Shaping the Nation

England 1360-1461

Author: Gerald Harriss,G. L. Harriss

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199211197

Category: History

Page: 705

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The Black Death, the Peasants' Revolt, the Hundred Years War, the War of the Roses... A succession of dramatic social and political events reshaped England in the period 1360 to 1461. In his lucid and penetrating account of this formative period, Gerald Harriss illuminates a richly varied society, as chronicled in The Canterbury Tales, and examines its developing sense of national identity.


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Author: N.A

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311094149X

Category: Reference

Page: 2832

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Die seit 1971 wieder erscheinende, interdisziplinäre, internationale Rezensionsbibliographie IBR ist eine einmalige Informationsquelle. Die Datenbank weist über 1,1 Millionen vornehmlich die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften berücksichtigende Buchrezensionen in 6.000 vorwiegend europäischen wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften nach. 60.000 Eintragungen kommen jedes Jahr hinzu, bieten dem Benutzer Daten zum rezensierten Werk und zur Rezension.

"Die Raserei der Gemeinen"

Popularer Protest im spätmittelalterlichen England (1377-1456)

Author: Helmut Hinck

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 3593510022


Page: 323

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Die Päpste von Avignon und der Hundertjährige Krieg

Spätmittelalterliche Diplomatie und kuriale Verhandlungsnormen (1337-1378)

Author: Andreas Willershausen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110412187

Category: History

Page: 474

View: 6604

This book offers a detailed presentation of the peace negotiations conducted by the Popes of Avignon during the early phase of the Hundred Years War (1337–1378). Based on extensive archival sources, it uses case examples and diachronic comparison to illustrate the efficacy and practical implications of the novel mediation techniques employed during the papacy of Benedict XII (1334–1342).

Ein Kardinal im Zeitalter der Renaissance

die Karriere des Giovanni di Castiglione (ca. 1413 - 1460)

Author: Jessika Nowak

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161505454

Category: Religion

Page: 520

View: 5403

English summary: How did an impoverished but exceedingly ambitious and very talented prelate overcome his rather humble origins to rise to the very top of the ecclesiastical hierarchy in Renaissance Italy? What did it take to earn the mitre, or even the tiara? What were the strategies and tactics needed? What alliances had to be forged? What obstacles surmounted?Based on a wealth of unedited sources, this study seeks to answer these questions through considering the life of Giovanni di Castiglione (ca. 1413-1460), an Italian cardinal who became a victim of Pius II's verdict and subsequently fell prey to a damnatio memoriae . Now underestimated and misunderstood, he was in fact a skilled political operative, not just in Italy, but in France, Hungary, and the Holy German Empire. German description: Wie vermochte ein nicht beguterter, doch ausserst ambitionierter Pralat zu Zeiten des Renaissancepapsttums die kirchliche Karriereleiter zu erklimmen? Welche Voraussetzungen galt es zu erfullen, welche Strategien und Taktiken beim Ringen um Amter, Wurden und Pfrunden anzuwenden? Welche Netzwerke waren aufzubauen, welche Wirkungsfelder abzustecken, welche Hindernisse und Hurden auf dem Weg zum Kardinalshut und zur Tiara zu uberwinden? Auf der Basis einer Vielzahl bislang unedierter Quellen geht Jessika Nowak diesen Fragen anhand der Vita des Giovanni di Castiglione (ca. 1413-1460) nach, eines italienischen Kardinals, den ein Verdikt von Papst Pius II. der damnatio memoriae anheimfallen liess. Heute wenig be- bzw. vollig verkannt, bewegte er sich einst mit grossem Geschick auf einem weitlaufigen diplomatischen Parkett, das sich von Frankreich uber das Reich und Ungarn bis nach Italien erstreckte.

The Real Falstaff

Sir John Fastolf and the Hundred Years' War

Author: Stephen Cooper

Publisher: Pen & Sword


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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]'That trunk of humours, that bolting-hutch of beastliness, that swol'n parcel of dropsies, that huge bombard of sack, that stuffed cloak-bag of guts, that roasted Manningtree-ox with the pudding in his belly, that reverend vice, that grey iniquity, that father ruffian, that vanity in years... wherein is he good but to taste sack and drink it... wherein worthy but in nothing.' Prince Hal on Falstaff (Henry IV Part I, Act II, Scene 4) Sir John Fastolf was one of the most famous English knights and military commanders of the Hundred Years' War, and is commonly thought to be a model for Sir John Falstaff, one of Shakespeare's greatest characters. This book examines the link in full. Most of Fastolf's life was spent fighting the French, and he lived long enough to witness both the triumphs of Henry V, and the disasters of the 1450s. He was one of the last representatives of generations of brave but often brutal English soldiers who made their careers and their fortunes waging war in France. His story and the story of declining English fortunes during the last phase of the war are the subject of Stephen Cooper's fascinating new study. He retraces the entire course of Fastolf's long life, but he concentrates on his many campaigns. A vivid picture of the old soldier emerges and of the French wars in which he played such a prominent part. But the author also explores Fastolf's legacy his connection to the Paston family, which is famous for the Paston letters, and the use Shakespeare made of Fastolf's name, career and character when he created Sir John Falstaff.

The ancient enemy

England, France and Europe from the Angevins to the Tudors 1154-1558

Author: Malcolm Graham Allan Vale

Publisher: Hambledon Pr


Category: History

Page: 174

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A detailed exploration of how the antagonism between England and France originated and evolved over four hundred years.

Sir John Hawkwood

Chivalry and the Art of War

Author: Stephen Cooper

Publisher: Pen & Sword


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

View: 7195

In Florence cathedral hangs a remarkable portrait by Uccello of Sir John Hawkwood, the English soldier of fortune who commanded the Florentine army at the age of 70 and earned a formidable reputation as one of the foremost mercenaries of the late middle ages. His life is an amazing story. He rose from modest beginnings in an Essex village, fought through the French campaigns of Edward III, went to Italy when he was 40 and played a leading role in ceaseless strife of the city-states that dominated that country. His success over so many years in such a brutal and uncertain age was founded on his exceptional skill as a soldier and commander, and it is this side of his career that Stephen Cooper explores in this perceptive and highly readable study.

The English and their History

The First Thirteen Centuries

Author: Robert Tombs

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141976799

Category: History

Page: 1024

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In The English and their History, the first full-length account to appear in one volume for many decades, Robert Tombs gives us the history of the English people, and of how the stories they have told about themselves have shaped them, from the prehistoric 'dreamtime' through to the present day If a nation is a group of people with a sense of kinship, a political identity and representative institutions, then the English have a claim to be the oldest nation in the world. They first came into existence as an idea, before they had a common ruler and before the country they lived in even had a name. They have lasted as a recognizable entity ever since, and their defining national institutions can be traced back to the earliest years of their history. The English have come a long way from those precarious days of invasion and conquest, with many spectacular changes of fortune. Their political, economic and cultural contacts have left traces for good and ill across the world. This book describes their history and its meanings from their beginnings in the monasteries of Northumbria and the wetlands of Wessex to the cosmopolitan energy of today's England. Robert Tombs draws out important threads running through the story, including participatory government, language, law, religion, the land and the sea, and ever-changing relations with other peoples. Not the least of these connections are the ways the English have understood their own history, have argued about it, forgotten it, and yet been shaped by it. These diverse and sometimes conflicting understandings are an inherent part of their identity. Rather to their surprise, as ties within the United Kingdom loosen, the English are suddenly beginning a new period in their long history. Especially at times of change, history can help us to think about the sort of people we are and wish to be. This book, the first single-volume work on this scale for more than half a century, and which incorporates a wealth of recent scholarship, presents a challenging modern account of this immense and continuing story, bringing out the strength and resilience of English government, the deep patterns of division, and yet also the persistent capacity to come together in the face of danger. ROBERT TOMBS is Professor of French History at Cambridge University and a Fellow of St John's College. His book That Sweet Enemy: the French and the British from the Sun King to the Present, co-written with his wife Isabelle, was published in 2006.

Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England

Author: Michael Johnston

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191669210

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

View: 8157

Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England offers a new history of Middle English romance, the most popular genre of secular literature in the English Middle Ages. Michael Johnston argues that many of the romances composed in England from 1350-1500 arose in response to the specific socio-economic concerns of the gentry, the class of English landowners who lacked titles of nobility and hence occupied the lower rungs of the aristocracy. The end of the fourteenth century in England witnessed power devolving to the gentry, who became one of the dominant political and economic forces in provincial society. As Johnston demonstrates, this social change also affected England's literary culture, particularly the composition and readership of romance. Romance and the Gentry in Late Medieval England identifies a series of new topoi in Middle English that responded to the gentry's economic interests. But beyond social history and literary criticism, it also speaks to manuscript studies, showing that most of the codices of the "gentry romances" were produced by those in the immediate employ of the gentry. By bringing together literary criticism and manuscript studies, this book speaks to two scholarly communities often insulated from one another: it invites manuscript scholars to pay closer attention to the cultural resonances of the texts within medieval codices; simultaneously, it encourages literary scholars to be more attentive to the cultural resonances of surviving medieval codices.

What is Masculinity?

Historical Dynamics from Antiquity to the Contemporary World

Author: J. Arnold,S. Brady

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230307256

Category: Social Science

Page: 461

View: 1603

Across history, the ideas and practices of male identity have varied much between time and place: masculinity proves to be a slippery concept, not available to all men, sometimes even applied to women. This book analyses the dynamics of 'masculinity' as both an ideology and lived experience - how men have tried, and failed, to be 'Real Men'.

The Ricardian

Journal of the Richard III Society

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

Page: N.A

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Literary Research Guide

An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies

Author: James L. Harner

Publisher: Modern Language Assn of Amer


Category: Reference

Page: 826

View: 4406

Evaluates reference materials in English literature, describing each work's type, scope, limitations, and uses in research, in an updated edition that includes a new section on cultural studies.

Politische Versammlungen und ihre Rituale

Repräsentationsformen und Entscheidungsprozesse des Reichs und der Kirche im späten Mittelalter

Author: Jörg Henning Peltzer,Gerald Schwedler,Paul Töbelmann

Publisher: N.A


Category: Europe

Page: 287

View: 1965