Hosea and Salvation History

The Early Traditions of Israel in the Prophecy of Hosea

Author: Dwight R. Daniels

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110872285

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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Salvation: Brennende Herzen

Author: Vivian Hall

Publisher: Plaisir d'Amour Verlag

ISBN: 3864952204

Category: Fiction

Page: 335

View: 7633

Ein glühend heißer Sommer, zwei junge Menschen und eine grenzenlose Liebe. Der als Bad Boy verschriene Zac Morrison und die adrette, kreuzbrave Cathy Kilbourne sind seit Jahren verfeindet. Als Cathy nach dem Studium in ihre Heimatstadt Milton Oaks zurückkehrt, kreuzen sich ihre Wege erneut und sofort sprühen die Funken zwischen den beiden Streithähnen. Zac will zunächst nicht wahrhaben, dass die körperliche Anziehung zwischen ihnen immer stärker wird. Schließlich verkörpert die Tochter von Schuldirektor Kilbourne alles, was er verachtet, doch Cathy lässt nicht locker und die beiden verlieben sich unsterblich ineinander. Allerdings entwickeln sich Zacs unstillbarer Freiheitsdrang und die Vergangenheit seines Vaters zur knallharten Bewährungsprobe für das junge Glück. Beide müssen entscheiden, ob sie mutig genug sind, ihre Träume gemeinsam zu verwirklichen - oder ob sie am Ende nicht doch getrennte Wege gehen ...

The Meaning of Salvation

Author: Michael Green

Publisher: Regent College Publishing

ISBN: 9781573830034

Category: Religion

Page: 260

View: 2493

Prophetic Oracles of Salvation in the Old Testament

Author: Claus Westermann

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664252397

Category: Religion

Page: 283

View: 3645

Prophetic Oracles of Salvation in the Old Testament is a comprehensive and innovative assessment of these often ignored or misunderstood canonical texts. Claus Westermann shows that these oracles occur in distinct forms and make up a coherent tradition. He goes on to demonstrate that these texts, often percieved only as a message of judgement and doom, in fact proclaim hope and deliverance as well.

Doctrines of Human Nature, Sin, and Salvation in the Early Church

Author: Everett Ferguson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780815310709

Category: Religion

Page: 339

View: 9477

An integrated overview of history The volume in this series are arranged topically to cover biography, literature, doctrines, practices, institutions, worship, missions, and daily life. Archaeology and art as well as writings are drawn on to illuminate the Christian movement in its early centuries. Ample attention is also given to the relation of Christianity to pagan thought and life, to the Roman state, to Judaism, and to doctrines and practices that came to be judged as heretical or schismatic. Introductions to each volume tie the articles together for an integrated understanding of the history. Offers insights and understanding The aim of the collection is to give balanced and comprehensive coverage, selected on the basis of the following criteria: original and excellent research and writing; subject matter of use to teachers and students; groundbreaking importance for the history of research; background information for issues and opinions. Understanding the development of early Christianity and its impact on Western history and thought offers valuable insights into the modern world and the present state of Christiantiy. It also provides perspective on comparable developments in other periods of history and reveals human nature in its religious dimension.

Man and His Salvation

Studies in Memory of S. G. F. Brandon

Author: Samuel George Frederick Brandon

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780874711813

Category: Festschriften: Brandon

Page: 338

View: 1995

Salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22)

The Role of Judaism in Salvation History from Abraham to the Second Coming

Author: Roy H. Schoeman

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9780898709759

Category: Religion

Page: 392

View: 8257

Traces the role of Judaism and the Jewish people in God's plan for the salvtion of mankind, from Abraham through the Second Coming, as revealed by the Catholic faith and by a thoughtful examination of history. It will give both Jews and Christians a deeper understanding of Judaism, both as a religion in itself and as a central component of salvation history. The book examines the unique and central role Judaism plays in the destiny of the world. It documents that throughout history attacks on Jews and Judasim have been rooted, not in Christianity, but in the most anti-Christian of forces. Areas addressed in depth include: the Messianic prophecies in Jewish Scripture; the very anti-Christian roots of Nazi anti-Semitism; the links between Nazism and Arab anti-Semitism; the theological insights of well-known Jewish converts; and the role of the Jews in the Second Coming.

