Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780781805155

Category: Social Science

Page: 335

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Polish Customs, Traditions, & Folklore is organized by months beginning with December and Advent, St. Nicholas Day, the Wigilia (Christmas Eve) nativity plays, caroling and then New Year celebrations. It proceeds from the Shrovetide period to Ash Wednesday, Lent, the celebration of spring, Holy Week customs then superstitions, beliefs and rituals associated with farming, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, midsummer celebrations, harvest festivities, wedding rites, nameday celebrations, birth and death rituals. Line illustrations enhance this rich and varied treasury of folklore. Many of the customs and traditions found herein are extinct even in today's Poland. World wars, massive immigration, the loss of the oral tradition, urbanization and politics have changed the face of a once agrarian people and their accompanying life style. In the U.S., the desire for membership within the "melting pot," marriages outside one's ethnic group, movement to the suburbs away from the "old" communities where customs and traditions were once strong, further weakened the link. Although the purpose and meaning may have been lost and forgotten, the oczepiny ceremony (the unveiling) is still the mainstay of almost every wedding where the bride declares Polish heritage. Many Polish American communities still reenact the harvest celebrations, reminding themselves of their ancestors' reverence for the grains and gifts of bread. Eight million Americans still claim their ancestry as Polish, many still diligently practicing that which they learned at their parents' and grandparents' knees. Much has also been neglected or completely forgotten.

Polish Customs, Traditions, and Folklore

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

Publisher: New York : Hippocrene Books


Category: Folklore

Page: 304

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Many of the customs and traditions found herein are extinct even in today's Poland. World wars, massive immigration, the loss of the oral tradition, urbanization and politics have changed the face of a once agrarian people and their accompanying life style. In the U.S., the desire for membership within the "melting pot," marriages outside one's ethnic group, movement to the suburbs away from the "old" communities where customs and traditions were once strong, further weakened the link. Although the purpose and meaning may have been lost and forgotten, the oczepiny ceremony (the unveiling) is still the mainstay of almost every wedding where the bride declares Polish heritage

Polish Wedding Customs & Traditions

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

Publisher: N.A


Category: Reference

Page: 196

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From best-selling author, Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, comes this unique planning guide for people who want to organise and celebrate a Polish-style wedding. Sections titled Engagement, Bridal Flowers, Wedding Clothes, Ceremony, Reception and even Baby Names, will assist the bride and groom to be through every step of the wedding process. Special tips on 'How to Draw from the Past' at the end of each chapter provide helpful suggestions on how to incorporate Polish traditions into the modern wedding, to make it a truly distinctive and unforgettable event.

Polish Herbs, Flowers & Folk Medicine

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 221

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This book captures the unique history of the plant life once essential to the Polish people. It leads the reader on a guided tour through monastery, castle, and cottage gardens, providing details on the history and healing powers of over one hundred herbs and flowers. Beautiful line drawings and woodcuts illustrate the garden patterns and various plants important to Polish tradition.

Polish-American Folklore

Author: Deborah Anders Silverman

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252025693

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

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Integrating vivid photographs, firsthand observations, and interviews against a rich backdrop of ethnic practices and traditions, Deborah Anders Silverman explores how Polish Americans are creatively adapting the rural peasant folklore of the old country to life in multicultural, urban America. Silverman surveys rituals of courtship, marriage, coming of age, and funerals, also noting those customs that have been rediscovered after falling into disuse. She follows the trail of folk stories and delves into folk music and dance, particularly the polka, providing a detailed discussion of texts, contexts, and performance practices. She also describes birthing practices, home remedies, superstitions, folk blessings, and miracle cures. In addition, she offers a wealth of information on foodways and on the origins and celebration of holy days, from Christmas Eve vigils to the Dyngus Day festivals of the Easter season.Polish-American Folklore reveals a community that preserves distinctive traditions even though geographically dispersed in a new homeland. Polish Americans retain ties to their ethnicity though ethnic media, social clubs, churches, group events, and the Internet. This "Polonia without walls" is united by a resilient, dynamic, family-oriented culture that attracts not only Polish immigrants and their descendants but also newcomers from other ethnic and racial groups. By including first-person commentary from a wide range of Polish American individuals and families, from first-generation immigrants to non-Polish in-laws who embrace Polish foods, music, and traditions, Silverman brings to life a thriving ethnic subculture that values equally its Polish roots and its American harvest.

Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table

Author: Maria Lemnis,Henryk Vitry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780781804882

Category: Cooking

Page: 303

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A cookbook and a history of Polish culinary customs. Short essays cover subjects like Polish hospitality, holiday traditions, even the exalted status of the mushroom. Included are over 100 recipes for traditional family fare.

