Dave Sheridan

Life with Dealer McDope, the Leather Nun, and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Author: Dave Sheridan

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

ISBN: 168396120X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 276

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Dave Sheridan collects the best of the legendary underground cartoonist's tripped-out comic strip hilarity. It includes Sheridan's solo comics, many reprinted for the very first time, and his collaborations with Fred Schrier and Gilbert Shelton (who writes the foreword), along with his record covers, beer labels, and advertisements for more...cough,cough...organic products.


Portrait des Künstlers als junger %@[Schnörkel][Stern]!

Author: Art Spiegelman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783100768056

Category: Cartoonists

Page: 76

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The Complete Adventures of Cholly & Flytrap

Author: Arthur Sudyam

Publisher: Titan Comics

ISBN: 1782769145

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 258

View: 8033

SURVIVALISTS, BATTLEFIELD ENTREPRENEURS AND ALL-ROUND ANTI-HEROES! Spawned by legendary artist and writer Arthur Suydam ¨C blockbuster cover illustrator on Marvel Zombies ¨C Cholly & Flytrap are survivors on a distant planet, barely held together with catgut and scar tissue, Cholly¡¯s always there with a snappy one-liner and quick-draw machine-gun fire. Flytrap is silent as the grave, built like a brick privy and graceful as a charging rhino. Collected for the first time EVER, this volume contains ALL of Cholly & Flytrap¡¯s tales of derring-do, grievous bodily harm and giant bat riding!

The Complete Unreliable Memoirs

Author: Clive James

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1529015111

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

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The Complete Unreliable Memoirs features all five volumes of Clive James's memoirs in one ebook omnibus. Including Unreliable Memoirs, Falling Towards England, May Week was in June, North Face of Soho and The Blaze of Obscurity. Unreliable Memoirs: In the first instalment of Clive James’s memoirs, we meet the young Clive, dressed in short trousers, and wrestling with the demands of school, various relatives and the occasional snake, in the suburbs of post-war Sydney. His adventures are hilarious, his recounting of them even more so, in this – the book that started it all . . . Falling Towards England: When we last met our hero in Unreliable Memoirs, he had set sail from Sydney Harbour bound for London, fame and fortune. Having arrived, he finds fame and fortune initially difficult to achieve. May Week was in June: In ‘Unreliable Memoirs III’, Clive details his time at Cambridge, including film reviewing, writing poetry, falling in love (often), and marrying (once) during May Week – which was not only in June but also two weeks long . . . North Face of Soho: Taking us from Fleet Street to Clive James on TV, from Russian department stores to Paris fashion shows — via fatherhood, some killer bees, and a satire starring Anne Robinson as Mrs Thatcher — North Face of Soho is the larger-than-life story of a life lived to the full. The Blaze of Obscurity: Perhaps his most brilliant book yet, The Blaze of Obscurity tells the inside story of his years in television, it shows Clive James on top form – both then and now.

Comic Book Collections and Programming

A Practical Guide for Librarians

Author: Matthew Z. Wood

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1538107333

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 184

View: 5957

Comic Book Collections and Programming is an essential reference for collections librarians, children’s librarians, and teen librarians, whether they are comics-lovers or have never read an issue. It covers the practical realities of this non-traditional format, like binding, weeding, and budgeting.

Fun home

eine Familie von Gezeichneten

Author: Alison Bechdel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783866158672


Page: 240

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Stadt der Clowns

Author: Daniel Alarcón

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783803132451


Page: 187

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The Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture: Almanacs through do-it-yourself

Author: M. Thomas Inge,Dennis Hall

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780313323676

Category: Popular culture

Page: 2155

View: 5897

Contains fifty-eight articles that provide information about various forms, genres, or themes of popular culture, and includes illustrations, photo essays, a chronological survey of each topic's history, and a comprehensive index.

