Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination

Author: Michael J. Zimmer,Charles A. Sullivan

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

ISBN: 1454892196

Category: Law

Page: 888

View: 7616

The ninth edition of the best-selling Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination blends cases, notes, and problems into an integrated pedagogy that balances scholarly and practice perspectives. The authors build a conceptual framework for understanding how discrimination is defined and proven in litigation. The text allows professors to explore particular interests more deeply and permits them to take not only a litigation approach but also explore the compliance, investigation, and counseling perspectives that are characteristic of modern practice. The broad coverage integrates scholarship with legal doctrine drawn from statutes and judicial decisions. The useful Statutory Supplement is available for separate purchase. Key Benefits: Young v. UPS (reconceptualizing pregnancy discrimination). Nassar v. Uni. of Texas Sw. Med. Ctr. (requiring but-for causation for Title VII retaliation claims) Vance v. Ball State Univ. (narrowing the definition of supervisor for purposes of employer liability for sexual harassment) EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch (reconceptualizing claims of religious discrimination). New circuit court decisions on sexual orientation discrimination under Title VII. Streamlined coverage. Materials have been reworked, thus reducing page count by 100 pages.


Author: H. Wagner

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662415380

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 157

View: 568

Payment Systems and Other Financial Transactions

Cases, Materials, and Problems

Author: Ronald J. Mann

Publisher: Aspen Publishers


Category: Law

Page: 508

View: 5477

For a thorough explanation of the legal systems that govern the full range of payment transactions, instructors can depend on Payment Systems and other financial transactions: Cases, Materials and Problems, Second Edition. When you review the Second Edition be sure to notice its: extraordinary authorship; Ronald J. Mann is one of the country's leading commercial law scholars and currently serves as Reporter for revisions tot he UCC articles related to checks unmatched breadth of coverage, including checks, credit cards, debit cards, ACH transactions, wire transfers, letters of credit, notes, guaranties, and securities effective application of the systems approach, grounded in detailed, practical explanations of how payment systems actually work text and problems that focus on how the rules apply in practice organization into 25 assignments, each including realistic problems that cover the major points students need to master extensive Teacher's Manual, with answers to all the problems in the book, plus specific guidance for structuring the assingments around a 50-minute, 75-minute, or two-hour class The Second Edition presents: an assignment on ACH Transactions cases interpreting the 1990 versions of Article 3 and 4: Gina Chin & Associates v. First Union Bank, Heritage Bank v. Lovett, and Grain Traders, Inc. v. Citibank coverage of proposed revisions of Articles 3 and 4 Transition Guide in the Teacher's Manual To show your students how theory translates into practice, use Payment Systems and Other Financial Transactions: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Second Edition, in your next course.

Abkürzungsverzeichnis der Rechtssprache

Author: N.A

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110927365

Category: Law

Page: 782

View: 1021

The Kirchner book deciphers more than 9,000 abbreviations of German legal terminology. There is hardly any legal text without abbreviations. And not only lawyers must know what they mean. Every citizen who wants to understand legal texts comes across these word fragments.

Problems and Materials on Debtor and Creditor Law

Author: Douglas J. Whaley,Jeffrey W. Morris

Publisher: Aspen Law & Business

ISBN: 9780735558625

Category: Law

Page: 466

View: 9135

For a clear and straightforward explanation of the complexities of bankruptcy law, turn to this fully revised, problem-oriented casebook. PROBLEMS AND MATERIALS ON DEBTOR AND CREDITOR LAW, Third Edition, demystifies the new Bankruptcy Act as it illustrates and demonstrates important rules and concepts. This student-friendly casebook takes a practical approach to the subject: uses a lively mix of problems, text, and cases comprehensive coverage provides a solid introduction to the Bankruptcy Code, statutory rules, and issues of bankruptcy law popular problems approach allows students to focus on the nuts and bolts of the law as it is actually applied in practice carefully chosen cases demonstrate how the overall bankruptcy system works clear and lucid writing style sensible organization, beginning with an overview of bankruptcy law manageable length, due to the concise, efficient, and effective format of the book The new edition addresses: the new Bankruptcy Act, recently enacted by Congress after eight years of deliberation major statutory changes in bankruptcy law reflected in completely updated material new cases necessary adjustments for class preparation, conveniently presented in the updated Teachers Manual

