The Economic Consequences of the Vietnam War

Author: Anthony S. Campagna

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275933883

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 159

View: 2539

"Campagna's study focuses on the economic consequences of the Vietnam War on the US economy. Written in simple style, the book traces events leading to the war, particularly the formulation of relevant economic policies for funding the conflict from the Eisenhower to the Nixon presidency." Choice

Against the Vietnam War

Writings by Activists

Author: Mary Susannah Robbins

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742559141

Category: History

Page: 289

View: 475

The protest movement in opposition to the Vietnam War was a complex amalgam of political, social, economic, and cultural motivations, factors, and events. Against the Vietnam War brings together the different facets of that movement and its various shades of opinion. Here the participants themselves offer statements and reflections on their activism, the era, and the consequences of a war that spanned three decades and changed the United States of America. The keynote is on individual experience in a time when almost every event had national and international significance.

The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War

Author: David L. Anderson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231507380

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 3439

More than a quarter of a century after the last Marine Corps Huey left the American embassy in Saigon, the lessons and legacies of the most divisive war in twentieth-century American history are as hotly debated as ever. Why did successive administrations choose little-known Vietnam as the "test case" of American commitment in the fight against communism? Why were the "best and brightest" apparently blind to the illegitimacy of the state of South Vietnam? Would Kennedy have pulled out had he lived? And what lessons regarding American foreign policy emerged from the war? The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War helps readers understand this tragic and complex conflict. The book contains both interpretive information and a wealth of facts in easy-to-find form. Part I provides a lucid narrative overview of contested issues and interpretations in Vietnam scholarship. Part II is a mini-encyclopedia with descriptions and analysis of individuals, events, groups, and military operations. Arranged alphabetically, this section enables readers to look up isolated facts and specialized terms. Part III is a chronology of key events. Part IV is an annotated guide to resources, including films, documentaries, CD-ROMs, and reliable Web sites. Part V contains excerpts from historical documents and statistical data.

The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War

Author: Kamran Mofid

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134939647

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 204

View: 2414

The Iran-Iraq War were one of the longest and most devastating uninterrupted wars amongst modern nation states. It produced neither victor nor vanquished and left the regimes in both countries basically intact. However, it is clear that the domestic, regional and international repercussions of the war mean that 'going back' is not an option. Iraq owes too much to regain the lead it formerly held in economic performance and development levels. What then does reconstruction mean? In this book, Kamran Mofid counteracts the scant analysis to date of the economic consequences of the Gulf War by analysing its impact on both economies in terms of oil production, exports, foreign exchange earnings, non-defence foreign trade and agricultural performance. In the final section, Mofid brings together the component parts of the economic cost of the war to assign a dollar value to the devastation.

The United States and the Vietnam War, 1954-1975

A Selected Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Sources

Author: Louis Peake

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135906793

Category: History

Page: 392

View: 9257

The United States in the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 is an invaluable reference guide to the costly and controversial war the U.S. waged in Vietnam, over the course of five presidential administrations. Focusing not only on the conflict in Southeast Asia, but also on the tumult the war inspired on the domestic front, Louis Peake provides an authoritative guide to the wide range of media available on the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. From collections of art work and poetry about the soldiering experience, to journalistic accounts of battles, and military training films, the entries consistently provide clear and concise descriptions, allowing the reader to easily identify the value of any particular resource. With revised and updated annotations, and over 150 new entries, this second edition of The United States in the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 is an invaluable reference tool for researchers and students of the Vietnam War. Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies provide concise, annotated bibliographies to the major areas and events in American military history. With the inclusion of brief critical annotations after each entry, the student and researcher can easily assess the utility of each bibliographic source and evaluate the abundance of resources available with ease and efficiency. Comprehensive, concise, and current—Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies are an essential research tool for any historian.

The Environmental Consequences of War

Legal, Economic, and Scientific Perspectives

Author: Jay E. Austin,Carl E. Bruch

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521780209

Category: Law

Page: 691

View: 3742

Interdisciplinary analysis of the implications of wartime damage to the natural environment and public health.

1968: The World Transformed

Author: Carole Fink,Philipp Gassert,Detlef Junker,German Historical Institute (Washington, D.C.)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521646376

Category: History

Page: 490

View: 2210

1968: The World Transformed presents a global perspective on the tumultuous events of the most crucial year in the era of the Cold War. By interpreting 1968 as a transnational phenomenon, authors from Europe and the United States explain why the crises of 1968 erupted almost simultaneously throughout the world. Together, the eighteen chapters provide an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the rise and fall of protest movements worldwide. The book represents an effort to integrate international relations, the role of media, and the cross-cultural exchange of people and ideas into the history of that year. 1968 emerges as a global phenomenon because of the linkages between domestic and international affairs, the powerful influence of the media, the networks of communication among activists, and the shared opposition to the domestic and international status quo in the name of freedom and self-determination.

