The Complete Guide to Sony's Alpha 77 II (B&w Edition)

Author: Gary L. Friedman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781312694392

Category: Art

Page: 598

View: 9316

The A77 II may look like the original Alpha 77, but inside it's a completely new design, sensor, and data path. There are a slew of new focusing modes, Wi-Fi and NFC functionality, and nuanced feature interactions which the manufacturer's manual just doesn't cover. What to do? Written for the advanced user (with tutorials and easy explanations in case you're not so advanced), this easy-to-understand yet thorough guide provides a complete instruction manual which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well. There is no better way to learn about and get the most out of what is the most responsive camera that Sony has ever designed. Get the most out of your investment, and improve your photography at the same time! More info, page samples, and instantly-downloadable versions also available at the author's website.

The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's RX-100 V (B&W Edition)

Author: Gary Friedman


ISBN: 1365652009

Category: Art

Page: 562

View: 3878

The Sony RX-100 V is the world's best point-and-shoot camera, and Gary Friedman's book provides the most detail and insights. In this 561-page, full-color e-book you will learn: * What every mode, button and function does - in plain, easy-to-understand language. * Gary's personal camera configuration * Unique features of the camera, including the ability to shoot the equivalent of 5.5K video for short bursts. * How to decypher the alphabet soup that are the video standards; what each variable means and how to choose the best mode for YOU. * NFC, Wi-Fi, and step-by-step instructions on using them. * Which of the new downloadable ""apps"" are actually useful. * The most common digital jargon and what it all means to you. * A tutorial to get the benefits of shooting RAW, and a condensed guide to the basics. * A set of ""Cliffs Notes"" cards you can print showing the recipes for common shooting situations, and Gary's Personal Camera Settings.

802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide

Author: Matthew S. Gast

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449319521

Category: Computers

Page: 672

View: 3000

As we all know by now, wireless networks offer many advantages over fixed (or wired) networks. Foremost on that list is mobility, since going wireless frees you from the tether of an Ethernet cable at a desk. But that's just the tip of the cable-free iceberg. Wireless networks are also more flexible, faster and easier for you to use, and more affordable to deploy and maintain.The de facto standard for wireless networking is the 802.11 protocol, which includes Wi-Fi (the wireless standard known as 802.11b) and its faster cousin, 802.11g. With easy-to-install 802.11 network hardware available everywhere you turn, the choice seems simple, and many people dive into wireless computing with less thought and planning than they'd give to a wired network. But it's wise to be familiar with both the capabilities and risks associated with the 802.11 protocols. And 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition is the perfect place to start.This updated edition covers everything you'll ever need to know about wireless technology. Designed with the system administrator or serious home user in mind, it's a no-nonsense guide for setting up 802.11 on Windows and Linux. Among the wide range of topics covered are discussions on: deployment considerations network monitoring and performance tuning wireless security issues how to use and select access points network monitoring essentials wireless card configuration security issues unique to wireless networks With wireless technology, the advantages to its users are indeed plentiful. Companies no longer have to deal with the hassle and expense of wiring buildings, and households with several computers can avoid fights over who's online. And now, with 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, you can integrate wireless technology into your current infrastructure with the utmost confidence.

Classic CD.

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Compact discs

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The Friedman Archives Guide to Sony's A99 II (B&W Edition)

Author: Gary L. Friedman


ISBN: 1365898784

Category: Art

Page: 620

View: 6071

Gary's Ebooks on the Sony cameras are renown for being the most thorough, detailed, and enjoyable to read. This latest edition goes into even more detail of the features everyone wants to know about. In this 619-page (!) full-color book you'll learn: * The new exposure modes * The Hybrid AF system and what it means to you * All the different focusing modes explained in an intuitive way * 4K shooting and choosing a bit rate for video * S-Log2 in a way that a non-videographer can understand * My personal camera configuration * How to know which video mode is right for you * NFC, Wi-Fi, and step-by-step instructions on using them * A set of ""Cliffs Notes"" cards you can print showing the recipes for common shooting situations, and Gary's Personal Camera Settings Get the most out of your investment, cut through the clutter and optimize your camera to match the way YOU work best!

The Friedman Archives Guide to the Sony RX-10 IV (B&W Edition)

Author: Gary L. Friedman


ISBN: 1387384171

Category: Art

Page: 676

View: 7610

Gary Friedman has earned a reputation for clear explanations and a ridiculous attention to detail. And now he applies these talents to the amazing Sony RX-10 IV camera in this 677 page book. You are purchasing the black-and-white printed edition. Other options are available on the author's website.


Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

Author: Paul Sheer

Publisher: Prentice-Hall PTR

ISBN: 9780130333513

Category: Computers

Page: 630

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CD-ROM contains: Electronic version of text in HTML format.

Risking who One is

Encounters with Contemporary Art and Literature

Author: Susan Rubin Suleiman

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674773011

Category: Art

Page: 271

View: 5524

To write about your contemporaries, whose work is enmeshed in the stuff of your life, maybe even in the weave of your self, is risky business. Your interest may be too personal, your involvement too close - but this, as Susan Suleiman demonstrates here, is precisely what makes such a critical encounter worthwhile. Risking Who One Is shows how the process of self-recognition, even self-construction, in the reading of contemporary work can lead to larger considerations about culture and society - to the dimensions of historical awareness and collective action. The book gives us a new way of looking at issues that are as personal as they are prevalent in the writing, the criticism, and the life of our times. Through subtle and incisive readings of Simone de Beauvoir, Mary Gordon, Julia Kristeva, Richard Rorty, Helene Cixous, Leonora Carrington, Max Ernst, Angela Carter, Elie Wiesel, and others, we observe Suleiman in a fascinating dialogue with those who share her place and time and whose interests and preoccupations meet her own. Suleiman confronts with them the conflicts between writing and motherhood. Together, they inquire into "being postmodern" and explore the connections between creativity and love. They consider the place of beauty in contemporary art, examine the relations between aesthetics and politics, and reflect on haunting memories of World War II. Through Suleiman's encounter with them, these writers and artists enter an exchange with each other, and with us as readers, that opens new perspectives on the representation of women's lives, history and memory, autobiography, and the intersection of gender and postmodernism. Itself a form of mediated autobiography, this work takes us through the shaping of a critical approach to some of our closest and deepest concerns in reading, in writing, and in knowing ourselves.


1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models

Author: Mehmet Eygi

Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.

ISBN: 168198430X

Category: Photography

Page: N.A

View: 343

Whether you’re the photographer behind the camera or the model in front of the lens, chances are you could use some help with posing, which is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to portrait photography. POSE! provides the knowledge and the inspiration you need to make your next photo shoot a success.

With over 1,000 different looks for you to recreate and experiment with, the book covers a wide range of poses and subject matter in an easily accessible and visually dynamic layout. Photographer and author Mehmet Eygi demonstrates exactly how to get the right pose—from hand and leg placement, to a subtle tilt of the chin, to engaging with props and the environment around you.

Each pose covered consists of a main pose followed by three variations on that pose. Organized by subject matter, POSE! covers:
    ▪ WOMEN: Portrait, Beauty, Fashion, Lingerie, Implied Nude, Curvy, Curvy Boudoir, Sports, Business, Wall
    ▪ MEN: Portrait, Fashion, Implied Nude, Sports, Business, Wall
    ▪ COUPLES: Portrait, Fashion, Implied Nude, Sports
    ▪ MATERNITY: Mother, Couple
    ▪ FAMILY: Parents and Baby, New Family, Children

    Whether you use POSE! as an educational tool to explore the art of posing, or you simply use it as a look-book to find photographic inspiration or to help you direct a model, you’ll quickly improve your portrait photography starting with your very next shoot.
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Html & Xhtml:Tcr, 4E

Author: Powell

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780070582811


Page: N.A

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IBM Parallel Environment (PE) Developer Edition

Author: Dino Quintero,Akmal Chaudhri,Feng Dong,Jose Higino,Peter Mayes,Kleber Sacilotto de Souza,Wainer dos Santos Moschetta,Xiao Tian Xu,IBM Redbooks

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 0738437689

Category: Computers

Page: 204

View: 3139

This publication helps strengthen the position of IBM® software solutions and enables for High Performance Computing (hardware, software, and tools) with a well-defined and documented deployment model within an IBM environment. As a result, customers receive a planned foundation for dynamic infrastructure for parallel High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. This IBM Redbooks® publication addresses topics to take advantage of the strengths of IBM PE Developers Edition for HPC applications. The objective is to solve customer's challenges and maximize systems' throughput, performance, and management. This publication examines the tools, utilities, documentation, and other resources available to help the IBM technical teams provide solutions and support for IBM HPC solutions in an IBM hardware environment. This IBM Redbooks is targeted toward technical professionals (consultants, technical support staff, IT Architects, and IT Specialists) responsible for providing HPC solutions and support.

David Busch's Sony® a Slt-A37 Guide to Digital Photography

Author: David D. Busch

Publisher: Nelson Education

ISBN: 1285185595


Page: 401

View: 5987

DAVID BUSCH'S SONY SLT-A37 GUIDE TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY is your best resource and reference for the Sony SLT-A37. This latest entry-level model features Sony's successful translucent mirror-technology, which allows for simultaneous focusing and shooting--at an amazing 10 frames per second. The A37 also features 16.7 megapixel resolution and full HDTV movie-making with continuous autofocus. With this book in hand, you will explore the world of digital photography, learn to exercise your creativity, and take great photographs with the Sony SLT-A37. With clear how-to steps and full-color illustrations, DAVID BUSCH'S SONY SLT-A37 GUIDE TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY covers all the features of this advanced but affordable camera in depth, from taking your first photos through advanced details of setup, exposure, lenses, lighting, and more, and relates each feature to specific photographic techniques and situations. Also included is the handy EOS Rebel Sony SLT-A37 "roadmap," an easy-to-use visual guide to the camera's features and controls. With David Busch as your guide, you'll be in full creative control, whether you're shooting on the job, as an advanced hobbyist, or are just out for fun. Start building your knowledge, creativity, and confidence with the Sony SLT-A37 today.

David Buschas Sony Alpha A6300/Ilce-6300 Guide to Digital Photography

Author: David D. Busch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781681981543

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

View: 7867

David Busch s Sony Alpha a6300/ILCE-6300 Guide to Digital Photography is the most comprehensive reference and guide book available for Sony s advanced APS-C mirrorless camera. This eagerly-anticipated enthusiast/professional digital camera features a new 24 megapixel sensor with 425 embedded phase-detect pixels for lightning-fast autofocus at up to 11 frames per second. With an electronic shutter that provides a silent shooting option, stunning 4K/UHD video capabilities, and ISO sensitivities up to ISO 51,200, the a6300/ILCE-6300 is a versatile digital camera that s simple to use, yet boasts features demanded by the most avid photo buff. With this book in hand, you will discover all the capabilities of the Sony Alpha a6300/ILCE-6300 as you explore the world of digital photography, develop your creativity, and capture the best photographs you ve ever taken. Filled with detailed how-to steps and full-color illustrations, David Busch s Sony Alpha a6300/ILCE-6300 Guide to Digital Photography describes every feature of this sophisticated camera in depth, from taking your first photos through advanced details of setup, exposure, lens selection, lighting, and more. It relates each feature to specific photographic techniques and situations. Also included is the handy camera roadmap, an easy-to-use visual guide to the a6300/ILCE-6300 s features and controls. Learn when to use every option and, more importantly, when not to use them, by following the author s recommended settings for every menu entry. With best-selling photographer and mentor David Busch as your guide, you ll quickly have full creative mastery of your camera s capabilities, whether you re shooting on the job, taking pictures as an advanced enthusiast pushing the limits of your imagination, or are just out for fun. Start building your knowledge and confidence, while bringing your vision to light with the Sony Alpha a6300/ILCE-6300."

The Glaucoma Book

A Practical, Evidence-Based Approach to Patient Care

Author: Paul N. Schacknow,John R. Samples

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387767002

Category: Medical

Page: 1043

View: 4770

Complete evidence-based medical and surgical management of glaucoma for both the general ophthalmologist in practice and residents The only book that covers the new generation of glaucoma procedures including trabectome, trabecular bypass and canaloplasty, by the experts who developed them Includes the latest laser treatments for glaucoma including micro diode and titanium saphire trabeculoplasty as well as laser from an external approach The most comprehensive coverage of the optic nerve and the importance of nerve fiber layer hemorrhage Provides an integrated approach to neovascular glaucoma merging treatment to the retina, with the use of new anti-VEGF drugs, tubes, and shunts to achieve the best outcome Integrates clinical science with basic science to outline the next steps in glaucoma therapy

Phosphor Handbook

Author: Shigeo Shionoya,William M. Yen,Hajime Yamamoto

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420005235

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1080

View: 2041

A benchmark publication, the first edition of the Phosphor Handbook set the standard for references in this field. Completely revised and updated, this second edition explores new and emerging fields such as nanophosphors, nanomaterials, UV phosphors, quantum cutters, plasma display phosphors, sol-gel and other wet phosphor preparation techniques, preparation through combustion, bioluminescence phosphors and devices, and new laser materials such as OLED. It also contains new chapters on the applications of phosphors in solid state lighting, photoionization of luminescent centers in insulating phosphors, and recent developments in halide-based scintillators. The handbook provides a comprehensive description of phosphors with an emphasis on practical phosphors and their uses in various kinds of technological applications. It covers the fundamentals, namely the basic principles of luminescence, the principle phosphor materials, and their optical properties. The authors describe phosphors used in lamps, cathode-ray tubes, x-ray, and ionizing radiation detection. They cover common measurement methodology used to characterize phosphor properties, discuss a number of related items, and conclude with the history of phosphor technology and industry.

