The Complete Book of Cat Breeding

Author: Dan Rice

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780812097641

Category: Pets

Page: 162

View: 4307

Covers all aspects of cat breeding for both novice and experienced breeders, discussing breeding stock, the breeding process, potential problems, normal and assisted births, and neonatal kitten care

The Ultimate Guide To Cat Breeds

A Useful Means of Identifying the Cat Breeds of the World and how to Care for Them

Author: Louisa Somerville

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 0785834400

Category: Nature

Page: 448

View: 9650

Cats have been domesticated since prehistoric times, perhaps for as long as 5,000 years. Throughout human history, they have been greatly valued as destroyers of vermin, as well as for their ornamental qualities. The domestic cat is related to lions, tigers, pumas and other wild cats and the similarity in looks and behaviour is immediately apparent. The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds has a lot of rich information about the most well known cat breeds in the world, such as Persian, Maine Coon, Siamese, Abyssinian, Russian Blue, Tonkinese, and Burmese. Cats, both wild and domestic, are presented in this beautiful full-color book featuring hundreds of facts about your favorite felines. It was probably the Ancient Egyptians, 5,000 years ago, who first recognized the value of cats - encouraging the animals into their homes and grain stores to keep rats and mice at bay. It did not take long for the rest of mankind to fall for the charms of the cat, and cats have been part of our lives almost continuously ever since. In addition to being quiet, clean and efficient hunters of vermin, cats have proved to be playful, intelligent and affectionate companions, too. The Ultimate Guide to Cat Breeds describes the origins and characteristics of the cat, its evolution from wild animal to perfect pet, and at the same time places it in its historical and cultural contexts. The book then goes on to provide valuable advice and guidance about all aspects of cat ownership and care, including choosing a cat and keeping it healthy. All major breeds recognized by the international cat fancies are featured, with information on temperament and special grooming requirements to help the would-be owner choose the ideal cat companion. The book is illustrated with over 400 color photographs.

The Complete Cat Breed Book

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1409350037

Category: Pets

Page: 256

View: 7670

Choose the perfect cat for you From Siamese to Sphynx cats, The Complete Cat Breed Book will help you choose the perfect companion for you. Fully illustrated and featuring over 150 of the world's best-loved cat breeds, this is the only cat breed guide you'll ever need. Complete with breed history, appearance and personality traits with Q&A charts, you're sure to find all the information necessary when choosing your cat. Also find expert advice on communicating with your cat and top tips on tackling behavioural problems such as ankle biting or furniture scratching. A concise care programme will cover all stages of your cat's life, from establishing a routine to dealing with common health problems. The Complete Cat Breed Book is a one-stop manual to helping you become the owner of a happy, healthy, well-mannered cat.

ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing and Caring for Your Pet

Author: James Richards

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811819299

Category: Pets

Page: 367

View: 9328

Covers all aspects of cat physiology and care, discusses the different breeds of cats, and offers practical advice on grooming, feeding, raising kittens, and dealing with health problems

Breeding purebred cats

a guide for the novice and small breeder

Author: Anne S. Moore

Publisher: Abraxas Pub


Category: Pets

Page: 128

View: 4380

Genetics for Cat Breeders

International Series in Pure and Applied Biology

Author: Roy Robinson

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483160947

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 210

View: 8376

Genetics for Cat Breeders, Second Edition covers the considerable advances in the practical application of genetics to cat breeding. This book is divided into nine chapters and begins with a discussion of the elementary principles of heredity. The subsequent chapters deal with the practical aspects of feline reproduction and development and the main factors in the practice of cat breeding. Other chapters examine the genetics of feline color and coat variation and breeds. These topics are followed by a review on the problem of genetic defects in cats. The last chapters considers the importance of record keeping in animal breeding, including providing an accurate record of familial relationship, information upon the phenotype characteristics and breeding performance, and a source of data for future decisions. This book will be of great value to biologists, cat breeders, and researchers.

The Complete Dog Breed Book

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1465441344

Category: Pets

Page: 352

View: 3714

An extensive, exquisitely photographed catalog of more than 400 dog breeds (with a special feature on the top 50), The Complete Dog Breed Book is the essential guide to choosing, caring for, and training your dog. Combining dog breeds, behavior, care, and training in one easy-reference volume, The Complete Dog Breed Book contains everything you need to know about our canine companions.

Barron's Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds

A Complete Guide to the Domestic Cats of North America

Author: J. Anne Helgren

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated

ISBN: 9780764165801

Category: Pets

Page: 384

View: 9342

Presents information on all known domestic cat breeds, providing detailed descriptions of each purebred's physical attributes, behavior patterns, and genetic history, and includes information on how to participate in cat shows.

