Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll

The Rise of America’s 1960s Counterculture

Author: Robert C. Cottrell

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442246073

Category: History

Page: 408

View: 1718

As the first full-bodied treatment of the American counterculture of the 1960s, Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll traces its origins, discusses its most important figures, delves into iconic works, relates its ebb and flow, dissects the intersection of culture and politics, highlights millennial and apocalyptic sensibilities, and traces legacies.


The Rise and Fall of the New American Revolution

Author: Robert C. Cottrell,Blaine T. Browne

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538107767

Category: History

Page: 324

View: 4344

The year 1968 is recalled most of all as a year when revolution beckoned or threatened. On the 50th anniversary of that tumultuous year, cultural historians Robert Cottrell and Blaine T. Browne provide a well-informed, up-to-date synthesis of the events that rocked the world, emphasizing the revolutionary possibilities.

The South of the Mind

American Imaginings of White Southernness, 1960–1980

Author: Zachary J. Lechner

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820353701

Category: History

Page: 232

View: 6056

A Generation of Sociopaths

How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

Author: Bruce Cannon Gibney

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316395803

Category: Political Science

Page: 464

View: 8300

In his "remarkable" (Men's Journal) and "controversial" (Fortune) book -- written in a "wry, amusing style" (The Guardian) -- Bruce Cannon Gibney shows how America was hijacked by the Boomers, a generation whose reckless self-indulgence degraded the foundations of American prosperity. In A Generation of Sociopaths, Gibney examines the disastrous policies of the most powerful generation in modern history, showing how the Boomers ruthlessly enriched themselves at the expense of future generations. Acting without empathy, prudence, or respect for facts--acting, in other words, as sociopaths--the Boomers turned American dynamism into stagnation, inequality, and bipartisan fiasco. The Boomers have set a time bomb for the 2030s, when damage to Social Security, public finances, and the environment will become catastrophic and possibly irreversible--and when, not coincidentally, Boomers will be dying off. Gibney argues that younger generations have a fleeting window to hold the Boomers accountable and begin restoring America.

Stuck In The Sixties

Conservatives and the Legacies of the 1960s

Author: George Rising

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456804863

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 441

View: 1249

The 1960s were a colorful, tumultuous age that transformed American society. Ever since the decade ended, Americans have debated the changes that it unleashed. While most liberals argue that the era’s eff ects were mainly positi ve and long overdue, conservati ves perceive the 1960s as a disastrous ti me that has left ruinous legacies for us. Stuck in the Sixti es analyzes conservati ves’ views about the 1960s era and its legacies by examining their discourse about such sixti es fi gures and movements as John F. Kennedy, Marti n Luther King, Jr., the civil-rights movement, the Warren Court, the Great Society, the Vietnam War, the anti war movement, the New Left , and the counterculture. The book reveals that, for a generati on, a focus on att acking and reversing the legacies of the 1960s has been essenti al to the conservati ve Republican agenda.

The Concise Encyclopedia of Communication

Author: Wolfgang Donsbach

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118789237

Category: Social Science

Page: 704

View: 1782

This concise volume presents key concepts and entries from the twelve-volume ICA International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008), condensing leading scholarship into a practical and valuable single volume. Based on the definitive twelve-volume IEC, this new concise edition presents key concepts and the most relevant headwords of communication science in an A-Z format in an up-to-date manner Jointly published with the International Communication Association (ICA), the leading academic association of the discipline in the world Represents the best and most up-to-date international research in this dynamic and interdisciplinary field Contributions come from hundreds of authors who represent excellence in their respective fields An affordable volume available in print or online


Eine Biographie

Author: Robert Service

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 351874660X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 730

