The Home Blacksmith

Tools, Techniques, and 40 Practical Projects for the Blacksmith Hobbyist

Author: Ryan Ridgway

Publisher: Lumina Media

ISBN: 1620082128

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 224

View: 842

As more and more people join the do-it-yourself revolution, they are breathing new life into many time-honored skills and crafts. Blacksmithing is among the trades that are enjoying a resurgence for both practical and artistic uses, yet there is not an abundance of readily accessible information available to beginning blacksmiths to help them get started and understand the craft. Author Ryan Ridgway, a veterinarian and blacksmith with more than fifteen years of metalworking experience, hopes to fill that void with this comprehensive volume geared toward answering the many questions that new blacksmiths often have. By explaining the physics of moving metal, the different styles of anvils and forges, and alternative fuel sources, Ridgway sets his book apart from less detailed volumes. Forty practical, easy-to-follow projects are presented, showing aspiring blacksmiths how to make tools, such as hammers and chisels; farm implements, such as gate latches and hoof picks; and items for home use, including drawer pulls and candle holders. Inside The Home Blacksmith: The evolution of blacksmithing around the world and the differences between the tools specific to each region The behavior of heated metal and the science of metalworking Setting up a shop safely and economically The heart of your shop—the anvil and forge—and the other essential tools Working with different types of steel, including how to salvage steel for different uses Techniques from beginning to advanced Step-by-step instructions for forty blacksmithing projects: tools and other implements as well as decorative pieces for personal use or sale

Don't Go Up Kettle Creek

Verbal Legacy of the Upper Cumberland : with a New Foreword

Author: William Lynwood Montell

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 9781572330849

Category: History

Page: 296

View: 2129

Don't Go Up Kettle Creek is a historical portrayal of a river and the people who made their living along its banks and tributaries. Drawing upon the personal recollections and oral traditions of longtime residents, William Lynwood Montell describes a century and a half of life in the Upper Cumberland. Montell organized his material according to the topics that dominated his tape-recorded conversations with residents of the area-farming, logging and rafting, steamboating, the Civil War-topics that the people themselves saw as important in their history. In reconstructing the past, the author also illuminates the relationship between geographic and economic factors in the region; the prolonged affects of a cataclysmic event, the Civil War, on the isolated area; and the impact of modernization, in the form of "hard" roads and cheap, TVA-supplied electricity, on the traditional ways of people. First published in 1983, this book is now available in paperback for the first time. Included with this edition is a new foreword in which Montell and Mary Robbins, executive director of the Tennessee Upper Cumberland Tourism Association, describe changes in the area that have occured since the book's initial appearance. The Author: William Lynwood Montell, now retired, was coordinator of programs in folk and interculturual studies at Western Kentucky University. His numerous books include Ghosts along the Cumberland and The Saga of Coe Ridge.

Back to Basics

A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills

Author: Abigail R. Gehring

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1628738081

Category: House & Home

Page: 464

View: 3741

Anyone who wants to learn basic living skills—the kind employed by our forefathers—and adapt them for a better life in the twenty-first century need look no further than this eminently useful, full-color guide. Countless readers have turned to Back to Basics for inspiration and instruction, escaping to an era before power saws and fast food restaurants and rediscovering the pleasures and challenges of a healthier, greener, and more self-sufficient lifestyle. Now newly updated, the hundreds of projects, step-by-step sequences, photographs, charts, and illustrations in Back to Basics will help you dye your own wool with plant pigments, graft trees, raise chickens, craft a hutch table with hand tools, and make treats such as blueberry peach jam and cheddar cheese. The truly ambitious will find instructions on how to build a log cabin or an adobe brick homestead. More than just practical advice, this is also a book for dreamers—even if you live in a city apartment you will find your imagination sparked, and there's no reason why you can't, for example, make a loom and weave a rag rug. Complete with tips for old-fashioned fun (square dancing calls, homemade toys, and kayaking tips), this may be the most thorough book on voluntary simplicity available.

The Amish Blacksmith

Author: Mindy Starns Clark,Susan Meissner

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736957375

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 5821

New from bestselling authors Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner, The Amish Blacksmith (Book 2 in The Men of Lancaster County series) explores the men of an Amish community in Lancaster County, how their Amish beliefs play out in their unique roles, and the women who change their lives. Apprenticed blacksmith Jake Miller is skeptical of Priscilla Kinsinger's innate ability to soothe troubled horses, especially when he has own ideas on how to calm them. Six years earlier, Priscilla's mother died in an awful accident at home, and Priscilla's grief over losing her mother was so intense that she was sent to live with relatives in Indiana. She has just returned to Lancaster County. Not that her homecoming matters to Jake, who is interested in courting lighthearted Amanda Shetler. But Jake's boss is Priscilla's uncle, and when the man asks Jake to help his niece reconnect with community life, he has no choice but to do just that. Surprisingly, he finds himself slowly drawn to the beautiful but emotionally wounded Priscilla. Jake then determines to prove to her that it's not her fault her mother died, but what he discovers will challenge everything they both believe about the depth of love and the breadth of forgiveness.

Friedrich the Blacksmith

From the Promised Land of Catherine the Great to the Gulags of Comrade

Author: Norman Fischbuch

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 142691296X

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 3675

This story begins in the late 1890's and documents the life of an ambitious young man who grew up eagerly looking forward to a comfortable and sheltered life in an isolated community in Russia near the Polish border. In his youth this farm boy dreamed of becoming the best blacksmith in this community of ethnic German colonies in southern Russia. However, his plans for the future were interrupted when he was conscripted into the Russian Navy. Here he served as a stoker and rose in rank to become an astute marine engineer, and was decorated for bravery by Tsar Nicholas II in the disastrous Russo-Japanese naval Battle of the Yellow Sea, while he served on the flagship of Russia's First Pacific Squadron. Although he had diligently served his community, his country, and his Tsar, it is difficult to concieved how this dedicated citizen of a land which he loved and cherished, that he would end his life as a blind and destitute inmante in one of Stalin's slave labour camps.

Haunted Ontario 3

Ghostly Historic Sites, Inns, and Miracles

Author: Terry Boyle

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 145971766X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 248

View: 9495

Shiver as you read a selection of authentic ghost stories brought to life by author Terry Boyle in this third volume of the Haunted Ontario series.

The Blacksmith's Daughter

Author: Minnette Coleman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475906400

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 3030

William Brown, one of the last blacksmiths in Atlanta, has become a rich and powerful man buying and selling land and requiring only the best for his wife Bira, his crippled son and five unmarried daughters. The Piano Man wanders into this life enticed by the carefree youngest daughter June, but destined to marry the eldest sister according to the blacksmiths plan. Junes desire to change these plans leads the proud family down a path that could destroy everything the blacksmith has worked for. A heart wrenching tale of an autocratic fathers attempt to control the lives of his five daughters and in the process re-invent his sense of self. . .Minnette Coleman, in lyrical fashion, paints a downward spiral of envy. The Blacksmiths Daughter is a singular tale of love and longing but also one of redemption told through the voice of a poet. - Grace F. Edwards author, The Mali Anderson Mysteries The really masterly aspect of this book, beyond its authentic voice, its entirely credible characters and its compelling situations delivered in hypnotically cadenced prose, is the way it twists and turns you as to how you react to the behavior and values of the blacksmith himself. - Tim Roux author- The Dance of the Pheasodile (Night Publishing) An untold historical narrative of dedication to self-sufficiency and advanced education is interlaced within this imaginative love story focusing on family and community. Crisp, vibrant poetic imagery colors the dialogue about the big brown blacksmith and his world of the1920s in Atlanta. Janice White Sikes Rogers, Specialist in Southern History Atlanta Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture & History

Rise and Fall of Orson Martin, Blacksmith

Author: Harry Enoch


ISBN: 1300607882

Category: History

Page: 90

View: 5170

Orson Martin was born in Goochland County, Virginia, the son of John and Rachel Martin. Orson learned the blacksmith trade from his father. After the Revolutionary War, the family moved to Kentucky and settled near Boonesborough in an area that became one of the earliest industrial centers west of the Allegheny Mountains. Orson's brothers William and Valentine became prominent figures in the neighborhood. It was Orson, however, who had the vision to recognize the commercial potential of the Lower Howard's Creek valley, along with the initiative and skills to take advantage of the opportunity. During the early 1800s, he was one of the leading entrepreneurs of the valley, where he had his own sawmill, gristmill and blacksmith shop. Unfortunately, after such early promise, Orson's career crashed under the weight of family problems and business reversals brought on by the influence of alcohol. This biography describes the successes and failures of Orson Martin, blacksmith.

