Sweet Betrayal

Author: Helen Brooks

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459263316

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 474

Once bitten, twice shy Nothing could fade the bitter memories Candy had of Cameron Strythe. How could he have been so callous, abandoning her pregnant sister all those years ago? He'd disrupted their lives, and he was stilldisturbing Candy's peace of mind with his dynamic presence and all too charming manner…. But this man had betrayed her sister and, Candy vowed, it was her absolute duty to exact a full and meaningful revenge—at any cost! "Helen Brooks pens a superb story with rich characters, sparkling interplay and a riveting emotional conflict." —Romantic Times

Sweet Betrayal

Author: Lauren Wilde

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 9780821728895

Category: Fiction

Page: 477

View: 4712

Texas Ranger Adam Prescott crosses the Rio Grande to hunt down a bandit, not a beautiful woman, so he is unprepared for Anita, the seductive and hateful woman who is everywhere he turns

Sweet Betrayal

Author: Prince Chukwudi Oguaju

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781420857351

Category: Fiction

Page: 676

View: 517

Her Sweet Betrayal

Author: Tywanda Brown-Johnson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523762491

Category: African American girls

Page: 268

View: 6930

Rumor has it that it's the one's that love you the most that causes you the most pain. Fifteen year old Honey finds out the hard way just how true that statement is. They say water does the body good but sometimes some people only needs a little honey even if it's forbidden. Find out what happens when the forbidden nectar of Honey gets tasted.

Sweet Revenge

Author: Kay Rogal

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440551472

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

View: 980

Selena Malone left the Agency in search of a normal life. She never expected to find it in the arms of the dark and brooding Drake, a man with determination and a killer touch. On the night of her wedding, not only does she learn she is modern-day slaver Don Donovan's daughter, but her beloved stepsister has been murdered by his blood, leaving a son behind. Selena knows she must take the Donovan family—her family—down if she wants to keep Drake and her nephew alive. Drake Carpoli is on leave from the Agency until he can refocus on the mission instead of his revenge against the Donovans for killing his brother. He hadn’t planned on falling in love with Selena. It isn't until she disappears that he learns she is a member of the family he has vowed vengeance on. When he finds Selena in the midst of the Donovans, fighting for her life, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim her, even if he is not sure on what side her loyalty lies. But first, he needs to get her out alive. Sensuality Level: Sensual Kay Rogal is the author of romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and women’s fiction.

Sweet Southern Betrayal

Author: Robin Covington

Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence

ISBN: 1622661907

Category: Fiction

Page: 277

View: 5340

Sweet Southern Betrayal: A Boys Are Back in Town Novel by Robin Covington Waking up in a tacky Elvis-themed bedroom is a bad sign—even in Vegas. Especially when it's accompanied by five-star hangover and no memory of the night before. For golden-boy lawyer Teague Elliott, it's the kind of nightmare that could ruin his political career before it's even begun. Especially if it's the kind of trouble that's sleeping in his bed...with creamy skin, flaming hair, and a voice that evokes the memory of seriously unbelievable sex. At least there's no ring on his finger. Showgirl Risa Clay is in way over her head. She had her instructions: seduce Teague, marry him, and hand the "evidence" over to her mobster boss for blackmail. But somehow, the plan went awry—starting with the five rounds of wickedly-hot sexy time with Teague. Now Risa's running for her life... and the only man who can possibly help her is the man whose career she's about to destroy!

Das Herz des Verräters

Die Chroniken der Verbliebenen

Author: Mary E. Pearson


ISBN: 3732540804

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 527

View: 4753

Lia wird in den Palast von Venda verschleppt und muss um ihr Leben fürchten. Eine Flucht wäre der einzige Ausweg, scheint jedoch unmöglich. Stattdessen setzt sie alles daran, sich im Palastleben zurechtzufinden. Sie hat längst ihr Herz an einen der Männer aus der Taverne verloren, und auch erfahren, wer er wirklich ist. Doch Gut und Böse sind nicht eindeutig verteilt. Denn auch der Mann, der eigentlich ihr Feind sein müsste, stellt sich plötzlich ein ums andere Mal auf ihre Seite. Warum? Während Lia am Palast nach neuen Verbündeten sucht, wird sie immer häufiger von der Gabe der Vorsehung heimgesucht. Galt sie lange als diejenige Erstgeborene, die ohne dieses wichtige Talent geboren wurde, so zeigt sich ihr die Zukunft nun immer häufiger. Doch dieser Blick offenbar Dinge, die nicht nur ihr Schicksal, sondern auch das Schicksal eines ganzen Volkes beeinflußen könnten ...

