The Child in Society

Author: Hazel R Wright

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473911664

Category: Education

Page: 240

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The child has a very special place in society, and society defines and shapes childhood. Understanding childhood is essential to early years students and this book offers a great introduction. Taking a thematic approach, chapters cover: Historical and Cultural Perspectives Policy and Economic Perspectives Psychological and Biological Perspectives Contemporary Views. Each chapter prompts you to reflect on core issues and interrogate your practice and attitudes towards children in your care. This fantastic foundation will help you to begin to understand the relationship between the child and society. Visit for free access to a selection of SAGE Journal Articles related to key topics in the book.

Children in Society

Contemporary Theory, Policy, and Practice

Author: Pam Foley,Jeremy Roche,Stanley Tucker

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780333945889

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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This comprehensive book is a critical introduction to the theoretical and practical issues involved in working with children and families. It sheds light on different perspectives, forms of practice, and dimensions of policy, with a focus on the practical issues of concern to professionals working with children in a range of settings.

Understanding Child Abuse And Neglect In Contemporary Caribbean Society

A Recipe For Change

Author: Beatrice E. Kirton

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1467038334

Category: Education

Page: 272

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Child Abuse as a social problem in the Caribbean has only within the past thirty years gained recognition and attention since the emphasis was placed on the more prevalent maternal and child health problems. The phenomenon of child abuse and neglect, however, is not clearly defined due to inadequate surveillance systems within the territories. Studies based on reported cases have established that there are traditional child rearing practices which adversely affect some Caribbean children due to many factors ranging from poverty, inequality, oppression, gender issues, socio-economic disadvantages and loss of values. Because of these deficiencies, various forms of child abuse have been identified particularly in the urban areas which may be considered the outcome of abnormalities in the parent /child relationship and of the society. The Book presents a comprehensive portrayal of the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect in Caribbean society drawing on research and clinical experience. It incorporates history, case scenarios and a variety of effective intervention strategies. In addition, it explains case management procedures focusing on how various professions can become involved in the child protection process; and the need to convey in a different light the changes that need to occur to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect. The Book is written for professionals who work in the best interest of children on a daily basis and intended to offer a good basic introduction to the topic. It is a useful tool for therapists, educators, students, social workers, nurses, police officers. It is intended to stimulate those who read it not only to improve their day-to-day practice in responding to child abuse but will also broaden their perspective about child abuse and neglect. The Book also explains how the needs of children and the relationship between them and their parents are predictive of child abuse and neglect; and examines its nature, causes, recognition and response, its effects on children, the legislation and the social and other obstacles to effective implementation of the Law. The author draws attention to the fact that the majority of this study focuses primarily on people of African descent since little is known about children in other ethnic groups.

The School and Society & The Child and the Curriculum

Author: John Dewey

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486122107

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

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The two short, influential books represent the earliest authoritative statement of the famed educator's revolutionary emphasis on education as an experimental, child-centered process. 4 halftones and 4 charts.

The child in contemporary society

notes on the first Wolfsberg Conference, June 27-July 3, 1976

Author: Urie Bronfenbrenner,Wolfsberg Seminar

Publisher: N.A


Category: Psychology

Page: 71

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Children in a Violent Society

Author: Joy D. Osofsky

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781572303874

Category: Psychology

Page: 338

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Today's children are bombarded with images of violence in cartoons, news reports, television shows, computer games, movies, and other media. In growing numbers, they are also exposed to real-life violence in their own homes and communities--as witnesses, victims, and, increasingly, perpetrators. Emphasizing the need for early intervention and prevention, this timely book details the incidence and scope of the violence epidemic and examines the developmental impact of violence on children. Contributors describe several exemplary prevention and intervention programs currently in place around the country and propose a range of educational and policy initiatives.

