Preparing Expository Sermons

A Seven-Step Method for Biblical Preaching

Author: Ramesh Richard

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441201706

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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"The Bible is what God has made. Sermons are what we make with what God has made." This is the foundation for developing expository messages, according to Ramesh Richard. His method, explained in Preparing Expository Sermons, has been field-tested in training seminars for thousands of preachers around the world. Richard's book is a simple do-it-yourself resource for developing and preaching expository sermons. It guides the reader through a seven-step process, with many practical suggestions and illustrative charts along the way. In addition, there are eleven appendixes that include information on: o how to choose a text o preaching narratives o understanding your audience o forms of sermon introduction A comprehensive sermon evaluation questionnaire is included as well. Preparing Expository Sermons, an updated and expanded version of Scripture Sculpture, is ideal for beginning preachers, lay preachers without formal training, or any pastor who is looking for a refresher course in expository sermon preparation.

Power in the Pulpit

How to Prepare and Deliver Expository Sermons

Author: Jerry Vines,James L. Shaddix

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575675366

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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The call to preach is just that- a call to preach. The call to preach, however, is more than just preaching. The call to preach is a call to prepare. Too many pastors have refrained from preparation while they await the Holy Spirit to do all of the work. God expects preachers to prepare sermons as much as possible and allow Him to prepare the preachers. Join Dr. Jerry Vines and Dr. Jim Shaddix as they achieve a balanced approach to teaching sermon preparation in Power in the Pulpit. This book combines the essential perspectives of a pastor of forty years with another pastor who also devotes daily time to training pastors in the context of theological education. Thus, Power in the Pulpit is a practical preaching help from a pastoral perspective in the tradition where expository preaching is a paramount and frequent event in the life of the local church. Power in the Pulpit is the combined work of Dr. Vines's two earlier publications on preaching: A Practical Guide to Sermon Preparation (Moody Press, 1985) and A Guide to Effective Sermon Delivery (Moody Press, 1986). Dr. Shaddix carefully organizes and supplements the material to offer this useful resource which closes the gap between classroom theory and what a pastor experiences in his weekly sermon preparation.

By the Book

The Hows and Whys of Biblical Preaching

Author: Nomer Bernardino

Publisher: OMF Literature

ISBN: 9710093967


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Preparing Evangelistic Sermons

A Seven-Step Method for Preaching Salvation

Author: Ramesh Richard

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441227148

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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When it comes to evangelism, converting the sinner is God's part. Communicating the gospel is the preacher's part. But how is this done effectively? Professor of expository preaching Ramesh Richard offers pastors a simple, do-it-yourself resource for preparing and delivering evangelistic sermons. Incorporating a seven-step process, this book guides readers through the foundation, framework, method, and special issues of evangelistic preaching. With six appendices that provide relevant information, outlines, and checklists, Preparing Evangelistic Sermons is ideal for students of evangelism, preachers, and ministry leaders who seek a better way to proclaim Christ to others.

Christ-Centered Preaching

Redeeming the Expository Sermon

Author: Bryan Chapell

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441200223

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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This complete guide to expository preaching teaches the basics of preparation, organization, and delivery--the trademarks of great preaching. With the help of charts and creative learning exercises, Chapell shows how expository preaching can reveal the redemptive aims of Scripture and offers a comprehensive approach to the theory and practice of preaching. He also provides help for special preaching situations. The second edition contains updates and clarifications, allowing this classic to continue to serve the needs of budding preachers. Numerous appendixes address many practical issues.

A Vision for Preaching

Understanding the Heart of Pastoral Ministry

Author: Abraham Kuruvilla

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1441228144

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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This book by a well-respected teacher of preachers develops an integrated biblical and theological vision for preaching that addresses the essentials of this most important activity in the church. Drawing on influential voices from church history, Abraham Kuruvilla reclaims what has been lost through the centuries and offers fresh insights, showing preachers what they can aim for as an ideal in their preaching. He helps preachers have a better conception of what it means to preach, a fuller understanding of the divinely granted privilege of preaching, and a greater excitement for the preaching ministry. Concluding biblical reflections reinforce the teaching of each chapter.

