The Botany of Desire

A Plant's-eye View of the World

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: PHP研究所

ISBN: 9780747563006

Category: Social Science

Page: 291

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A fascinating journey into the art of botany that combines the narrative of The Tulip with the science writing of Genome.

The Botany of Desire

A Plant's-eye View of the World

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780375760396

Category: Gardening

Page: 271

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Focusing on the human relationship with plants, uses botany to explore four basic human desires--sweetness, beauty, intoxication, and control--through of four plants that embody them: the apple, tulip, marijuana, and potato.

The Botany of Desire

A Plant's-eye View of the World

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

ISBN: 0375760393

Category: Gardening

Page: 271

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Focusing on the human relationship with plants, uses botany to explore four basic human desires--sweetness, beauty, intoxication, and control--through of four plants that embody them: the apple, tulip, marijuana, and potato.

In Defence of Food

The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141908513

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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'A must-read ... satisfying, rich ... loaded with flavour' Sunday Telegraph This book is a celebration of food. By food, Michael Pollan means real, proper, simple food - not the kind that comes in a packet, or has lists of unpronounceable ingredients, or that makes nutritional claims about how healthy it is. More like the kind of food your great-grandmother would recognize. In Defence of Food is a simple invitation to junk the science, ditch the diet and instead rediscover the joys of eating well. By following a few pieces of advice (Eat at a table - a desk doesn't count. Don't buy food where you'd buy your petrol!), you will enrich your life and your palate, and enlarge your sense of what it means to be healthy and happy. It's time to fall in love with food again. For the past twenty years, Michael Pollan has been writing about the places where the human and natural worlds intersect: food, agriculture, gardens, drugs, and architecture. His most recent book, about the ethics and ecology of eating, is The Omnivore's Dilemma, named one of the ten best books of 2006 by the New York Times and the Washington Post. He is also the author of The Botany of Desire, A Place of My Own and Second Nature.

A Place of My Own

The Architecture of Daydreams

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0307829154

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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A captivating personal inquiry into the art of architecture, the craft of building, and the meaning of modern work “A room of one’s own: Is there anybody who hasn’t at one time or another wished for such a place, hasn’t turned those soft words over until they’d assumed a habitable shape?” When Michael Pollan decided to plant a garden, the result was the acclaimed bestseller Second Nature. In A Place of My Own, he turns his sharp insight to the craft of building, as he recounts the process of designing and constructing a small one-room structure on his rural Connecticut property—a place in which he hoped to read, write, and daydream, built with his own two unhandy hands. Invoking the titans of architecture, literature, and philosophy, from Vitruvius to Thoreau, from the Chinese masters of feng shui to the revolutionary Frank Lloyd Wright, Pollan brilliantly chronicles a realm of blueprints, joints, and trusses as he peers into the ephemeral nature of “houseness” itself. From the spark of an idea to the search for a perfect site to the raising of a ridgepole, Pollan revels in the infinitely detailed, complex process of creating a finished structure. At once superbly written, informative, and enormously entertaining, A Place of My Own is for anyone who has ever wondered how the walls around us take shape—and how we might shape them ourselves. Praise for A Place of My Own “A glorious piece of prose . . . Pollan leads readers on his adventure with humor and grace.”—Chicago Tribune “[Pollan] alternates between describing the building process and introducing informative asides on various aspects of construction. These explanations are deftly and economically supplied. Pollan’s beginner status serves him well, for he asks the kind of obvious questions about building that most readers will want answered.” —The New York Review of Books “By shrewdly combining just the right mix of personal reflection, architectural background, and nuts-and-bolts detail, Michael Pollan enables us to see, feel, and understand what goes into the building of a house. The result is a captivating and informative adventure.”—John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil “An utterly terrific book . . . an inspired meditation on the complex relationship between space, the human body and the human spirit.”—Francine du Plessix Gray “A tour de force.”—Phillip Lopate

Brilliant Green

The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence

Author: Stefano Mancuso,Alessandra Viola

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1610916034

Category: Nature

Page: 173

View: 7328

In this book, a leading plant scientist offers a new understanding of the botanical world and a passionate argument for intelligent plant life. Are plants intelligent? Can they solve problems, communicate, and navigate their surroundings? For centuries, philosophers and scientists have argued that plants are unthinking and inert, yet discoveries over the past fifty years have challenged this idea, shedding new light on the complex interior lives of plants. In Brilliant Green, leading scientist Stefano Mancuso presents a new paradigm in our understanding of the vegetal world. He argues that plants process information, sleep, remember, and signal to one another-showing that, far from passive machines, plants are intelligent and aware. Part botany lesson, part manifesto, Brilliant Green is an engaging and passionate examination of the inner workings of the plant kingdom.--


A Natural History of Transformation

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0143125338

Category: Cooking

Page: 468

View: 1053

The author recounts the story of his culinary education and the roles of the four classical elements of fire, water, air and earth in transforming natural ingredients into delicious meals and drinks, in an account that traces his efforts to master classic recipes using one of the four elements. Reprint.

