Transformations in Schooling

Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Author: K. Tolley

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230603467

Category: Science

Page: 276

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By the end of the Twentieth century, formal schooling - once the privilege of male elites - had become accessible to women, the working class and some ethnic minorities. The essays in this volume explore the historical origins of this transformation, analyzing struggles Australia, Canada, China, Columbia, India, the United States, and South Africa.

Transformations in Schooling

Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Author: Kim Tolley

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9781403974044

Category: Education

Page: 276

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By the end of the twentieth century, formal schooling in many countries--once largely the privilege of elite males--had become more accessible to women, members of the working class, and some minority ethnic groups. The essays in this edited volume explore the historical origins of this transformation in different social and political contexts, analyzing struggles over schooling in Australia, Canada, China, Columbia, India, the United States, and South Africa.

History of Education

Themes and Perspectives

Author: Deirdre Raftery,David Crook

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134915624

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Specially commissioned to mark the 40th Anniversary of History of Education, and containing articles from leading international scholars, this is a unique and important volume. Over the past forty years, scholars working in the history of education have engaged with histories of religion, gender, science and culture, and have developed comparative research on areas such as education, race and class. This volume demonstrates the richness of such work, bringing together some of the leading international scholars writing in the field of history of education today, and providing readers with original and theoretically informed research. Each author draws on the wealth of material that has appeared in the leading SSCI-indexed journal History of Education, over the past forty years, providing readers with not only incisive studies of major themes, but delivering invaluable research bibliographies. A ‘must have’ for university libraries and a ‘must own’ for historians. This book was originally published as a special issue of History of Education.

History Education and Conflict Transformation

Social Psychological Theories, History Teaching and Reconciliation

Author: Charis Psaltis,Mario Carretero,Sabina Čehajić-Clancy

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319546813

Category: Education

Page: 384

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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This volume discusses the effects, models and implications of history teaching in relation to conflict transformation and reconciliation from a social-psychological perspective. Bringing together a mix of established and young researchers and academics, from the fields of psychology, education, and history, the book provides an in-depth exploration of the role of historical narratives, history teaching, history textbooks and the work of civil society organizations in post-conflict societies undergoing reconciliation processes, and reflects on the state of the art at both the international and regional level. As well as dealing with the question of the ‘perpetrator-victim’ dynamic, the book also focuses on the particular context of transition in and out of cold war in Eastern Europe and the post-conflict settings of Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine and Cyprus. It is also exploring the pedagogical classroom practices of history teaching and a critical comparison of various possible approaches taken in educational praxis. The book will make compelling reading for students and researchers of education, history, sociology, peace and conflict studies and psychology.

Transformations of Patriarchy in the West, 1500-1900

Author: Pavla Miller

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253115119

Category: History

Page: 424

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"In this major contribution to European social history, Miller has succeeded in doing to history what Richard Wagner did to music -- weaving together powerful motifs with dramatic results." -- Choice "[Miller's book] wrestles with issues as basic as the historical construction of the Western personality and its connections with how Western societies have organized the state, the economy, the family, and intimate everyday life." -- MaryJo Maynes This wide-ranging study of familial, political, and economic change in the West between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries is organized around the two themes of the fall of a patriarchalist social order and the reformist movement to instill self-mastery into subject populations -- and how those societal shifts transformed state school systems.

The Austronesians

Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Author: Peter Bellwood,James J. Fox,Darrell Tryon

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 1920942858

Category: Social Science

Page: 367

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The Austronesian-speaking population of the world are estimated to number more than 270 million people, living in a broad swathe around half the globe, from Madagascar to Easter Island and from Taiwan to New Zealand. The seventeen papers in this volume provide a general survey of these diverse populations focusing on their common origins and historical transformations. The papers examine current ideas on the linguistics, prehistory, anthropology and recorded history of the Austronesians.

International Comparative Perspectives on Religion and Education

Author: Charl Wolhuter,Corene de Wet


ISBN: 1920382372

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Religion in education continues to be, as it has been for quite some time, a controversial subject. In almost every society, long before the state began to assume responsibility for education, schooling was based on religion and education was supplied by organised religion. When state?supplied education systems came into being, the religious ethos of schools at first remained intact. During the past 50 years, that model came, for a variety of reasons, under increasing pressure. In the quest for an acceptable formula for the relation between education and religion, this book provides international comparative perspectives from the following national education systems, regarding the place of religion in education: Brazil, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Greece, Armenia, Israel, Iran, Malaysia, Japan, Tanzania and South Africa.

