Principles of Economics

Author: Moore McDowell,Rodney Thom,Ivan Pastine

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 9780077132736

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 864

View: 7268

With an accessible approach, the third European edition of Principles of Economics provides students with the tools to analyze current economic issues. The book is underpinned by a focus on seven Core Principles, which help students to make the link between economic theory and practice. The 'economic naturalist' approach, supported by exercises, problems and examples, encourages students to employ economics principles to understand and explain the world around them. Developed from the well-regarded US textbook by Frank and Bernanke, it presents an intuitive approach to economics and is suitable for all students taking a Principles of Economics course.

International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics

Author: Gail Mitchell Hoyt,KimMarie McGoldrick

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781002452

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 852

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ÔThe International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics is a power packed resource for anyone interested in investing time into the effective improvement of their personal teaching methods, and for those who desire to teach students how to think like an economist. It sets guidelines for the successful integration of economics into a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional settings in college and graduate courses with some attention paid to primary and secondary classrooms. . . The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics is highly recommended for all economics instructors and individuals supporting economic education in courses in and outside of the major. This Handbook provides a multitude of rich resources that make it easy for new and veteran instructors to improve their instruction in ways promising to excite an increasing number of students about learning economics. This Handbook should be on every instructorÕs desk and referenced regularly.Õ Ð Tawni Hunt Ferrarini, The American Economist ÔIn delightfully readable short chapters by leaders in the sub-fields who are also committed teachers, this encyclopedia of how and what in teaching economics covers everything. There is nothing else like it, and it should be required reading for anyone starting a teaching career Ð and for anyone who has been teaching for fewer than 50 years!Õ Ð Daniel S. Hamermesh, University of Texas, Austin, US The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics provides a comprehensive resource for instructors and researchers in economics, both new and experienced. This wide-ranging collection is designed to enhance student learning by helping economic educators learn more about course content, pedagogic techniques, and the scholarship of the teaching enterprise. The internationally renowned contributors present an exhaustive compilation of accessible insights into major research in economic education across a wide range of topic areas including: ¥ Pedagogic practice Ð teaching techniques, technology use, assessment, contextual techniques, and K-12 practices. ¥ Research findings Ð principles courses, measurement, factors influencing student performance, evaluation, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. ¥ Institutional/administrative issues Ð faculty development, the undergraduate and graduate student, and international perspectives. ¥ Teaching enhancement initiatives Ð foundations, organizations, and workshops. Grounded in research, and covering past and present knowledge as well as future challenges, this detailed compendium of economics education will prove an invaluable reference tool for all involved in the teaching of economics: graduate students, new teachers, lecturers, faculty, researchers, chairs, deans and directors.

Educational Innovation in Economics and Business II

In Search of Quality

Author: Dirk T. Tempelaar,Finn Wiedersheim-Paul,Elving Gunnarsson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401152683

Category: Education

Page: 395

View: 5318

This volume consists of the revised versions I of a selection of papers of the second EDINEB conference, held in Uppsala from 17-19 August 1995. As with the fIrst edition, the conference and these proceedings are rooted in the participant's involvement with 'EDucational INnovation in Economics and Business'. The thematic focus is quality audit, quality assessment and quality improvement, all of them collected in the theme 'In Search of Quality'. For the fIrst EDINEB conference, which took place in Maastricht, December 1993, 'Problem-Based Learning' was chosen as leading theme. The introduction of problem-based learning in the curriculum of any faculty is to be regarded as a major innovation in the educational system. In contrast, the dedication to the search of quality in education resulted in a large variety of case studies and theoretical contributions on educational innovations aiming at increasing the quality of teaching and learning. This contrast between the one major step and the many small steps has been the decisive factor for the editors to compose these proceedings as a kind of allegory of Robert M. Pirsig's famous novel 'Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance, an Inquiry into Values' (ZAMM). Of course, on top of the very obvious reason that the conference had been saddled with a theme that is identical to the title that many critics (probably those who aren't so fond of motorcycling) used to rename ZAMM.

