Indian Slow Cooking: Over 50 Easy and Delicious Meaty, Vegetarian and Vegan Indian Recipes, Gluten-Free Desserts for Your Slow Cooker Plus Secrets of Indian Spices!

Authentic Meals

Author: Eva Mehler

Publisher: Guava Books

ISBN: 1386241660

Category: Cooking

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Indian Slow Cooker Recipes: Over 50 Easy and Delicious Indian Slow Cooker Recipes for the Homecook Are you really interested and excited to try cooking something really delicious for your loved ones and friends? If you are, then why don’t you delve into the world of Indian cuisine? Laden with traditional and exotic flavors, you will surely be able to make anyone feel like they have traveled thousands of miles to sample authentic and great tasting Indian dishes. But what if you are not that familiar with their food culture at all? What if you are pressed for time and you cannot really veer away from your daily tasks to slave away in the kitchen? Well, you can do all your duties and work and still be able to serve top notch Indian dishes through this book. With Indian Slow Cooker Recipes, you will: · Learn and familiarize yourself with the different spices and blends that Indian home cooks will find and use in their kitchens. · Over 50 really stress-free, easy and ultimately delicious Indian recipes that can be made using a slow cooker or crock pot. · And so much more Transform into a really spectacular home cook through the recipes included in this eBook. Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now. ​

Crockpot Recipes: 70 Delicious Family Slow Cooker Recipe Favourites

Author: Recipe This

Publisher: Recipe This


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I have been Crockpot Cooking since 2004. That was the exact year I got my favourite white crockpot. Since then it has been paired up with more slow cookers and other crockpots. These 70 delicious slow cooker Crockpot recipes are based on my personal favourites. Ones that are tried and tested that our family LOVES. With a mixture of healthy crockpot recipes, crockpot dinners, crockpot sauces and soups we have something for everyone. We hope you enjoy our Crockpot recipes and welcome to the wonderful world of slow cooking!

Whole Food Slow Cooked

100 Recipes for the Slow Cooker Or Stovetop

Author: Olivia Andrews

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 1592337538

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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An easy way to cook and eat that checks all the right boxes: healthy, wholesome, comforting, and convenient. Whole Food Slow Cooked is the solution to nourishing friends and family with ease and style. Each recipe offers cooking methods for both slow cooker and stovetop and is designed to fit in around a busy schedule. And, because slow cooking means you can make the most of cheaper cuts of meat by braising them to melting tenderness, it's economical, too. Just fire up the slow cooker in the morning and come home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of caramel pork belly, pea and ham soup, or the ultimate bolognese ready to toss into a pan of pasta. With curries, seafood, lazy weekend fare, and plenty of meat-free options, you'll never be short of ideas to keep everyone happy and well-fed. Healthy and convenient don't usually go together, but now you can really have the best of both worlds!

The Complete Slow Cooker

From Appetizers to Desserts - 450 Must-Have Recipes That Cook While You Play (or Work)

Author: America's Test Kitchen

Publisher: America's Test Kitchen

ISBN: 1940352789

Category: Electric cooking, Slow

Page: 400

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The staff at America's Test Kitchen have reimagined slow cooker meals. The result goes beyond pot roast and chile with foolproof recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts. Let the experts show you the way to slow cooker success!

The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook

Over 100 delicious, fuss-free recipes - from family favourites to dishes for a dinner party

Author: Cara Hobday

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448146097

Category: Cooking

Page: 128

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Time is short in the working day and it is difficult to find time at the end of it to produce a hot meal. With a slow cooker, you can be eating a nutritious and thrifty hot supper every evening, with minimal effort and preparation time. This must-have guide is an invaluable companion to your slow cooker, with delicious recipes for every occasion - from a mid-week family supper to a more elaborate dinner party; you can even take your cooker camping! Rustle up classic dishes such as Lamb Shanks with Redcurrant and Rosemary Sauce and Traditional Pot-roasted Gammon in Cider with Apples or impress your friends with Satay-style Pork with Coriander, Goan Fish Curry with Lentils or Sticky Toffee Pudding. The cookbook also contains guidance on choosing a slow cooker according to your needs; how to care for your cooker and how to adapt cooking times and recipes for different scenarios.

Slow Cooker Curries

Over 150 Delicious Recipes with Intense Flavour

Author: Sunil Vijayakar

Publisher: Hamlyn

ISBN: 9780600621546

Category: Cooking (Curry)

Page: 256

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This cookbook contains recipes for over 150 curries. Flick through the book to find all your favourites, plus discover adventurous new ideas that your slow cooker will bring to life.

Slow Cooker

The Best Cookbook Ever with More Than 400 Easy-to-Make Recipes

Author: Diane Phillips

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 0811866572

Category: Cooking

Page: 544

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Presents hundreds of easy-to-prepare slow cooker recipes for dishes ranging from soups and roasts to cobblers and puddings.

