A Beginners Guide to Witchcraft

Author: Sophie Cornish

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781515057260


Page: 160

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Wicca is the religion of Witchcraft or Wisecraft. It is based on the spirituality of our ancestors - who worshipped the Goddess, God and the natural universe - in a form meaningful to women and men today. Wicca is a magical path which empowers us to grow, change and heal. It helps us live in harmony with the universe, others and ourselves. This comprehensive introduction contains all the information you need to gain an in-depth knowledge of Wicca, including:* Witchcraft ancient and modern* Celebrating Nature* Magic and spellcraft* Creating ritual


A Beginners Guide to Witchcraft

Author: Gabby Benson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523264414


Page: 132

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Far from medieval superstition or fairy story, witchcraft is real, alive and growing. It is a religion of Nature-worship that exalts the feminine, encourages individuality and delights in celebration - and yes, it is also about magic, for magic itself is a natural force. If you are attracted to the magical and mystical, if you have ever been alone in the countryside yet felt you were not alone - or if you are simply curious about natural forces, this book is for you. Witchcraft has much to offer if you practise it sincerely. It is remarkably ancient, but its message is deeply meaningful today as we realise how far we have become estranged from our roots.

The Modern Guide to Witchcraft

Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells

Author: Skye Alexander

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440580022

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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Provides information on creating a sacred space, promoting good energy, and creating incantations, potions, and charms.

The Beginner's Guide to Wicca

Practical magic for the solitary witch

Author: Kirsten Riddle

Publisher: CICO Books

ISBN: 9781782491651

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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The Beginner’s Guide to Wicca is the essential companion for anyone new to the ancient practice of magic. Whether by necessity or choice, many witches start out on their spiritual journey alone. Kirsten Riddle provides the solitary witch with a friendly, straightforward introduction to witchcraft, filled with practical tips for incorporating the Wiccan way into every aspect of your daily life. Kirsten dispels common misconceptions, explains the peaceful ethos of this nature-based spiritual practice, and provides a quick and easy quiz that allows you to discover your Wiccan strengths. Chapters cover topics such as herbal, moon, and kitchen magic, and include simple spells and rituals using everyday objects and household items. Kirsten’s easy-to-follow, modern spells can be used to boost your creativity, improve your health, and revive your love life. With The Beginner’s Guide to Wicca you will discover how to tap into the powerful energy of the natural world and take your first steps on the Wiccan path.


A Beginner's Guide

Author: Teresa Moorey

Publisher: Headway

ISBN: 9780340737576

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 122

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Discusses the origins, rituals, and development of witchcraft from ancient times to the present

Witchcraft for Beginners

A Guide to Contemporary Witchcraft, Different Types of Witches, Wicca, and Spells for the Beginner Witch

Author: Lisa Chamberlain

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781518695780


Page: 206

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Everything You Need to Know About the Witchraft, From Best-Selling Wicca Author Lisa Chamberlain: "Witchcraft" is a word that, for some, may inspire fantastical images of women flying through the night sky on broomsticks and shooting sparks out of a glimmering wand. Others mistakenly associate those who practice Witchcraft with the dark arts-believing witches go around hexing people, or practicing black magic to cause trouble for people they dislike. Of course, none of these notions are accurate-they are rooted in old fairy tales, Hollywood movies, and stubborn, persistent misconceptions that still cloud many people's understanding of this timeless and magical way of life. The truth is, Witchcraft is not fantasy, and is not inherently malicious. I ask you to leave these misconceptions at the door. When you've done this, you're ready to embark on a journey to understand the truth about Witchcraft-that it is a vibrant, nature-based spiritual practice that is alive and well in our modern times, just as it has been for longer than we've been recording history. Rather than "hexing," Witches work their craft to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them. If you feel like your life is missing something, a little bit of magic could be all you need to give you a push in the right direction. A Magical Calling: Are You Ready to Practice Magic? Perhaps you've had inklings, on and off throughout your life, that there's something just a little bit different about you-something about the way you perceive the world that isn't quite shared by most people around you, but is difficult for you to explain. Maybe you sometimes get hunches, or premonitions, about things that shortly come to pass. In fact, if you're drawn to this book, it's likely that you have more than once felt a sense that there's another layer of reality underneath what you can observe with your five senses, and that somehow you are meant to learn to understand it, if you can only find the right resources and the right path. If so, this guide is a great place to start your search, as we'll be covering the principles of Witchcraft in detail throughout these pages, to give you the solid grounding you need to start practicing the Craft. Everything You Need to Start Practicing Witchcraft In addition to the misconceptions surrounding Witchcraft, there is also a lot of disagreement among Witchcraft authors about the best way to practice the Craft. Contained within this book, you'll find all the information you need-with absolutely no agenda. This empowers you to make up your own mind about which direction you take on this, most personal of journeys. Read the information with an open mind, decide which ideas resonate with you the most, then you're equipped to take your first steps towards a magical new life. The guide begins with an overview of the historical and cultural contexts from which contemporary Witchcraft has evolved, as well as the general beliefs and observances, rooted in the natural world, that characterize the widely varied forms and expressions of this dynamic spiritual practice. We then dive into the core concepts, discovered in antiquity and used for centuries to explain the "why" and "how" of magic-this includes a look at how our understanding of Witchcraft has changed in today's scientific society. To outline the many paths available to the new Witch, this guide also includes a breakdown of the most popular branches of Witchcraft-including an in-depth look at the fast-growing Wicca religion. Finally, you'll get a brief introduction to the practice of "the Craft," through a look at a few common forms of magic-creative visualization, invocation, and candle magic. In other words, Witchcraft for Beginners will teach you everything you need to know to start practicing Witchcraft today!

