Deliverance of the Brain

Author: Dr. D. K. Olukoya

Publisher: The Battle Cry Christian Ministries

ISBN: 978491784X

Category: Religion

Page: 126

View: 3824

Deliverance of the Brain is without a doubt, a masterpiece. Reading it will add value to your brain. It brings to the fore, the depth of your intellectual endowment and shows you what it takes to obtain, and experience and retain sound mental health. While this book will show you how to maximize your mental capacity, it will also lead you unto deliverance from every form of mental affliction. This book will move every reader forward. It will put an end to every activity of the enemy in the area of the brain

Train Your Brain to be a Genius

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 140935024X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 192

View: 5322

The big book of brain-training. Discover hints and tips and find out about geniuses who have come before you with Train Your Brain to be a Genius Do you want to help your child train their brain so they can calculate like Einstein, paint like Picasso, or compose like Mozart? Then put their grey matter to the brain-training test and see how they measure up to some of the greatest thinkers in history with Train Your Brain to be a Genius, now in paperback. Train Your Brain to be a Genius will help them get into practice with a series of brain-boggling puzzles, games and optical illusions that'll sharpen wits and fine-tune their brains. They'll discover what makes their brain work: from why they smile to what is going on inside their heads. Help your child use their eyes, ears and imagination to explore the incredible potential of the mind: it's brain training worth thinking about.

The Human Brain Book

Author: Rita Carter

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 075666215X

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 2251

The Human Brain Book is a complete guide to the one organ in the body that makes each of us what we are - unique individuals. It combines the latest findings from the field of neuroscience with expert text and state-of-the-art illustrations and imaging techniques to provide an incomparable insight into every facet of the brain. Layer by layer, it reveals the fascinating details of this remarkable structure, covering all the key anatomy and delving into the inner workings of the mind, unlocking its many mysteries, and helping you to understand what's going on in those millions of little gray and white cells. Tricky concepts are illustrated and explained with clarity and precision, as The Human Brain Book looks at how the brain sends messages to the rest of the body, how we think and feel, how we perform unconscious actions (for example, breathing), explores the nature of genius, asks why we behave the way we do, explains how we see and hear things, and how and why we dream. Physical and psychological disorders affecting the brain and nervous system are clearly illustrated and summarized in easy-to-understand terms.

Train Your Brain to be a Maths Genius

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1409322440

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 5486

Make your brain a maths brain Packed with things to do, Train Your Brain to be a Maths Genius, will help you calculate equations that will make your knees tremble, it will make fretting about fractions a thing of the past, and best of all - it's great fun! Jam packed with activities, puzzles, challenges, tips and tricks to boost brain power, this book also has a section on 'Great Brains', telling you all about the interesting stories of maths geniuses and the importance of their discoveries. Combining info and facts with quirky brainteasers that will keep you on your toes, Train Your Brain to be a Maths Genius engages the brain and helps the young student gain confidence in his or her mathematical ability as they learn by doing. Train Your Brain to be a Maths Genius will help you learn in the best way - it will make maths fun!

Max Your Brain

The complete visual programme

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405351195

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 192

View: 8258

Get your head in tip-top condition with the ultimate brain training workout, in e-book format Boost your brain power and reap the rewards at work and in life with this fun guide to fulfilling your mind's potential - packed with tips, puzzles, exercises and other strategies for a supercharged mind. Find simple but ingenious brain-training exercises which will tune intelligence, improve memory, develop problem-solving skills and strengthen your mental performance. With in-depth features on the most effective brain-enhancing techniques that you can apply in your daily life. Full of facts and tips on brain food, meditation and more, discover how to sharpen your wits and give yourself the intellectual edge. Includes a foreword from Tony Buzan.

The Brain

Die Geschichte von dir

Author: David Eagleman

Publisher: Pantheon Verlag

ISBN: 3641183154

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 6033

Unterhaltend und fundiert: Ein Pageturner über die Hirnforschung Die Hirnforschung macht rasante Fortschritte, aber nur selten treten wir einen Schritt zurück und fragen uns, was es heißt, ein Lebewesen und Mensch zu sein. Der renommierte Neurowissenschaftler David Eagleman nimmt uns mit auf die Reise durch das Gewirr aus Milliarden von Hirnzellen und Billionen von Synapsen – und zu uns selbst. Das sonderbare Rechengewebe in unserem Schädel ist der Apparat, mit dem wir uns in der Welt orientieren, Entscheidungen treffen und Vorstellungen entwickeln. Seine unendlich vielen Zellen bringen unser Bewusstsein und unsere Träume hervor. In diesem Buch baut Bestsellerautor David Eagleman eine Brücke zwischen der Hirnforschung und uns, den Besitzern eines Gehirns. Er hilft uns, uns selbst zu verstehen. Denn ein besseres Verständnis unseres inneren Kosmos wirft auch ein neues Licht auf unsere persönlichen Beziehungen und unser gesellschaftliches Zusammenleben: wie wir unser Leben lenken, warum wir lieben, was wir für wahr halten, wie wir unsere Kinder erziehen, wie wir unsere Gesellschaftspolitik verbessern und wie wir den menschlichen Körper auf die kommenden Jahrhunderte vorbereiten können.

