Valuation and Dealmaking of Technology-Based Intellectual Property

Principles, Methods and Tools

Author: Richard Razgaitis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 047050286X

Category: Law

Page: 672

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This indispensable tool provides readers with complete coverage of the issues, methods, and art of valuing and pricing of early-stage technologies including backgrounds in the core concepts, sources of value, methods of valuation, equity realizations, and negotiation strategies.

Intellectual Property Valuation

A Primer for Identifying and Determining Value

Author: Weston Anson,Donna P. Suchy,Chaitali Ahya

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590314302

Category: Law

Page: 266

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"In this book, we attempt to cover some frequently asked questions on intellectual property and intangible assets and to engage in brief discussions on the subject of identifying value. We identify many of the main types of intellectual property and intangible assets. We also look at the primary, traditional, and not-so-traditional methods of valuing these assets and include case studies and various situations in which the valuation of these assets is required." -- from the Introduction, p. 3.

The Economic Valuation of Patents

Methods and Applications

Author: Federico Munari,Raffaele Oriani

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 0857936514

Category: Law

Page: 392

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This book fills an important gap in the literature and will be very useful both to students of intellectual property and practitioners confronted by the problem of valuing their patent portfolios. An excellent overview of an evolving and challenging area, it provides the necessary background to thinking about the problem of valuation and describes all the major methods in use, including the real options approach. Bronywn H. Hall, University of California, Berkeley, US In depth knowledge and scientific approach are used to improve patent valuation techniques. . . a dream book for both researchers and practitioners interested in identifying the value of creative minds. Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB, Belgium The Economic Valuation of Patents provides an original and essential analysis of patent valuation, presenting the main methodologies to value patents in different contexts. Starting with an analysis of the relevance of patent valuation from a strategic, economic and legal perspective, the book undertakes a thorough review of the existing financial and qualitative valuation methodologies. The contributing authors, IP experts from academia and business, discuss the application of valuation issues in various contexts such as patent portfolio management, licensing agreements, IP litigation, IP-backed finance and accounting. For each topic, an introductory theoretical background is provided and specific application contexts are then investigated. This multidisciplinary book bridges theory and practice in a unique and novel way that will be appreciated by graduate students, scholars and practitioners alike.

Early-Stage Technologies

Valuation and Pricing

Author: Richard Razgaitis

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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Comprehensive coverage of the issues, methods, and art of valuing and pricing early-stage technologies To develop or not to develop; to license or not to license; what price will be a true reflection of the product's value from both the buyer's and seller's point of view? These questions are crucial to companies dependent on intellectual property-particularly technology companies, universities, and biotech companies. The risks associated with early-stage technology are high, and decisions must often be made years before any potential product will reach the market. In Early-Stage Technologies: Valuation and Pricing, Richard Razgaitis presents TR-R-A-DE(TM), a comprehensive approach to determining the future of new technologies based on technology rights, risk assignment, the art of deal-making, and deal economics. He considers the key components involved in a licensing transaction, offers a detailed presentation of six valuation methods for intellectual property, examines risk in both quantitative and qualitative terms, and explores the negotiation strategy and structuring of agreements that are the keys to the art of technology rights deal-making. Early-Stage Technologies is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the development, valuation, and licensing of intellectual property, the most valuable resource and driving force of the information age.

Patent Valuation

Improving Decision Making Through Analysis

Author: William J. Murphy,John L. Orcutt,Paul C. Remus

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118027345

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 379

View: 5374

A practical resource for valuing patents that is accessible to the complete spectrum of decision makers in the patent process In today's economy, patents tend to be the most important of the intellectual property (IP) assets. It is often the ability to create, manage, defend, and extract value from patents that can distinguish competitive success and significant wealth creation from competitive failure and economic waste. Patent Valuation enhances the utility and value of patents by providing IP managers, IP creators, attorneys, and government officials with a useable resource that allows them to use actual or implied valuations when making patent-related decisions. Involves a combination of techniques for describing patent valuation Includes descriptions of various topics, illustrative cases, step-by-step valuation techniques, user-friendly procedures and checklists, and examples Serves as a useable resource that allows IP managers to use actual or implied valuations when making patent-related decisions One of the most fundamental premises of the book is that these valuation skills can be made accessible to each of the various decision makers in the patent process. Patent Valuation involves narrative descriptions of the various topics, illustrative cases, step-by-step valuation techniques, user-friendly procedures and checklists, and an abundance of examples to demonstrate the more complex concepts.