Fifty Sermon Outlines on the Way of Salvation (Sermon Outline Series)

Author: Jeff D. Brown

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441241612

Category: Religion

Page: 64

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Part of Baker's popular sermon outline series, this helpful collection of scriptural sermon outlines helps busy pastors prepare expository sermons that explain the way of salvation to a world that desperately needs to understand it.

Christ-Centered Sermons

Models of Redemptive Preaching

Author: Bryan Chapell

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1441242678

Category: Religion

Page: 270

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Highly regarded preacher and teacher Bryan Chapell shows readers how he has prepared expository sermons according to the principles he developed in his bestselling Christ-Centered Preaching. This companion volume provides concrete examples of how a redemptive approach to Scripture is fleshed out in various types of sermons and various genres of the Bible. The example sermons not only demonstrate different approaches but also are analyzed for pedagogical purposes, helping readers move from theory to practice. In essence, the book allows students and preachers to look over Chapell's shoulder as he prepares these messages to learn how to construct their own expository sermons that communicate grace and truth from both the Old and New Testaments.

How to Preach without Notes

Author: Charles W. Koller

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441201454

Category: Religion

Page: 286

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This is a classic that has stood the test of time. For forty-five years, seminary students and pastors have benefited from the principles found in this book. Two of Koller's popular texts, Expository Preaching without Notes and Sermons Preached without Notes, are combined in a single volume that allows preachers to prepare and deliver sermons without being tied to a manuscript or even outlines or notes. Among the eighteen topics discussed are the biblical conception of preaching, the advantages of preaching without notes, homiletical devices, the importance of structure, and the systematic filing of materials. Now repackaged for the next generation of preachers, with a foreword by current Northern Seminary preaching professor Michael J. Quicke, How to Preach without Notes is poised to continue its history of strong and steady sales.

How to Prepare Sermons

Author: William Evans

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575675382

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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A discussion of theory and practice, focusing on methods, outlines, guides for study, the use of illustrations, and the selection of texts.

Expository preaching for today

case studies of Bible passages

Author: Andrew Watterson Blackwood

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Preaching Christ from Daniel

Foundations for Expository Sermons

Author: Sydney Greidanus

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802867871

Category: Religion

Page: 437

View: 7172

In Preaching Christ from Daniel Sidney Greidanus shows preachers and teachers how to prepare expository messages from the six narratives and four visions in the book of Daniel. Using the most up-to-date biblical scholarship, Greidanus addresses foundational issues such as the date of composition, the author(s) and original audience of the book, its overall message and goal, and various ways of preaching Christ from Daniel. Throughout his book Greidanus puts front and center God's sovereignty, providence, and coming kingdom. Each chapter contains building blocks for constructing expository sermons and lessons, including useful information on the context, themes, and goals of each literary unit links between Daniel and the New Testament how to formulate the sermon theme and goal contemporary application and much more!

Sermon Preparation

Author: Bill Hybels,Craig Brian Larson

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

ISBN: 1598569600

Category: Religion

Page: 183

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Today's leading preachers share their expertise in preparing great sermons

Preach the Word!

Author: Earle Cairns

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1597813303

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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How to Prepare Sermons and Gospel Addresses

Author: William Evans

Publisher: Solid Christian Books


Category: Religion

Page: 116

View: 2639

This volume is not an attempt to present a complete and exhaustive treatment on Homiletics—the science and art of preaching, for there are already on the market larger and more comprehensive works on the subject. This book is prepared not only for theological students but also to supply the need of such as find themselves denied the privileges of a regular ministerial training, but who, nevertheless, feel themselves called upon to preach or proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Indeed the lectures herein printed are in substance the same as delivered to young men and women preparing themselves for Christian service in a Bible training school. This fact accounts for their conversational style, which the author has not deemed wise to change. Christian laymen, even though not preachers in the accepted sense of that term, desiring to be able to prepare brief gospel addresses and Bible readings, will find the help they need in this volume. Those seeking help in the preparation of "talks" for young peoples' societies, conventions, leagues, etc., may receive hints and suggestions in this work. The book contains theory and practice. Part One deals with the method of constructing various kinds of sermons and Bible addresses. Part Two is composed of outlines illustrating Part One. The closing chapter on "Illustrations and Their Use" has been found so helpful wherever delivered that it is thought advisable to give it a place in this volume. WILLIAM EVANS