Wearing the Letter P: Polish Women as Forced Laborers in Nazi Germany, 1939-1945

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781813594

Category: History

Page: N.A

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Author Sophie Knab's parents were Polish forced laborers in Germany during World War II. For years her mother was unable to discuss or answer questions about this period of her life. Compelled to learn more about her mothers experience and that of other Polish women, Knab began a personal and emotional quest. Over the course of 14 years, she conducted extensive research of postwar trial testimonies housed in archives in the U.S., London, and in Warsaw to piece together facts and individual stories from this singular and often-overlooked aspect of World War II history. As mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters, female Polish forced laborers faced a unique set of challenges and often unspeakable conditions because of their gender. Required to sew a large letter "P" onto their jackets, thousands of women, some as young as age 12, were taken from their homes in Poland and forced to work for the Reich for months and years on end. In this important contribution to World War II history, Knab explains how it all happened, from the beginning of occupation in Poland to liberation: the roundups; the horrors of transit camps; the living and working conditions of Polish women in agriculture and industry; and the anguish of sexual exploitation and forced abortions--all under the constant threat of concentration camps. Knab draws from documents, government and family records, rare photos, and most importantly, numerous victim accountsdiaries, letters and trial testimoniesto present an unflinching, detailed portrait of the lives of female Polish laborers, finally giving these women a voice and bringing to light to the atrocities that they endured.

The Dragon of Krakow

and other Polish Stories

Author: Richard Monte

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

ISBN: 1907666958

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

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DIVThese Polish folk tales have a delightfully mischievous character all their own. To create his sparkling collection, Richard Monte has gathered some of Poland's favourite stories from all over the country./div

The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook

Author: Sophie Hodorowicz Knab,Elliott Hutten

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780781808828

Category: Cooking

Page: 307

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From top-selling author Sophie Hodorowicz Knab comes a new book that combines recipes for favourite Polish foods with the history and cultural traditions that created them. Arranged according to the cycle of seasons, this cookbook explores life in the Polish countryside through the year, with recipes for potato dishes in fall when they are freshest, cucumber specialties in summer when they are plentiful, and buckwheat groats in winter when other staples are not available. Included are over 100 easy-to-follow recipes such as Potato Pancakes with Chives, Apple Fritters, White Barszcz, and Cucumber Soup. Lovely woodcut illustrations and pearls of practical wisdom from the old Polish kitchen will delight readers.

The Essential Guide to Being Polish

50 Facts & Facets of Nationhood

Author: Anna Spysz,Marta Turek

Publisher: New Europe Books

ISBN: 0985062312

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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Being Polish is no joke. For ten million people of Polish ancestry in the United States, as well as many who have settled in the UK since the fall of communism, it is a heartfelt matter -- and amid all the travel guides and guides to Polish language, folklore, and customs, there is no single, comprehensive, reader-friendly and yet ever-informative reference on what it means to be Polish. Enter The Essential Guide to Being Polish -- the go-to concise resource for anyone looking to reconnect with their culture or, indeed, hoping that their friends, children, or colleagues learn something about their heritage. Divided into three sections to make for an easy-to-follow format -- Poland in Context, Poles in Poland, and Poles Abroad -- this guide covers just about everything and does so in a style that is at once entertaining and informative: the country's history and geography, wars, Jews in Poland, the communist past, the post-communist past and present, language, kings and queens, religion/Catholicism (with special focus on Pope John Paul II), holidays, food, and drink. What is a real Polish wedding all about? That, too, is addressed succinctly and with flair in this guide. Other chapters cover literature, music, art, famous scientists, Polish men and Polish women, Poles in America, Poles in the UK, Poles and the EU, and last but not least, Polish pride. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Polish Fairy Tales

Author: A. J. Glinski

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465590994

Category: Fairy tales

Page: 96

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Song, Dance, and Customs of Peasant Poland

Author: Sula Benet

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781804479

Category: History

Page: 247

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In the 1930s Sula Benet, then a student at the University of Warsaw, began to study the life of Polish peasants, a subject which led to many field trips before and after World War II. Concentrating on the regions of present day Poland, the author presented a basic portrait of peasants and peasant ways throughout the diverse, elastic and curiously consistent area that is Poland. "Nevertheless," says the author, "The values and to some extent the specific customs described here are shared by all Poles." Since its publication in 1951, the book has become a cherished classic for all students of Polish life and lore, and is now being reprinted as a tribute to the author and her enduring work.

Polish Folk Music

Slavonic Heritage - Polish Tradition - Contemporary Trends

Author: Anna Czekanowska,John Blacking

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521027977

Category: Music

Page: 240

View: 9181

This study of Polish folk music is especially enlightening as it reveals both the history and practice of a musical tradition and offers an illuminating view of a culture and its social activities. Within her study, Anna Czekanowska analyses the vocal and instrumental traditions of Polish folk music, tracing the background history, the influences of geography and politics, and the practice, often within contemporary society, of such social events as the harvest, the solstice and weddings. The function of folk culture within contemporary life, for both Polish and non-Polish inhabitants of the country, is also examined. Professor Czekanowska also discusses the birth of Polish ethno- musicology as a discipline and details some methodological aspects for research. This study contributes to a greater understanding and appreciation of Polish music and, in a wider aspect, of Slavonic culture. The book contains numerous illustrations of instruments and cultural events, music examples, maps, a discography and bibliography.