Comparative Perspectives on International School Leadership

Policy, Preparation, and Practice

Author: Cathryn S. Magno

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136682570

Category: Education

Page: 248

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Through a multi-country study, Comparative Perspectives on International School Leadership examines the current global spread of educational leadership, occurring rapidly and widely. Exploring five international case studies of leadership policy, preparation, and practice under the framework of policy borrowing and adaptation, Magno attempts to understand and account for commonalities and differences across country contexts. Rather than assuming a particular model or theory to leadership is best, Comparative Perspectives on International School Leadership takes a policy-oriented perspective and considers how and why certain approaches are being formulated and accepted, including an examination of motivations, influencers, actors, institutions, and implementation processes. Magno ultimately argues that efforts toward formalizing educational leadership reflect current global political objectives to improve schools by increasing accountability, transparency, and professionalism. This engaging book will be of interest to scholars and students in the fields of educational leadership and comparative education.

School Knowledge in Comparative and Historical Perspective

Changing Curricula in Primary and Secondary Education

Author: Aaron Benavot,Cecilia Braslavsky,Nhung Truong

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402057350

Category: Education

Page: 315

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School curricula are established not only to prepare young people for a real world, but also to beckon an imagined one anchored in individual rights and collective progress. Both worlds—the real and the imagined—increasingly reflect influential trans-national forces. In this special edited volume, scholars with diverse backgrounds and conceptual frameworks explore how economic, political, social and ideological forces impact on school curricula over time and place. In providing regional and global perspectives on curricular policies, practices and reforms, the authors move beyond the conventional notion that school contents reflect principally national priorities and subject-based interests. Some authors emphasize a convergence to standardized global curricular structures and discourses. Others suggest that changes regarding the intended contents of primary and secondary school curricula reveal regional or trans-cultural influences. Overall, these comparative and historical studies demonstrate that the dynamics of curriculum-making and curricular reform are increasingly forged within wider regional, cross-regional and global contexts.

Children in Historical and Comparative Perspective

An International Handbook and Research Guide

Author: Joseph M. Hawes,N. Ray Hiner

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: History

Page: 571

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This unique handbook presents the work of many of the world's foremost authorities on children in a reference guide that affirms the importance of the role children play in the story of civilization. The contributors represent many nations as well as a variety of disciplines. The result is a volume beginning with an historical overview of children in pre-modern times and continuing with studies of modern childhood in countries throughout the world. Broad in its scope, this volume highlights the uniqueness of each historical and cultural influence and demonstrates how the study of childhood crosses all boundaries.

Education, Equity and Transformation

Author: Crain Soudien,Peter Kallaway

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401140766

Category: Education

Page: 260

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The papers for this special issue were selected from a pool of nearly 700 presentations which were made at the 10th Congress of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), which was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 12 to 17 July 1998. The congress was hosted by the Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society (SACHES) and held on the campuses of the University of the Western Cape and the University of Cape Town. The papers were selected by the convenors of the conference's standing commissions, which provided a significant focus for the conference proceedings. These commissions were on the following themes: Teachers and teacher education Curriculum - Higher education - Lifelong learning - Language, literacy and basic education - Gender and education Policy - Theory and theory shifts Basic education in Africa Peace and Justice Dependency European Education Policy Research in Africa Culture, Indigenous Knowledge and Learning The papers presented, as the discussion below makes clear, ranged widely in subject matter and theoretical perspective and addressed issues of concern both to individual countries and to regions of the world. While some of the papers use comparison as an approach, it remains a matter of concern that the comparative perspective is so little in evidence. It is hoped that the com parative research approach will be more in evidence in the future.

East Germany in Comparative Perspective

Author: Thomas A. Baylis,Dr David Childs,David Childs,Erwin L. Collier,Marilyn Rueschemeyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134987676

Category: Political Science

Page: 254

View: 3854

As a new decade begins the popular demand for change has meant that the social and political fabric of the the Eastern Bloc countries has been irrevocably altered. This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the key political, economic and social areas of East German society, such as the military and the church, areas which will intrinsically involved with the movement for change.

Emergent Issues in Education

Comparative Perspectives

Author: Robert F. Arnove,Philip G. Altbach,Gail Paradise Kelly

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791410318

Category: Education

Page: 363

View: 5787

In Emergent Issues in Education, leading scholars in comparative education and in the politics, sociology, anthropology, and economics of education illuminate worldwide trends in critical issues that confront policymakers and practitioners in different national settings. Among the topics raised and analyzed are the organization, governance, and financing of education; the content of curriculum, texts, and tests; and the quality and nature of teacher training. Among the issues examined is the tension that has emerged between the imperative to achieve equality of educational opportunity and the concern of educational decision makers to maintain and upgrade the quality of academic offerings. Aspects of this tension are manifested in the reform movements of the 1980s, especially the "excellence movement" that has resurfaced in the United States. Reform movements are evident in countries that have experienced increased enrollment at all levels of schooling in the post-World War II period. In the United States, as elsewhere, there has been a reassessment of the relevance of education to the economy and polity, and of the role of government and industry in education.

