Stable Radicals

Fundamentals and Applied Aspects of Odd-Electron Compounds

Author: Robin Hicks

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111995696X

Category: Science

Page: 606

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Stable radicals - molecules with odd electrons which are sufficiently long lived to be studied or isolated using conventional techniques - have enjoyed a long history and are of current interest for a broad array of fundamental and applied reasons, for example to study and drive novel chemical reactions, in the development of rechargeable batteries or the study of free radical reactions in the body. In Stable Radicals: Fundamentals and Applied Aspects of Odd-Electron Compounds a team of international experts provide a broad-based overview of stable radicals, from the fundamental aspects of specific classes of stable neutral radicals to their wide range of applications including synthesis, materials science and chemical biology. Topics covered include: triphenylmethyl and related radicals polychlorinated triphenylmethyl radicals: towards multifunctional molecular materials phenalenyls, cyclopentadienyls, and other carbon-centered radicals the nitrogen oxides: persistent radicals and van der Waals complex dimers nitroxide radicals: properties, synthesis and applications the only stable organic sigma radicals: di-tert-alkyliminoxyls. delocalized radicals containing the hydrazyl [R2N-NR] unit metal-coordinated phenoxyl radicals stable radicals containing the thiazyl unit: synthesis, chemical, and materials properties stable radicals of the heavy p-block elements application of stable radicals as mediators in living-radical polymerization nitroxide-catalyzed alcohol oxidations in organic synthesis metal-nitroxide complexes: synthesis and magneto-structural correlations rechargeable batteries using robust but redox-active organic radicals spin labeling: a modern perspective functional in vivo EPR spectroscopy and imaging using nitroxides and trityl radicals biologically relevant chemistry of nitroxides Stable Free Radicals: Fundamentals and Applied Aspects of Odd-Electron Compounds is an essential guide to this fascinating area of chemistry for researchers and students working in organic and physical chemistry and materials science.

Free-Radical Chemistry

Structure and Mechanism

Author: D. C. Nonhebel,J. C. Walton

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521201490

Category: Science

Page: 572

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Rules for Radicals

A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

Author: Saul Alinsky

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307756893

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

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First published in 1971, Rules for Radicals is Saul Alinsky's impassioned counsel to young radicals on how to effect constructive social change and know “the difference between being a realistic radical and being a rhetorical one.” Written in the midst of radical political developments whose direction Alinsky was one of the first to question, this volume exhibits his style at its best. Like Thomas Paine before him, Alinsky was able to combine, both in his person and his writing, the intensity of political engagement with an absolute insistence on rational political discourse and adherence to the American democratic tradition. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Rhetoric for Radicals

A Handbook for 21st Century Activists

Author: Del Jason

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 1550924117

Category: Law

Page: 240

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Learning effective communication--an activist's most powerful tool.

Carbon-Centered Free Radicals and Radical Cations

Structure, Reactivity, and Dynamics

Author: Malcolm D. Forbes

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470584101

Category: Science

Page: 300

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Covers the most advanced computational and experimental methods for studying carbon-centered radical intermediates With its focus on the chemistry of carbon-centered radicals and radical cations, this book helps readers fully exploit the synthetic utility of these intermediates in order to prepare fine chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Moreover, it helps readers better understand their role in complex atmospheric reactions and biological systems. Thoroughly up to date, the book highlights the most advanced computational and experimental methods available for studying and using these critically important intermediates. Carbon-Centered Free Radicals and Radical Cations begins with a short history of the field of free radical chemistry, and then covers: A discussion of the relevant theory Mechanistic chemistry, with an emphasis on synthetic utility Molecular structure and mechanism, focusing on computational methods Spectroscopic investigations of radical structure and kinetics, including demonstrations of spin chemistry techniques such as CIDNP and magnetic field effects Free radical chemistry in macromolecules Each chapter, written by one or more leading experts, explains difficult concepts clearly and concisely, with references to facilitate further investigation of individual topics. The authors were selected in order to provide insight into a broad range of topics, including small molecule synthesis, polymer degradation, computational chemistry as well as highly detailed experimental work in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. This volume is essential for students or researchers interested in building their understanding of the role of carbon-centered radical intermediates in complex systems and how they may be used to develop a broad range of useful products.