Wicca for Beginners

A Guide to Witchcraft for Beginners: Explore Wiccan Beliefs, Wiccan Rituals, Wiccan Spells and Wiccan Magic

Author: Agnes Sampson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781543270211


Page: 110

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Wicca for beginners was created as an entry point to provide informative information to enable you to start your journey into the magical world of Wicca. The interest in Wicca is growing exponentially as more people have access to reliable information, mainly due to advancements like the internet. This book is designed to help you grow spiritually, magically and shows you how to live in harmony with the earth. We uncover misconception about Wicca and deconstruct the core beliefs and practices, to help you learn about this enthralling religion. Some of the core topics you will learn about in this book What is Wicca? Is Every Wiccan a Witch? What is Magic? Why were witches persecuted? Understanding the Elements The Goddess and The God Misconceptions How and why to cast a circle What is Spellcraft? What is an Altar and Do I Need One? Additional Tools Types of Magic Solitary versus coven The Wiccan holidays and festivals What is a Book of Shadows? What Should I Include in My Book of Shadows? Divination In this book, you will learn that Wicca has a strong connection with the cycle of the changes in the seasons and what each season brings. For example, in the spring time, the earth is blessed with new life, which leads on to the autumn harvest and then the rejuvenation period over the cold, dark winter months. By the end of the book, you should have a good understanding of the principles of Wicca and hopefully a strong desire to continue your journey into Wicca.

Witchcraft for Beginners

A Guide to Bringing Real Witchcraft Spells and Witchcraft Rituals Into Your Daily Life

Author: Edith Yates

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781518604522


Page: 46

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Everything you need to get you started in Witchcraft and how you can incorporate this peaceful and powerful craft into your daily life where it counts the most. In ancient history witchcraft was termed as the "craft of the wise" since the practitioners who followed this path were in perfect harmony with the forces of nature and in this book you will find out what real witchcraft is and also more importantly how you can start on the path of incorporating this craft into your life so you can live a fulfilling life Before the name of Witchcraft was tarnished by the religions of the time magic practitioners of all walks of life were extremely revered from different regions of the world and were the seers,healers, wise ones, rainmakers, medicine men and women and they practiced magic in one way or the other, may you follow the craft as well Here is a preview of what you will learn What real Witchcraft is and the many misconceptions people have Explain White Magic and Black Magic and the dangers and benefits of both Different styles of common Witchcraft and what they entail How to become a witch and tools and tips to get you started on your path Learn different spells for beginners Conclusion and encouragement

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

Author: Raymond Buckland

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0875420508

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 251

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Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft has influenced and guided countless students, coven initiates, and solitaries around the world. One of modern Wicca's most recommended books, this comprehensive text features a step-by-step course in Witchcraft, with photographs and illustrations, rituals, beliefs, history, and lore, as well as instruction in spellwork, divination, herbalism, healing, channeling, dreamwork, sabbats, esbats, covens, and solitary practice. The workbook format includes exam questions at the end of each lesson, so you can build a permanent record of your spiritual and magical training. This complete self-study course in modern Wicca is a treasured classic—an essential and trusted guide that belongs in every Witch's library. Praise: "A masterwork by one of the great Elders of the Craft. Raymond Buckland has presented a treasure trove of Wiccan lore. It is a legacy that will provide magic, beauty, and wisdom to future generations of those who seek the ancient paths of the Old Religion."—Ed Fitch, author of Magical Rites from the Crystal Well "I read Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft with much pleasure. This book contains enough information and know-how for all approaches: the historical, the philosophical, and the pragmatic . . . quite entertaining, as much for the armchair enthusiast as for the practicing occultist."—Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon "Never in the history of the Craft has a single book educated as many people, spurred as many spiritual paths, or conjured as much personal possibility as Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft."—Dorothy Morrison, author of The Craft

