The Weir

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854596437

Category: Ghost plays

Page: 64

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The spellbinding, beautifully observed hit from the master of suspenseful realism. A bar in a remote part of Ireland. The local lads are swapping spooky stories to impress a young woman recently moved to the area from Dublin. As the drink flows and the stories become increasingly frightening, it's clear that Valerie has something on her mind. She has a tale to tell that'll stop them all dead in their tracks. Conor McPherson's play The Weir combines superbly chilling tales of the supernatural with the hilarious banter of a small community in the heart of rural Ireland. The Weir was first performed at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs at the Ambassadors Theatre on West Street, London, in July 1997. It transferred to the Duke of York's Theatre in the West End in February 1998, where it played for two years. The play went on to win the Olivier Award for Best New Play in 1999. McPherson also won the Evening Standard and Critics' Circle Awards for Most Promising Playwright. The Weir has since been performed very widely, including on Broadway in 1999. It received a major West End revival at the Donmar Warehouse in 2013, and transferred to the West End once again. It was voted one of the hundred most significant plays of the twentieth century in a poll conducted by the National Theatre in 2000.

Shining City

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854598196

Category: Death

Page: 65

View: 1205

Shining City has been an unqualified critical success and quite possibly Conor McPherson's finest work. In Dublin, a man seeks help from a counselor, claiming to have seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife. But what begins as just an unusual encounter becomes a struggle between the living and dead--a struggle that will shape and define both men for the rest of their lives. Also included here is the one-act, Come on Over, about a Jesuit priest sent to investigate a "miracle" in his hometown, where he re-encounters the woman who loved him 30 years before. Conor McPherson was born in Dublin, Ireland, where he still lives. His plays include This Lime Tree Bower, St. Nicholas, The Weir, Port Authority and Dublin Carol.

Dublin Carol

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854594556

Category: Christmas

Page: 52

View: 1227

A magical, compelling play from the author of The Weir. Present day Dublin. Christmas Eve. Undertaker John Plunkett is sharing memories of funerals over the years and dispensing advice to his young assistant. But the arrival of his daughter Mary – estranged, grown-up – shows him the time has come to face up to his own disastrous past. Otherwise, he will never be able to create some kind of truce with his fear of the future.

Plays, Two

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854597779

Category: Ireland

Page: 220

View: 6138

The second collection of plays from the multi-award winning author. Included in this volume is Conor McPherson's The Weir, one of the most successful plays of recent years. In a bar in a remote part of Ireland, the local lads are swapping spooky stories to impress a young woman from Dublin newly moved into the area... 'A spellbinder that transfixed you... No praise in fact is too high' Guardian Dublin Carol is set on Christmas Eve, when a Dublin undertaker is visited by his estranged daughter urging him to face up to the past. 'McPherson writes like a dream.... The play works an ingenious spell' Daily Mail Port Authority tells of three interwoven lives: a boy leaves home for the first time; a man starts a job for which he is unqualified; a pensioner is sent a mysterious package... 'Overwhelmingly poignant... desolate, searing eloquence' Evening Standard And in Come on Over, published here for the first time, a Jesuit priest, sent to investigate a 'miracle' in his home town, re-encounters the woman who loved him thirty years before. 'Piercingly evocative, powerfully exploring the tension between human and divine love' Daily Telegraph The volume also contains an Afterword by the author.

Plays One

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848422216

Category: English drama

Page: 192

View: 6944

Four plays from the author of The Weir, with a foreword by the author. The plays in this volume – three monologues and a three-hander – were all written while Conor McPherson was in his twenties. This Lime Tree Bower St Nicholas Rum and Vodka The Good Thief Revised edition with new Foreword by the author.

Port Authority

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854598769

Category: Dublin (Ireland)

Page: 56

View: 3414

Like so many of the great Irish authors, McPherson's writing has a beautiful, lyrical quality and the characters he creates are not easily forgotten. Once again, he explores the heart and psyche of the common man in these three interconnected monologues. The young man who is desperate to move out of his parent's house once and for all; the middle-aged man, a borderline alcoholic and serial loser who has landed a job he's not qualified for; and the old man, a sprightly widower who tries to make the most of his mundane retirement home existence. Set against a backdrop of contemporary Dublin--these three different generations are vastly different yet all three share a common concern about lost love--and their own part in losing it. The power of these three interlocking stories grows gradually into one incisive portrait of Dublin life, in a play that is hilarious in its detail and moving in its portrait of ordinary lives. Conor McPherson was born in 1971 in Dublin. He is best known forThe Weir which ran in London's West End for 18 months as well as a lengthy Broadway run. He has won the Laurence Olivier, Critics Circle, Evening Standard, Meyer-Whitworth, Stewart Parker and George Devine awards. FollowingI Went Down (1998), his second film,Saltwater, which he directed himself, recently opened in London. Also available by Conor McPherson: The Weir and Other Plays PB $15.95 1-55936-167-0 * USA Dublin Carol PB $11.95 1-55936-185-9 * USA