Best of Polish Fairy Tales

Author: Sergiej Nowikow

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781517196356


Page: 244

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Reading these fairy tales, you will enjoy the wisdom and life experience of many generations of Polish people that are behind them. If you want to feel the humor of this wonderful nation and get a glimpse of its people's kindness, just continue reading these wonderful tales. This book comprises the following 50 fairy tales: 1.Maria: What Is Destined to Come Shall Come 2.Anuszka the Golden Braid 3.About Two Girls - A Kind One and a Wicked One 4.The Girl and the Prince in the Cow's Skin 5.Lazy Girl 6.Sermon 7.Three Lamps 8.About a Simple Man Who Comforted His Master 9.People Getting Rich 10.Extraordinary Wife 11.Owl and the Hawk 12.The Reason Why the Hare Eats No Meat 13.Dog's Winter Thoughts and Summer Thoughts 14.Is there justice in this world? 15.Mazek's Debt 16.Very Worst Punishment 17.It Does not Stab, nor Does It Shoot, yet It Knocks One Senseless 18.About a Rich Gentleman 19.How a Smith Worked His Way to Heaven 20.About a Prince Who Did not Want to Die 21.A Present for the Kings' Godson 22.About the King's Son 23.How a Simple Man's Son Became the King and Married a Sea Girl 24.How the Dog Got the Wolf Wear Boots 25.Gustek's Misfortune 26.Two Brothers 27.Miracle at the Mill 28.Lark and the Wolf 29.Spellbound Pike 30.Ostruda Stone 31.The Dwarf and the Bear 32.Nobleman and Michal 33.Punished for Guile 34.Misfortune 35.Ram Brother and Duck Sister 36.Shepherd 37.Golden Fish 38.Gold Trot 39.Healing Water 40.Prince and His Helpers 41.About a Cockerel 42.Fisherman's Son and the Water Man's Daughter 43.Boy and His Dog and Cat, and the Lion Cub 44.One Who Went to Ask the Sun 45.Magic Gun, Fiddle, and Boots 46.Glass Hill 47.Fear 48.Titelitury 49.Tailor's Wife and the Countess 50.How the Slug Defeated the Fox. This book contains only basic Latin symbols.

The Glass Mountain

Tales from Poland

Author: Jan Pienkowski,David Walser

Publisher: Candlewick Press (MA)

ISBN: 9780763673208

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 104

View: 1492

A volume of eight time-honored stories from Poland is brought to life with distinctive cut-paper depictions of hallmark characters, in a volume complemented by a helpful pronunciation guide.


A History

Author: Adam Zamoyski

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 9780007556212


Page: 448

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Adam Zamoyski first wrote his history of Poland two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union. This substantially revised and updated edition sets the Soviet era in the context of the rise, fall and remarkable rebirth of an indomitable nation. In 1797, Russia, Prussia and Austria divided Poland among themselves, rewriting Polish history to show that they had brought much-needed civilisation to a primitive backwater. But the country they wiped off the map had been one of Europe's largest and most richly varied, born of diverse cultural traditions and one of the boldest constitutional experiments ever attempted. Its destruction ultimately led to two world wars and the Cold War. Zamoyski's fully revised history of Poland looks back over a thousand years of turmoil and triumph, chronicling how Poland has been restored at last to its rightful place in Europe.

Polish Fables

Author: Ignacy Krasicki

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780781805483

Category: Fables, Polish

Page: 105

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Ignacy Krasicki (1735-1801) was hailed as 'The Prince of Poets' by his contemporaries. In 1779, sixty-five of his fables, which used contemporary events and human relations to show a course to guide human conduct, were published. These fables present a world where reason is valued over sentiment, true to the enlightenment ideal. But the rhymes also sugar coar a bitter message: depicting a world where the strong continually take advantage of the weak. Many of the fables, which were published after the first partition of Poland in which Russia, Prussia and Austria took their first bites of their weaker neighbour, should also be read for their political implications. This bilingual edition includes English translation by Gerard Kapolka and twenty-two illustrations by well-known Polish artist Barbara Swidinska.

Moyers on Democracy

Author: Bill Moyers

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385525427

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 272

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People know Bill Moyers from his many years of path-breaking journalism on television. But he is also one of America's most sought-after public speakers. In this collection of speeches, Moyers celebrates the promise of American democracy and offers a passionate defense of its principles of fairness and justice. Moyers on Democracy takes on crucial issues such as economic inequality, our broken electoral process, our weakened independent press, and the despoiling of the earth we share as our common gift. From the Trade Paperback edition.