova, atualizada e com ênfase nos consideráveis avanços biológicos e técnicos da Endodontia. Como novidades, destacam-se: • Todos os capítulos foram vastamente atualizados e novos capítulos foram incluídos, como Reparação Pós-Tratamento Endodôntico; Anatomia Interna; • Descrição de novos instrumentos, técnicas e materiais para o preparo e a obturação de canais radiculares; • Medidas atualizadas para otimizar a desinfecção do sistema de canais radiculares e aumentar o índice de sucesso; • Controle da dor na Endodontia, com cobertura das técnicas de anestesia, dos procedimentos clínicos e dos medicamentos a serem prescritos; • Seções exclusivas sobre: Tomografi a computadorizada de feixe cônico na Endodontia; Endodontia Regenerativa; Microcirurgia Perirradicular; • Recentes avanços no campo da fi siologia e patologia pulpar e perirradicular; • O uso do microscópio operatório nas diferentes etapas do tratamento endodôntico; • Mais de 1.500 fotografi as, incluindo microscopias, radiografi as e casos clínicos.

Clinical Approaches in Endodontic Regeneration

Current and Emerging Therapeutic Perspectives

Author: Henry Duncan,Paul Cooper

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319968476

Category: Medical

Page: 222

View: 6998

This richly illustrated book combines explanation of the scientific base underpinning vital pulp treatment with description of current and emerging trends in clinical practice. It guides the reader through modern views on pulp diagnostics, deep caries, and pulp exposure management, leading to an analysis of the biological aspects of regenerative techniques such as angiogenesis, neurogenesis, inflammation, and epigenetics. In the later chapters, practical considerations relating to bioengineering, biomaterial choice, revitalization, and stem cell-based procedures are discussed and their likely therapeutic impact considered. Aimed at dental students, postgraduates, and research-minded dental practitioners, this translational book summarizes state-of-the-art scientific knowledge on dentin–pulp interactions and regenerative endodontics, while highlighting the opportunities to incorporate recent developments into everyday practice. Readers will also find extensive discussion of potential future developments and research avenues relating to each aspect of this exciting and rapidly developing field.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery E-Book

An Objective-Based Textbook

Author: Jonathan Pedlar,John W. Frame

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702040193

Category: Medical

Page: 320

View: 6126

This title has been authored by practitioners working primarily in the UK. This textbook of oral and maxillofacial surgery is directed at dentists in training and newly qualified practitioners. The book aims to provide the theoretical background to a range of common procedures to assist in the DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS required in diagnosis, treatment planning, and active surgical and postoperative management. The book has been prepared by a variety of authors, all of whom have extensive experience in undergraduate and postgraduate education in oral and maxillofacial surgery and whose views represent those of UK mainstream dental schools. New edition of a highly successful ‘skills based’ textbook on oral and maxillofacial surgery, liberally illustrated in full colour Ideal subject coverage for those who are, or who will become, general dental practitioners, i.e. comprehensive coverage of diagnosis and oral surgery with a discussion of with maxillofacial surgery suitable for the early years of training Clear identification of conditions and procedures suitable for the general dental practitioner, and of those requiring referral Procedures clearly illustrated when routinely carried out in general practice Learning objectives, lists of assumed knowledge and summary boxes provided to make learning easier Ideal as a ‘dip in’ book for using in parallel with lectures and ‘small group’ learning, or in relation to specific patients seen Increased used of self-assessment material, particularly in the chapters on diagnosis and medically compromised patients Reshaped chapters on pathological conditions of the oral mucosa and bone, as well as the use of biopsy as an investigative tool New discussion about cleft lip and palate New section on osteonecrosis of the jaws, associated with bisphosphonate medication, and on infection with methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus

Harty's Endodontics in Clinical Practice

Author: F. J. Harty

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: 9780723610205

Category: Medical

Page: 284

View: 8036

Already a well-established title in the dental field, this new edition of Mr Harty's work sees the inclusion of a new editor in the person of Dr T R Pitt Ford. Until Mr Harty's untimely death they worked together on producing this new edition. Not only has the text been completely revised and updated, but several new contributors have been recruited to give the book international appeal. As a tribute to a well respected author, the fourth edition has been retitled 'Harty's Endodontics in Clinical Practice'.