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care

An Illustrated Handbook

Author: Celeste Yarnall,Jean Hofve

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 1616735546

Category: Pets

Page: 192

View: 7110

Celeste Yarnall’s time-tested natural and holistic expertise gives cat owners insight into natural alternatives in food, medication, alternative therapies, and healing practices, improving the lives of feline friends and well as their caregivers. With Dr. Jean Hofve, the esteemed holistic veterinarian, she explores nutrition as preventative medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic treatments, and groundbreaking anti-aging modalities never before published in a pet care guide. The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care also includes a complete bibliography and a list of suppliers of holistic remedies and services. As with all other pet health guides, it is a comprehensive resource intended to complement veterinary care, not replace it.

Cat Breeds of the World

A Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia

Author: Desmond Morris

Publisher: Viking Press


Category: Pets

Page: 256

View: 6427

Describes the characteristics, origins, and pedigree histories of one hundred cat breeds

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cats & Kittens

Author: Lee Harper,Joyce L. White

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857758804

Category: Cat breeds

Page: 352

View: 7740

Deals with the cat throughout history and culture, its anatomy, appearance and behaviour. This book provides practical advice on how to choose a cat, and covers its care, health, and breeding. It provides information on evolution and classification.


Author: Lolly Brown

Publisher: Nrb Publishing

ISBN: 9781941070857

Category: Pets

Page: 154

View: 8612

"Siberian Cats as Pets" by Lolly Brown is a comprehensive, introductory guide for owners of the gorgeous Siberian Forest Cat, or more simply known as "Siberian Cat." Follow us as we trace the history of this Russian cat breed, and how it evolved into its modern day pedigree that is recognized by cat groups and cat associations all over the world. Within these pages, you will learn about some of the best practices in taking care of Siberian cats - from diet and nutrition, grooming, and even exercise and training. We also take a look at the responsibilities of breeding and the health conditions to which Siberian cats are prone to. Novices at showing cats are given a brief tour of what it means to join a cat show, and how best to prepare for showing your own Siberian cat. Those who are still considering whether or not a Siberian cat is the perfect fit for them are given advice on what it means to have a Siberian cat join your household - what it costs, what it entails, and how best to find the Siberian for you. Siberian Cat Breeding, Where to Buy, Types, Care, Temperament, Cost, Health, Showing, Grooming, Diet and Much More Included!

The Complete Book of Cat Health

Author: William J. Kay,Elizabeth Randolph,Animal Medical Center (U.S.)

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company


Category: Pets

Page: 258

View: 8018

Describes the behavior and physical characteristics of cats, discusses food, housing, travel, breeding, and common operations, and looks at the human-pet relationship

The Complete Cat Breed Book

Author: DK

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1465421076

Category: Pets

Page: 256

View: 3598

Combining cat breeds, behavior, and training tips in one easy volume, The Complete Cat Breed Book is an essential reference to the basics of choosing and looking after a cat. Packed with practical advice on cat maintenance, from handling and grooming to nutrition, exercise, and health, current and prospective cat owners will discover the best cat breed for their lifestyle. Including charts and a photographed catalog of more than fifty cat breeds, each profile outlining the breed's history, appearance, and temperament, as well as coat color variations and breed-specific facts, this is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to raise and nurture a contented cat.

The Cat Breed Handbook

The Complete Reference from Abyssinians to Siamese

Author: Angela Rixon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781597641838


Page: 228

View: 2887

Discover a world of cats with this invaluable guide to 100 of today's most popular breeds - with chapters divided up to include the short-haired cats, long haired, and oriental breeds. It has detailed full-color photographs and nose-to-tail descriptions.

The ultimate cat book

a comprehensive visual guide to cats, cat breeds, and cat care

Author: Alan Edwards,Trevor Turner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781590270202

Category: Cat breeds

Page: 256

View: 4992


Author: Lolly Brown

Publisher: Nrb Publishing

ISBN: 9781941070741

Category: Pets

Page: 166

View: 4610

CS Paperback

The Cat's Pajamas

101 of the World's Cutest Cats

Author: Rachael Hale

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740779648

Category: Pets

Page: 224

View: 6337

As the French novelist Colette proclaimed, "There are no ordinary cats." And there's nothing ordinary about the fabulous felines in this stunning collection of cat characters. From the proud Abyssinian to the Classic Tabby, The Cat's Pajamas is a complete compendium of the world's cutest cats. Rachael Hale, an internationally acclaimed photographer and cat devotee, is adept at capturing the unique charm of every cat she photographs. Along with her gorgeous portraits, The Cat's Pajamas provides information on each breed, details of temperament, color, and history, as well as fascinating anecdotes.

Sphynx Cats as Pets

Sphynx Cat Breeding, Where to Buy, Types, Care, Temperament, Cost, Health, Showing, Grooming, Diet and Much More Included! a Complete Sphynx Cat Owner Guide

Author: Lolly Brown

Publisher: Nrb Publishing

ISBN: 9781941070628

Category: Pets

Page: 138

View: 8366

CS Paperback