Women's Employment in a Comparative Perspective

Author: Liset Van Dijk,Tanja Van Der Lippe

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412841719

Category: Social Science

Page: 281

View: 1895

These comparative studies by internationally-known scholars in the United States, Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands provide a cross-national examination of substantially differing circumstances--in hours, earnings, job level, childcare availability, parental leave, and the like--of women's employment. The book's dual focus on micro and macro approaches clarifies the extent to which these variances can be ascribed to differences in the institutional context of employment or to the individual characteristics of female employees. It thereby provides a valuable contribution both to gender studies and to studies on the sociology of work. Women's employment changed dramatically during the second half of the twentieth century. Countries in the northern hemisphere have faced similar trends in labor and employment, yet there are still many contrasts between them when it comes to women's work. In this volume, women's employment is studied in different institutional, structural, and social settings, with the intention of exploring the causes of the differences and similarities in women's employment in different countries and at different times. Three perspectives are used: the macro approach, which provides a thorough and focused understanding of the influence of the institutional context on women's work; the micro approach, which gives insight into the employment behavior of individual women who live in the same social or institutional context; and the macro-micro approach, which makes clear the relative importance to women's work of both individual characteristics and institutional context. While a good deal of information is available on women's employment, a cross-national comparison over time has been lacking. This book fills that all-important niche. Women's Employment in a Comparative Perspective thus has a special relevance for economists as well as sociologists and social work specialists. Tanja Van der Lippe is assistant professor of sociology at the Research School ICS of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Liset Van Dijk is senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, Nivel.

Globalisation, Educational Transformation and Societies in Transition

Author: Teame Mebrahtu,Michael Crossley,David Johnson

Publisher: Symposium Books Ltd


Category: Education

Page: 233

View: 4041

Whilst globalisation is influencing societies worldwide, communities are also forcefully celebrating their cultural differences. These studies look at post-colonial societies that have undergone rapid political, economic and social change, and their efforts to transform educational policy abd practice. This book contains reports on original field research, theoretically informed analyses, political perspectives and recent professional and practical experience. Specific national contexts considered include the European states of Estonia, Poland

Schools and the transformation of work

a comparative study of four productive work programmes in Southern Africa

Author: Ingemar Gustafsson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 202

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Democratizing Higher Education

International Comparative Perspectives

Author: Patrick Blessinger,John P. Anchan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317695550

Category: Education

Page: 250

View: 9820

Higher education systems around the world are undergoing fundamental change and reform due to external pressures—including internationalization of higher education, increased international competition for students, less reliance on public funding, and calls to create greater access opportunities for citizens. How are higher education systems evolving structurally as a result of these and other pressures? In light of these changes, how can higher education be a positive force for democratizing societies? This book examines the emerging trends taking place in higher education systems around the world, focusing on the most salient political and social forces that underlie these trends. Each chapter provides a case study of a country, exploring its cultural and political history, the political and social developments that have affected its higher education system, and the result of these changes on the higher education system. In a fast-changing, knowledge-intensive, democratic society, Democratizing Higher Education explores how higher education systems can be developed to provide access, affordability, participation, and quality life-long learning for all.

Family History Revisited

Comparative Perspectives

Author: Richard Wall,Tamara K. Hareven,Josef Ehmer

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 9780874136876

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 403

View: 5233

This collection of original essays by the leading scholars on the historical study of the family covers topics ranging from the timing of marriage and chldbearing to love, family relations, gender roles, aging, the relations between generations, and family and household dynamics among various social classes. The essays point to new directions in the field by examining the dimensions of family relations such as the role of love in the life of peasants, the interaction of children born out of wedlock with their fathers, the impact of property on family relations and the role of culture, as well as social structure in explaining family and life course patterns. Essays by Tamara Hareven and Peter Laslett discuss general developments in this field and their relationship to the larger understanding of social change.

Gender, Equality and Education from International and Comparative Perspectives

Author: David Baker,Alexander W. Wiseman

Publisher: Jai

ISBN: 9781848550940

Category: Education

Page: 439

View: 2641

This volume of International Perspectives on Education and Society investigates the often-controversial relationship between gender, equality, and education from international and comparative perspectives. Much has been written about the global progress made toward gender parity in enrollment and curriculum in nations around the world. Yet, while there have been many positive advances regarding girls' and women's education around the world, there are still significant differences that are institutionalized in the policies and administrative structures of national education systems. While the differences in schooling between boys and girls exist worldwide, evidence also suggests that girls' and women's education is strongly contextualized by the political, social, and economic environments of both local schools and national educational systems. Some of the most interesting recent comparative work on gender inequality in schools focuses on how gender intersects with 'real world' influences on equality like race, ethnicity, and class. In the 21st century, the concept of gender equality pervades world culture in every nation around the world - even in nations where gender equality has not been and may never be fully achieved. The question remains whether or not gender equality in education or the expectation of gender equality is being achieved in schools around the world. This is the international environment in which the contributors to this volume of the International Perspectives on Education and Society series address issues of gender and both inequality and efforts to achieve equality in education. Book jacket.