Free Radicals

Author: Jay K. Kochi

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience


Category: Free radicals (Chemistry)

Page: 713

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Free Radicals in Biology and Environment

Author: F. Minisci

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792345022

Category: Science

Page: 500

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Our understanding of the quantitative aspects of free radical chemistry and the involvement of radicals in such areas as biology, medicine, the environment, etc., has developed spectacularly over recent years, yet the various topics are commonly discussed separately, in specific meetings and specialised publications. Free Radicals in Biology and Environment draws together two important areas of free radical chemistry, using as a bridge the fundamental physical chemistry of free radicals (spectroscopic detection of free radicals, evaluation of absolute rate constants, elucidation of mechanisms of free radical reactions and catalysis, photochemical and radiation processes, etc.). The most relevant topics covered are the EPR detection of radicals in biochemical systems and in pollutant formation and degradation, oxidation processes in biology and in the troposphere, radiation and induced damage, and atmospheric pollutants arising from incomplete combustion. Also covered are the chemistry and biochemistry of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite, the chemistry and biochemistry of DNA radicals, the role of radicals in myeloperoxidase, lignineperoxidase, radicals and cardiovascular injury, radiation and the fragmentation of cells and tissues.


Author: Nonhebel,John Michael Tedder,John Christopher Walton

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521293327

Category: Science

Page: 200

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Luther and the Radicals

Another Look at Some Aspects of the Struggle Between Luther and the Radical Reformers

Author: Harry Loewen

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554587360

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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In their zeal to tell the true story of sixteenth-century radicalism, some sympathizers of the Anabaptist movement have portrayed the once maligned individuals and groups as innocent, pious people who suffered cruel persecution at the hands of the wicked state-churchmen. Their side of the story is thus often as one-sided as was the story of the enemies of Anabaptism. This book, written by a Mennonite scholar, seeks to understand the reasons for the clash between Luther and the radicals, a point often neglected when one or the other side is emphasized. The study keeps Luther, however, in a central position, exploring the issues which led to the Reformer’s attitude toward the radicals and analyzing the principles that were at stake in his struggle with the dissident groups.

Free Radicals in Medicine

Author: Radu Olinescu,Dr. Terrance L. Smith

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 9781560728696

Category: Medical

Page: 192

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The role of reactive oxygen species and other free radicals in normal and disease processes has become a major area of interest in the medical scientific community. In the past 30 years, this area of study has advanced from outright rejection, to general acceptance, to intense study. While there is still some dispute as to the exact role of these highly reactive molecules in pathology, it is clear that they are present in and influence many biological processes. This book provides an overview of the possible biological effects of reactive oxygen species and other free radicals with an emphasis on pathology. The various types of free radicals that may affect the body are discussed along with the potential sources of free radicals, both internal and external to the body. The extensive defenses the body raises against the effects of these molecules in the form of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants is reviewed. A variety of conditions in which free radicals have been proposed to play a role are discussed. These include the physiological effects of oxygen stress in aging, exercise, and pregnancy. Pathologic conditions discussed include cancer, liver cirrhosis, respiratory problems, and others.

Free Radicals in Exercise and Aging

Author: Zsolt Radak,Zsolt Radák

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780880118811

Category: Social Science

Page: 265

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Explore the emerging field of free radical biology, exercise, and aging with this definitive reference. Free Radicals in Exercise and Agingaddresses the current debate regarding whether free radicals released during exercise accelerate the aging process. It explains how free radicals can serve as important regulators of aerobic processes, and it clarifies the importance of exercise in increasing the efficiency of the antioxidant and oxidative repair systems. Mounting research data indicate that free radicals are involved in a variety of physiological and pathophysiological processes. This book focuses on exercise-induced adaptation. In general, a person's ability to adapt to internal and external changes decreases during the aging process. However, by continually exposing the body to different challenges, regular exercise triggers an adaptation process that keeps the body and mind fit. Free Radicals in Exercise and Agingelucidates the role of free radical species in regulating this process. This text is also one of the first to provide an in-depth review of skeletal muscle oxidative stress and aging. This issue is pivotal because muscle serves such a critical role in mobility and normal life. Free Radicals in Exercise and Aging shares the most current understanding of how reactive oxygen species influence the biology of skeletal muscles. It explores some of the unique characteristics that skeletal muscle displays during aging, both in terms of free radical production and with regard to antioxidant systems. The implications of this research are far-reaching. Mutation of DNA is linked very closely to cancer, and if regular exercise improves the regulation of the antioxidant systems and the oxidative damage repair system, these mechanisms may be a very important tool against this deadly disease. This research-oriented text presents the latest information on the subject. It reviews and critiques current literature and provides critical information for exercise physiologists, sports medicine specialists, sport nutritionists, and gerontologists.