Families without Fathers

Fatherhood, Marriage and Children in American Society

Author: David Popenoe

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351520563

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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The American family is changing. Divorce, single parents, and stepfamilies are redefi ning the ways we live together and raise our children. Many "experts" feel these seemingly inevitable changes should be celebrated; they claim that the "new" families, which often lack a strong father, are actually healthier than traditional two-parent families—or, at the very least, do children no harm. But as David Popenoe shows in Families Without Fathers this optimistic view is severely misguided. Examining evidence from social and behavioral science, history, and evolutionary biology, Popenoe shows why fathers today are deserting their families in record numbers. The disintegration of the child-centered, two parent family—especially in the inner cities, where as many as two in three children are growing up without their fathers—and the weakening commitment of fathers to their children that more and more follows divorce, are central causes of many of our worst individual and social problems. Juvenile delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, welfare dependency, and child poverty can be directly traced to fathers' lack of involvement in their children's lives. Our situation will only get worse, Popenoe warns, unless men are willing to renew their commitment to their marriages and to their children. Yet he is not just an alarmist. He suggests concrete policies, and new ways of thinking and acting that will help all fathers improve their marriages and family lives, and tells us what we as individuals and as a society can do to support and strengthen the most important thing a man can do.

Childhood in Society for Early Childhood Studies

Author: Rory McDowall Clark

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1844457303

Category: Education

Page: 144

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Childhood can only be understood in relation to the multitude of social factors which surround it. This accessible text explores children’s place within society through an examination of the different contexts within which a child exists. It begins by looking at the child within the family then goes on to examine the child within the educational setting, the community, the nation and the global perspective. The child's own perspective is explored, recognising children as social agents in their own right. Finally it examines the current climate, making links with Every Child Matters, and considers today's public perceptions of childhood.

Childhood in Society for the Early Years

Author: Rory McDowall Clark

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 1446293645

Category: Education

Page: 160

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Childhood can only be understood in relation to the multitude of social factors which surround it. Written for students of degrees and foundation degrees in Early Years, Early Childhood Studies and related disciplines, this accessible text offers an introduction to the study of these complex issues including the different contexts within which childhood exists. These contexts, from the child within the family, to the global perspective and the child's own perspective are closely examined. This second edition is updated in line with recent changes to early years policy and includes a new chapter 'The context of partnership: children in transition'. About the Early Years Series This series has been designed to support students of Early Years, Early Childhood Studies and related disciplines in popular modules of their course. Each text takes a focused look at a specific topic and approaches it in an accessible and user-friendly way. Features have been developed to help readers engage with the text and understand the subject from a number of different viewpoints. Activities pose questions to prompt thought and discussion and 'Theory Focus' boxes examine essential theory close-up for better understanding. This series is also applicable to EYPS candidates on all pathways. Other titles in the series are Early Childhood Studies, Becoming a Practitioner in the Early Years, Child Observation for the Early Years and Exploring Play for Early Childhood Studies. Rory McDowall Clark originally trained as a nursery and primary teacher in Brighton and has a wide range of experience in broader social contexts including community development with charities, voluntary organisations and outreach youth work. Rory is a senior lecturer in the Centre for Early Childhood at the University of Worcester.

Children in the Information Society

The Case of Finland

Author: Juha Suoranta,Hanna Lehtimäki

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9780820468297

Category: Social Science

Page: 151

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Finland is known worldwide as a laboratory of the information society. The Finnish model combines information technology know-how with welfare state structures where equality seems to prevail. Can we take this picture at face value, or is it too optimistic? In this book we approach the case of Finland from children's perspectives by exploring what ICTs (information and communication technology) and media they use, how they use them, and what their thoughts are concerning this use? How does media become a part of children's everyday lives? The book is based on a nationally representative child survey supplemented by interviews where eight- to ten-year old Finnish children have been the key informants.

