Water Wave Mechanics for Engineers and Scientists

Author: Robert G Dean,Robert A Dalrymple

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9814365696

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 368

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This book is intended as an introduction to classical water wave theory for the college senior or first year graduate student. The material is self-contained; almost all mathematical and engineering concepts are presented or derived in the text, thus making the book accessible to practicing engineers as well. The book commences with a review of fluid mechanics and basic vector concepts. The formulation and solution of the governing boundary value problem for small amplitude waves are developed and the kinematic and pressure fields for short and long waves are explored. The transformation of waves due to variations in depth and their interactions with structures are derived. Wavemaker theories and the statistics of ocean waves are reviewed. The application of the water particle motions and pressure fields are applied to the calculation of wave forces on small and large objects. Extension of the linear theory results to several nonlinear wave properties is presented. Each chapter concludes with a set of homework problems exercising and sometimes extending the material presented in the chapter. An appendix provides a description of nine experiments which can be performed, with little additional equipment, in most wave tank facilities.

Introduction to Coastal Dynamics and Shoreline Protection

Author: G. Benassai

Publisher: WIT Press

ISBN: 1845640543

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 331

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"Provides an integrated approach to coastal dynamics and shoreline protection, aided by the use of specific case studies" -- Back cover.

Water Wave Propagation Over Uneven Bottoms

(In 2 Parts)

Author: Maarten W Dingemans

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814506583

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1016

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The primary objective of this book is to provide a review of techniques available for the problems of wave propagation in regions with uneven beds as they are encountered in coastal areas. The view taken is that the techniques should be useful for application in advisory practice. However, effort is put into a precise definition of the underlying physical principles, so that the validity of the methods used can be evaluated. Both linear and nonlinear wave propagation techniques are discussed. Because of its length, the book comes in two parts: Part 1 covers primarily linear wave propagation, and Part 2 covers nonlinear wave propagation. Contents: Basic EquationsWave Propagation FormulationThe Mild-Slope EquationPractical Aspects of Linear Wave Propagation ModelsBoussinesq-Type Models for Uneven BottomsKdV-Type ModelsHarmonic GenerationNonlinear Wave Propagation of Stokes' Waves over Uneven Bottoms keywords:

Ocean Wave Mechanics

Applications in Marine Structures

Author: V. Sundar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119241634

Category: Science

Page: 280

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Ocean Wave Mechanics: Applications in Marine Structures

Field Measurements of Local Pier Scour in a Tidal Inlet

Author: Wayne O. Walker

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bridges

Page: 139

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Present design criteria and existing scour prediction models were developed primarily from the study of steady, homogenous, unidirectional flow. These models have been extensively reviewed and fine tuned, and for the riverine environment provide a good basis for the design effort. However, tidal flows are not normally unidirectional. A multitude of hydrodynamic processes affect these inlets and cause the current to alternate and change directions. Wind, waves, storm surge, runoff; seich, and river discharge can affect the direction and velocity of the current, but the primary source of the alternating current is the astronomical tides. This paper will examine local pier scour, and in particular look at scour that occurs under the unsteady, reversing flow condition at a tidal inlet. There is very little known about this cyclic scour process. Most of the local scour studies have been conducted in laboratory flumes under steady flow conditions. Due to the lack of complete field data (i.e. experiments where all pertinent parameters are measured) it is impossible at this time to accurately relate laboratory results to prototype situations. This is true for steady flow as well as the more complex unsteady flow situations. In the meantime bridges and other structures must be designed using the best available information. Accurate, well documented field measurements thus provide much insight into the complex fluid dynamics and sediment transport processes that are involved in local sediment scour. The primary focus of this report will be to develop the techniques and equipment needed to monitor and capture the scour processes on a prototype scale structure. Exactly what data is needed and how we capture this data in the actual field environment will be examined. (MM).

Deepwater Mooring Systems

Concepts, Design, Analysis, and Materials : Proceedings of the International Symposium, October 2-3, 2003, Houston, Texas

Author: Jun Zhang,Richard Steven Mercier

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: 9780784407011

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 352

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"The Proceedings of the 2003 International Symposium on Deepwater Mooring Systems: Concepts, Design, Analysis and Materials consist of 24 papers reflecting recent advances made in this field. Offshore oil and gas drilling and production activities are bein"

Waves in Ocean Engineering

Author: Malcolm John Tucker

Publisher: Elsevier Science

ISBN: 9780080435664

Category: Science

Page: 521

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"Waves in Ocean Engineering" covers the whole field of wave studies of interest to applied oceanographers and ocean engineers. It has considerable relevance to coastal engineering. The book is split into 12 sections, the first of which is devoted to the practical applications of wave studies and to the history of wave research. The rest of the book covers the measurement of waves, including remote sensing; the analysis and interpretation of wave data; estimating the properties of the extreme "Design Wave", as well as of the generality of waves for fatigue calculations; waves in finite depth, wave generation by wind and wave forecasting models; non-linear effects, and errors and uncertainties in wave data.

Fluid Mechanics

Author: Frank Mangrom White,Rhim Yoon Chul

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789814720175

Category: Fluid mechanics

Page: 773

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The Rock Manual

The Use of Rock in Hydraulic Engineering

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Coastal engineering

Page: 1268

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This publication is a summary of good practice on the use of rock in engineering works for rivers, coasts and seas. It has incorporated all the significant advances in knowledge that have occured over the past 10-15 years.

Louisiana Coastal Area, Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration Project Lafourche, Jefferson, and Plaquemines Parishes, Louisiana Final Report

Communication from the Assistant Secretary, Army, Civil Works, the Department of Defense Transmitting the Louisiana Coastal Area, Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration Project Lafourche, Jefferson, and Plaquemines Parishes, Louisiana Final Report

Author: United States. Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Barataria Bay (La.)

Page: N.A

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Ocean wave measurement and analysis

proceedings of the second international symposium, honoring professor Robert L. Wiegel, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 25-28, 1993

Author: Robert L. Wiegel,Orville T. Magoon,James Michael Hemsley

Publisher: Amer Society of Civil Engineers

ISBN: 9780872629226

Category: Science

Page: 1054

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Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Engineering

Page: N.A

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International Coastal Symposium 2000

challenges for the 21st century in coastal sciences, engineering and environment

Author: Terry R. Healy

Publisher: N.A


Category: Science

Page: 687

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Water Resources Systems Planning and Management

An Introduction to Methods, Models and Applications

Author: Daniel P. Loucks,Eelco Van Beek

Publisher: United Nations Educational

ISBN: 9789231039980

Category: Nature

Page: 680

View: 437

A variety of water resources system models have been developed which are designed to improve the planning and management of water resources, to ensure better integration and sustainability in order to meet socio-economic and environmental objectives. This publication examines the use of modelling systems in support of water resources planning and management, drawing on practical experience from case studies of water resources system planning, development and management projects worldwide.