Maggie Darling

A Modern Romance

Author: James Howard Kunstler

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 1555846718

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 1204

She's the goddess of hearth and home, America's millionaire media maven of domesticity, Connecticut's most dazzling hostess, and everything in her world is perfect-except that Maggie Darling's picture-book life has suddenly gone off the rails. Amid the extravagant trappings of a Christmas Eve bash, she spies her swinish stockbroker husband slipping out of a powder room moments after his creamy young colleague. Matrimonial meltdown launches Maggie on a year of romance and misadventure, starting with an ill-fated fling with British rock star-turned-movie-actor Frederick Swann. Back home, a sniper is loose on the Merritt Parkway and a gang known as the Businessman's Lunch Posse is terrorizing patrons of Manhattan's four-star restaurants. Meanwhile, Maggie's son Hooper drops out of college and falls into the company of the sinister gangsta-rap group Chill Az Def. As calamity piles on catastrophe, can Maggie Darling brilliantly resolve the collapse of civilization as we wish we knew it?

Verwöhnt mit süßen Küssen

Author: Helen Brooks

Publisher: CORA Verlag

ISBN: 3733756843

Category: Fiction

Page: 130

View: 6464

Candy ist zutiefst unglücklich: Sie hat sich ausgerechnet in den gut aussehenden Gutsbesitzer Cameron Strythe verliebt. Niemals darf sie diesen Gefühlen nachgeben, denn er soll vor Jahren ihre Schwester sitzen gelassen haben, obwohl sie schwanger war. Hat sie tatsächlich ihr Herz an einen eiskalten Verführer verloren?

Die Abtei von Wyldcliffe

Die Schwestern der Dunkelheit

Author: Gillian Shields

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 364106676X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8202

Der Beginn einer fesselnden Serie um Liebe und Verrat Als Evie Johnson Sebastian im nebelverhangenen Moor begegnet, ahnt sie nicht, dass ihr Schicksal damit besiegelt ist. Von Anfang an fühlt sie sich an der unwirtlichen Wyldcliffe Abbey School einsam und allein. Nur die heimlichen Treffen mit Sebastian muntern sie auf. Und aus ihrer Freundschaft wird bald mehr. Doch als sie dann auf einen Geist aus der Vergangenheit trifft, kommen ihr Zweifel an Sebastians Absichten. Wer ist er, und was will er von ihr?


Eine wahre Geschichte von Geld, Macht, Freundschaft und Verrat

Author: Nick Bilton

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593399067

Category: Political Science

Page: 335

View: 8079

Kontakt zu Freunden halten - das ist eine der Ideen hinter Twitter. Doch einer der Gründer erreichte für sich persönlich das Gegenteil: Intrigen machten aus Kumpeln bittere Feinde. "New York Times"-Reporter Nick Bilton hat darüber jetzt ein Buch geschrieben. Twitter wächst, trotz technischer Probleme, aber wer sich dafür näher interessiert, ist bei Nick Bilton falsch aufgehoben: Hier geht es um die Egokämpfe und Machtspiele, nicht um Feinheiten der Serversteuerung oder der Medienrevolution.


Author: Monica Ramirez

Publisher: Bitingduck Press LLC

ISBN: 0917990684

Category: Betrayal

Page: 501

View: 6075

French by birth, Laurence-Jacques Fournier has never considered himself as appertaining to a specific nation. Laurence is a free bird. He also runs an international mix of thieves, but not just common thieves. They are the elite of all kinds and methods, stealing anything and everything from jewelry to art, industrial and political secrets to top secret military projects, and, of course, armaments, which are extremely profitable on the black market.