Evidence Under the Rules

Text, Cases, and Problems

Author: Christopher B. Mueller,Laird C. Kirkpatrick,Liesa L. Richter

Publisher: Aspen Publishers

ISBN: 1454899689

Category: Law

Page: 1024

View: 9153

Buy a new version of this Connected Casebook and receive access to the online e-book, practice questions from your favorite study aids, and an outline tool on CasebookConnect, the all in one learning solution for law school students. CasebookConnect offers you what you need most to be successful in your law school classes—portability, meaningful feedback, and greater efficiency. Evidence Under the Rules: Text, Cases, and Problems is one of the most widely-adopted Evidence casebooks ever published. Structured around the Federal Rules of Evidence, the book contains carefully edited cases and secondary materials, as well as numerous problems that allow students to apply concepts during classroom exercises or on their own. Text boxes provide interesting background on select cases and additional perspectives on key issues. The Ninth Edition has been updated to include the most recent Evidence cases and developments, as well as insights into recent and pending amendments to the Federal Rules. It has been streamlined by shortening or eliminating some notes, making it even more user-friendly. It contains applications of evidence law to factual scenarios that students are likely to find particularly interesting. New to the Ninth Edition: Discussion of recent influential cases, including the Supreme Court’s decisions in Ohio v. Clark and Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado, as well as the most contemporary federal circuit and trial court decisions New problems exploring issues on Rule 404(b) evidence, Rule 410 protections for plea bargaining statements, the Rule 606(b) ban on postverdict juror testimony, demonstrative aids, and attorney-client privilege New Comment/Perspective boxes on issues of “corporate character evidence” and the use of handwriting experts to authenticate writings after Daubert Discussion of recent amendments to the Federal Rules, such as the amendment to the Rule 803(16) Ancient Documents hearsay exception, as well as discussion of the pending proposal to amend the Rule 807 Residual exception to the hearsay rule Professors and students will benefit from: Introductory text that provides a foundation for understanding the cases and materials that follow Numerous problems that treat cutting-edge issues, allowing students to apply important concepts to contemporary evidentiary problems Guidance for answering Note questions to assist students in understanding how to approach nuanced evidentiary questions “Comment/Perspective” text boxes that provide broader perspectives to aid in understanding doctrine CasebookConnect features: ONLINE E-BOOK Law school comes with a lot of reading, so access your enhanced e-book anytime, anywhere to keep up with your coursework. Highlight, take notes in the margins, and search the full text to quickly find coverage of legal topics. PRACTICE QUESTIONS Quiz yourself before class and prep for your exam in the Study Center. Practice questions from Examples & Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines, Emanuel Law in a Flash flashcards, and other best-selling study aid series help you study for exams while tracking your strengths and weaknesses to help optimize your study time. OUTLINE TOOL Most professors will tell you that starting your outline early is key to being successful in your law school classes. The Outline Tool automatically populates your notes and highlights from the e-book into an editable format to accelerate your outline creation and increase study time later in the semester.

Das Umweltrecht des Auslandes

Author: Michael Kloepfer,Ekkehart Mast

Publisher: Duncker & Humblot

ISBN: 9783428483556


Page: N.A

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Strafsache 40/61

eine Reportage über den Eichmann-Prozess

Author: Harry Mulisch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783746680163

Category: Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

Page: 236

View: 4338


Cases and Doctrine

Author: Randy E. Barnett

Publisher: Aspen Law & Business


Category: Law

Page: 1134

View: 8377

For a casebook that smoothly mixes the lastest cases with more of the classics than any other book, choose Randy Barnett's Contracts: Cases and Doctrines. Now in its Third Edition, this popular casebook successfully employs a student-friendly 'back-to basics' approach. When you examine the casebook, be sure to notice its: flexible modular organization; the book begins with Remedies, but chapters can easily be rearranged to suit instructor preferences longer, more lightly-edited opinions that train students to sift through decisions to identify the most pertinent facts and reasoning memorable fact patterns to enliven study and provide more provocative contrasts unique background information that makes cases come alive and puts them in context study guide questions before most materials that help students focus their reading The Third Edition smoothly integrates e-commerce cases and materials including: 'click-through' agreements 'shrink-wrap' agreements telephone sales statute of frauds and unconscionablility excerpts from the new Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) proposed revisions to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) In addition, the Third Edition features: captivating cases like CNA & American Casualty v. Arlyn Phonenix background material on avoiding problems of assent with e-commerce, the UN convention on contracts for the sale of goods, and Alaska Packers Association v. Domenico a significantly revised Teacher's Manual, with transition guide and sample syllabi

Der ökonomische Code

wie wirtschaftliches Denken unser Handeln bestimmt

Author: David Friedman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492231817


Page: 507

View: 2480

Der heilige Baum

Author: Judie Bopp

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783491690561


Page: 96

View: 4828

Race against the machine

Wie die digitale Revolution dem Fortschritt Beine macht

Author: Erik Brynjolfsson,Andrew McAfee

Publisher: Plassen Verlag

ISBN: 3864702364

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 111

View: 8636

Inzwischen hat der Mensch das Rennen gegen die Maschine auch auf Gebieten verloren, die noch vor zehn Jahren als Domäne des Menschen galten - mit positiven wie negativen Folgen. Gehen wir mit den Maschinen anstatt gegen sie ins Rennen, können wir die Welt nachhaltig besser und gerechter machen. Dazu liefern die Autoren konkrete Handlungsanweisungen für Politik und Gesellschaft.

Administrative Governance

Kommunalverwaltung in lokaler Politikgestaltung mit Zivilgesellschaft

Author: Andrea Walter

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658156805

Category: Political Science

Page: 251

View: 8600

Andrea Walter untersucht Chancen und Herausforderungen für Kommunalverwaltung in lokaler Politikgestaltung mit Vereinen und Verbänden am Beispiel einer Fallkommune. Sie illustriert das Rollenverständnis von Kommunalverwaltung sowie die Bedeutung von Interaktionsregeln und des lokalen Kontextes. Auf dieser Basis entwickelt sie ein Modell administrativer Governance. Ihre Befunde ordnet sie in den Kontext lokaler Governance, kooperativen Verwaltungshandelns und Fragen der Legitimation ein. Die Autorin beleuchtet damit eine bislang wenig beachtete Facette von Kommunalverwaltung, die primär als Zuarbeiterin von Politik gilt. Dabei umfasst ein wesentlicher Teil ihrer Arbeit auf lokaler Ebene die Interaktion mit (organisierter) Zivilgesellschaft – in Zeiten knapper Kassen und zunehmender Beteiligungsprozesse gilt dies umso mehr.



Author: Celine Kiernan

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641032512

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5582

Celine Kiernan entführt Sie in eine phantastische Welt Willkommen in einer Welt, in der Magie Teil des täglichen Lebens ist. Eine Welt, in der es geschieht, dass Katzen Geheimnisse ausplaudern. Eine Welt, in der dunkle Mächte nach der Herrschaft greifen und ein außergewöhnliches Mädchen die einzige Rettung bedeutet ... Nichts ist mehr, wie es war, als die fünfzehnjährige Wynter nach ihrer Lehrzeit im Norden nach Hause zurückkehrt. Ein dunkler Bann scheint über dem Königreich zu liegen: Alte Bekannte weichen Wynter aus, und auch die sonst so redseligen Katzen weigern sich, mit ihr zu sprechen. Vor allem aber ist einer ihrer besten Freunde spurlos verschwunden: Kronprinz Albernon. Was ist mit ihm geschehen? Warum hat König Jonathon eine Schreckensherrschaft errichtet? Und was hat es mit den Gerüchten um eine neue, furchterregende Waffe auf sich? Wynter sieht sich vor eine schicksalhafte Wahl gestellt: Soll sie sich dem Willen des Königs beugen oder sich von ihm und ihrer Familie lossagen und das Geheimnis lüften? Auf meisterhafte Weise verbindet Celine Kiernan jugendlichen Zauber mit perfekter Erzählkunst – kein Eragon-Leser wird an „Schattenpfade“ vorbeikommen!

Grünes Gift

Author: Patric Nottret


ISBN: 9783404156177

Category: Fiction

Page: 429

View: 8343

Nicht immer findet man beim Pilze suchen Pilze. Es kann auch schon mal ein Toter sein. Eine Leiche im Bois de Chevreuse in Paris, in deren Tasche das Foto einer unbekannten Grünpflanze steckt, ruft Zwei-Meter-Mann Pierre Sénéchal auf den Plan. Sénéchal ist Mitarbeiter der FREDE, einer auf Verbrechen spezialisierten Abteilung des Umweltministeriums, die allerdings in den Keller verbannt ist und wenig Anerkennung findet. Die Pflanze, die genetisch verändert wurde, stammt aus dem Amazonasgebiet. Kurz darauf wird ein Professor für Biotechnologie ermordet. Keiner will den Zusammenhang sehen. Doch Sénéchal lässt nicht locker ...Ein Toter im Wald. Eine genetisch veränderte Pflanze. Ein Verbrechen, das keiner aufklären will. Ein klarer Fall für Pierre Sénéchal!

Lehrbuch der psychoanalytischen Therapie

2 Praxis

Author: Helmut Thomä,Horst Kächele

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662083205

Category: Psychology

Page: 696

View: 6377

Die beiden Bände des Lehrbuches der psychoanalytischen Therapie sind in kurzer Zeit zu Standardwerken geworden. Sie haben zahlreiche Nachdrucke erlebt und wurden bislang in 10 Sprachen übersetzt. Das Lehrbuch gilt als eines der bedeutensten Werke der modernen Psychoanalyse. Es entspricht in seiner didaktischen Konzeption allen Anforderungen an ein modernes Lehrbuch: o übersichtlich strukturiert, o durchgehend zweifarbig gestaltet, o optische Akzente heben das Wesentliche hervor. Inhaltlich setzt das Werk Maßstäbe für die psychoanalytische Forschung und Praxis weit über die Gegenwart hinaus.