View: 1762

Revolutionäres Vorbild, Internationalist und Kosmopolit, Theoretiker, Philosoph, Schriftsteller, Politiker, Liebhaber, Ehemann, Vater, Jude, Feind und verfolgtes Opfer. Leo Trotzki, einer der bedeutendsten politischen Führer der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts, war von schillernder Gestalt. Der 1879 in der Südukraine als Lew Dawidowitsch Bronstein geborene hat den Grundstein zur Gründung der Sowjetunion gelegt, und wird doch immer wieder unterschlagen, wenn die führenden Köpfe der russischen Revolution genannt werden. Zusammen mit Lenin stand er, der Gründer der Roten Armee, 1917 an der Spitze der Oktoberrevolution. Als Volkskommissar war er unter anderem verantwortlich für das Kriegs- und Verlagswesen. Trotzki war nicht nur politischer Führer, sondern auch produktiver Schriftsteller und begnadeter Redner. Fragen nach Kultur und Alltagsleben waren ihm ebenso wichtig wie Politik und Geschichte. Der Aufstieg der Stalinfraktion nach Lenins Tod 1924 führte zu seinem Ausschluß aus den politischen Führungspositionen und schließlich zu seiner Verbannung 1929. Im Jahr 1940 wurde Trotzki in Mexiko-City von einem GPU-Agenten mit einem Eispickel erschlagen. Robert Service, Professor für Russische Geschichte und Spezialist für Russische Revolutionsgeschichte, hat viele Jahre unveröffentlichtes Archivmaterial gesichtet und mit seiner packenden Biographie nicht nur das Bild eines der brillantesten politischen Köpfe der Revolution gezeichnet, sondern sich – unparteiisch und unverfälscht – auch mit der überfälligen Debatte um das Verhältnis zwischen Trotzki und Stalin auseinandergesetzt.

Media Control

Wie die Medien uns manipulieren

Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 349296253X

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 2806

Nicht erst im Irakkrieg spielten die US-Massenmedien eine fatale Rolle als Propagandainstrumente der Außenpolitik. Noam Chomsky, einer der wichtigsten Querdenker der USA, wirft den Medien vor, unbequeme Tatsachen bereitwillig zu verschleiern und die Verbrechen des »Feindes« wie mit der Lupe zu betrachten. Obwohl sie keiner direkten staatlichen Kontrolle unterliegen, verstehen sich die Massenmedien in den USA nicht als kritische Gegner, sondern als Partner der Regierung und ihrer hegemonialen Ziele.

The Death of the Grown-Up

How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization

Author: Diana West

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466840757

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 2159

Diana West sees a US filled with middle-age guys playing air guitar and thinks "No wonder we can't stop Islamic terrorism." She sees Moms Who Mosh and wonders "Is there a single adult left anywhere?" But, the grown-ups are all gone. The disease that killed them was incubated in the sixties to a rock-and-roll score, took hold in the seventies with the help of multiculturalism and left us with a nation of eternal adolescents who can't decide between "good" and "bad", a generation who can't say "no". From the inability to nix a sixteen year-old's request for Marilyn Manson concert tickets to offering adolescents parentally-funded motel rooms on prom night to rationalizing murderous acts of Islamic suicide bombers with platitudes of cultural equivalence, West sees us on a slippery slope that's lead to a time when America has forgotten its place in the world. In The Death of the Grown-Up Diana West serves up a provocative critique of our dangerously indecisive world leavened with humor and shot through with insight.

Rendezvous with Destiny

Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America

Author: Craig Shirley

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497636388

Category: Political Science

Page: 752

View: 6640

“A first-rate work of insider his­tory . . . A monumental accomplishment.” —National Review The election that changed everything: Craig Shirley’s masterful account of the 1980 presidential campaign reveals how a race judged “too close to call” as late as Election Day became a Reagan landslide—and altered the course of history. To write Rendezvous with Destiny, Shirley gained unprecedented access to 1980 campaign files and interviewed more than 150 insiders—from Reagan’s closest advisers and family members to Jimmy Carter himself. His gripping account follows Reagan’s unlikely path from his bitter defeat on the floor of the 1976 Republican convention, through his underreported “wilderness years,” through grueling primary fights in which he knocked out several Republican heavyweights, through an often-nasty general election campaign complicated by the presence of a third-party candidate (not to mention the looming shadow of Ted Kennedy), to Reagan’s astounding victory on Election Night in 1980. Shirley’s years of intensive research have enabled him to relate countless untold stories—including, at long last, the solution to one of the most enduring mysteries in politics: just how Reagan’s campaign got hold of Carter’s debate briefing books.