Life’S Passions

Author: Lori Maurizi

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426968507

Category: Poetry

Page: 172

View: 8798

In Lifes Passions, Lori Maurizi presents a poetry collection consisting of her lifes work to date. Her poetry, stemming from her own experiences and springing from her heart and her empathy, traces a journey through lifes many ups and downs. Her work addresses many of todays issues, ranging from love, heartbreak, and abuse to addiction and the eventual search for tranquility. This is an emotional journey through lifes passions. From the innocence of childhood to the pain of unexpected tragedy, the emotions of a life are exposed and explored in this heartfelt poetry collection. Today I Heard a Story Today I heard a story a story of the bittersweet a heart in need of mending it began with a sad truth a tale of neglect how the opening chapter broke my heart I could have wept instead with that solemn feeling I chose to rewrite the next chapter verse by verse to enchant you with a new story to tell about what you are truly worth the nurturing that should have been hugs and kisses all that is sweet today I changed a story a story of woe to a story everyone should expect


Author: Richard Maduku

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491816694

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 8797

To Girls Be The Glory is a collection of fourteen not very clean short stories about mostly Nigerian women of the 1970s – to the mid 2000. They are told without inhibitions in the author’s usual simple but elegant prose.


Author: Ian McEwan

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257607776

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 8764

Eine klassische Konstellation: der Vater, die Mutter und der Liebhaber. Und das Kind, vor dessen Augen sich das Drama entfaltet. Aber so, wie Ian McEwan sie erzählt, hat man diese elementare Geschichte noch nie gehört. Verblüffend, verstörend, fesselnd, philosophisch – eine literarische Tour de Force von einem der größten Erzähler englischer Sprache.

Verletzlichkeit macht stark

Wie wir unsere Schutzmechanismen aufgeben und innerlich reich werden

Author: Brené Brown

Publisher: Kailash Verlag

ISBN: 3641106788

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 7969

Selbstliebe statt Perfektionismus In einer Welt, in der die Furcht zu versagen zur zweiten Natur geworden ist, erscheint Verletzlichkeit als gefährlich. Doch das Gegenteil ist der Fall: Die renommierte Psychologin Brené Brown zeigt, dass Verletzlichkeit der Ort ist, wo Liebe, Zugehörigkeit, Freude und Kreativität entstehen. Unter ihrer behutsamen Anleitung erforschen wir unsere Ängste und entwickeln eine machtvolle neue Vision, die uns ermutigt, Großes zu wagen.

Last Call for Sector 9G

Author: Leigh Brackett

Publisher: eStar Books

ISBN: 161210438X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3318

Out there in the green star system; far beyond the confining grip of the Federation, moved the feared Bitter Star, for a thousand frigid years the dark and sinister manipulator of war-weary planets.ExcerptMartie said monotonously, "There is someone at the door sir shall I answer? There is someone at the door sir shall I-"Durham grunted. What he wanted to say was go away and let me alone. But he would only grunt, and Artie kept repeating the stupid question. Artie was a cheap off-brand make, and bought used and he lacked some cogs. Any first class servall would have seen that the master had passed out in his chair and was in no condition to receive guests. But Artie did not, and presently Durham got one eye open and then he began to hear the persistent knocking, the annunciator being naturally out of order. And he said quite clearly."If it's a creditor, I'm not in.""-shall I answer?"Durham made a series of noises. Artie took them for an affirmative and trundled off. Durham put his face in his hands and struggled with the pangs of returning consciousness, He could hear a mutter of voices in the hall. He thought suddenly that he recognized them, and he sprang, or rather stumbled up in alarm, hastily combing his hair with his fingers and trying to pull the wrinkles out of his tunic. Through a thick haze he saw the bottle on the table and he picked it up and hid it under a chair, ashamed not of its emptiness but of its label. A gentleman should not be drunk on stuff like that.Paulsen and Burke came in.Durham stood stiffly beside the table, hanging on. He looked at the two men. "Well," he said. "It's been quite a long time." He turned to Artie. "The gentlemen are leaving."Burke stepped quickly behind the servall and pushed the main toggle to OFF, Artie stopped, with a sound ridiculously like a tired sigh. Paulsen went past him and locked the door. Then both of them turned in to face Durham.Durham scowled. "What the devil do you think you're doing?"Burke and Paulsen glanced at each other as though resolve had carried them this far but had now run out, leaving them irresolute in the face of some distasteful task. Both men wore black dominos, with the cowls thrown back."Were you afraid you'd be recognized coming here?" Durham said. A small pulse of fright began to beat in him, and this was idiotic. It made him angry. "What do you want?"Paulsen said in a reluctant voice, not looking at him, "I don't want anything Durham, believe me." Durham had once been engaged to Paulsen's sister, a thing both of them preferred not to remember but couldn't quite forget. He went on, "We were sent here." Durham tried to think who might sent them. Certainly not any of the girls; certainly not any one of the people he owed money to. Two members of the Terran World Embassy corps, even young and still obscure members in the lower echelons, were above either of those missions.