The Gardener Horticulture in Pakistan

Author: A. K. Khan

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Architecture

Page: 365

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This fully illustrated book was written in response to the need for a manual on gardening that offered relevant information on all aspects of horticulture with particular reference to Pakistan. The book provides general and specific guidance for the amateur and the professional gardener. The volume covers various aspects of gardening, including the plant kingdom, soil, manure, watering, propagation etc., with details about flowering plants, hedges, climbers, indoor plants, palms, trees, lawns etc. It also offers solutions for dealing with garden pests and other troubles by way of a diagnostic key, and a 12-month gardening calendar for planting and sowing seasons. There is also a general guide to plant troubles, pest groups and diseases and their treatment. A chapter on bonsai is informative and original. Mr. A. K. Khan is an eminent horticulturist of Pakistan. He was born in 1920, and migrated to Pakistan from Jaipur. He graduated in Horticulture from Allahabad University in 1944. He initially worked in the agriculture department in Kabul, Afghanistan, and then in Delhi, India. In Pakistan he served in various capacities including Director, Parks and Recreation, Government of Pakistan. He was elected Member International Committee for Horticulture Nomenclature in 1952 at the 13th International Horticultural Congress and in 1984 he was elected Member, Landscape Institute, UK. His passion for horticulture induced him to establish the Horticultural Society of Pakistan in 1948. He has received the President's Award for Pride of Performance in 1990 in the field of science. He has six books to his credit. Introduction Aknowledgements to the 2006 Edition Aknowledgements to the 2007 Edition Foreword to the First Edition Praise for the First Edition 1. The Plant Kingdom 2. Flowering Plants 3. Shrubs, Hedges, Climbers 4. Orchids, Indoor Plants, Cacti 5. Palms, Cycas, Trees 6. Lawns 7. Garden Planning 8. Garden Foes 9. Diseases 10. General Guide 11. Gardening Calendar 12. Bonsai Glossary Bibliography List of Illustrations Index

The Nature of Crops

How We Came to Eat the Plants We Do

Author: John Warren

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1780645082

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 191

View: 3392

Have you ever wondered why we eat wheat, rice, potatoes and cassava? Why we routinely domesticate foodstuffs with the power to kill us, or why we chose almonds over acorns? Answering all these questions and more in a readable and friendly style, this book takes you on a journey through our history with crop plants. Arranged into recurrent themes in plant domestication, this book documents the history and biology of over 50 crops, including cereals, spices, legumes, fruits and cash crops such as chocolate, tobacco and rubber.

The Omnivore's Dilemma

A Natural History of Four Meals

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781594200823

Category: Cooking

Page: 450

View: 2501

An ecological and anthropological study of eating offers insight into food consumption in the twenty-first century, explaining how an abundance of unlimited food varieties reveals the responsibilities of everyday consumers to protect their health and the environment. By the author of The Botany of Desire. 125,000 first printing.

Plants, People, and Culture

The Science of Ethnobotany

Author: Michael J. Balick,Paul Alan Cox

Publisher: Times Books

ISBN: 9780716760276

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 1052

Ethnobotany - the study of the cultural use of plants - is explored throroughly in this text. The significance of plants in Western as well as indigenous societies is confronted and the history of ethnobotany, development of agriculture, and the critical need to conserve plant biodiversity are all covered in this introduction to the science.

Seeds of Change

Six Plants that Transformed Mankind

Author: Henry Hobhouse

Publisher: Counterpoint Press

ISBN: 9781593760496

Category: History

Page: 381

View: 1845

An account of the historical influences of six commercial plants, including sugar, tea, cotton, potatoes, quinine, and coca, evaluates their role in the Atlantic slave trade, opening up of China, and establishment of multiple colonial empires. Reprint.

