Author: Lauren Kate

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0552561800

Category: Angels

Page: 480

View: 8582

Love never dies . . . It took Lucinda an eternity to find her beloved angel, Daniel. But he waited for her. Now they are forced apart again, to protect Luce from the Outcasts - immortals who want her dead. During their separation, Luce learns about her mysterious past lives. But the more she discovers, the more she suspects Daniel is hiding something. What if Daniel's version of the past isn't true? Is it really their destiny to be together? Or is Luce actually meant to be with someone else? The thrilling sequel to the international bestseller, Fallen.

Immanuel Velikovsky

The Truth Behind the Torment

Author: Ruth Velikovsky Sharon

Publisher: Paradigma Ltd

ISBN: 1906833214

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

View: 4503

This edition is a supplement to Velikovsky's biography "ABA--The Glory and the Torment," written by his daughter. Here, she publishes original letters in their entirety, shedding a revealing light on the defamatory campaign Velikovsky and his scientific work have been subjected to.


Author: Stephen R. George

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Twelve-year-old April Kostanuik despises her run-down house and working-class parents. She can't belong to them. Someday, her real parents will find her and take her away to a magical new place where she can spend her days playing the piano, lost in the music she loves. Even on the day of the terrible accident, she is still full of hatred and fury … and not at all ready to die. John and Kathleen Woodrow have the picture-perfect family. Until their daughter starts changing. Never good at math, twelve-year-old Melissa is suddenly getting straight A’s. Without a single piano lesson she has become an overnight prodigy. Then there are the weird pictures she doesn’t remember drawing … pictures she signs A.K. … Pretty soon, she won’t be their Melissa at all …


Author: Douglas Hill

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473202809

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 2169

Having succeeded in defeating the deadly Mr Redman, Nick and April are left alone with the knowledge that their only friends, Paddy and Julia, may be dead as a result. But as time passes April, whose psychic powers are increasing, begins to sense that they are still alive. So begins a journey in search of their friends. A journey for which even stronger magic is required. And a journey which takes them into a terrifying nether world where soulless beings walk a never ending path of mist and sorrow. And if they find their friends . . . what then? Even with the help of creepy skeletal Bertrand do they have the slightest hope of escaping the path and returning home? Or are they too doomed to be swallowed by the mists and lost to the mortal world forever . . ?

The Torment of Secrecy

The Background and Consequences of American Secruity Policies

Author: Edward Shils

Publisher: Ivan R. Dee

ISBN: 1461720605

Category: Political Science

Page: 259

View: 3411

Edward Shils's The Torment of Secrecy is one of the few minor classics to emerge from the cold war years of anticommunism and McCarthyism in the United States. Mr. Shils's "torment" is not only that of the individual caught up in loyalty and security procedures; it is also the torment of the accuser and judge. This essay in sociological analysis and political philosophy considers the cold war preoccupation with espionage, sabotage, and subversion at home, assessing the magnitude of such threats and contrasting it to the agitation—by lawmakers, investigators, and administrators—so wildly directed against the "enemy." Mr. Shils's examination of a recurring American characteristic is as timely as ever. "Brief...lucid... brilliant."—American Political Science Review. "A fine, sophisticated analysis of American social metabolism."—New Republic. "An excitingly lucid and intelligent work on a subject of staggering importance...the social preconditions of political democracy."—Social Forces.

Aba, the Glory and the Torment

The Life of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

Author: Ruth Velikovsky Sharon

Publisher: Paradigma Ltd

ISBN: 1906833206

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 297

View: 1214

The daughter of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky, one of the greatest scientists of modern times, gives a very personal account of this special man: his family background, his eventful life, his personality, his extraordinary fate, and his scientific work.

End to Torment

A Memoir of Ezra Pound

Author: Hilda Doolittle,Norman Holmes Pearson,Michael John King

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 9780811207201

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 84

View: 3678

They had been engaged for a period, and what began as a brief romance developed into a lifetime's friendship and collaboration in poetry. Throughout the reminiscence runs H. D's conviction that her life and Pound's had been irrevocably entwined since those early days when they had walked together in the Pennsylvania woods and he wrote for her verse after William Morris, Rossetti, Swinburne, and Chaucer. Twenty-five of these poems, handbound in vellum by Pound and called "Hilda's Book," are published here for the first time as an epilogue to this important and moving document.


Author: June Zetter

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1496997719

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

View: 9082

Abduction of young girls for trafficking, murder, drugs and exchange of vast amounts of money with gangs . It brings to the surface of what is actually happening today in towns and cities around the United Kingdom and around other countries in the world.


Author: N.A

Publisher: ICON Group International

ISBN: 9781114439467


Page: N.A

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Author: Vincent L. Perri

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595004318

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 7773

"Torment" is the only way to describe the horrors that Dr. Germane Sheffield must endure. As a child watching his stepfather kill his little brother, Sheffie is thrown into a psychological drama that you won't soon forget.