The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

Your Complete Guide to Understanding the Tarot

Author: Skye Alexander

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1507202636

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Learn how tarot cards can unlock the secrets of the past, present, and future in the latest book of the Modern Witchcraft series. For centuries, witches have used the tarot to seek insights into the past, present, and future. Today, a new generation is discovering the wonder of divining through the cards. Expert tarot reader Skye Alexander shares the many meanings of the cards within the Major and Minor Arcana. Featuring twelve of the most popular spreads and easy-to-follow explanations of how tarot readings can be interpreted, The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot is the essential guide for successful, insightful tarot readings.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft

Author: Denise Zimmermann,Katherine Gleason,Miria Liguana

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781592575336

Category: Music

Page: 360

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Offers information on the theory, ritual, tradition, and history of Wicca, including advice on how to practice the magical art.


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Wiccan Spells, Symbols, Magic & Witchcraft

Author: Skylar Shaw

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546696179

Category: Wicca

Page: 104

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Wicca: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Wiccan Spells, Symbols, Magic & Witchcraft **BONUS** Buy a paperback copy of this book NOW and you will get the Kindle version Absolutely FREE via Kindle Matchbook. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to understand the basic teachings within the world of Wicca and Witchcraft, as well as introducing you to ways in which you can also get started yourself, if you wish to pursue this practice further. Followers of The Craft have always been fascinated with the magic that accompanies their religion. Magic is what makes Wicca stand above the rest. It interests its' followers with a whole lot of things to try and experience. Magic has always been encouraged by Wicca. It's one way on how these Wiccans express their individuality and spirituality as well. Thank you for making the choice to read this book. I believe it will be informative for you, the reader when it comes to what Wicca entails, therefore read on. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What is Wicca? Wicca Principles and Ethics Aligning To The Elements of Wicca Getting Started With Wicca Wicca Tools and Toys The Sacred Space Wicca Spells And Much Much More.. Purchase Your Copy Right Now! Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.

Wiccan Paganism

Witchcraft & Wicca for Beginners Guide Book to Wiccan Basics, Wicca Spells and Magick Ritual

Author: Colin G. Smith

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530247486

Category: Incantations

Page: 58

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Beginner's guide to Wicca, paganism, and witchcraft.

Wicca for Beginners

A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic, and Witchcraft

Author: Lisa Chamberlain

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781503008229

Category: Religion

Page: 116

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Everything You Need to Know About the Wicca Religion It is estimated that there are over 1 million practicing Wiccans around the world today. But what is it that has made these people turn their back on the formal, structured religions that encompass the majority of the Western world? In our modern, high-pressured world, many of us fail to take notice the sheer beauty of the natural world surrounding us. In many ways, this is a travesty: the world we live in today seems so completely distant from the one our ancestors lived in, a world where humans and nature were at one, their existence intertwined in the natural cycles of life. Wicca is a new way of life, a religion that takes you back to a more simple time, before the invention of the high-tech gadgetry we see all around us. You will learn to live and appreciate the natural world that surrounds you, celebrating the intricate changes in the seasons and everything they bring - from the bounties of the Summer harvest, to the cold and darkness of the Winter months, as Mother Nature rests in preparation for the next explosive cycle of life that Spring brings. Wicca is a re-incarnation of the very earliest religions, long pre-dating Christianity. Wiccans celebrate and share many of the same beliefs that these early people held, and try to embrace their way of life, all while remaining fully-functional in today's modern world. Foundations for Becoming a Practicing Wiccan Wicca differs from the highly structured religions that most people in the Western world are familiar with. There is no sacred text to follow, teaching you about the religion, and how to live your life to the fullest. Wiccans must take it upon themselves to piece together the many different aspects of this exciting, enchanting religion, and this can seem highly intimidating at first. "Wicca for Beginners" was created with these people in mind, acting as an entry point for anyone seeking information about the Wicca religion -- whether you're just looking to learn more about the fascinating Wiccan way of life, or you want to start practicing Wicca yourself. You will learn all about the history of the religion, the many different beliefs held by Wiccans, and the significant dates and celebrations of the Wiccan calendar. You'll be introduced to the Wiccan deities, discover the Wiccan tools and altar, and learn the difference between a coven and a solitary practitioner. Finally, you will be introduced to the concepts of witchcraft and magic, learn the basics of rituals and spellwork, and will even be shown an example ritual, perfect for beginners. In other words, "Wicca for Beginners" will teach you everything you need to know to start practicing Wicca, today! Blessed Be.