Paul and the salvation of the individual [electronic resource]

Author: Gary W. Burnett

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004122970

Category: Religion

Page: 246

View: 8764

This work suggests that it is possible to maintain that Paul had a lively interest in the salvation of the individual, without having to revert to traditional Lutheran interpretations of the text. It focuses on three important texts in Romans.


Die Salvation-Saga 1

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492992307

Category: Fiction

Page: 912

View: 1120

Die Menschheit trifft auf ihren größten Feind. Das 22. Jahrhundert: Die Menschen haben Raumschiffe zu mehreren Sternen ausgesandt und begonnen, Planeten zu terraformen. Durch Portalsysteme miteinander verbunden, können Reisende in Nullzeit zwischen den Welten hin- und herspringen. Bei der Erforschung des Alls stoßen die Menschen im Jahr 2150 auf ein gigantisches, außerirdisches Schiff. Es gehört den Olyix, einer uralten Rasse, die sich auf einer epischen Reise bis zum Ende der Zeit befindet. Doch die Olyix sind nicht so friedlich gesinnt, wie sie vorgeben. Ihre Mission ist geheim, unerbittlich – und brandgefährlich für die gesamte Menschheit ... Mit »Befreiung« beginnt Peter F. Hamilton eine neue, großangelegte Science-Fiction-Saga.

Hosea and Salvation History

The Early Traditions of Israel in the Prophecy of Hosea

Author: Dwight Roger Daniels

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110121438

Category: Religion

Page: 148

View: 4420


God's Marvelous Work of Grace

Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer,Robert J. Choun, Jr.

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 9780825497667

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 7957

A now classic work that clearly and directly defines and explains the scriptural, theological, and practical aspects of each facet of the salvation Jesus secured for us. Originally published in 1917, this book explores atonement, grace, propitiation, forgiveness, justification, imputation, regeneration, adoption, sanctification, redemption, and glorification. In the end, Chafer concludes that salvation is possible because God's love is all that a sinner really needs.

Salvation for All

God's Other Peoples

Author: Gerald O'Collins

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191553530

Category: Religion

Page: 296

View: 1796

This book examines in depth and at length what the Old Testament and the New Testament hold about the salvation of God's 'other peoples'. The Bible repeatedly witnesses to the universal scope of the divine love for all human beings and the chances of salvation that are available to them. Since the Israelites experienced for many centuries, both at home and abroad, the religion and culture of numerous other peoples, the Old Testament texts have much to say, both positively and negatively, about the religious prospects and destiny of these peoples. In its second half this book scrutinizes what Jesus, the evangelists, Paul and the Letter to the Hebrews indicate about God's loving designs for all human beings. At the end, the book breaks new ground by developing the universal presence of the risen Jesus (along with the Holy Spirit) and his role as universal Wisdom, and the full teaching of the Letter to the Hebrews on the possibility of faith for all people.

The Cause of Our Salvation

Soteriological Causality According to Some Modern British Theologians, 1988-1998

Author: Eamonn Mulcahy

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 9788878390805

Category: Religion

Page: 528

View: 6847

This dissertation offers an in -depth study of the soterologies of Colin Gunton, Paul Fiddes, Vernon White and John McIntyre attempting to identify and evaluate their contribution to constructing an ecumenically sensitive soteriology for the twenty-first century.The book focuses on a crucial question: just hoe are we saved by Jesus Christ? Is the church right in claiming that salvation comes about through the suffering and death of Christ on the cross as is expressed so often in her liturgical prayers?