America's Economic Way of War

War and the US Economy from the Spanish-American War to the Persian Gulf War

Author: Hugh Rockoff

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521859409

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 357

View: 4939

This revealing book exposes the influence of economics and finance on how America waged war in the twentieth century.

Recovery from Armed Conflict in Developing Countries

An Economic and Political Analysis

Author: Geoff Harris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134650698

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

View: 821

This comprehensive work examines ways in which developing countries may achieve economic, political and social reconstruction in the wake of armed conflict. International researchers discuss such issues as women and children in the recovery process, refugees and the role of aid, the reintegration of ex-combatants and community-led recovery. Case studies focus upon Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Mozambique, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Exploding the Myth?

The Peace Dividend, Regions and Market Adjustment

Author: Derek Braddon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317836502

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 306

View: 3760

From a cold war peak of some $1000 billion per annum, world military expenditure has declined by about 40% since 1990, reaching its lowest level for thirty years. With such significant decline in global public expenditure committments to the defence sector, a substantial and lasting peace dividend was anticipated. Most governments believed that market forces, left more or less to their own devices, would deal effectively with this major exogenous shock and generate sufficient new economic activity to allow increased public expenditure on health, education and welfare. The approach of this book is to challenge the fundamental but flawed belief that a substantial and lasting peace dividend could be secured through market solution alone. The principal assertion is that market adjustment by itself cannot deliver such a dividend.The book focuses on the major aspects of the economic, business and security consequences of post Cold War defence expenditure reduction. Key problems obstructing optimal market response are identified and possible remedial action by government and others is considered.

Grundsätze des Kommunismus

Author: Friedrich Engels

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849611744


Page: 24

View: 4892

Die Serie "Meisterwerke der Literatur" beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung für Ihren eBook Reader. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen auf Ihrem Reader. Dieses Werk bietet zusätzlich * Eine Biografie/Bibliografie des Autors. Die Programmskizze Grundsätze des Kommunismus wurde 1847 von Friedrich Engels verfasst und bildet eine wichtige Vorarbeit für das Programm des Bundes der Kommunisten, dem Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei. Im Jahre 1968 wurde eine Vorarbeit zu den „Grundsätzen des Kommunismus“ entdeckt, bezeichnet als Entwurf eines Kommunistischen Glaubensbekenntnis (oder Entwurf des ...; oder Glaubensbekenntnisses). (aus

The Vietnam War

A Concise International History

Author: Mark Atwood Lawrence

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199793150

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 5872

The Vietnam War remains a topic of extraordinary interest, not least because of striking parallels between that conflict and more recent fighting in the Middle East. In The Vietnam War, Mark Atwood Lawrence draws upon the latest research in archives around the world to offer readers a superb account of a key moment in U.S. as well as global history. While focusing on American involvement between 1965 and 1975, Lawrence offers an unprecedentedly complete picture of all sides of the war, notably by examining the motives that drove the Vietnamese communists and their foreign allies. Moreover, the book carefully considers both the long- and short-term origins of the war. Lawrence examines the rise of Vietnamese communism in the early twentieth century and reveals how Cold War anxieties of the 1940s and 1950s set the United States on the road to intervention. Of course, the heart of the book covers the "American war," ranging from the overthrow of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem to the impact of the Tet Offensive on American public opinion, Lyndon Johnson's withdrawal from the 1968 presidential race, Richard Nixon's expansion of the war into Cambodia and Laos, and the problematic peace agreement of 1973, which ended American military involvement. Finally, the book explores the complex aftermath of the war--its enduring legacy in American books, film, and political debate, as well as Vietnam's struggles with severe social and economic problems. A compact and authoritative primer on an intensely relevant topic, this well-researched and engaging volume offers an invaluable overview of the Vietnam War.

Ökonomie der Zerstörung

die Geschichte der Wirtschaft im Nationalsozialismus

Author: J. Adam Tooze

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783570550564


Page: 926

View: 9220

The U. S. Government and the Vietnam War: Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships

July 1965-January 1968

Author: William Conrad Gibbons

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691006352

Category: History

Page: 992

View: 8722

"This is a study of U.S. government policymaking during the 30 years of the Vietnam war, 1945-75, beginning with the 1945-1960 period. Although focusing on the course of events in Washington and between Washington and U.S. officials on the scene, it also depicts major events and trends in Vietnam to which the U.S. was responding, as well as the state of American public opinion and public activity directed at supporting or opposing the war."--Preface.