Pain and Torment

Author: A. A. Miller, Sr.

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434930971

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

View: 4249

This is a book about trouble in the world and the cause behind it. It tells you how things that you can¿t explain still have meaning behind them. Pain and Torment live with you in your day to day lives, but they are more than just bad words.

Hell No! A Fundamentalist Preacher Rejects Eternal Torment

A Fundamentalist Preacher Rejects Eternal Torment

Author: Charles Gillihan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313397554

Category: Religion

Page: 143

View: 7812

This critique of the Christian vision of hell and how it is used in ministry and Christian education challenges one of the most basic concepts in western religion. • Includes solid exegesis of relevant Biblical passages • Presents in-depth research of medieval sources of hell's description, including Dante's Inferno • Provides an appendix including selections from Milton, Jonathan Edwards, and James Joyce

River of Torment

Author: Bullgator

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468906585

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9753

Melodic Torment

Author: Marvelle Petit

Publisher: Devine Destinies

ISBN: 1487400527

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9108

Alice is a struggling actress with a peculiar part time job _ reading and singing to Johan, a mysterious man whose face she has yet to see. When he spontaneously reveals himself to her, they begin an awkward, yet sweet romance. As their relationship develops, inexplicable things occur with startling frequency. Despite the warnings of those around her, she pries into his deepest secrets and uncovers a pernicious world hidden for centuries. Nathaniel is a successful actor with a secret that haunts the darkest crevices of his being. After centuries of living alone, a chance meeting with Alice brings a chance for redemption. Centuries past come to a head as the three struggle to conquer their sins and save a dying world.

Tender Torment

Author: Alicia Meadowes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446565792

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 9216

Her family craved nobility, his desperately needed wealth. So Marisa's moneyed father arranged to wed one of his daughters to the brooding, mystery-shrouded Justin St. Clare, Earl of Straeford, soldier and woman-hater. For although the Earl's dashing good looks attracted every coquette in England, his mother's secret and terrible deeds had driven him to total disdain for the opposite sex. Only to save his beloved Straeford Park - and to acquire an heir, would the Earl consent to marry But to Marisa Loftus, the Earl was more than a purchased title. He was her lord - and even as Napoleon's armies battled Europe's bastions, so would she storm the armored fortress of his sealed heart to fight for their growing love, the love that was such Tender Torment


Author: Sue Heaven

Publisher: Xlibris UK

ISBN: 1499090323

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

View: 5255

The tragic death of a young man leaving behind a wife and child whom he loved so much... The torment of a young, beautiful, women and that of her unborn child... What secrets will a neglected, stately home reveal? Who is the ghostly apparition captured on a photo... What journey will Rosie and Sarah need to travel in order to reveal the truth? Why can’t the young man ‘Rest in Peace’ until justice is done...

Bitter Torment, Tender Memories

Author: Kathy Bottensek

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1683483839

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 2443

: For a middle age couple life could not be better. Success and wealth had come easy, until one fateful day everything tragically changed. Megan, was streetwise and outgoing, beautiful and smart, determined to shed off the hard life she had been dealt. Sheer luck brought her a new beginning full of enticing prospects, and welcomed challenges, though in the back of her hind she longed for answers about her clouded past. In her new environment, Megan is intertwined with a man driven to succeed in his business. Caston has no time for the distraction in his life and so he searches for Megan’s true identity, ultimately reuniting her with her parents. Megan’s life seems whole again, except for now what lay buried in the past is suddenly forced to surface. Secrets unfold at every turn until one stormy night the twisted conspiracy is revealed. Arguments are made, a struggle ensues and gun shots are fired, but whose blood is spilled? With Megan’s past now in order, she comes to a fork in the road, faced with making a decision. In the end, there is no denying her destiny.

A Visceral Torment

Blemishes of Society

Author: Khadija Laye

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440123543

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 136

View: 902

"A Visceral Torment" is about a young girl, Fatim, who is rejected by her parents after having a child out of wedlock... Fatim survives the shame and cowardice of being a single mother facing society who does not have any compassion for people of her manner. The bolds throw at her face her dishonor without her having the morale consolation of defending herself. From that ordeal, she believes acquiring a certain life experience that would get her through any situation and she promises herself not to race ahead in her future relationships. Once more, her illusions fly away and her souvenirs refuse to give up the smallest spot of invaded properties...

Love in Torment

Author: Natalie Fox

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459276752

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 4687

Man from her past Gemma had never forgiven Felipe Santos for walking out on her without so much as a backward glance. They'd been lovers—until he'd decided that he preferred his glamorous cousin Bianca…. When fate throws Gemma and Felipe together again, the hurt is still there. But so is the desire. Felipe hasn't forgotten the passion of their past affair, and he's still tormented by wanting Gemma. He wants her back—but Gemma refuses to let him play games with her mind. This time, Gemma is going to be the one calling the shots!