Reveille for Radicals

Author: Saul Alinsky

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307756882

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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Legendary community organizer Saul Alinsky inspired a generation of activists and politicians with Reveille for Radicals, the original handbook for social change. Alinsky writes both practically and philosophically, never wavering from his belief that the American dream can only be achieved by an active democratic citizenship. First published in 1946 and updated in 1969 with a new introduction and afterword, this classic volume is a bold call to action that still resonates today. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Free Radicals, Nitric Oxide, and Inflammation

Molecular, Biochemical, and Clinical Aspects

Author: Aldo Tomasi,Tomris Özben,Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781586032432

Category: Computers

Page: 255

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Free radicals, and the very special free radical nitric oxide, are playing a relevant role in the pathogenesis of inflammation. This work introduces the general knowledge necessary to understand the inflammatory process and the role played by free radical and oxidative stress.

Free Radicals

Biology and Detection by Spinn Trapping

Author: Gerald M. Rosen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195095050

Category: Science

Page: 482

View: 8282

Free radicals, molecules with unpaired electrons, are highly reactive and play key roles in physiologic regulation and in many degenerative and pathologic processes, making them a fertile area of research. This book focuses on spin trapping, a sophisticated technique for the identification of free radicals in biological systems. The method is complex, and this book offers an in-depth guide to all of the critical aspects needed for its application to free radicals in biology. This includes advice on interpreting results, trouble-shooting, and experimental designs. The book looks at future directions in the field and will prove an invaluable resource for investigators working in the biology of free radicals, regardless of whether they are new or highly experienced in the applications of spin trapping.

Oxygen/Nitrogen Radicals and Cellular Injury

Author: Kenneth B. Adler,Val Vallyathan

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 0788185381


Page: 141

View: 3553

Papers: characterization of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in human airway epithelium; nitric oxide and its congeners in mitochondria; role of nitric oxide in inflammation and tissue injury during endotoxemia and hemorrhagic shock; nitric oxide and peroxynitrite production in ocular inflammation; 5 papers on pulmonary/pollutant effects; 6 papers on oxidants and signal transduction, including impact of oxidative stress on signal transduction control by phosphotyrosine phosphatases; the nature of antioxidant defense mechanisms; lipid peroxidation products and antioxidants in human disease; and lung injury and oxidoreductases.

Free Radicals and Oxidation Phenomena in Biological Systems

Author: Roberfroid

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824795870

Category: Medical

Page: 280

View: 8569

This work offers an analysis of the biological processes mediated by free radicals, from a toxicological point of view, providing easy access to information in an integrated, coherent presentation. The chemistry and biochemistry of all principal types of radical are explained, and the multiple forms in whch radicals participate in living organisms are investigated.;This work should be of use to biochemists, pharmacologists, pharmaceutical researchers, food scientists and technologists, nutritionists, toxicologists, chemists, biologists and graduate students in these disciplines.

Oxidants, Antioxidants And Free Radicals

Author: Steven Baskin,Harry Salem

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781560326441

Category: Medical

Page: 450

View: 7720

This volume collates articles investigating antioxidant, oxidant and free radical research. It examines the role of such research in health and disease, particulary with respect to developing greater understanding about the many interactions between oxidants and antioxidants, and how such substances may act as natural protectants and /or natural toxicants.

Energetics of Organic Free Radicals

Author: José A. Martinho Simões,Joel F. Liebman,A. Greenberg

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780751403787

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 607

The current volume consists of eight chapters which interweave various aspects of the structure, energetics and reactivity of organic free radicals, all combining pedagogical insights with current research. The first is by Walling in which a personalized overview is given by one of the modern pioneers of the discipline. In the next two chapters, Tsang, and Traeger and Kompe, present key thermochemical and kinetic quantities from the complementary vantage points of the studies of neutral and cationic species. The fourth chapter by Francisco and Montgomery discusses the armamentarium of modern theory as applied to species with unpaired electrons, while the next chapter by Goodman presents the theory, methodology and results from photoacoustic calorimetry, a novel and powerful experimental technique. Martinho Simoes and Minas da Piedade interrelate organometallic and free radical chemistry, while Greenberg and Liebman consider resonance energy and rearrangements as applied to small molecules and enzyme cofactors alike. The volume ends with the chapter by Tanko and Suleman, which describes the surprising and diverse solvent effects which modulate free radical chem­ istry. This volume will make it apparent to entry-level graduate students and senior researchers alike that much is known and much remains to be done in both the qualitative understanding and quantitative insights of the chemistry of organic free radicals. Jose Artur Martinho Simoes Arthur Greenberg Joel F. Liebman vii Editorial Advisory Board WESTON T. BORDEN ALAN P.

Radicals in Power

The Workers' Party and Experiments in Urban Democracy in Brazil

Author: Gianpaolo Baiocchi

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 9781842771730

Category: History

Page: 254

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This book throws real light on the single most strategic tendency in Brazilian politics in recent years.

Food and Free Radicals

Author: Midori Hiramatsu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780306454936

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 170

View: 3257

Proceedings of the First Symposium held in Yamagata, Japan, June 16, 1994