Intellectual Property

Licensing and Joint Venture Profit Strategies

Author: Gordon V. Smith,Russell L. Parr

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471669938

Category: Law

Page: 455

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Companies are increasingly looking to their intellectual property (patents, trademarks, formulas, copyrights, brand names, distributions systems, etc.) as a profit center. As they try to extract more value from their holdings, some of which have been left dormant for years, many are looking beyond their own core products to partnerships with outside industries. Now it its third edition, Intellectual Property: Licensing and Joint Venture Strategies provides the most up-to-date practical tools for evaluating the investment aspects of licensing and joint venture decisions, and discusses the legal, tax, and accounting practices and procedures related to such arrangements.

Rembrandts in the Attic

Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents

Author: Kevin G. Rivette,David Kline

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9780875848990

Category: Law

Page: 221

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FromForbesandFortuneto theWall Street JournalandHarvard Business Review,the pundits are calling it the next corporate strategy challenge: How to use patents and other intellectual property not just as legal tools but as weapons of business competition. WithRembrandts in the Attic, authors Kevin Rivette and David Kline provide the first practical and strategic guide that shows CEOs and other managers how to unlock the enormous financial and competitive power hidden in their patent portfolios. Writing engagingly and citing numerous case studies, the authors warn that firms can no longer ignore the growing power of patents in business competition. The competitive battles once fought for control of markets and raw materials are today increasingly being waged over the exclusive rights to new ideas and innovations. Where once executives may have feared that their competitors might out-market or out-produce them, they must now be concerned that rivals-especially in the booming e-commerce sectors of the Internet-may secure exclusive patent rights to the essential technologies or even to the fundamental business concepts that they need to be in business in the first place. Rembrandts in the Atticlifts the veil of secrecy surrounding the use of patents in business competition today, showing how some of the world's most successful firms-market leaders such as Intel and Microsoft, Lucent and Gillette, IBM, and used patents to capture and defend markets, outflank rivals, boost bottom-line revenues and shareholder return, and enhance the commercial success of their enterprises. Rembrandts in the Atticis a superb strategy guide that demonstrates the cross-functional value companies can gain by using patents and the gold mine of competitive intelligence that they contain. The book will enable readers to map out technology trends and convergences, uncover the strategies and capabilities of friends and foes alike, and strengthen the competitive efforts of every functional unit in the enterprise, from R&D and marketing to finance, human resources, and mergers and acquisitions. CEOs will learn how to use the authors' patent-enhanced "Grow-Fix-Sell triage" to help them better allocate corporate resources and build a higher growth portfolio of businesses. R&D managers can employ the authors' "IP-3" strategy to help build category-leading products, amplify the branding and marketing efforts devoted to them, and secure the key "choke points" that sustain their product or service advantage. And business development executives will discover how to use patents as competitive intelligence tools to uncover the most attractive M&A opportunities, strengthen valuation and due diligence efforts, and configure asset sales and transfers to greatest advantage. If patents are the "smart bombs" of tomorrow's business wars, thenRembrandts in the Atticis the definitive guide to deploying them for profit and competitive advantage.


Using Real Options and Monte Carlo Analysis

Author: Richard Razgaitis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471452017

Category: Law

Page: 312

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Applying practical tools to the volatile process of negotiating Prognosticators apply Monte Carlo Analysis (MCA) to determine the likelihood and significance of a complete range of future outcomes; Real Options Analysis (ROA) can then be employed to develop pricing structures, or options, for such outcomes. Richard Razgaitis' Dealmaking shows readers how to apply these powerful valuation tools to a variety of business processes, such as pricing, negotiating, or living with a "deal," be it a technology license, and R&D partnership, or an outright sales agreement. Dealmaking distinguishes itself from other negotiating guides not only by treating negotiations as an increasingly common situation, but also by presenting a tool-based approach that creates flexible, practical valuation models. This forward-thinking guide includes a variety of checklists, case studies, and a CD-ROM with the appropriate software. Richard Razgaitis (Bloomsbury, NJ) is a Managing Director at InteCap, Inc. He has over twenty-five years of experience working with the development, commercialization, and strategic management of technology, seventeen of which have been spent in the commercialization of intellectual property.

