The Complete Bladesmith

Forging Your Way to Perfection


Publisher: Redd Ink Press

ISBN: 9780998708164


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This guide to smithing world-class blades is for the novice and experienced bladesmith alike. With this book you will be able to build your own forge, equip your workshop, choose your materials from the exotic to the mundane, and get to work.

Das Schwert von Avalon


Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley,Diana L. Paxson

Publisher: Diana Verlag

ISBN: 3641046211

Category: Fiction

Page: 592

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Der neue Avalon-Bestseller um das fantastische Nebelreich und das berühmteste Schwert der Welt Immer wieder sieht die Hohepriesterin von Avalon ihn in ihren Träumen vor sich: Mikantor, den Prinzen und einzigen Retter des bedrohten Königreichs Azan. Er schmiedet das gewaltige Schwert Excalibur, das Jahrhunderte später auch einem noch mächtigeren Herrscher gute Dienste leisten wird — König Artus in dem Weltbestseller »Die Nebel von Avalon«. Britannien 1200 v. Chr.: Azan wird von Galids Heer niedergebrannt, doch der Priesterin von Avalon gelingt es, den Sohn des Königs zu retten. Sie bringt den kleinen Mikantor in ein Dorf, wo er unter falschem Namen aufwächst und erzählt ihm von seiner Berufung, die Stämme zu einen. Als junger Mann kommt Mikantor seiner Aufgabe nach und begegnet dem Mörder seines Vaters erneut: in seiner Hand das machtvolle Schwert Excalibur und in seinem Herzen Tirilan, die schöne Tochter der Priesterin von Avalon, die sich ebenfalls den Göttern geweiht hat ...

Stage Combat Resource Materials

A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Author: J. Michael Kirkland

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313307102

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 343

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This volume is designed to educate the reader about the evolution of stage combat.

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter

Modern Application of Traditional Techniques

Author: Murray Carter

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1440218471

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

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Bladesmithing with Murray Carter provides the reader with an in-depth look into traditional Japanese Cutlery forging techniques and their modern applications. A non-stop flow of inquiries to Murray has prompted him to reveal the secret techniques learned during 18 years in Japan, where he lived and worked as a village bladesmith. He now shares this wealth of information for the benefit of the curious reader and Japanese knife enthusiast alike. Owners of nearly 15,000 of Murray's knives will be delighted to see a comprehensive book written by the knives' creator. Features: 250+ dazzling, full-color images, including many by renowned photographer Hiro Soga. Unique and extremely rare insight into the Japanese culture through the (blue) eyes of a Japanese village bladesmith. Detailed explanations of Traditional Japanese Bladesmithing techniques that until now have been cloaked in mystery and myth. Enough detailed information to guide an aspiring bladesmith to become a successful smith in the Japanese style of blade making. About the Author Murray Carter is one of the most popular custom knifemakers at the annual BLADE Show, regularly conducts wildly popular seminars on shaving with a machete, and is known for standing at his booth sharpening knives while teaching the techniques to interested attendees. Carter lives in Vernonia, Oregon.

The Home Blacksmith

Tools, Techniques, and 40 Practical Projects for the Blacksmith Hobbyist

Author: Ryan Ridgway

Publisher: Lumina Media

ISBN: 1620082128

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 224

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As more and more people join the do-it-yourself revolution, they are breathing new life into many time-honored skills and crafts. Blacksmithing is among the trades that are enjoying a resurgence for both practical and artistic uses, yet there is not an abundance of readily accessible information available to beginning blacksmiths to help them get started and understand the craft. Author Ryan Ridgway, a veterinarian and blacksmith with more than fifteen years of metalworking experience, hopes to fill that void with this comprehensive volume geared toward answering the many questions that new blacksmiths often have. By explaining the physics of moving metal, the different styles of anvils and forges, and alternative fuel sources, Ridgway sets his book apart from less detailed volumes. Forty practical, easy-to-follow projects are presented, showing aspiring blacksmiths how to make tools, such as hammers and chisels; farm implements, such as gate latches and hoof picks; and items for home use, including drawer pulls and candle holders. Inside The Home Blacksmith: The evolution of blacksmithing around the world and the differences between the tools specific to each region The behavior of heated metal and the science of metalworking Setting up a shop safely and economically The heart of your shop—the anvil and forge—and the other essential tools Working with different types of steel, including how to salvage steel for different uses Techniques from beginning to advanced Step-by-step instructions for forty blacksmithing projects: tools and other implements as well as decorative pieces for personal use or sale

Knives 2011

The World's Greatest Knife Book

Author: Joe Kertzman

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1440216282

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 312

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A Stunning Showcase Of Custom Knives The craft of knifemaking is alive and well, as evidenced by the stunning edged masterpieces revealed between the covers of the best book on blades ever published—Knives 2011. The art of fashioning knives includes carving, engraving, sculpting, scrimshaw, jewel inlaying, damascus-making and more. Never have so many embellishments been revealed in one medium, then captured in a full-color, glossy, photo-driven book such as this must-have volume that's ready for the coffee table or special place on the bookshelf. Treat yourself to feature stories covering one of the best wedges in the business, friction forging, “Swordplay Renaissance-Style,” the latest in cleaver offerings, “Scrimshaw That Drives Men Crazy” and villagers' blade art. Learn how one knife collector—Paul Lansingh—is giving back to the world of knives. Find out the answer to the question, “Why Do We Love Knives?” Follow author James Ayres and his wife, Mary Lou, on their quest to find carbon steel along the cobblestone streets of Europe. In the Factory Trends section, take a look at the newest in “Blue Collar Blades.” In between, enjoy the latest Trends and State Of The Art in knives. It's a trip worth taking. The pages are palpable, the text worth reading and the pictures worth a thousand words and more. Each bladed creation is a work of art in its own right, and a credit to its maker.

The Pattern-Welded Blade

Artistry in Iron


Publisher: Redd Ink Press

ISBN: 9780998708157


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Pattern-welded blades are among the most beautiful and durable creations ever to emerge from the bladesmith's forge. Now, Jim Hrisoulas, reveals the secrets of this ancient craft, from the welding of the starting billet to the final assembly of the completed blade.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon


Author: Diana L. Paxson,Marion Zimmer Bradley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0575113944

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 9026

Marion Zimmer Bradley's legendary saga of Avalon's extraordinary women continues with a tale of fiery visions, a lost king, and a forthcoming destiny... A boy raised in secret after traitors kill his parents will return to Avalon-and when he does, he'll be faced with a formidable task: to prove his worth as a son of the kings and priestesses of his land and lead his followers to victory, wielding the newly-forged sword Excalibur.


The Magazine for the International Military Man

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Publisher: N.A


Category: Military art and science

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Category: California

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Knives 1996

Author: Ken Warner

Publisher: DBI Books

ISBN: 9780873491747

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 304

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With knife expert Ken Warner at the helm, Knives continues to be the most prestigious publication in the field with annual sales in excess of 60,000 copies. Warner covers technical matters such as steels, handle materials, and decorative processes, and provides a complete review of new factory-made knives in production. Hundreds of photos.

The Wolf & the Raven

A Novel

Author: Diana L. Paxson

Publisher: William Morrow


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Brunahild and Sigfrid are two children who, despite their tender years, possess great powers of sorcery

The Anvil's Ring

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art metal-work

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Segeln für Dummies

Author: J. J. Isler,Peter Isler

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527709495

Category: Sailing

Page: 404

View: 2140

Surfen und Segeln gehoren zu den schonsten Vergnugen im Urlaub am Meer. Wieso also nicht teilhaben am Wasserspa und selber einmal im Boot uber die Wogen flitzen? Bleiben Sie kein Suwassermatrose und lernen Sie, dass aufschieen, wenden und halsen keine mittelalterlichen Foltermethoden sind! Das Autoren- und Ehepaar JJ. und Peter Isler erklart Ihnen humorvoll und kompetent die wichtigen Grundbegriffe des Segelns, zeigt Ihnen die verschiedenen Techniken sich vom Wind treiben zu lassen und gibt Ihnen viele Tipps und Tricks rund um's Boot. Also rein in den Sudwester und lassen Sie sich den Wind um die Nase wehen! Sie erfahren: * Wie die einzelnen Schiffstypen heien und weshalb es sie gibt * Was die ganzen seltsamen Segelbegriffe eigentlich bedeuten * Wo Luv und wo Lee liegt * Wie Sie Sicherheit an Bord herstellen * Was Sie uber Wetter und Navigation wissen mussen * Tipps zum Kauf und Chartern von Segelbooten * Wie die Regatta-Regeln aussehen * Welche Seemannsknoten es gibt und wie sie geknupft werden

American Farriers' Journal

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Horseshoeing

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Includes American Farriar's Association newsletter.

Songwriting für Dummies

Author: James Peterik,Jim Peterik,Dave Austin,Cathy Lynn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527709770


Page: 408

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This edition shows readers how to develop songwriting skills and take their skills to the next level. It addresses the new face of the recording industry and its shift from traditional sales to downloads and mobile music, as well as covering the numerous social media networking sites.