The Knowledge Business

The Commodification of Urban and Housing Research

Author: Professor Chris Allen,Professor Rob Imrie

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409492591

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 298

View: 9672

This book provides a critique of the knowledge business, and describes and evaluates its different manifestations in, and impacts on, the university sector. Its focus is the social sciences and, in particular, housing and urban studies. Drawing on a wide range of experiences, both in the UK and elsewhere, it illustrates the changing management of the academy, and the development, by university managers, of instruments or techniques of control to ensure that academics are disciplined in ways that are commensurate with achieving commercial goals. The individual chapters highlight the different ways in which the academy is being put to work for commercial gain, and they evaluate how far the public service ethos of the universities is coming apart in a context in which what is to be serviced is increasingly a private clientele defined by their 'ability to pay'. The Knowledge Business examines the contradictions and tensions associated with these processes, highlighting the implications for the academic labour process, and the future of the academy.

Foundations of Economics

Author: Andrew Gillespie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199586543

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 555

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Assuming no prior knowledge, the second edition of Foundations of Economics introduces students to both microeconomic and macroeconomic principles. This is the ideal text for foundation degrees and non-specialist courses for first year undergraduates.

Higher Education in the UK.

Postgraduate taught courses

Author: Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom,Standing Conference of Principals of Colleges and Institutes of Higher Education,Higher Education Business Enterprises

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781899271054

Category: Education, Higher

Page: 210

View: 3771

Women’s Higher Education in Comparative Perspective

Author: G.P. Kelly,S. Slaughter

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792308003

Category: Education

Page: 359

View: 7561

Een aantal artikelen in deze bundel werden eerder gepubliceerd in 'Higher Education', vol.17, no.5.

The Idea Of Higher Education

Author: Barnett, Ronald

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335094201

Category: Education

Page: 244

View: 7267

Despite an increasing volume of talk about and a growing literature on higher education, very little of it asks the question - what, in essence "is" higher education? The tradition of overarching thinking about higher education - from Newman onwards - has almost vanished. The debate has focused, instead, on technical, administrative, financial and narrow academic concerns and the terms of discussion have been framed by concepts such as efficiency, unit costs, access and the needs of industry - none of which focus on higher education as such. There is, therefore, a need for the aims of higher education to be restated in modern terms. This book explores such concepts as culture, rationality, research and academic freedom; it aims to provide a new approach to educational theory, embracing debates in social theory, philosophy of social science, critical theory, sociology of education and sociology of knowledge. It aims to give an account of the idea of "higher education" draw out the practical implications and propose specific strategies for realizing a liberal higher education.

Principles of Health Economics for Developing Countries

Author: William Jack

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 9780821345719

Category: Medical

Page: 298

View: 8094

Developing countries present health economists with an array of situations and circumstances not seen in developed countries. This book explores those characteristics particular to developing countries.

Principles of Marketing

A Value-Based Approach

Author: Ayantunji Gbadamosi

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 0230392695

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 428

View: 4819

Delivering value to customers is an integral part of contemporary marketing. For a firm to deliver value, it must consider its total market offering – including the reputation of the organization, staff representation, product benefits, and technological characteristics – and benchmark this against competitors' market offerings and prices. In Principles of Marketing each part of the marketing process is explored from the value perspective. The book also looks in detail at the impact of social media upon marketing practices and customer relationships, and the dramatic impact that new technologies have had on the marketing environment. Key Features: * Adopts a value-based approach throughout * Presents the fundamentals of marketing in a clear and concise manner * Fully developed pedagogy to aid student learning * Real-life international case studies show marketing in action * Dedicated chapter on social media and Internet marketing * ESL feature helps international students get to grips with complex vocabulary Principles of Marketing is an ideal companion for all undergraduate students taking an introductory course in marketing.

The Gamification of Higher Education

Developing a Game-Based Business Strategy in a Disrupted Marketplace

Author: N. Niman

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137331461

Category: Education

Page: 231

View: 9295

Instead of thinking about education as the mastery of a body of knowledge where the subject matter becomes the focus of our attention, The Gamification of Higher Education encourages us to think of it as a process that draws out the best in individuals and prepares them for happy, productive, and successful lives.

