Road & Track

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Road and Track Cars

Author: Trevor Pyman

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 1785004166

Category: Transportation

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Driven initially by Ivor Walklett's flair for design and desire to build his own car, the Ginetta marque quickly developed from a hobby into a business. The marque synonymous with the four Walklett brothers then grew from its humble roots to become a serious force in motor racing and a volume road car maker. Ginetta - Road and Track Cars traces the story of a marque born out of sheer enthusiasm for cars and racing. With over forty different models designed and built between 1958 and 2005 by Ginetta, this book examines every element of the design innovation, shrewd business management and model line-up that made Ginetta unique among its competitors, and includes the full development history and technical specifications of each major model. This comprehensive history of the Ginetta company from 1958 through to takeover in 2005 will be of great interest to all owners and enthusiasts of Ginetta cars and motoring history in general. Superbly illustrated with 209 colour and 87 black & white photographs.

A Brief History of Race Walking

Seventy Years on Road and Track

Author: Robert G. Osterhoudt

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How to Power Tune Rover V8 Engines for Road & Track

Author: Des Hammill

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1903706173

Category: Transportation

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A brand new title in the best-selling SpeedPro! series.Covers 3.5, 3.9, 4.0 & 4.6 litre engines from 1967 to date.Maximum road or track performance & reliability for minimum money.The author is an engineer with much professional experience of building race engines.Suitable for the enthusiast as well as the more experienced mechanic.All the information is based on practical experience.

How to Power Tune Midget and Sprite for Road and Track

Author: Daniel Stapleton

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781901295733

Category: Transportation

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Covers all aspects of modifying the MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite for high performance. Includes engine/driveline, suspension, brakes and much more.Covers all aspects of modifying the MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite for high performance. Includes engine/driveline, suspension, brakes and much more.

Iconic Cars (5-Book Bundle)

Author: Road & Track,Car and Driver

Publisher: RosettaBooks

ISBN: 0795348134

Category: Transportation

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CORVETTE: The Chevrolet Corvette is a treasured American icon and one of the world’s most popular sports cars. The experts at Car and Driver, who have tested nearly every version of this sleek machine, have now compiled and curated over 50 years of articles, reviews, and news about the Corvette, from the first ’Vettes of the fifties to today’s Corvette Stingray. The original articles in this eBook come from the pens of some of the magazine’s most prominent writers: you’ll ride shotgun with Brock Yates on a 4,000-mile road trip to that “wilderness boulevard of dreamers and fortune hunters and runaways and outcasts—the Alaska Highway.” You’ll meet Zora Arcus-Duntov, the engineer most closely associated with the distinctive designs of the early ’60s Stingrays, and learn about “dead-end ’Vettes”—showcars with startling innovations that wound up ignored and discarded. Corvette aficionados and lovers of classic sports cars will savor this collection of photographs and articles that cover every significant aspect of these well-muscled machines. Features 81 color photographs. PORSCHE: It’s been called the best sports car money can buy and there’s no doubt about the power, beauty, and prestige that the Porsche name implies. Car and Driver has chronicled the German brand from its humble beginnings with the 356 Roadster to its modern lineup of supercars, super sedans, and even super SUVs. And now the magazine has collected its most important and most entertaining Porsche reviews and features in one volume, spanning road tests and comparisons from 1975 to today. The articles are reproduced with 79 of the stunning original photos in bright color or crisp black and white. The pages of Car and Driver have never looked so good. CHEVROLET CAMARO: Since the debut of the Camaro in 1966, the Chevy coupe’s combination of high style, stout performance, and affordable price have made it an automotive icon. This eBook, compiled from the pages of Road & Track magazine, includes the launch, the racers, the duds, and, of course, the Camaro’s return. You’ll find road tests, reviews, feature stories, and comparisons from the guys who know best, along with interviews with the folks behind the Camaro and columns from Matt DeLorenzo and Peter Egan. FORD MUSTANG: Nothing says America like the Ford Mustang, the original pony car and the country’s most loved sporting machine. This eBook, pulled from the pages of Road & Track, documents the rise of an icon—the brainchild of crude engineering, modern styling, and fantastic marketing. This eBook looks back over 50 years of coverage, from Le Mans recaps to 0–60 times to the dark years of the Mustang II. There are road tests, comparisons, and reviews from the R&T archives, which taken as a whole explain how the car that defined a generation continues to mean so much to so many. BMW M SERIES: From the 3.0 CSL’s debut in 1972, BMW has taken a very balanced approach to tuning its M division cars, turning already competitive models into well-rounded, capable performance machines. This eBook collects Road & Track’s BMW M car coverage, including features, reviews, comparison tests, and interviews on everything from the M3 and M5 to the short-lived M1 supercar, and even today’s M-badged SUVs. It’s a great way for the enthusiast to revisit the brand or for the uninitiated to see what they’ve been missing.