Empire’s Twin

U.S. Anti-imperialism from the Founding Era to the Age of Terrorism

Author: Ian Tyrrell,Jay Sexton

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801455693

Category: History

Page: 312

View: 8336

Across the course of American history, imperialism and anti-imperialism have been awkwardly paired as influences on the politics, culture, and diplomacy of the United States. The Declaration of Independence, after all, is an anti-imperial document, cataloguing the sins of the metropolitan government against the colonies. With the Revolution, and again in 1812, the nation stood against the most powerful empire in the world and declared itself independent. As noted by Ian Tyrrell and Jay Sexton, however, American "anti-imperialism was clearly selective, geographically, racially, and constitutionally." Empire's Twin broadens our conception of anti-imperialist actors, ideas, and actions; it charts this story across the range of American history, from the Revolution to our own era; and it opens up the transnational and global dimensions of American anti-imperialism. By tracking the diverse manifestations of American anti-imperialism, this book highlights the different ways in which historians can approach it in their research and teaching. The contributors cover a wide range of subjects, including the discourse of anti-imperialism in the Early Republic and Civil War, anti-imperialist actions in the U.S. during the Mexican Revolution, the anti-imperial dimensions of early U.S. encounters in the Middle East, and the transnational nature of anti-imperialist public sentiment during the Cold War and beyond. Contributors: Laura Belmonte, Oklahoma State University; Robert Buzzanco, University of Houston; Julian Go, Boston University; Alan Knight, University of Oxford; Ussama Makdisi, Rice University; Erez Manela, Harvard University; Peter Onuf, Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello, and University of Virginia; Jeffrey Ostler, University of Oregon; Patricia Schechter, Portland State University; Jay Sexton, University of Oxford; Ian Tyrrell, University of New South Wales

The New Counter-insurgency Era in Critical Perspective

Author: Celeste Ward Gventer,M.L.R Smith

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137336943

Category: Political Science

Page: 375

View: 8441

The notion of counter-insurgency has become a dominant paradigm in American and British thinking about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This volume brings together international academics and practitioners to evaluate the broader theoretical and historical factors that underpin COIN, providing a critical reappraisal of counter-insurgency thinking.

War and Nature

The Environmental Consequences of War in a Globalized World

Author: Jurgen Brauer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780759112063

Category: Political Science

Page: 233

View: 1630

This book takes a comprehensive look at the environmental costs of wars around the world since the end of World War II, drawing on case studies from Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Africa, and other regions.

Johnson's War/Johnson's Great Society

The Guns and Butter Trap

Author: Jeffrey W. Helsing

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275964498

Category: History

Page: 279

View: 3793

Examines President Johnson's efforts to stem the advance of communism in Southeast Asia while pursuing a Great Society at home.

The Political Economy of Military Spending in the United States

Author: Alex Mintz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134903316

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

View: 2622

This is a timely collection of essays utilizing the political economy approach to military spending, primarily by the United States. The articles deal specifically with the relationships between defense spending and: (a) political-business cycles, public opinion and the US-Soviet relationship; (b) military action - i.e. war; (c) economic performance - the trade deficit, guns versus butter issues and fiscal policy.

Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam

Or, How Not to Learn from the Past

Author: Lloyd C. Gardner,Marilyn B. Young

Publisher: The New Press

ISBN: 1595587373

Category: History

Page: 322

View: 6735

From the launch of the “Shock and Awe” invasion in March 2003 through President George W. Bush’s declaration of “Mission Accomplished” two months later, the war in Iraq was meant to demonstrate definitively that the United States had learned the lessons of Vietnam. This new book makes clear that something closer to the opposite is true—that U.S. foreign policy makers have learned little from the past, even as they have been obsessed with the “Vietnam Syndrome.” Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam brings together the country’s leading historians of the Vietnam experience. Examining the profound changes that have occurred in the country and the military since the Vietnam War, celebrated historians Marilyn B. Young and Lloyd Gardner have assembled a distinguished group to consider how America has again found itself in the midst of a war in which there is no chance of a speedy victory or a sweeping regime change. Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam explores how the “Vietnam Syndrome” fits into the contemporary debate about the purpose and exercise of American power in the world. With contributions from some of the most renowned analysts of American history and foreign policy, this is an essential recovery of the forgotten and misbegotten lessons of Vietnam.