God of Salvation

Soteriology in Theological Perspective

Author: Dr Murray A Rae,Professor Ivor J Davidson

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409481352

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 4404

The theology of salvation stands at the heart of the Christian faith. Very often the structure of Christian salvation is seen in terms of a single theme, such as atonement for sins, forgiveness, liberation or friendship with God. It is easy to reduce soteriology to a matter of merely personal experience, or to see salvation as just a solution to a human problem. This book explores a vital yet often neglected aspect of Christian confession - the essential relationship between the nature of salvation and the character of the God who saves. In what ways does God's saving outreach reflect God's character? How might a Christian depiction of salvation best bear witness to these features? What difference might it make to start with the identity of God as encountered in the gospel, then view everything else in the light of that? In addressing these questions, this book offers fresh appraisals of a range of major themes in theology: the nature of creaturely existence; the relationship between divine purposes and material history; the holiness, love and judgement of God; the atoning work of Jesus Christ; election, justification and the nature of faith; salvation outside the church; human and non-human ends; the nature of eschatological fellowship with God. In looking at these issues in the light of God's identity, the authors offer a stimulating and tightly-argued reassessment of what a Christian theology of salvation ought to resemble, and ask what the implications might be for Christian life and witness in the world today.

Sin, the Savior, and Salvation

The Theology of Everlasting Life

Author: Robert P. Lightner

Publisher: Kregel Academic

ISBN: 9780825498237

Category: Religion

Page: 320

View: 7486

The author studies what Jesus believed about the inspiration and inerrancy of the Old Testament Scriptures and how that belief should affect our view of biblical authority. "This book crystallizes in clear, concise, and correct terms the essentials of the doctrine of sin and salvation better than any other." - Norman L. Geisler

Origins of the Salvation Army

Author: Norman H. Murdoch

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 9780870499555

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 2822

In this deeply researched study of one of the world's best known and best regarded religious and charitable movements, Norman Murdoch offers provocative new insights into the Salvation Army's origins and its growth into an international organization-a veritable 'Christian imperium.'

A Discussion on Universal Salvation

In Three Lectures and Five Answers Against that Doctrine

Author: Timothy Merritt

Publisher: N.A


Category: Future punishment

Page: 240

View: 4844

Lordship Salvation

Author: Charles C. Bing

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1609575806

Category: Religion

Page: 244

View: 8286

A powerfully biblical and thorough answer to the Lordship Salvation controversy. There is no more important issue than how to become a Christian. Lordship Salvation is a view that has confused many people about the nature of the gospel itself. Based on a Ph.D. dissertation, this is an academic and biblical response to the Lordship view. -The crucial issues of faith, repentance, lordship, and discipleship - Over 65 important passages explained -A helpful Scripture index -Can be used as a textbook -Retains its original academic form and content You will find out how Lordship Salvation undermines the assurance of Christians as you gain a new confidence in the gospel of God's sure salvation. Read it, use it as a Bible study reference, or teach from it; it is a valuable resource in a critical and controversial issue. Charles C. Bing obtained his Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. As founder and president of GraceLife Ministries he is active as an author, conference speaker, and adjunct professor.

Jesus Our Salvation

An Introduction to Christology

Author: Christopher McMahon

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

ISBN: 0884899586

Category: Religion

Page: 268

View: 1105

Jesus Our Salvation: An Introduction to Christology is an innovative text designed with the introductory student in mind. The text is written in an engaging style and is enhanced by pedagogical elements which make the complex material accessible to the student reader. Jesus Our Salvation is both sensitive to the challenges of contemporary Christology and well grounded in Catholic identity. The book maintains a positive, though critical, dialogue with many voices in the Christian tradition including those of the classical tradition, historical Jesus research, the evangelical tradition, and contemporary theological thought. It addresses important issues of today such as Christology's capacity to promote social transformation and the questions that are raised about Jesus from the perspective of religious pluralism.

Lordship Salvation

Author: Dr Curtis Hutson

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 9780873985185

Category: Salvation

Page: 22

View: 5774