Das Gehirn

Anatomie, Sinneswahrnehmung, Gedächtnis, Bewusstsein, Störungen

Author: Rita Carter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831026586


Page: 264

View: 753


How to Create and Invent in the Age of Google

Author: Larry Kilham

Publisher: Lawrence B. Kilham

ISBN: 0982836309

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 144

View: 9029

MegaMinds: Hoe to Create and Invent in the Age of Google explains how people do genius level thinking and how this can be augmented by the new Web-based search and invent services. Kilham reviews the major creative epochs and thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci and Einstein and then moves on to the latest in computer-aided thinking. He reviews artificial intelligence and highlights its limitations and then goes on to explore the possibilities with Google and other massive Web-based connected, collectivized intelligence. Noting that we are entering an era where the lone genius may no longer be equal to solving the problems such as ecology, Kilham proposes new problem solving approaches combing the best of the imaginative and creative individual and the computer. Kilham combines historical research, current laboratory studies using such modern techniques as fMRI, and his own experience as an inventor with several successful patents in complex technical areas. He offers suggestions along the way for everyone from emerging inventors and technical problem solvers to research teams seeking to utilize the best in cognitive science and computer technology.

The Study of Language

Author: George Yule

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139867970

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: N.A

View: 4947

This bestselling textbook provides an engaging and user-friendly introduction to the study of language. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, Yule presents information in bite-sized sections, clearly explaining the major concepts in linguistics – from how children learn language to why men and women speak differently, through all the key elements of language. This fifth edition has been revised and updated with new figures and tables, additional topics, and numerous new examples using languages from across the world. To increase student engagement and to foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills, the book includes thirty new tasks. An expanded and revised online study guide provides students with further resources, including answers and tutorials for all tasks, while encouraging lively and proactive learning. This is the most fundamental and easy-to-use introduction to the study of language.

Das Psychologie-Buch

Author: Catherine Collin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831022090


Page: 352

View: 5407

Der Band bietet eine leicht zugängliche, umfassende vielseitige Einführung in die Geschichte der Psychologie und ihre wichtigsten Vertreter.

The Handy Anatomy Answer Book

Author: Patricia Barnes-Svarney,Thomas E. Svarney

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578595886

Category: Science

Page: 386

View: 2518

We all have one. The human body. But do we really know all of its parts and how they work? The Handy Anatomy Answer Book is the key to unlocking this door to a wondrous world. Covering all the major body systems—integumentary (skin, hair, etc.), skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive, and, for good measure, adds chapters on growth and development and how science can help and augment the body—it follows the fascinating maze of organ systems and shows how much the body does routinely just to let you move, breathe, eat, and fight off disease. This handy reference helps make the language of anatomy—as well as physiology and pathology—more understandable and less intimidating. Fascinating trivia, plus serious facts, combine to answer over 1,200 questions about the human body, including What is Gray’s Anatomy? What does it mean to have 20/20 vision? Why is blood sticky? How does exercise affect the heart? What is “gluten intolerance”? Is urine always yellow in color? What are the seven warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease? What is a reflex? How much sleep does an individual need? Can humans use organs from other animals for transplants?

Your Beautiful Brain

Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Author: Jeri Freedman

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1448869579

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 5391

This handy reference provides an overview of why it is important to keep the brain physically and mentally healthy. Chapters describe the choices that teens can make to keep the brain functioning well for a lifetime, such as practicing habits that promote general health and learning new skills that challenge the brain. The book also discusses the negative effects of factors such as poor diet and obesity, drugs and alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, traumatic brain injury, and brain diseases. Information drawn from recent brain research is woven throughout the text. Content fulfills National Health Education Standards.

The Little Brainwaves Investigate Animals

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405357142

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 2277

Find out about animals the fun way with the Little Brainwaves Meet the Brainwaves, hilarious little mischief-makers who are about to take your child on a spectacular journey through the world of animals; from how animal families protect, teach and feed their young to the climbing habits of an orang-utan. Packed with brilliant photography, wonderfully wacky illustrations and amazing facts, your child will discover everything they ever wanted to know about animals!

Wow! Science

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405371323

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 442

Everything you want to know, see and find out about Science. Explore a visually amazing encyclopedia in Wow! Science. Crammed full of incredible stuff to dip into, from the intricate structures of the human brain and how we hear sound, to what causes different types of weather and explosive chemical reactions: it's like a science lab, a search engine and our incredible universe all rolled into one. There are loads of science-related topics, hundreds of pictures, thousands of words and loads of amazing things for you to discover and explore. So find it. See it. Know it. Now available in ebook(PDF) format.