Salz für die See

Author: Ruta Sepetys

Publisher: Königskinder

ISBN: 3646929227

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 4467

Die letzten Kriegstage des Jahres 1945: Tausende Menschen flüchten aus Angst vor der Roten Armee nach Westen. Darunter Florian, ein deutscher Deserteur, Emilia, eine junge Polin, und Joana, eine litauische Krankenschwester. Eine Notgemeinschaft, in der jeder ein Geheimnis hat, das er nicht preisgeben will. Denn der Krieg hat sie Misstrauen gelehrt. Im eiskalten Winter wählt der kleine Flüchtlingstrek den lebensgefährlichen Weg über das zugefrorene Haff. In Gotenhafen, so heißt es, warte die Wilhelm Gustloff, um sie nach Westen zu bringen. Doch auch dort sind sie noch lange nicht in Sicherheit.

Der Schatten des Windes


Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104027706

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 2426

Der unvergessliche Roman eines einzigartigen Erzählers – Carlos Ruiz Zafóns Welterfolg An einem dunstigen Sommermorgen des Jahres 1945 wird der junge Daniel Sempere von seinem Vater an einen geheimnisvollen Ort in Barcelona geführt – den Friedhof der Vergessenen Bücher. Dort entdeckt Daniel den Roman eines verschollenen Autors für sich, er heißt ›Der Schatten des Windes‹, und er wird sein Leben verändern ... Carlos Ruiz Zafón eroberte mit seinem Buch die Herzen leidenschaftlicher Leser rund um den Globus. ›Der Schatten des Windes‹ bildet den Auftakt eines einzigartigen, fesselnden und berührenden Werks, er ist der erste von vier Barcelona-Romanen um den Friedhof der Vergessenen Bücher und die Buchhändler Sempere & Söhne. Auf ›Der Schatten des Windes‹ folgten ›Das Spiel des Engels‹ und ›Der Gefangene des Himmels‹. Der vierte und abschließende Band ist in Arbeit.

Der talentierte Mr. Ripley

Author: Patricia Highsmith

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 325760095X

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 8023

Unbeschwerte Dolce Vita: Das ist das Leben, von dem Tom Ripley in seinem New Yorker Kellerloch träumt – und das sein Schulfreund Dickie Greenleaf führt. Dickies Vater, ein reicher Reeder, bittet Tom, nach Italien zu fahren und seinen ›verlorenen Sohn‹ nach Amerika zurückzuholen: ein Traumauftrag für einen armen Nobody wie Tom. Noch ahnt niemand, wie weit Ripley gehen wird, um für immer zu Dickies Welt zu gehören. 40 Jahre nach René Cléments Kultverfilmung mit Alain Delon (›Nur die Sonne war Zeuge‹) drehte Oscar-Preisträger Anthony Minghella 2000 ein Remake (›Der talentierte Mr. Ripley‹) mit Matt Damon.