Nick Hern Books

theatre books, plays, screenplays : 2006-2007

Author: Nick Hern Books (London).,Nick Hern Books, Limited

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854595164


Page: N.A

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Meienbergs Tod / Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern / Der Bus


Author: Lukas Bärfuss

Publisher: Wallstein Verlag

ISBN: 3835327763

Category: Drama

Page: 220

View: 9303

Dieser Band präsentiert die drei bislang wichtigsten Stücke des jungen Dramatikers. »Mit »Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern" stürmt Lukas Bärfuss die deutschen Bühnen", schrieb »Die Welt"; und das Schweizer Radio feierte das Stück als »Sternstunde des Theaters". 2015 kam der Film »Dora oder die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern" (Regie: Stina Werenfels) in die Kinos. Der Autor, der seit 1998 Theaterstücke schreibt und mit der freien Gruppe »400asa", die sich in der Tradition der dänischen Dogma-Filmemacher sieht, für Furore sorgte, nahm das gelassen und bekannte, ihn interessiere das Theater gerade »als eine besonders unvollkommene Kunst. Alles knirscht. Ich selber knirsche, die Schauspieler knirschen, sogar die alten Sessel." In gewissem Sinne ist in »Die sexuellen Neurosen ..." die geistig zurückgebliebene Dora solch ein Sand im Getriebe der guten, der liberalen Gesellschaft - nicht, solange sie die Rolle der nur Bemitleidenswerten ausfüllt, aber sofort, wenn sie eigene Ansprüche stellt und nicht länger als Projektionsfläche allen Toleranzgeschwafels dient. Hinter dem Gerede zu den wirklichen Dingen zu kommen und nicht zuletzt aus der schelmischen Infragestellung von Autoritäten komische Wirkungen zu schlagen, das interessierte den jungen Schweizer Autor auch schon in seinem 2001 uraufgeführten Stück »Meienbergs Tod". Komplettiert wird der Band durch Bärfuss' neuestes Stück »Der Bus", über eine äußerst merkwürdige Pilgerreise nach Tschenstochau. 2005 wurde es am Thalia Theater Hamburg uraufgeführt.



Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848422094

Category: Ireland

Page: 376

View: 8120

This volume of Conor McPherson's collected plays, covering a decade of writing, celebrates a fascination with the uncanny which has led him to be described as 'quite possibly the finest playwright of his generation' (New York Times). In Shining City, a man seeks help from a counsellor, claiming to have seen the ghost of his dead wife. The play, premiered at the Royal Court, London, is 'up there with The Weir, moving, compassionate, ingenious and absolutely gripping' (Daily Telegraph). The Seafarer, premiered at the National Theatre before going on to become a Tony Award-winning Broadway hit, tells the story of an extended Christmas Eve card game, but one played for the highest stakes possible. 'McPherson proves yet again he is both a born yarn-spinner and an acute analyst of the melancholy Irish manhood' (Guardian) Set in 'the big house' in 1820s rural Ireland, The Veil is McPherson's first period play. Seventeen-year-old Hannah is to be married off in order to settle the debts of the crumbling estate. But when Reverend Berkeley arrives, determined to orchestrate a séance, chaos is unleased. 'A cracking fireside tale of haunting and decay' (The Times) The Birds, hauntingly adapted from the short story by Daphne du Maurier, is 'deliciously chilling, claustrophobic, questioning, frightening; and with a twist' (Irish Independent). It is published here for the first time, as is The Dance of Death, a new version of Strindberg's classic, which premiered at the Trafalgar Studios in London. 'A spectacularly bleak yet curiously bracing drama that often makes you laugh out loud' (Daily Telegraph). Completing the volume is a Foreword by the author.

The Night Alive

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848423367

Category: English drama

Page: 92

View: 6216

An inimitably warm and stylish play that deftly mines the humanity to be found in the most unlikely of situations. Tommy's not a bad man, he's getting by. Renting a run-down room in his uncle Maurice's house, just about keeping his ex-wife and kids at arm's length and rolling from one get-rich-quick scheme to the other with his pal Doc. Then one day he comes to the aid of Aimee, who's not had it easy herself, struggling through life the only way she knows how. Their past won't let go easily. But together there's a glimmer of hope they could make something more of their lives. Something extraordinary. Perhaps. The Night Alive premiered at the Donmar Warehouse, London, in June 2013, before transferring to the Atlantic Theater in New York. It was named Best New Play at the New York Drama Critics' Circle Awards 2014.