Botany: A Lab Manual

Author: Stacy Pfluger

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9781284041064

Category: Science

Page: 278

View: 4169

Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany

Author: Karen McMahon,Estelle Levetin,Rob Reinsvold

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780072465488

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 2134

Science education is experiencing a revitalization, as it is recognized that science should be accessible to everyone, not just society’s future scientists. One way to make the study of science more substantive to the non-major is to require a laboratory component for all science courses. The subject of applied botany with its emphasis on the practical aspects of plant science, the authors believe, will be appealing to the non-major as it exemplifies how a basic science can be applied to problem solving. Laboratory Manual for Applied Botany will make students realize that the study of plants is relevant to their lives and that they can participate in the discovery process of science. Although the manual includes much of the basic plant anatomy found in standard botany manuals, it differs in taking a practical approach, examining those plants and plant products that have sustained or affected human society.

Second Nature

A Gardener's Education

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9780802198617

Category: Gardening

Page: 320

View: 2953

Chosen by the American Horticultural Society as one of the seventy-five greatest books ever written about gardening, Second Nature has become a manifesto for rethinking our relationship with nature. With chapter ranging from a reconsideration of the Great American Lawn and a dispatch from one man’s war with a woodchuck to reflections on the sexual politics of roses, Pollan captures the rhythms of our everyday engagement with the outdoors in all its glory and exasperation.

Human Universe

Author: Professor Brian Cox,Andrew Cohen

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0008129797

Category: Science

Page: 272

View: 8344

Top ten Sunday Times Bestseller ‘Engaging, ambitious and creative’ Guardian Where are we? Are we alone? Who are we? Why are we here? What is our future?

The Plant Messiah

Adventures in Search of the World's Rarest Species

Author: Carlos Magdalena

Publisher: Doubleday

ISBN: 038554362X

Category: Nature

Page: 272

View: 3941

An impassioned memoir of saving extraordinary plants on the brink of extinction, by a scientist who has been called a "codebreaker" (Telegraph) and "an inspiration" (Jane Goodall) Carlos Magdalena is not your average horticulturist. He's a man on a mission to save the world's most endangered plants. First captivated by the flora of his native Spain, he has travelled to the remotest parts of the globe in search of exotic species. Renowned for his pioneering work, he has committed his life to protecting plants from man-made ecological destruction and thieves hunting for wealthy collectors. In The Plant Messiah, Magdalena takes readers from the Amazon to the jungles of Mauritius to deep within the Australian Outback in search of the rare and the vulnerable. Back in the lab, we watch as he develops groundbreaking, left-field techniques for rescuing species from extinction, encouraging them to propagate and thrive once again. Along the way, he offers moving, heartfelt stories about the secrets contained within these incredible organisms. Passionate and absorbing, The Plant Messiah is a tribute to the diversity of life on our planet, and the importance of preserving it. *Featuring 16 pages of color photos*

I Contain Multitudes

The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life

Author: Ed Yong

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473520185

Category: Science

Page: 368

View: 591

SHORTLISTED FOR THE WELLCOME BOOK PRIZE 2017 AND THE ROYAL SOCIETY INSIGHT INVESTMENT SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE 2017 THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Your body is teeming with tens of trillions of microbes. It’s an entire world, a colony full of life. In other words, you contain multitudes. They sculpt our organs, protect us from diseases, guide our behaviour, and bombard us with their genes. They also hold the key to understanding all life on earth. In I Contain Multitudes, Ed Yong opens our eyes and invites us to marvel at ourselves and other animals in a new light, less as individuals and more as thriving ecosystems. You'll never think about your mind, body or preferences in the same way again. 'Super-interesting... He just keeps imparting one surprising, fascinating insight after the next. I Contain Multitudes is science journalism at its best' Bill Gates

How to Change Your Mind

What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780735224155

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 480

View: 4272

Just Listen

Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

Author: Mark Goulston

Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

ISBN: 081443648X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 674

Do you ever feel like you're talking to a brick wall? The first step in persuading anyone to do anything is getting them to hear you out. But whether the person is a cynical colleague, furious customer, or overwhelmed spouse, their emotional barriers may be blocking your message. And if you can't break through, you can't move forward. Just Listen has helped tens of thousands of people tear down walls and establish productive communication. In this landmark book, veteran psychiatrist and business coach Mark Goulston reveals simple, proven techniques for moving people from resistance to consensus, explaining how to: Listen effectively Make even a total stranger—perhaps a potential client—feel "felt" Shift an angry or aggressive person into a calmer, more receptive state Use empathy jolts to quickly bridge communication gaps Turn negative people into assets using the "Magic Paradox" Achieve buy-in, the linchpin of all negotiation, persuasion, and sales And more Barricades between people become barriers to success and happiness, so getting through is not just a fine art—it's a crucial skill. With Just Listen, readers learn how to transform the "impossible" and "unreachable" people in their lives into true allies, loyal customers, and lifelong friends.