Kollaps oder Evolution?

wie wir den Untergang unserer Welt verhindern können

Author: Rebecca D. Costa

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527506411

Category: Civilization

Page: 341

View: 5100

Wieso scheint es, als könnten die Probleme, die unsere Gesellschaft heutzutage bewegen - die globale Wirtschaftskrise, Wassermangel, Klimakatastrophen, Hunger und Armut - nicht gelöst werden? Was, wenn unsere Gehirne einfach nicht dafür gemacht sind, solche komplexen Sachverhalte zu verstehen und die daraus entstehenden Probleme zu lösen? Was, wenn Zivilisationen wie die Maya und Römer letztlich untergegangen sind, weil auch sie an den Rand ihrer kognitiven Leistungsfähigkeit gestoßen sind - und wenn dem so ist, wie können wir mit den Beschränkungen unserer eigenen Fähigkeiten so umgehen, dass wir einen Zusammenbruch unserer Zivilisation verhindern können? Rebecca Costa stellt sich allen wichtigen gesellschaftlich, politisch und wirtschaftlich brandaktuellen Fragen aus evolutionärer Sicht und mithilfe wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse der Neurobiologie. Sie stellt die These auf, dass die Komplexität der gegenwärtigen Probleme die Aufnahmefähigkeit des durchschnittlichen menschlichen Gehirns bereits überstiegen hat. Der Versuch, die Schwierigkeiten immer erst, wenn es bereits zu spät ist, in den Griff zu bekommen, geht verstärkt zu Ungunsten der Nachhaltigkeit und damit schließlich auf unser aller Kosten. Deshalb sollten wir uns endlich intensiv mit den Begrenzungen unseres Denkens auseinandersetzen. Zur Untermauerung dieser These hat Rebecca Costa nicht nur bereits untergegangene Zivilisationen untersucht, sondern in der Tradition des Evolutionsexperten und Begründers der Memetik, Richard Dawkins, die fünf vorherrschenden kognitiven Hindernisse (die sogenannten Supermeme) betrachtet, die wir überwinden müssen, um unsere geistigen Grenzen zu besiegen. Im Einzelnen sind es eingefahrene Denkprozesse, irrationaler Widerstand, persönliche Schuldzuweisungen, falsche Interpretation von Korrelationen, Silodenken und die Ausweitung eines extremen Ökonomiegedankens auf alle Lebensbereiche. Zur Überwindung dieser Hindernisse sowie der gesellschaftlichen Probleme kann jeder Einzelne beitragen. Der erste und entscheidende Schritt im eigens dafür entwickelten "Awareness-and-Action-Ansatz" ist die Reflexion der angesprochenen Einschränkungen, um darauf aufbauend eine Verbesserung unserer "Brain-Fitness" zu erreichen und durch den gezielten Einsatz von Einsicht und Intuition einen Paradigmenwechsel in der Gesellschaft herbeizuführen.

The Psychology Book

Big Ideas Simply Explained

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 0241202841

Category: Psychology

Page: 352

View: 2980

All the big ideas, simply explained - an innovative and accessible guide to the study of human nature The Psychology Book clearly explains more than 100 groundbreaking ideas in this fascinating field of science. How does the brain remember faces? What makes us choose one decision over another? Where does language come from? With the use of powerful and easy-to-follow images, quotations from all the major thinkers, and explanations that are easily understandable, this book demystifies hard-to-grasp concepts and shows how these have shaped our knowledge of the human mind. All the schools of psychology are covered from cognitive to behavioural psychology making this ideal for students or for anyone with a general interest in this popular area. If you're fascinated by the human mind then The Psychology Book will get you thinking.

How to be a Genius

Author: DK Publishing

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0756668360

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 192

View: 796

This incredible book tells you how the brain works, how it helps you survive in the world, and how it makes you the person that you are. You can study the different functions, areas, and states of the brain, and at each stage, there are cool games, quizzes, puzzles, brain teasers, and more! The activities show readers how their brains can work even better, making this a challenging, informative, and practical book; the only one of its kind on the market.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding the Brain

Author: Arthur Bard,Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D.

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 144062576X

Category: Science

Page: 360

View: 5953

You're no idiot, of course. You know your own mind, but when it comes to understanding what's really going on in your head - all those synapses, all those neurones - you feel like you're just about brain-dead! Don't let it unnerve you! 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding the Brain' proves that you don't need to be a genius to be in the know, and gives you losts of fun stuff to think about, too. In this 'Complete Idiot's Guide', you get: -The history of human knowledge of the brain. -Insights into what causes brain disorders and how best to treat them. -Thoughtful tips about the many different ways we learn new information.

The DK Big Book of Knowledge

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing, Incorporated

Publisher: Dk Pub

ISBN: 9781564585189

Category: Science

Page: 480

View: 6630

More than two thousand full-color photographs and illustrations, along with charts, maps, diagrams, and a glossary, help present young readers with a treasure chest of information about the world in which we live.