I Love Curry

Author: Anjum Anand

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849491690

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

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In India, a curry is a dish whose sauce is flavoured with a harmonious blend of spices. In the new edition of this deliciously spicy book Anjum Anand presents an eclectic choice of her favourite curries. As with all Anjum s recipes, they are written to suit a lighter, healthier way of eating; but every dish bursts with the flavours of India. Some are simple one-pot curries while others recreate the multi-layered flavours of restaurant classics. Divided into chapters on Fish and Seafood, Poultry and Game, Meat and Vegetable curries, there is a final chapter featuring the usual accompaniments: vegetable side dishes, breads, rice, chutneys and raitas. This is the essential book for all lovers of Indian food, whether they are confident cooks or novice enthusiasts.

Cooking Curries

Author: Margaret Malone

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781740456005

Category: Cookery (Curry)

Page: 191

View: 2677

Cooking Curries focuses on flavour by categorising

Curries and Spicy Dishes for Your Slow Cooker

Author: Kris Dhillon

Publisher: Elliot Right Way Books

ISBN: 9780716022657

Category: Cooking (Curry)

Page: 185

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Readers have praised Kris Dhillon's The Curry Secret for over twenty years. Now she shows how easily you can produce your favourite spicy and curry dishes in a slow cooker. Her collection of tasty recipes includes dishes from India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Jamaica and North Africa, all of which can be cooked in a slow cooker. Choose from Rogan Josh, Goan Prawn Curry, Tarka Dhal, Thai Pork Curry, Thai Green Curry, Thai Spiced Beef Soup, Tamarind Pork, Malaysian Chicken Curry with Mango, Indonesian Chicken Curry, Curried Coconut Chicken, Vegetable Tagine, Moroccan Lamb Soup, Real Chili Con Carne, Slow Cooker Jambalaya and many more. It also includes a selection of easy to make accompaniments including rice dishes, nans, raitas, puris, chutneys and tortillas.

Slow Cooker Central Kids

Author: Paulene Christie

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

ISBN: 1460709586

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

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* Bestselling Australian slow-cooker cookbook series * ** Over 150,000 copies sold ** A book for every parent who wants to be free from mealtime tussles with their kids! 'Amazing books, they get used at least 5 times a week sometimes more' 'I was hooked from the first book. Slow cooking has changed my life' 'I am a cookbook junkie and have not bought another cook book since I purchased all three Slow Cooker Central books' From the trusted bestselling Slow Cooker Central series comes a book packed with more than 200 recipes that your kids will love to eat and are simple enough for them to help cook! How do we know that? Because these are recipes from real mums and dads, who've road-tested these dishes in their own families, with their own kids. With so many recipes to choose from, you don't need to cook the same old boring meals week in week out - you can try something new with the confidence that there will be smiling faces and happy tummies at the table.

Pillsbury Fast Slow Cooker Cookbook

Author: Pillsbury Editors

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544187784

Category: Cooking

Page: 208

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The "Fast" in Pillsbury Fast Slow Cooker means that all 140 recipes can be prepared in 15 minutes or less (many of them 10 minutes or less). All that's left is to turn on the slow cooker and let dinner make itself! (Many other slow-cooker cookbooks contain recipes that can take a while to prepare, with added steps for browning ingredients and other techniques--not what you want to do before heading to work!)You may think of the slow cooker as a life-saver for busy weekday meals--and it is--but Pillsbury Fast Slow Cooker lets you put your slow cooker to work for other occasions, too. Make slow-cooker dips and appetizers for your next party and you'll have the whole day free to focus on other things. The savory, slow-cooked recipes here include roasts perfect for Sunday dinner, savory sandwiches and soups, vegetable side dishes, and plenty of one dish meals, you may never put your slow cooker back in the cabinet. Recipes include Caesar Artichoke Dip, Curry-Mustard-Glazed Meatballs, Hot and Spicy Riblets, Open-Faced Italian Brisket Sandwiches, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chicken with Creamy Paprika Sauce, Teriyaki Pork Ribs for Two, Cheesy Winter Vegetables Casserole, and Vegetable-Rice Pilaf.

Sunshine on a Plate

Author: Shelina Permalloo

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448148316

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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In 2012 over 6.5 million viewers watched Shelina triumph in the MasterChef final: with her instinctive spicing and intense flavours, she brought Mauritian food to TV for the first time, inspiring legions of home cooks to try out her recipes at home. Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and Shelina's food reflects that, encompassing Creole, French, Indian, African, British and Chinese influences. From Gajaks, street food such as chilli cakes and daal puri (flatbreads with split peas), to vegetarian chickpea and sweet potato curry and black lentil fricassée, there is an emphasis on freshness and subtle spicing. The island's French heritage can be seen in classic Mauritian dishes such as Lamb 'La Daube', aubergine toufé and king prawn rougaille. Many of the curries, pulses and rice dishes are vegetarian and gluten-free. Plus, from the 'Mango Queen', there are enticing desserts including mango creme brulée and spiced tea rum baba. Sunshine on a Plate showcases the food of this beautiful island in Shelina's unique home cooking. With family-friendly, time-saving recipes and beautiful photography on location in Mauritius, this book will make Shelina a true star of the cookery world.