Sex Roles of Children in Contemporary Indian Society

Author: Sushila Srivastava

Publisher: Northern Book Centre

ISBN: 9788185119632

Category: Sex role in children

Page: 350

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India has witnessed profound changes in almost every aspect of life. The process of industrialization, urbanisation and secularization have brought about socio-psychological changes in the attitudes and values of people of this country, especially among the urban population. One of the changes is breaking down of traditional sex-role differentiations resulting in an increased flexibility in the roles and activities considered permissible for each sex, especially for girls and women. Yet being still typically a traditional society, the effect of these secular changes is unknown or remains a guess. In this book, the author attempts to answer the question as to how far these changes have affected the sex-role behaviour of the Indian children. The exhaustive review of empirical studies on sex-roles is useful for those who wish to have a consolidated account of researches on sex-roles carried out till now. This book will be useful for parents, teachers, educators and students of Home Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology.

Delinquency in Society

Author: Robert Regoli,John Hewitt,Matt DeLisi

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763764340

Category: Law

Page: 670

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Ideal for allied health and pre-nursing students, Alcamos Fundamentals of Microbiology, Body Systems Edition, retains the engaging, student-friendly style and active learning approach for which award-winning author and educator Jeffrey Pommerville is known. It presents diseases, complete with new content on recent discoveries, in a manner that is directly applicable to students and organized by body system. A captivating art program, learning design format, and numerous case studies draw students into the text and make them eager to learn more about the fascinating world of microbiology.

Parent-child Interaction in Transition

Author: George Kurian

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313251085

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 408

View: 5536

In this essay collection, a variety of authorities explore the significance of parent-child interaction and its implications for all stages of family life. Numerous aspects of this socialization process in changing societies throughout the world are represented, for relatively uniform societies, such as in Western Europe; multicultural societies, such as in North America; and traditional societies facing the impact of modernization or Westernization of values, such as in India, China, or Japan. Individual approaches range from analyses of typical intergenerational changes to direct comparisons of specific family systems within and among societies, cultures, and ethnic groups. Also discussed are current theories in the area of parent-child interaction, including changing authority structures, differences between fathers and mothers, adjustment and social disorganization crises of children, pressures of modernization, cultural transitions, divorce, and the problems of child abuse. A valuable bibliographic essay, referring to many related works, appears at the end of the volume.

The portrayal of the child in children's literature

proceedings of the 6th conference of the IRSCL, Bordeaux, University of Gascony (Bordeaux III) 15-18 September, 1983

Author: International Research Society for Children's Literature,Denise Escarpit

Publisher: K. G. Saur

ISBN: 9783598105814

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 392

View: 1283

The Child and Society

The Process of Socialization

Author: Frederick Elkin,Gerald Handel

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities Social

ISBN: 9780075573180

Category: Psychology

Page: 345

View: 3698

This text offers a comprehensive and integrated overview of the socialization of the child in modern society. It focuses on theory, social class, ethnic groups and communities, and the role of such agencies of socialization as the family, school, peer groups, and mass media. It contains views on basic issues, and related controversy corner students' interests and inspire discussion and independent thinking. As a paperback, it is useful as either a primary or supplementary text.

Childhood and Adolescence in Society

Selections From CQ Researcher

Author: CQ Researcher,

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452236062

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

View: 3573

About CQ Researcher Readers In the tradition of nonpartisan and current analysis that is the hallmark of CQ Press, CQ Researcher readers investigate important and controversial policy issues. Childhood and Adolescence in Society aims to promote in-depth discussion, facilitate further research, and help readers formulate their own positions on crucial issues in the field, such as child soldiers, teen pregnancy, and violence and bullying. Offer your students the balanced reporting, complete overviews, and engaging writing that CQ Researcher has consistently provided for more than 80 years. Each article gives substantial background and analysis of a particular issue as well as useful pedagogical features to inspire critical thinking and to help students grasp and review key material. Key Features Pro/con boxes that examine two competing sides of a single question Detailed chronologies of key dates and events Annotated bibliographies and web resources Outlook sections that address possible regulation and initiatives from Capitol Hill and the White House over the next 5 to 10 years Photos, charts, graphs, and maps