Taschenatlas der Endodontie

Author: Rudolf Beer,Michael A. Baumann,Andrej M. Kielbassa

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783131253811


Page: 233

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Endodontics - E-Book

Principles and Practice

Author: Mahmoud Torabinejad,Ashraf Fouad,Richard E. Walton

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455754099

Category: Medical

Page: 496

View: 7263

ENDODONTICS: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE, 4th Edition is an essential scientific and clinical building block for understanding the etiology and treatment of teeth with pulpal and periapical diseases. You'll easily understand and learn procedures through step-by-step explanations accompanied by full-color illustrations. Comprehensive coverage of normal structures, disease, diagnosis and treatment planning, periodontic endodontic interrelationship, trauma, local anesthesia, root canal instruments, access preparations, cleaning and shaping, obturation, temporization, retreatment, endodontic surgery, endodontic outcomes, internal bealching, vital pulp therapy, geriatric endodontics, vertical fractures, and more gives you a complete understanding of modern endodontics! Distinguished experts in the field of endodontics share their experience regarding each topic discussed. Current references incorporate evidence-based information that is relevant to your practice. Advice for the prevention and treatment of accidental procedural errors ensures you are prepared to safely care for your patients. Outlines and Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide quick reference for specific topics. High-quality, full-color illustrations allow you to see the procedures described. Newly reorganized content now simulates the order in which procedures are performed in clinical settings.

Harty's Endodontics in Clinical Practice

Author: Bun San Chong

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702044318

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 6350

This is a new edition of the now classic book which has established itself as a standard text for dental students. Practical approach to the subject, taking the reader through every step of endodontic practice from scientific basis to patient assessment and through to clinical techniques Evidence-based approach to ensure safe clinical practice More than 250 illustrations, many in full colour, presenting clinical, diagnostic and practical information in an easy-to-follow manner A logical approach to the subject by building upon a clear explanation of the underlying scientific principles Prepared by international contributors to ensure a wider appeal Written at a level which is ideal for dental student, general and vocational dental practitioners Includes new imaging techniques such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography A new chapter on diagnosis, integral to treatment planning, patient management and care Recent research findings on the pathogenesis of endodontic disease and the management of persistent infection in previously treated teeth A completely rewritten chapter on the restoration of endodontically treated teeth Newer treatment modalities and materials such as regenerative techniques and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in endodontics The use and development of NiTi instruments, both hand and rotary, which are increasingly popular for preparing root canals Published for the first time in full colour with over 185 new images!

Quarterly Dental Review

Abstracts from Current Literature for the Dental Practitioner

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Studieren - Das Handbuch

Author: Stella Cottrell

Publisher: Spektrum Akademischer Verlag

ISBN: 9783827423603

Category: Science

Page: 352

View: 1797

Studieren ist schwierig? - Nicht mit diesem Buch! Dieser praktische Leitfaden für Studienanfänger vermittelt grundlegende „Soft Skills“ (vom „Lernen lernen“ über Selbsteinschätzung, Zeit-, Projekt- und Stressmanagement bis zu Gedächtnis- und Schreibtraining, Prüfungs- und Klausursituationen sowie Karriereplanung u.v.m.) - locker präsentiert, in handliche Einheiten verpackt und je nach Bedarf selektiv nutzbar. Viele eingestreute kleine Tipps stehen neben Mini-Fragebögen, Kopiervorlagen für Tabellen, die man nicht im Buch ausfüllen möchte, und ähnlichen Hilfsmitteln. Das unterhaltsam-informative Werk beruht auf dem englischen Bestseller The Study Skilly Handbook und eignet sich für Abiturienten mit Studienwunsch, Studienanfänger verschiedenster Disziplinen und Quereinsteiger als Wegweiser durch die vielfältigen Anforderungen im "Studiendschungel".