The Incredible Spice Men

Author: Cyrus Todiwala,Tony Singh

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448141761

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 8828

Acclaimed chefs Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala are on a mission to wake Britain up to the versatility of spices. For too long, our spices have sat unused and dusty in cupboard shelves, when just a mere sprinking of cumin, a dash of turmeric or a handful of star anise has the power to turn our everyday food into an explosion of tastes and smells. Tony and Cyrus have taken to the road, exploring the British Isles and adding their own spicy twist to our most classic and best-loved dishes. Try jazzing up a Sunday roast chicken with a honey and ginger, adding a cumin and coriander kick to a shepherd's pie or lacing a Victoria sponge with aromatic fennel seeds and cardamom. With delicious, everyday recipes accompanied by Cyrus and Tony's top tips and favourite spices, The Incredible Spice Men will demystify the contents of your spice rack, and open your everyday cooking up to a world of exciting new flavours.

The Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook

Prep-and-Go Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home

Author: Hari Ghotra

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN: 9781623159696

Category: Cooking

Page: 220

View: 2628

"It's tempting to reach for the take-out menu when you think about how long it can take to make your favorite Indian dishes at home. But you don't have to spend your day in the kitchen to enjoy a home-cooked, traditional curry or masala. The Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook gives you quick prep recipes for your slow cooker so that you can enjoy all of the spices that Indian food has to offer without wasting any time. Fire up your taste buds, not your stove, with the speedy and spicy recipes in this Indian cookbook." --

The New Best Recipe

Author: N.A

Publisher: Cooks Illustrated


Category: Cooking

Page: 1028

View: 4316

Presents a collection of more than one thousand recipes along with cooking tutorials and opinons on equipment and ingredients.

Ginger and Ganesh

Adventures in Indian Cooking, Culture, and Love

Author: Nani Power

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 1582436649

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

View: 9688

“Please teach me Indian cooking! I will bring ingredients and pay you for your trouble. I would like to know about your culture as well.” And with this posting on Craigslist, so begins Nani Power’s journey to learn traditional Indian cooking in the most ancient of ways — woman to woman. Welcomed warmly into the homes of strangers, Power meets women of all ages and backgrounds, and from them learns the skills that were passed on to them from their own mothers. Power takes the reader into a culture, a cuisine, and the female psyche, with recipes and stories from each chapter revealing the struggle of modern women, both American and of Indian descent, searching for identity and a definition of what it means to be a woman today. The recipes shared in this collection are far from ordinary; they are treasured family recipes from vegetarian homes in India — from homemade cheese cubes in a rich cilantro and almond curry to coconut-stuffed okra and luscious potato-curry dumplings. Power’s recipes and stories pave the road to understanding a culture that is at the same time ancient and so very much part of our modern world.

The Asian Slow Cooker

Exotic Favorites for Your Crockpot

Author: Kelly Kwok

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 1624142958

Category: Cooking

Page: 192

View: 3786

Named one of the best cookbooks of 2016 by the Washington Post. Faster, Easier, Tastier and Healthier Than Takeout Kelly Kwok, founder of Life Made Sweeter, provides great new flavors to try in your slow cooker. These simple and delicious recipes will have your favorite Asian dishes waiting for you right when you get home. With the press of a button, you can make authentic dishes that are healthier and tastier than their restaurant counterparts. You'll experience a wide variety of flavors; choose spicy, vegetarian, noodles or rice. There are even recipes that have 5 ingredients or less. Extra long day? Kelly’s fuss-free one-pot and skillet recipes will have dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less—and with only one pan to wash, cleanup will be a breeze. Whether you're in the mood for General Tso's Chicken, Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken, Beef Chow Fun, Panang Curry, Mapo Tofu or Tom Yum Hot and Sour Soup, you can have fast, delicious meals every day of the week the easy way.

Chili Slow Cooker

50 All Time Favorite Easy and Delicious Chili Slow Cooker Recipes

Author: Daniel Jones

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519424853


Page: 124

View: 2024

Come and join us for an exciting culinary experience with the top 50 most delicious chili recipes. The recipes range from beef and lamb, to chicken and turkey, to pork and vegetarian. With such a wide variety of recipes, there is something for everyone. From mouth watering classics to more exotic creations, some recipes here, believe it or not, contain secret ingredients such as chocolate and even coffee that give a wonderful twist to the chili recipe and help enhance its flavors. Cooking chili using a slow cooker is ideal as it gives time for the aromatic flavors to enhance the meat. Oftentimes, many chilies are made 'on the go' not giving the spices enough time to work fully, it's a bit like cooking curry at home - it always tastes better the next day. This does not happen when you use the slow cooker, the recipe has many hours for the food to be infused with herbs, spices and seasoning. Most of the recipes featured in this book are cooked on a low setting in the slow cooker, giving you time to go to work or do the chores around the house. Of course, you can speed things up by cooking on high and reducing the time by half. The big plus is that these recipes have very low preparation times so you can literally prep in as little as twenty minutes, dump everything into the slow cooker and finish all the important things on your 'to do list'. SCROLL UP AND CLICK "BUY" TO ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY