The Splash of Words

Believing in poetry

Author: Mark Oakley

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 1848254687

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 7099

Whether you love poetry or haven't read it since school, The Splash of Words will help you rediscover poetry’s power to startle, challenge and reframe your vision. Like throwing a pebble into water, a poem causes a ‘splash of words’ whose ripples can transform the way we see the world, ourselves and God. Through thirty selected poems, from the fourteenth century to the present day, Mark Oakley explores poetry’s power to stir our settled ways of viewing the world and faith, shift our perceptions and even transform who we are.

Poetry, Practical Theology, and Reflective Practice

Author: Mark Pryce

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317076621

Category: Religion

Page: 196

View: 9154

This groundbreaking study offers an innovative critical analysis of poetry as a resource for reflective practice in the context of continuing professional development. In the contemporary drive in all professions for greater rigour in education, training, and development, little attention is paid to the inner shape of learning and meaning-making for individuals and groups, especially ways in which individuals are formed for the task of their work. Building on empirical research into the author’s professional practice, the book takes the use of poetry in clergy continuing ministerial development as a case-study to examine the value of poetry in professional learning. Setting out the advantages and limitations of poetry as a stimulant for imaginative, critical reflexivity, and formation within professional reflective practice, the study develops a practical model for group reflection around poetry, distilling pedagogical approaches for working effectively with poetry in continuing professional development. Drawing together a number of strands of thinking about poetry, Practical Theology, and reflective practice into a tightly argued study, the book is an important methodological resource. It makes available a range of primary and secondary sources, offering researchers into professional practice a model of ethnographic research in Practical Theology which embraces innovative methods for reflexivity and theological reflection, including the value of auto-ethnographic poetry.


Exploring Eternal Questions

Author: Stephen Cherry

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784504734

Category: Religion

Page: 128

View: 546

In a world where religion refuses to expire, two responses predominate. The first, to retrench within the certainties of one's native or adopted faith, questioning nothing; the second, to sneer and snarl from the secular side-lines. Here, Stephen Cherry offers a third alternative for religious believer, agnostic, and atheist alike - to engage with the study of theology. Confessing himself to be a reluctant theologian, Cherry puts forward three positive reasons why more people should take theology seriously - because it's fascinating, fun and important. He suggests that genuine theology is the antidote to fundamentalism, contrasts the theological approaches of Jesus of Nazareth and Richard Dawkins, introduces some of the biggest puzzles unravelled by theology, and reviews the history of the subject in fewer than 20 tweets. Drawing people at all stages of life into a more serious engagement with the riches, delights and fun of theology, it is a book for any who find themselves to be a little God-curious.

Sing Out for Justice

The Poetry and Passion of the Hebrew Prophets

Author: Ray Vincent

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780999275

Category: Religion

Page: 152

View: 8897

The Old Testament prophets were not just predictors of things that would happen long after their time. Nor were they purveyors of religious platitudes. They were people with an urgent message for their own generation and a passion to declare it whatever the risk. They were singers, poets, demonstrators and protesters, radical critics of their own society and dreamers of a world that could be different.

Words that Listen

A Literary Companion to the Lectionary

Author: Ian Markham,J Barney Hawkins,Mark Oakley

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 1786220644

Category: Religion

Page: 704

View: 6745

A Bible commentary with a difference, Words That Listen provides readings from world literature to accompany every Gospel passage of the Revised Common Lectionary for Years A, B and C. For each Sunday Gospel reading, it offers four extracts, with commentary, from fiction, nonfiction, poems, great speeches and sacred texts, to plays, television and film scripts, social commentaries, and theologians past and present. Authors featured include: • writers from the classical Christian tradition, from Origen to Rowan Williams • many literary greats, including Dante, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Emily Bronte, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde • recent and contemporary poets: U. A. Fanthorpe, Seamus Heaney, Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry and Malcolm Guite • modern novelists and writers: P D James, Annie Dillard, Maya Angelou, Stephen King and Marilynne Robinson • filmmakers and screenwriters: Martin Scorcese, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg • songwriters and musicians: Leonard Cohen, U2, Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga • paintings from leading artists that illuminate biblical events and encounters. Bound in two paperback volumes in a slipcase, Words That Listen brings together the worlds of art and faith to offer a unique resource for all who preach.

Das Buch der seltsamen neuen Dinge

Author: Michel Faber

Publisher: Kein & Aber AG

ISBN: 303699386X

Category: Fiction

Page: 688

View: 3674

Ich bin bei dir alle Tage bis ans Ende der Welt. Der junge Pastor Peter Leigh wird auf die Reise seines Lebens geschickt - nur darf seine Frau Bea ihn nicht begleiten. Um in Kontakt zu bleiben, schicken sie sich Briefe. Doch nie zuvor in der Geschichte der Menschheit musste eine Liebe eine derart große Distanz überbrücken. "Der bewegendste Abschiedsroman, den ich je gelesen habe." Clemens J. Setz (Indigo) "Ein Meisterwerk - wahnsinnig fesselnd." David Mitchell (Der Wolkenatlas) "Der Roman ist ein einziges Wunder." Yann Martel (Schiffbruch mit Tiger) "Verzweifelnd schön, traurig und unvergesslich." David Benioff (Game of Thrones)

Der tägliche Stoiker

366 nachdenkliche Betrachtungen über Weisheit, Beharrlichkeit und Lebensstil

Author: Ryan Holiday,Stephen Hanselman

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

ISBN: 3960920717

Category: Self-Help

Page: 432

View: 6086

Wie findet man das wahre Glück? Wie lässt sich Erfolg wirklich bemessen? Und wie geht man mit den Herausforderungen des Alltags wie Wut, Trauer und der Frage nach dem Sinn des Ganzen um? Was große Geister wie George Washington, Friedrich der Große, Weltklassesportler oder Top-Performer längst für sich entdeckt haben, liegt mit "Der tägliche Stoiker" erstmals gesammelt vor. New York Times-Bestsellerautor Ryan Holiday und Stephen Hanselman haben das Wissen der Stoiker in 366 zeitlose Lektionen verpackt und zeigen, dass die Philosophie des Stoizismus nicht nur zeitlos, sondern gerade für unsere hektische und unsichere Zeit ein Segen ist. Weisheit, Mut, Gerechtigkeitssinn und Selbstbeherrschung sowie Gelassenheit lassen sich erlernen und helfen uns, in der zunehmenden Komplexität unserer Welt zu bestehen. Die uralten Weisheiten der Stoiker, gesammelt und kommentiert, unterstützen bei diesen alltäglichen Herausforderungen.

Writers and Protestantism in the North of Ireland

Heirs to Adamnation?

Author: Barry Sloan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780716526360

Category: History

Page: 381

View: 4350

How did Protestantism influence the subject matter and vision of twentieth century writers from the north of Ireland? Was it a merely negative, inhibiting, backward-looking and self-defensive force within the community, as some observers have claimed? Theologically, politically and culturally, was it ever a source of creative energy and a stimulus to the literary imagination? These are some of the questions this book confronts in a new and wide ranging examination of the relationship between northern Irish Protestantism and writing.

Brodsky Translating Brodsky: Poetry in Self-Translation

Author: Alexandra Berlina

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1623566967

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 8508

Winner of the Anna Balakian Prize 2016 Is poetry lost in translation, or is it perhaps the other way around? Is it found? Gained? Won? What happens when a poet decides to give his favorite Russian poems a new life in English? Are the new texts shadows, twins or doppelgangers of their originals-or are they something completely different? Does the poet resurrect himself from the death of the author by reinterpreting his own work in another language, or does he turn into a monster: a bilingual, bicultural centaur? Alexandra Berlina, herself a poetry translator and a 2012 Barnstone Translation Prize laureate, addresses these questions in this new study of Joseph Brodsky, whose Nobel-prize-winning work has never yet been discussed from this perspective.

Finding Wisdom in East Asian Classics

Author: Wm. Theodore de Bary

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231527195

Category: History

Page: 432

View: 1978

Finding Wisdom in East Asian Classics is an essential, all-access guide to the core texts of East Asian civilization and culture. Essays address frequently read, foundational texts in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese, as well as early modern fictional classics and nonfiction works of the seventeenth century. Building strong links between these writings and the critical traditions of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism, this volume shows the vital role of the classics in the shaping of Asian history and in the development of the humanities at large. Wm. Theodore de Bary focuses on texts that have survived for centuries, if not millennia, through avid questioning and contestation. Recognized as perennial reflections on life and society, these works represent diverse historical periods and cultures and include the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Xunxi, the Lotus Sutra, Tang poetry, the Pillow Book, The Tale of Genji, and the writings of Chikamatsu and Kaibara Ekken. Contributors explain the core and most commonly understood aspects of these works and how they operate within their traditions. They trace their reach and reinvention throughout history and their ongoing relevance in modern life. With fresh interpretations of familiar readings, these essays inspire renewed appreciation and examination. In the case of some classics open to multiple interpretations, de Bary chooses two complementary essays from different contributors. Expanding on debates concerning the challenges of teaching classics in the twenty-first century, several pieces speak to the value of Asia in the core curriculum. Indispensable for early scholarship on Asia and the evolution of global civilization, Finding Wisdom in East Asian Classics helps one master the major texts of human thought.


Author: Francis Spufford

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 364400062X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9272

«Wie ein neu entdeckter Roman von Henry Fielding mit Bonusmaterial von Martin Scorsese.» (The Times) 1746 in einer kleinen englischen Kolonialstadt an der Spitze der Insel Manhattan: Neu-York wirkt auch Jahrzehnte nach der Eroberung durch die Briten immer noch recht holländisch; die alteingesessenen Familien reden Englisch mit Akzent, am Hafen weht der Union Jack über schmalen Fachwerkhäusern, am anderen Ende der Stadt ist der Broad Way (vorher Breede Weg) auf Höhe der Wall Street durch ein Tor versperrt. Draußen hängen Skalps: Verbündete Indianerstämme haben sie französischen Soldaten abgenommen. Eines Tages steigt ein Brite namens Smith im Regen von einem aus London kommenden Segler. Der junge Mann scheint über Geld zu verfügen, er trägt den Wechsel einer Londoner Bank mit sich. Schnell findet er Zugang zur Gesellschaft, wird er zu einer Berühmtheit in der Stadt. Leider auch bei den Falschen: Smith wird überfallen und ausgeraubt. Niemand darf von der prekären neuen Lage erfahren, das Schuldgefängnis droht. Und dann kommt Smiths Affäre mit der Frau eines hohen Offiziers ans Licht. Ein Duell ist unumgänglich, und ausgerechnet sein bester Freund fordert ihn, ein exzellenter Fechter. Doch dann nimmt das Schicksal unseres Helden eine weitere überraschende Wendung – es wird nicht die letzte sein in diesem phantastischen, geistreichen, spannenden Wunderwerk von einem Roman.

Popular Music

Topics, Trends & Trajectories

Author: Tara Brabazon

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446292266

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 2890

'An incredibly wide-ranging critical account of popular music. The book is an essential resource for all staff and students in the field' - John Storey, Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland Organized in accessible sections and covering the main themes of research and teaching it examines: • The key approaches to understanding popular music • The main settings of exchange and consumption • The role of technology in the production of popular music • The main genres of popular music • The key debates of the present day Barbazon writes with verve and penetration. Her approach starts with how most people actually consume music today and transfers this onto the plain of study. The book enables teachers and students to shuffle from one topic to the other whilst providing an unparalleled access the core concepts and issues. As such, it is the perfect study guide for undergraduates located in this exciting and expanding field. Tara Brabazon is Professor of Communication at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).

The Power of Focus

So erreichen Sie Ihre persönlichen, finanziellen und beruflichen Ziele

Author: Jack Canfield,Mark Hansen,Jack; Hansen Canfield

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

ISBN: 3864144752

Category: Self-Help

Page: 288

View: 9769

Was ist der häufigste Grund, warum viele Menschen ihre Ziele nicht erreichen? Es sind nicht die äußeren Rahmenbedingungen und Hindernisse – die lassen sich überwinden –, sondern vielmehr der persönliche Mangel, sich auf das Wesentliche zu konzentrieren und seine Ziele beharrlich zu verfolgen. Die Fähigkeit, sich auf das wirklich Entscheidende zu fokussieren, hilft in fast allen Lebenslagen. Dieses Buch ist seit zehn Jahren ein Weltbestseller und Klassiker der Erfolgsliteratur. Es hat Zigtausenden von Lesern geholfen, ihr Leben erfolgreicher zu gestalten und ihre ganze Kraft und Energie auf ihren persönlichen Fokus zu richten. Erstmalig in deutscher Sprache zeigen die Bestsellerautoren, wie man sich darauf besinnt, wie man diesen Fokus am besten erreicht, ihn beruflich nutzt und so auch wirtschaftlich turbulente Zeiten übersteht. Und nicht zuletzt, wie man eine Finanzstrategie verfolgt, die einen ruhig schlafen lässt. Jedes Kapitel bietet eine Strategie und die dazugehörigen konkreten Aktionsschritte. So kann jeder Leser umgehend durchstarten und seine eigene Erfolgsstory schreiben.

Skeptics And True Believers

Author: Chet Raymo

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448129893

Category: Science

Page: 304

View: 7828

Acknowledging that the scientific and the spiritual communities are increasingly split, Raymo builds strong bridges between them. He ilustrates his arguement with an array of thought-provoking stories, such as the remarkable migratory flight of a small bird called the Red Knot; the long, glorious glide of the Comet Hyakutake across the night sky; a hilarious alien abduction that didn't happen. Together, they are compelling evidence that religion should embrace the reliable knowledge of the world that science provides, while at the same time science should respect and nourish humankind's need for spiritual sustenance. 'Miracles are explainable, ' Raymo paraphrases the writer Tim Robinson, 'it is the explanations that are miraculous'. For anyone drawn to reflect on life's meaning and purpose, Chet Raymo's uncomprimising skepticism and reverence for mystery will affirm and inspire.


Author: Dante

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307805956

Category: Poetry

Page: 1024

View: 1577

With his journeys through Hell and Purgatory complete, Dante is at last led by his beloved Beatrice to Paradise. Where his experiences in the Inferno and Purgatorio were arduous and harrowing, this is a journey of comfort, revelation, and, above all, love-both romantic and divine. Robert Hollander is a Dante scholar of unmatched reputation and his wife, Jean, is an accomplished poet. Their verse translation with facing-page Italian combines maximum fidelity to Dante's text with the artistry necessary to reflect the original's virtuosity. They have produced the clearest, most accurate, and most readable translation of the three books of The Divine Comedy, with unsurpassable footnotes and introductions, likely to be a touchstone for generations to come.

Inhabited voices

myth and history in the poetry of Geoffrey Hill, Seamus Heaney and George Mackay Brown

Author: David Annwn

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 243

View: 4648


Author: Walt Whitman

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 8026808738

Category: Poetry

Page: 125

View: 6559