The Customs and Traditions of Wales

With an Introduction by Emma Lile

Author: Trefor M. Owen

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 1783168277

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Trefor M. Owen’s seminal work educates, enlightens and entertains with a far-reaching yet accessible text, which paints a colourful and comprehensive portrait of a nation’s rich folk culture. The Customs and Traditions of Wales is an illuminating and engrossing insight into a subject that continues to unfold and develop in contemporary life. Despite an increasingly globalised society that has transformed local communities, folk customs are still practised and enjoyed the world over as people combine modern-day and historical rituals and embrace opportunities to learn about their past, and Owen’s influential study has maintained its relevance as customs change and evolve.

The Rough Guide to Wales

Author: Catherine Le Nevez,Paul Whitfield

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 1409359026

Category: Travel

Page: 488

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Full-colour throughout, The Rough Guide to Wales is the ultimate guide to this beautiful country. With 30 years experience and our trademark 'tell it like it is' writing style, Rough Guides cover all the basics with practical, on-the-ground details, as well as unmissable alternatives to the usual must-see sights. At the top of your list and guaranteed to get you value for money, each guide also reviews the best accommodation and restaurants in all price brackets. We know there are times for saving, and times for splashing out. In The Rough Guide to Wales: - Over 50 colour-coded maps featuring every listing - Area-by-area chapter highlights - Top 5 boxes - Things not to miss section Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Wales. Now available in ePub format.

International folklore bibliography

Author: Commission internationale des arts et traditions populaires,Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Religion in Everyday Life

Papers Given at a Symposium in Stockholm, 13-15 September 1993, Arranged by the Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities Along with the Foundation Natur Och Kultur, Publishers

Author: Nils-Arvid Bringéus

Publisher: Coronet Books Incorporated

ISBN: 9789174022506

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Lore and Language

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Folklore

Page: N.A

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Welsh Courting Customs

Author: Catrin Stevens

Publisher: Gomer Press


Category: Courtship

Page: 198

View: 3897

A volume examining the rich tapestry of customs and traditions fou nd in a predominantly rural Wales before the First World War. Bla ck-and-white photographs and illustrations.

The Rough Guide to Wales

Author: Mike Parker,Paul Whitfield

Publisher: Rough Guides Limited

ISBN: 9781858285436

Category: Travel

Page: 501

View: 4961

This guide takes an enthusiastic look at the recent surge in Welsh confidence brought on by successes in music, art and film and in events such as the establishment of the National Assembly and the Rugby World Cup.

Restless Travellers

Quests for Identity across European and American Time and Space

Author: Antonio José Miralles Pérez

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 144383324X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 210

View: 6639

The first part of this book deals with Britain’s imperial age, its militants and its critics. The selection of works generates a large field of debate explored using traditional or innovative approaches. The 19th century is presented as a time for writers (J. E. Aylmer, E. Marryat Norris, G. A. Henty, Conan Doyle) who tell stories of Europeans venturing forth into “uncivilised” regions of the world where they meet other races. But writers of a different outlook are also considered. Before the twilight of Empire, women were born in England (Virginia Woolf) and in Ireland (Elizabeth Bowen) who would use the ductile means of literature to narrate journeys into the female self, instead of masculine tales set in distant lands. The imperial experience is a subject of concern and reflection with special interest when authored by natives of (former) colonies, such as Michael Ondaatje’s Hindu/Sirk hero in The English Patient and the Nigerian girls in some of Patience Agbabi’s poems. The idea of travelling into or out of the culture to which one apparently belongs, and the contradictory feelings such an experience causes, pervades the writer’s mind and the ensuing narrative. The second part can be regarded as a North American miscellany, mostly devoted to the African culture, although also dealing with European heritage. In order to recognise Asian and South American influences as well, authors such as Fred Wah, Ariel Dorfman and Julia Alvarez have been included. Black literature is represented by two 19th century writers, Mary Ann Shadd and Martin R. Delany, who remind us of the fight against slavery and segregation and the path to equality. Various 20th century writers (Toni Morrison, Ernest Gaines, Harryatte Mullen, August Wilson) address the African-Americans’ quest for identity, presented by some as a journey southwards, away from the place of birth or an unsatisfactory life and in search of self-knowledge in the land of their forefathers. These journeys provide materials for different genres and tones, enabling readers to examine the aspirations and fears of a community whose contribution to the history and literature of America has stimulated continuous study. The two parts of the book are connected by the underlying discussion of essential conflicts that have occupied “travellers” traversing imperial spaces or experiencing foreign lands as well as “travellers” who, instead of exotic adventures or romantic sojourns, want to settle in a “new” country, be accepted by a nation their ancestors did not know, or exercise rights they were denied on their native soil.

Folk song

tradition, revival, and re-creation

Author: David Atkinson,Elphinstone Institute,Folk-Song Society (Great Britain). Conference

Publisher: N.A


Category: Folk singers

Page: 555

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Princesses of Wales

Author: Deborah C. Fisher

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 164

View: 5205

Common themes in the reign of nine Welsh Princesses, from their evolving position in society to their role in the increasing importance of Wales within Britain are detailed in this biography. An explanation how the titles Prince and Princess of Wales came into being and brief details of earlier princesses in pre-Conquest Welsh kingdoms are included.

Domestic Life in Wales

Author: S. Minwel Tibbott,Beth Thomas

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 164

View: 4782

Domestic Life in Wales is an essential and fascinating source of information on Welsh customs, traditions and domestic culture. Based on oral evidence gathered during the twentieth century and on documentary evidence from a variety of sources and periods, it covers topics ranging from traditional foods to the covering of table legs, and from crafts such as stocking-knitting and cheese-making to the effect of the coming of electricity on Welsh home life. The late S. Minwel Tibbott was a pioneer in the field of women's studies in Wales and an acknowledged expert in the study of domestic life and traditional foods. Domestic Life in Wales brings many of Minwel Tibbott's writings together as a tribute to her contribution to folk life and women's studies. This volume demonstrates the variety and depth of Minwel Tibbott's research, as well as offering a particularly accessible and readable introduction to Welsh domestic history. It will be essential reading for all those interested in the social and cultural history of Wales, folk life and food history, but is also likely to be of interest to a wider audience including those who can still remember some of the traditional ways described.

Celtic Wales

Author: Miranda Jane Aldhouse-Green,Raymond Howell

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 134

View: 4383

In A Pocket Guide: Celtic Wales, Miranda Green and Ray Howell provide a wide-ranging and accessible introduction to a rich and complex phase of Wales’s past as they examine the archaeological and historical evidence for settlement in Wales from about 700 B.C. to AD 1000, a period which has long been labeled as “Celtic.” This well-illustrated book puts Celtic Wales in its European context and contributes to current debates on Celticity and ethnic identity. It also examines the unity and diversity of Celtic Wales from Iron Age settlement and Roman occupation through the early Christian and medieval periods, exploring topics such as tribal identity, economy and trade, art and religion, the interaction between Celtic and Roman Wales, and early medieval myths.

Mosby's Pocket Guide to Cultural Health Assessment - E-Book

Author: Carolyn D'Avanzo

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323086047

Category: Medical

Page: 848

View: 8516

With all of the cultural and ethnic information that could affect patient and family care, POCKET GUIDE TO CULTURAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT, 4th Edition is the perfect portable yet complete reference. This guide discusses the clinical implications of ethnic populations from over 170 countries with a wealth of information on each—from languages spoken to health care beliefs and practices to eye contact. Ideal for everyday use, this handbook is the most comprehensive and portable resource on the market for patient care. Alphabetically organized by country with all sections presented consistently to give you quick access to important cultural information. Presents comprehensive content on all cultural aspects that affect patient assessment. Includes brief descriptions of each country’s topography and provides maps to illustrate potential environmental etiologies of an illness. Updated international childhood immunization schedules and the latest information from the World Health Organization provide the most up-to-date healthcare standards from around the world. Extensive bibliographies give you resources for further information. A streamlined and concise format with thumb tabs dividing each section makes this pocket guide the perfect quick reference tool. Thoroughly updated content includes new country names and their demographics, patient data, health care practices, and other cultural implications that affect care of today’s culturally diverse patient population. New international contributors bring together a wealth of information on the specifics of care for patients from over 170 countries. Includes more historical and political information for each country to provide current background information. Increased emphasis on how a population appears in the worldview and how their religion affect decision-making gives you a fuller perspective on each country’s culture. More information on naturalistic healing and practices helps you treat patients from a variety of backgrounds.

Discovering Welsh Graves

Author: Alun Roberts

Publisher: N.A


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 142

View: 2866

"The graves and gravesite locations of more than 300 famous and not so famous Welsh are presented along with brief biographical sketches. Individuals are grouped together by location, offering intriguing juxtapositions as, in death, strange next-door neighbors are created. Instructions on how to find the locations are provided."

Myths, Memories and Futures

The National Library and National Museum in the Story of Wales

Author: John Osmond

Publisher: Institute of Welsh Affairs

ISBN: 9781904773207

Category: Museums

Page: 106

View: 2875

A book, arising from a series of lectures organised by the Institute of Welsh Affairs, which examines the way myths, memories and futures intermingle in developing ideas about national identity in 21st Century Wales.


A Guide to the First State

Author: Delaware Federal Writers' Project

Publisher: US History Publishers

ISBN: 1603540083

Category: African Americans

Page: 562

View: 7949

Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books, 19301970

The Getting of Bookselling Wisdom

Author: Jason D. Ensor

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783081058

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 6612

‘Angus & Robertson and the British Trade in Australian Books, 1930–1970’ traces the history of the printed book in Australia, particularly the production and business context that mediated Australia’s literary and cultural ties to Britain for much of the twentieth century. This study focuses on the London operations of one of Australia’s premier book publishers of the twentieth century: Angus & Robertson. The book argues that despite the obvious limitations of a British-dominated market, Australian publishers had room to manoeuvre in it. It questions the ways in which Angus & Robertson replicated, challenged or transformed the often highly criticised commercial practices of British publishers in order to develop an export trade for Australian books in the United Kingdom. This book is the answer to the current void in the literary market for a substantial history of Australia’s largest publisher and its role in the development of Australia’s export book trade.

Imagining Wales

A View of Modern Welsh Writing in English

Author: Jeremy Hooker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780708316368

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 234

View: 3464

This volume deals with the 20th-century literature that is either Anglo-Welsh or that which relates to Wales. The argument of how writers ground themselves in their imagined Wales as a means of anchoring themselves against groundlessness in modern civilization, is also examined.