Making America

A History of the United States

Author: Carol Berkin

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division

ISBN: 9780395974674

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 580

The Columbia History of Post-World War II America

Author: Mark C Carnes

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231511809

Category: History

Page: 544

View: 4104

Beginning with an analysis of cultural themes and ending with a discussion of evolving and expanding political and corporate institutions, The Columbia History of Post-World War II America addresses changes in America's response to the outside world; the merging of psychological states and social patterns in memorial culture, scandal culture, and consumer culture; the intersection of social practices and governmental policies; the effect of technological change on society and politics; and the intersection of changing belief systems and technological development, among other issues. Many had feared that Orwellian institutions would crush the individual in the postwar era, but a major theme of this book is the persistence of individuality and diversity. Trends toward institutional bigness and standardization have coexisted with and sometimes have given rise to a countervailing pattern of individualized expression and consumption. Today Americans are exposed to more kinds of images and music, choose from an infinite variety of products, and have a wide range of options in terms of social and sexual arrangements. In short, they enjoy more ways to express their individuality despite the ascendancy of immense global corporations, and this volume imaginatively explores every facet of this unique American experience.

Sex 'n' drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll

American popular culture since 1945

Author: John N. Ingham

Publisher: Canadian Scholars Press


Category: Popular culture United States History 20th century

Page: 344

View: 5689

Steve Jobs. Think different – die Welt anders denken

Author: Karen Blumenthal

Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag

ISBN: 3827075920

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 3752

Ein kompliziertes Genie, das die Einfachheit liebte: Steve Jobs - Querdenker, Visionär und Gründer von Apple. Wie konnte dieser Mann, der weder Ingenieur noch Computerfreak war, unsere digitale Welt so beeinflussen, dass wir uns nach jedem seiner Produkte verzehren? Kompakt und anschaulich erzählt Karen Blumenthal das außergewöhnliche Leben eines begnadeten Erfinders, der mit seinem mitreißenden und kompromisslosen Führungsstil Apple an die Spitze gebracht und gleichzeitig das Produktdesign einer ganzen Epoche geprägt hat. Blumenthals reich illustriertes Buch ist die faszinierende Biographie eines modernen Technik-Pioniers und zugleich ein überraschender Blick hinter die Kulissen der Computerindustrie. Ein Lesevergnügen ersten Ranges - nicht nur für Apple-Enthusiasten.

Italy and 1968

Youthful Unrest and Democratic Culture

Author: Stuart J. Hilwig

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: History

Page: 248

View: 840

A comprehensive look at how the 'establishment' responded to the Italian student revolt of 1968. Using oral interviews, media analysis and archival evidence, the book explores the reactions of those who became the frequent targets of student protests - professors, police, activists' parents, the clergy, journalists, lawyers and auto workers.


Author: Jack Kerouac

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644011818

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 8548

Dies ist das literarische Statement einer Jugend, die inmitten der «schlechtesten der Welten» ein leidenschaftliches Bekenntnis zum «glückseligen Leben» ablegte. Tempo, Jazz, Marihuana, Sex und Freiheit waren die Zauberwörter der Beat Generation, die ständig auf der Suche nach einem intensiven, rauscherfüllten Dasein war. Ihre Trampfahrten durch die ungeheuren Weiten des Landes ließen sie ein Amerika entdecken, das die bürgerliche Erfolgsmoral nicht kannte.

Beacham's Encyclopedia of Social Change

America in the Twentieth Century

Author: Veryan Khan

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: 1999

View: 1968

This volume traces the evolution of social ideas and values in the United States during the twentieth century, using such indicators as family life, fashion, health and medicine, inventions, and more.

American Decades: 1970-1979

Author: Vincent Tompkins,Judith Baughman,Victor Bondi,Richard Layman

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780810388826

Category: History

Page: 623

View: 4350

A look at American civilization by decade covers history, politics, law, economics, culture, sports, social trends, and important people.