Technology Valuation Solutions

Author: F. Peter Boer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471684589

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 9454

A better way to value the profitability and risk of R&D projects New technology and R&D initiatives affect companies in both the service and manufacturing sector. It's estimated that half a trillion dollars is spent worldwide each year on such efforts. Technology Valuation Solutions + website offers a methodology along with illustrative cases for valuing the profitability and risk of R&D projects. A companion to Boer's earlier work, The Valuation of Technology (978-0-471-31638-1), this book provides additional material that will help readers assess a wide variety of projects and business scenarios. In addition to the in-depth case studies, this book includes a website featuring valuation templates that readers can customize for their own individual needs.

Intellectual Property

Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages

Author: Russell L. Parr

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119356237

Category: Law

Page: 672

View: 2991

A new edition of the trusted book on intellectual property Intellectual Property simplifies the process of attaching a dollar amount to intellectual property and intangible assets, be it for licensing, mergers and acquisitions, loan collateral, investment purposes, and determining infringement damages. Written by Russell L. Parr, an expert in the valuation/intellectual property field, this book comprehensively addresses IP Valuation, the Exploitation Strategies of Licensing and Joint Ventures, and determination of Infringement Damages. The author explains commonly used strategies for determining the value of intellectual property, as well as methods used to set royalty rates based on investment rates of returns. This book examines the business economics of strategies involving intellectual property licensing and joint ventures, provides analytical models that can be used to determine reasonable royalty rates for licensing and for determining fair equity splits in joint venture arrangements. Key concepts in this book are brought to life by presenting real-world examples of exploitation strategies being used by major corporations. Provides practical tools for and examines the business economics for determining the value intellectual property in licensing and joint venture decisions Presents analytical models for determining reasonable royalty rates for licensing and for determining fair equity splits in joint venture arrangements Provides a detailed discussion about determining intellectual property infringement damages focusing on lost profits and reasonable royalties.

Technology Management

Developing and Implementing Effective Licensing Programs

Author: Robert C. Megantz

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Law

Page: 288

View: 4298

A step-by-step guide to licensing technology-based intellectual property assets For many modern, high-technology companies, licensing their technology-based intellectual property assets is the best way to fully exploit them. Firms that are unable to utilize their proprietary technology assets can license them to other companies more capable of doing so. This book serves as an informed and comprehensive guide to developing a technology licensing program and the legal hurdles, operational needs, and strategies involved. Suitable for companies seeking to implement or redesign a technology licensing program, as well as individual inventors who want to protect and profit from their proprietary technology, Technology Management covers all the bases. Learn to: * Develop a licensing strategy * Conduct proper valuations of intellectual property * Gather and utilize market research * Market your technology * Negotiate and draft licensing agreements Utilize these handy resources: * Glossary of important terminology * Case studies and sample documents * Lists of organizations, publications, trade shows, and other helpful sources of information

Valuation and Pricing of Technology-Based Intellectual Property

Author: Richard Razgaitis

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471250494

Category: Law

Page: 384

View: 9509

Are you looking for a comprehensive approach to determining the future of new technologies based on technology rights, risk assignment, the art of deal-making, and deal economics? This indispensable tool provides you with complete coverage of the issues, methods, and art of valuing and pricing early-stage technologies including backgrounds in the core concepts, sources of value, methods of valuation, equity realizations, and negotiation strategies--all based on the author's real-world experiences. Order your copy today!