The Blacksmith

Author: Susan Shultz

Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital

ISBN: 1633700224

Category: Fiction

Page: 57

View: 2500

My name is Ainsley. I live among the dead. Meet Ainsley. Ainsley lives alone, and she likes it that way. Ainsley has some secrets. Dark secrets. Sometimes, Ainsley feels like the Blacksmith is the only one who will ever understand her. The Blacksmith resides in the graveyard in her garden. You see, Ainsley’s heart was broken long ago, and now it’s dead. As dead as the Blacksmith’s. They belong together. Then there’s Sam: sweet, loving Sam. Ainsley was abandoned by anyone she ever loved, but Sam has always been there. If her heart weren’t already dead, Ainsley might even say she loved him. Not even Sam knows the depth’s of Ainsley’s darkness…and lately, she’s come very, very close to revealing it to him. But the Blacksmith says no. And what the Blacksmith says, goes. Contains content that may be graphic to some readers. Mature audiences only. Praise for The Blacksmith: “The Blacksmith by Susan Shultz is like Dexter with a feminine twist gone dark. Ainsley feeds her dead heart by killing men and eating theirs. Who run the world? Girls. And their apparently insatiable desire for man-flesh. A fun holiday read!” — “It wasn’t until I read The Blacksmith by Susan Shultz that I thought about a different type of ‘scary story.’…It relies on legitimate fears of loss and the flaws in human nature to make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t misunderstand—if you like blood, ghosts and sociopaths, The Blacksmith has that for you.” — Volumes of Words “The new book…explodes with images and themes that test the limits of our understanding of love, death, pain and friendship. Shultz channels masterful storytellers such as Shirley Jackson and Stephen King to weave a surreal yet familiar world, as she delves into the psychology of a killer who is torn between her love of Sam and her passion for the Blacksmith.” — Darien Times

The Blacksmith

Author: Bobbie Kalman,Barbara Bedell

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778707479

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 1467

Ages 4 to 8 years.Introduces the tools, activities, and importance of the blacksmith in colonial communities.

Daughters of the Tharu

Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, and the Education of Nepali Girls

Author: Mary Ann Maslak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135952221

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 6251

This book explores the complex structural institutions in society, individual attitudes towards, beliefs about and values of those institutions, and the process by which the relationship between the social structure and individual agency conditions and governs girls' educational participation in Nepal.

History of Mahomet

Mahomet Methodist Church Centennial, 1955

Author: Isabelle S. Purnell

Publisher: N.A



Page: 92

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ISBN: 0557111781


Page: 506

View: 349

A common man caught up in murder, war between the races (dragon, troll, elwyn and men). His efforts to extricate himself and how he saved the realms of magic and mankind while denying his heroic deeds.

Genuine Blacksmith

Author: Mr. David Wilson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479733601

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

View: 2324

What I accomplished in my life was almost impossible, but the fact that I loved horses so much, sure helped. I loved the way they looked. I loved the way they smelled. I even loved the way their feet smelled. All odds were against me, and my father told me that fooling with horses was a waste of time. He said that I would never be worth a hill of beans. When I started riding horses I learned very well, and I had a lot of talent. When I got my first job in Lexington, Kentucky, my boss couldn’t believe that I could ride so good, since I had only been riding races at the county fairs. I guess that is where the talent come in. As I went on working, I would talk to people about wanting to be a blacksmith. Everyone I talked to told me the same thing. “You don’t want to be a blacksmith.” I spent ten years learning how to shoe a horse before I went to the race track, and the extra time sure did pay off. When I first started shoeing horses at Churchill Downs, I run into a lot of horses with foot problems. Some of the trainers doubted that I could fix their horses’ feet, so I would bet them, double or nothing, that I could. After I took several of the trainers’ money, they quit betting with me. That was the way that I got a lot of my business. It was never easy, but there is one thing that I know for sure. I had five apprentices that I helped get started, and they all turned out to be super blacksmiths. David Wilson

The Blacksmith Legacy

Sceal Ar Chlann, Stories of an Irish Family

Author: Margaret Finn Hochberg Ed.D

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462844258

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

View: 8778

Opening in the 1800s, this is a family story spanning over one hundred years and three generations. Two brothers, Johnny and Patrick, grew in opposite directions. One chooses the traditional rewards of marriage, family and farm, while the other seeks adventure. The scene moves from the gentle rolling farmland of County Cavan to the rugged ocean cliffs of Kerry and a man named Michael. Eventually, the plot takes the reader to New York City where the three men are impacted by Mollie, a determined fifteen-year-old. It is a story of family struggle, triumphs and sad farewells.