Wie funktioniert MRI?

Eine Einführung in Physik und Funktionsweise der Magnetresonanzbildgebung

Author: Victor D. Köchli,Borut Marincek

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662109387

Category: Medical

Page: 70

View: 5575

Knappe Einführung in die Physik und die Funktionsweise der MRT. Die 2. Auflage ist ergänzt um neue Techniken, wie Spin-Echo- und Gradienten-Echo-Sequenzen und die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich der MR-Angiographie.

Endodontische Chirurgie

ein klinischer Atlas

Author: Ralph Bellizzi,Robert Loushine

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783876521633


Page: 136

View: 2015

Kleines Business-Lexikon

Für Enthusiasten, Zyniker und junge Akademiker

Author: François-Xavier Chenevat

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527801685

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 7263

Leadership, CRM, Generation Y, Audit ... Die Welt der Wirtschaft und in den Büros ist voller Begrifflichkeiten, die Fragen aufwerfen. Was verbirgt sich dahinter? Und macht das alles überhaupt Sinn? Alles andere als bierernste Definitionen liefert das kleine illustrierte Wirtschaftslexikon von François-Xavier Chenevat. Vergessen Sie trockene und dicke Fachbücher der BWL und VWL: Das Büroleben in seiner ganzen Absurdität finden Sie hier erklärt - mit Texten und dazu passenden Comics. Sie werden nicht nur schmunzeln, Sie werden schallend lachen!

Taschenatlas Biochemie des Menschen

Author: Jan Koolman,Klaus-Heinrich Röhm

Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN: 9783137594048

Category: Physiologische Chemie - Lehrbuch

Page: 529

View: 5898

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

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Handbuch Stressregulation und Sport

Author: Reinhard Fuchs,Markus Gerber

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662493225

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 535

View: 4487

Dieses interdisziplinär ausgerichtete Handbuch ist ein umfassendes Nachschlagewerk zum Thema Stressregulation und Sport. Es bietet einen fundierten Überblick zu zentralen Theorien der Stressentstehung und Stressbewältigung, zu Persönlichkeitsfaktoren, welche die Stressbewältigung beeinflussen, sowie zu den physiologischen, kognitiven, emotionalen und verhaltensbezogenen Reaktionen, die durch akute und chronische Stressbelastungen ausgelöst werden. Das Werk behandelt das Thema sowohl aus der Sicht des Gesundheitssports (Stressregulation durch Sport) als auch aus dem Blickwinkel des Leistungssports (Stressregulation im Sport). So geht es zum einen darum, inwieweit sich Belastungen des Alltags durch Sport und Bewegung besser bewältigen lassen, so dass Gesundheitsbeeinträchtigungen vermieden oder reduziert werden, und zum anderen darum, wie Sportler mit hohen Trainingsbelastungen und psychischem Druck in einer Weise umgehen können, dass die optimale Leistungsfähigkeit erhalt en bleibt. Last but not least enthält das Handbuch aktuelles Grundlagenwissen zum Einfluss von Stress auf die Gesundheit und liefert eine Übersicht zu Stressmanagement-Programmen und deren Wirksamkeit. Auch aktuelle methodische Fragen und Entwicklungen der Stressforschung werden beleuchtet. Sämtliche Kapitel wurden von ausgewiesenen Experten verfasst und sind übersichtlich strukturiert. Das Handbuch ist ein wichtiges Referenzwerk für verschiedene Professionen, d.h. sowohl bestens geeignet für Wissenschaftler wie auch Professionals im Bereich des Gesundheits- und Leistungssports, einschlägig interessierte Praktiker, Lehrende und Master-Studierende. Des Weiteren eignet es sich als ideale Textsammlung für Lehrveranstaltungen.

Dental Practice

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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