The Sixties

From Memory to History

Author: David Farber

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469608731

Category: History

Page: 342

View: 7089

This collection of original essays represents some of the most exciting ways in which historians are beginning to paint the 1960s onto the larger canvas of American history. While the first literature about this turbulent period was written largely by participants, many of the contributors to this volume are young scholars who came of age intellectually in the 1970s and 1980s and thus write from fresh perspectives. The essayists ask fundamental questions about how much America really changed in the 1960s and why certain changes took place. In separate chapters, they explore how the great issues of the decade--the war in Vietnam, race relations, youth culture, the status of women, the public role of private enterprise--were shaped by evolutions in the nature of cultural authority and political legitimacy. They argue that the whirlwind of events and problems we call the Sixties can only be understood in the context of the larger history of post-World War II America. Contents "Growth Liberalism in the Sixties: Great Societies at Home and Grand Designs Abroad," by Robert M. Collins "The American State and the Vietnam War: A Genealogy of Power," by Mary Sheila McMahon "And That's the Way It Was: The Vietnam War on the Network Nightly News," by Chester J. Pach, Jr. "Race, Ethnicity, and the Evolution of Political Legitimacy," by David R. Colburn and George E. Pozzetta "Nothing Distant about It: Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism," by Alice Echols "The New American Revolution: The Movement and Business," by Terry H. Anderson "Who'll Stop the Rain?: Youth Culture, Rock 'n' Roll, and Social Crises," by George Lipsitz "Sexual Revolution(s)," by Beth Bailey "The Politics of Civility," by Kenneth Cmiel "The Silent Majority and Talk about Revolution," by David Farber


Die Jagd auf die deutschen Hacker, die das Pentagon knackten

Author: Clifford Stoll

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3105607242

Category: Fiction

Page: 454

View: 6028

›Kuckucksei‹ schildert bis ins Detail die hochdramatische Jagd nach deutschen Hackern, die in amerikanische Computernetze eingedrungen waren. Es ist der autobiografische Report eines amerikanischen Computercracks, der leidenschaftlich für die Sicherheit der Datennetze kämpft. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)


Die Welt aus Blut und Eis

Author: Brian Ruckley

Publisher: Piper Fantasy

ISBN: 349298262X

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

View: 1370

Es ist eine gottlose Welt, in der die Clans und die uralten magischen Rassen zusammenleben. Ein brüchiges Abkommen sichert den Frieden. Als fanatische Glaubensbrüder des Schwarzen Pfads das Land überrollen, dämmert ein neues Zeitalter der Verwüstung herauf. Zwischen den Fronten zieht das Halbblut Aeglyss die Fäden und kennt nur ein Ziel: die Unsterblichkeit. Am höchsten Festtag, der Winterwende, kommt es zur Katastrophe. Nur die Geschwister Orisian und Anyara entkommen dem Massaker und versuchen verzweifelt, die Welt vor der endgültigen Vernichtung zu retten.

The Brigade

Author: H.A. Covington

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465324984

Category: Fiction

Page: 735

View: 1255

The poet William Butler Yeats wrote Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. America in the early decades of the 21st century has become a living hell. There is massive unemployment, uncontrolled immigration, along with overseas war and occupation without end of any land with crude petroleum. Total corruption in a politically correct police state, the legalized murder of the elderly, and the loss of the social safety net have created intolerable desolation and made life for everyday people a nightmare. Finally, Americans can take no more, and in the Pacific Northwest they revolt. Led by embittered Iraq veterans, ex-convicts, teenagers, and blue-collar family men and women driven to desperation, in Portland and along Oregons northern coast, they join The Brigade.

The Comics Journal

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Comic books, strips, etc

Page: N.A

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Comics Values Annual 2008

Author: Alex G Malloy

Publisher: Krause Publications

ISBN: 9780896896055

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 864

View: 3701

Includes categorical listings of collectible comic books, arranged by type of comic, with issue titles, current prices, dates, and cross-references