Economics and the Business Environment

Author: John Sloman,Elizabeth Jones

Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall (a Pearson Education Company)

ISBN: 9780273734802

Category: Business

Page: 488

View: 9978

Economics and the Business Environment' presents the essential principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics applied to the world of business while also looking at wider, topical business issues, such as business strategy, corporate social responsibility, ethics and the state of the global environment in which we live. Classic Sloman features Key ideas run through the book and are examined in different contexts New terms are clearly explained when they first appear A vast range of cases demonstrate how economics can be used to understand real business situations, such as the London Olympics, investing in China and companies such as Samsung, Dyson, Body Shop and The Gap. Covers the application of game theory to business situations, transactions cost analysis, the economics of entrepreneurship, business ethics and corporate social responsibility and the competitive advantage of nations New! + All cases thoroughly updated + Several new boxes, including business strategies in recessionary times, the Internet and labour mobility, and from golden to temporary fiscal rules + Complete coverage of the of the credit crunch, financial crisis and measures to promote recovery Get interactive with Sloman! Check out the book's website at where you will find a large range of resources, including: An online workbook and study guide, with interactive exercises, diagrams that you can manipulate, videos and links to articles and materials Self-test questions organised by chapter with automatic feedback and grading Economic news blog with discussion of topical issues in the news, links to articles and questions, updated several times per week Hotlinks to over 200 useful websites, listed at the end of the book and referred to at the end of each part Extra case studies with questions for self study To gain access, simply redeem your unique access code, found inside this book. John Sloman is Director of the Economics Network, which supports university teaching of economics throughout the UK. The Economics Network is based at the University of Bristol. John is also a Visiting Professor in the Business School at the University of the West of England. He is the author of several best-selling textbooks in economics used by students across the world, and also published by Pearson Education. Elizabeth Jones is a Teaching Fellow in Economics and her teaching interests include the economics of education, health care and poverty issues. She delivers the core first year modules in economics at the University of Exeter, as well as teaching the economics of social policy. Economics and the Business Environment (third edition) is essential reading for Introductory Economics modules taught from a business perspective and for Business Environment modules with an economic underpinning.

Learning and Teaching for Business

Case Studies of Successful Innovation

Author: David Hawkridge,Roland Kaye

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135724172

Category: Education

Page: 240

View: 5838

This collection of best practice examples of business teaching should inspire and inform those involved in the improvement of teaching in higher education. Assembled by the Learning and Teaching Support Network the examples are drawn from institutions throughout the UK including: The Open University, Sheffield Hallam, City University, St Andrews, Brighton, De Montfort, Liverpool John Moores, Glasgow, Leeds Met and Plymouth. Individual case studies focus on everything from the use of action learning, resource based learning, using technology and peer assessment to the development of a knowledge management system.

Principles of Public Policy Practice

Author: Lok Sang Ho

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792372295

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 223

View: 4334

Rather than playing the interests of one group versus those of another, he argues convincingly, public policy should aim at enhancing the ex ante welfare for everyone if everyone did not know the position or the identity one would assume.".

Local Government Economics

Principles and Practice

Author: Stephen J. Bailey

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137610255

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

View: 3018

Local Government Economics progresses on from the author's earlier book, Public Sector Economics, addressing many of the same themes but at a more advanced level, and specifically within the context of local government. Suitable for both UK and international readerships, it reflects the multidisciplinary nature of local government and is aimed at final year and postgraduate students on economic or multidisciplinary degrees.

Creativity in the Classroom

Case Studies in Using the Arts in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Author: Paul McIntosh,Digby Warren

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1841505161

Category: Art

Page: 284

View: 6272

The editors of this volume contend that the current paradigm of standardizing Higher Education through an outcomes-dominated approach can constrain the educational process, where teachers may feel pressured to resort to risk-aversive methods that satisfy the learning-outcomes and assessment agenda. As a result, the ability of teachers and learners to inform, critique and develop their understanding of subjects together may be being lost. This book contains a variety of alternative approaches teachers have used to develop ways of 'humanizing' and deepening the learning process, through drawing on the creative arts and humanities - including cinema, literature, dance, drama and visual art - in a range of disciplines, it is argued by the editors that these 'arts-based inquiry' approaches have opened up possibilities for transformative learning as concerned with whole person development through opportunities to connect the-intuitive, emotional, relational and creative with the analytical and logical ways of knowing.

Principles of Retailing

Author: Mohammed Rafiq

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137354518

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 356

View: 9036

Principles of Retailing is a comprehensive, academic text on Retail Management, which takes a UK and European perspective. It is ideal for both undergraduates and postgraduates studying retailing as part of a Retailing, Marketing or Business degree.