Alfa Romeo

Ninety Years of Success on Road and Track

Author: David Owen

Publisher: Haynes Publications

ISBN: 9781852604462

Category: Transportation

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Road and Track on Lamborghini, 1964-85

Author: R. M. Clarke

Publisher: Brooklands Book Limited

ISBN: 9780948207648

Category: Transportation

Page: 103

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Reprinted articles from Road & Track including road tests, driving impressions, styling analysis, new model reports, technical analysis, comparison tests, etc. Covers 350 GT, 400 GT, Miura and Miura S, Espada, Jarama, Urraco P250, Countach and Countach S, Silhouette, Jalpa, Furia, Islero and Marzal.

How to Power Tune the BMC/BL/Rover 998 A-Series Engine for Road and Track

Author: Des Hammill

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1845846648

Category: Transportation

Page: 112

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The 998 A-Series powers Minis and Metros in particular. The book’s advice can also be used to uprate Midget/Sprite 948cc engines to 998cc. Complete guide to obtaining maximum power with reliability from the popular 998cc engine.

Honda's V-Force

The Four-stroke V4s on Road and Track

Author: Julian Ryder

Publisher: Haynes Publications

ISBN: 9781859604212

Category: Transportation

Page: 159

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During the decade prior to the advent of the World Superbike Championship in 1988, Honda's RVF four-stroke motorcycles dominated the World Endurance Championship and the World F1 Championship. Initially, however, Honda's V-4 powerplant was a total disaster. But with major financial reinvestment, the engine's fortunes turned and it went on to enjoy significant competition success. This is the story behind the development of Honda's four-stroke RVF and RS racers, as well as the VFR streetbike, which has remained a highly sought-after motorcycle for more than a decade. Author Julian Ryder follows Honda's four-stroke engine, from the early disappontments, to the competition successes of Joey Dunlop, to the introduction of the fuel-injected RC45, which is still the basis for today's Superbike races. Also included are detailed competition results and motorcycle specifications.

Road & Track BMW Z3 M Coupes & Roadsters

Author: R.M. Clarke

Publisher: Brooklands Books Limited

ISBN: 9781855206526

Category: Transportation

Page: 120

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This series of books covers the best the American magazine has to offer on performance cars. In has 38 articles from Road And Track including, 'BMW Z3 Zinger-1.9, BMW M Powers the Z3 Roadster, Top Guns - BMW Z3 2.8 vs. Porsche Boxster vs. Mercedes - Benz SLK 230 Kompressor, BMW M Roadster vs. Porsche Boxster vs. Renault Sport Spider vs. Lotus Elise vs. Mercedes - Benz SLK230' and much much more.

Road And Track on Cobra, Shelby And Ford Gt40, 1962-1992

Author: R. M. Clarke

Publisher: Brooklands Book Limited

ISBN: 9780946489367

Category: Transportation

Page: 92

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Road tests, racing, new model reports, and more on the legends. 25 great articles from past issues of Road & Track tell it like it was and recreate the glory days of Shelby's great racing career. Technical analysis, comparisons, and more on the Lone Star Cobra, 260, 289, 427, replicas, GT40, Mark II, Mustang, GT350 and GT500.