A Comprehensive Guide to 5G Security

Author: Madhusanka Liyanage,Ijaz Ahmad,Ahmed Bux Abro,Andrei Gurtov,Mika Ylianttila

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119293081

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 480

View: 2732

The first comprehensive guide to the design and implementation of security in 5G wireless networks and devices Security models for 3G and 4G networks based on Universal SIM cards worked very well. But they are not fully applicable to the unique security requirements of 5G networks. 5G will face additional challenges due to increased user privacy concerns, new trust and service models and requirements to support IoT and mission-critical applications. While multiple books already exist on 5G, this is the first to focus exclusively on security for the emerging 5G ecosystem. 5G networks are not only expected to be faster, but provide a backbone for many new services, such as IoT and the Industrial Internet. Those services will provide connectivity for everything from autonomous cars and UAVs to remote health monitoring through body-attached sensors, smart logistics through item tracking to remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance of equipment. Most services will be integrated with Cloud computing and novel concepts, such as mobile edge computing, which will require smooth and transparent communications between user devices, data centers and operator networks. Featuring contributions from an international team of experts at the forefront of 5G system design and security, this book: Provides priceless insights into the current and future threats to mobile networks and mechanisms to protect it Covers critical lifecycle functions and stages of 5G security and how to build an effective security architecture for 5G based mobile networks Addresses mobile network security based on network-centricity, device-centricity, information-centricity and people-centricity views Explores security considerations for all relative stakeholders of mobile networks, including mobile network operators, mobile network virtual operators, mobile users, wireless users, Internet-of things, and cybersecurity experts Providing a comprehensive guide to state-of-the-art in 5G security theory and practice, A Comprehensive Guide to 5G Security is an important working resource for researchers, engineers and business professionals working on 5G development and deployment.

The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos

83 Composition Tools from the Masters

Author: Marc Silber

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1633537676

Category: Photography

Page: 184

View: 7838

The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos Learn the secrets to composition: There's a common misconception that composition is mysterious and that only certain people have that natural gift for the techniques involved. The truth is that composition involves a set of skills that you can master. Just as you can use cookbook recipes to make your favorite meal--you don't have to be a famous French chef--you also can take amazing photos by just following a recipe! Easy-to-follow photography composition recipes: Marc Silber has spent years studying the works of masters and interviewing some of the biggest names in photography. Now he can provide you with simple and easy-to-follow recipes for creating photographs that you and others will love! The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos puts at your fingertips ideas for improving your skills by giving you easy-to-follow "recipes" that will improve your photography right now! Take your photography to the next level: Composition is one of the biggest keys to creating photos that others will love. No matter what kind of camera or smartphone you're using, you can take your photography to the next level and beyond by learning composition tools and secrets known to the masters of the art. Carry The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos in your camera bag: The book is compact in size and easy to carry with you, so you can flip to the look you want and follow the recipe for creating an image that inspires you. Use it when you're out photographing to get new ideas and inspiration. You'll be able to rapidly up you photography game by learning the skills in Picture Perfect Processes. Key benefits of owning The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos include: • Taking better photographs today by learning the keys to composition • Having quick and easy to follow "recipes" for composition at your fingertips • Learning the secrets of composition from the masters of classical art and photography

Principles of Marketing

Author: Philip Kotler,Gary Armstrong,Peggy H. Cunningham

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780132605014

Category: Marketing

Page: 792

View: 7859

Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyMarketingLab does not come automatically packaged with it. To purchase MyMarketingLab, please visit or you can purchase a package of the physical text and MyMarketingLab by searching for ISBN 10: 0133257835 / ISBN 13: 9780133257830. Principles of Marketing has been recognized as the gold standard of Marketing texts due to it's accessibility and breadth anchored by solid academic grounding, while continuing to be engaging and relevant. The ninth Canadian edition of Principles of Marketing has been thoroughly revised to reflect the major trends and forces impacting marketing in this era of customer value and relationships.