Managing Intellectual Property Rights

Author: Lewis C. Lee,J. Scott Davidson

Publisher: Aspen Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 292

View: 8353

There are four distinct types of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. This practical, systematic book is designed to help company managers decide which, if any, form of intellectual property protection is most appropriate for their needs. It demonstrates a Protection Analysis Model (flow diagram) which provides a single, coherent decision-making tool which effectively analyzes all intellectual property situations. The model integrates trade secrets, patents (utility and design), copyrights and trademarks in an easy to understand methodology which ensures that a company's intellectual property opportunities are being maximized. The book continually summarizes key points in reference tables, and includes many real-life scenarios and footnotes to case authority to support or explain points. It will be supplemented annually

Licensing Royalty Rates 2016

Author: Gregory J. Battersby,Charles W. Grimes

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

ISBN: 1454857315

Category: Copyright

Page: 498

View: 5792

This valuable reference presents the and“goingand” royalty rate for virtually any product, including over 1,500 products and services in ten lucrative categoriesand—art, celebrity, character and entertainment, collegiate, corporate, designer, event, sports, nonprofit and music. The essential reference for both beginning and more experienced licensing professionals. By Gregory J. Battersby, Charles W. Grimes Knowing the and“goingand” royalty rate for virtually any product is as simple as reaching for the newly published Licensing Royalty Rates, 2016 Edition . Setting a royalty rate too high can scare away potential licensees, while accepting a lower rate can cost licensors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Licensing Royalty Rates, 2016 Edition provides all the information you need to calculate the right rate every time. The data in Licensing Royalty Rates is compiled using information from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. After careful review by a blue-ribbon panel of expert licensing consultants uniquely qualified to know what the appropriate rate range is for specific properties in each licensing category, the information is organized into four time-saving sections that give researchers fast access to comprehensive statistical and analytical data: Royalty rate listing alphabetically by licensed product and—provides a detailed alphabetical listing of products and their suggested rate range across all product categories. Royalty rate listing by international trademark classand—lets you quickly identify subtle royalty rate differences between similar products within specific international trademark classes. Checklist of licensed products and servicesand—offers a quick-reference to products with a high potential for licensing. Comprehensive list of licensed products and servicesand—presents a detailed list of all surveyed products and services within a trademark class for preparing intent-to-use trademark applications. This detailed information gives both beginning and more experienced licensing professionals the confidence needed to negotiate the maximum allowable rate regardless of the product, the market and the parameters of the specific deal itself.

Trading with Ichimoku Clouds

The Essential Guide to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Technical Analysis

Author: Manesh Patel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470634774

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 3695

The essential guide to today's hottest technical indicator-the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo cloud chart Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is a technical system that illustrates support and resistance values in a simplified form and is considered an extension of the very popular candlestick charting system. In fact, the system was built on the idea that at "one glance" you should be able to determine whether an instrument is in equilibrium (consolidation) or out of equilibrium (trending). Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Trading with Ichimoku Clouds offers a solid foundation in this discipline as well as its technical strategies. It shows you how to create and implement a trading plan based on this approach that can easily be tailored to your trading style. First available U.S. publication on this hot trading trend Reveals how Ichimoku Clouds work in both bullish and bearish markets Highlights how these strategies can easily be adopted for stocks, futures, bonds, and other vehicles Works with all timeframes and all tradable instruments Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, Trading with Ichimoku Clouds will help you implement a proven strategy designed to capture trends that maximize profits and minimize losses. Furthermore, the user will be taken step by step through the entire decision-making process of trading an instrument for two years (back test).

Boosting Kazakhstan's National Intellectual Property System for Innovation

Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9264260951


Page: 176

View: 8464

National intellectual property (IP) systems can play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and knowledge diffusion. This report analyses Kazakhstan’s IP system with regards to its support of the country’s innovation performance.

Innovate or Perish

Managing the Enduring Technology Company in the Global Market

Author: Edward Kahn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470105461

Category: Law

Page: 256

View: 5272

Essential reading for IP managers and corporate executives, Innovate or Perish is a new road map equipping readers with the principles and tools needed for their companies to compete in the emerging creativity economy. Edited by Edward Kahn, this seminal book includes contributions from seasoned intellectual property (IP) professionals—including Ed Walsh, Karl Jorda, Wayne Jaeschke, Abha Divine, and Damon Matteo.

Edison in the Boardroom Revisited

How Leading Companies Realize Value from Their Intellectual Property

Author: Suzanne S. Harrison,Patrick H. Sullivan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118004531

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 255

View: 3126

Prev. ed. entered under: Davis, Julie L.

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition

How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

Author: W. Chan Kim,Renee Mauborgne

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

ISBN: 1625274491

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 8736

Argues against common competitive practices while outlining recommendations based on the creation of untapped market spaces with growth potential.