Bracken Moor

Author: Alexi Kaye Campbell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848423329

Category: Drama

Page: 92

View: 6592

A haunting and atmospheric play that explores themes of loss, friendship and the ties that bind us together.

The Veil

Author: Conor McPherson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848422025

Category: Haunted houses

Page: 122

View: 5200

Set around a haunted house hemmed in by a restive, starving populace, The Veil weaves Ireland’s troubled colonial history into a transfixing story about the search for love, the transcendental and the circularity of time. May 1822, rural Ireland. The defrocked Reverend Berkeley arrives at the crumbling former glory of Mount Prospect House to accompany seventeen year-old Hannah to England. She is to be married off to a marquis in order to resolve the debts of her mother’s estate. However, compelled by the strange voices that haunt his beautiful young charge and a fascination with the psychic current that pervades the house, Berkeley proposes a seance, the consequences of which are catastrophic.

Singular (male) Voices

Author: Peter Harness,Conor McPherson,Owen McCafferty,Ronan O'Donnell

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9781854597601

Category: Drama

Page: 82

View: 3149

Three plays for one (male) actor, each giving voice to a character in extremis. Mongoose by Peter Harness The story of a solitary man's growing obsession with his imaginary companion. Cold Comfort by Owen McCafferty An Irish labourer living in London returns home for a dunken conversation with his dead father. Brazil by Ronan O'Donnell A young man growing up in a disorientating, near-future world. Also available: Singular Female Voices.

The Nest

Author: Franz Xaver Kroetz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848426061


Page: 64

View: 4354

Parents-to-be Kurt and Martha just want the best for their baby. They're not afraid of hard work - the latest buggy doesn't come cheap. But when Kurt's boss offers him a chance to make some easy money with a mysterious side job, his rashness catches up with him. A fable about the moral and environmental cost of our materialistic nesting instincts, Conor McPherson's powerful new version of Franz Xaver Kroetz's Das Nest premiered at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast, in 2016 and the Young Vic, London, directed by Ian Rickson.

Plötzlich Fee - Frühlingsnacht

Band 4 - Roman

Author: Julie Kagawa

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641085470

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 512

View: 8964

Das Schicksal Nimmernies entscheidet sich Ash, der Winterprinz, hat für seine Liebe zu Meghan bereits alles riskiert. Seine eigene Mutter, die eisige Königin Mab, stellte sich ihm in den Weg, aus Nimmernie wurde er verstoßen, und sein einstiger bester Freund Puck wurde zu seinem Rivalen. Eigentlich müssten nun endlich bessere Zeiten anbrechen, denn die Eisernen Feen sind geschlagen und Meghan wurde zur rechtmäßigen Königin ihres Reiches gekrönt – eines Reiches, in dem Ash nur dann überleben kann, wenn er das Einzige, das ihm von Mabs Erbe noch geblieben ist, preisgibt: seine Unsterblichkeit. Und so steht für Meghan und Ash ein weiteres Mal alles auf dem Spiel, und in seiner dunkelsten Stunde muss der Winterprinz eine Entscheidung fällen, die ihm Meghan nicht abnehmen kann: ob ihre Liebe stark genug sein wird, die Schatten der Vergangenheit zu besiegen ...


Der Schlüssel aus Bronze

Author: Cassandra Clare,Holly Black


ISBN: 373252938X

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 288

View: 888

Nachdem Call und seine Freunde unter Einsatz ihres Lebens den Feind des Todes abgewehrt haben, richtet das Magisterium eine Party für sie aus. Statt zu feiern, muss Call jedoch den Angriff eines Chaosbesessenen abwehren. Eigentlich sollte das Wesen im Verließ unter der Schule festsitzen, doch irgendjemand hat es herausgelassen. Es muss im Magisterium jemanden geben, der Call töten will. Oder sind vielleicht sogar beide Makaris in Gefahr? Die Freunde setzen alles daran, um dem Spion in den eigenen Reihen auf die Schliche zu kommen - und bemerken fast zu spät, wer es ist, dem sie auf gar keinen Fall vertrauen dürfen ...

Treasure Island

Author: Stuart Paterson,Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher: Nick Hern Books

ISBN: 9781854595904

Category: Drama

Page: 64

View: 4169

When young Jim Hawkins is left a treasure map by the dying buccaneer Billy Bones, he sets sail on the Hispaniola in search of the island. Among the crew, the one-legged Long John Silver becomes his greatest friend, but Silver has a shocking secret in store, and when they reach their destination, Jim faces danger and adventure greater than he could ever have imagined. In this adaptation of the classic tale, for a nationwide tour by Birmingham Stage, Stuart Paterson has kept close to Stevenson's original, resulting in a fresh and genuinely thrilling play for young people both to watch and to perform.