The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learning Spells & Witchcraft

Author: Sarah Thompson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781516850303


Page: 100

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Find Your Power! Your Guide to Becoming an Ultimate Wiccan! Wicca is a Pagan witchcraft not known to many. This religious witchcraft isn't just a system of magic but focusing on worshiping the religious Gods and Goddesses worshiping the Devine in nature. For some, Wicca is believed to promote a balanced, harmonious and peaceful way of life. So if you are interested to learn more about this belief system, you came to the right place! Wicca: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learning Spells & Witchcraft is every novice's book to have a better understanding of this unique craft! This Book Reveals The Following Information:* History* Demographics* Acceptance* Beliefs* Traditions* Practices* Basic Principles and LawsWhen you buy Wicca: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learning Spells & Witchcraft, you will learn how to feel your own power an create the result that you wish the Universe can give back to you just by simply using your thoughts, words, and actions. The best part of getting yourself familiar with Wiccan spells is that you learn that it is more about asking the divine for help with some specific aspect of your life. This book will help you be in a position of confidence to use these spells.Wicca can actually be molded according to your preference, so for whatever this might serve you; this book will help you get to where you want to be! Practicing Wicca can also contribute to healing and growth while teaching you how to respect nature, yourself, as well as other people! Most importantly, being a Wiccan is far from hurting others, or causing revenge, rather it is more inclined in getting people and the surroundings in order, not separating them.So if you want to know more, just simply scroll your way to the top and grab your own copy! BUY today and learn the Wiccan spells.You won't regret it!


A Beginner's Guide to Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals, and Magick

Author: Cassandra Larsen

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781517622008


Page: 88

View: 8411

Wicca: A Beginner's Guide to Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals, and Magick is a gentle introduction to this beautiful earth-based religion. There are many books on this subject, most of which contain lengthy, complex rituals that are difficult to follow and understand. I am a firm believer that simple rituals and spells are just as meaningful and effective as complex ones-if not more so-as long as you have the focus, will, and desire to enact meaningful change in your life. In this guide, you will learn: * The basics of Wiccan beliefs and values * Meditation and visualization exercises designed to open your mind and expand your consciousness * All about the basic Wiccan tools, as well as how to create your own tools inexpensively! * A simple purification ritual to cleanse all your tools and magickal items * How to cast a circle simply and effectively * All about the 8 Wiccan sabbats, complete with a simple ritual or spell to celebrate each one! * Easy spells for prosperity, success, love, purification, charms, and banishing bad habits This book also contains a bonus correspondence chapter on colors, herbs, stones, moon phases, and days of the week, designed to help you create your own powerful spells and rituals! With this guide, you will have all the necessary skills and knowledge to begin practicing Wicca and Witchcraft today!


A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions

Author: Anastasia Greyleaf

Publisher: Wellfleet Press

ISBN: 1627889566

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 274

View: 4474

A must-have volume for any occultist's library. Featuring a host of information about witchcraft throughout history, this book features magic, spells, potions and voodoo, and much more, all highlighted by more than one hundred black-and-white illustrations.

Practical Magic

A Beginner's Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Psychics, and Spells

Author: Nikki Van De Car

Publisher: Running Press Adult

ISBN: 0762463082

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

View: 9027

Practical Magic is a charmed introduction to the wonders of modern magic and mysticism, from crystals and astrology to chakras, dream interpretation, and, of course, a few spells! Focusing on three primary areas -- healing, magic, and fortunetelling -- this books provides the perfect primer for sophisticated dabblers, with inviting text and spell-binding illustrations. Clear introductions on trending topics, like herbal tonics and astrological charts, are paired with home remedies, hands-on instructions, and suggested rituals in a chic, stylish format that will capture the imaginations of good witches of all ages.


A Modern Guide to Witchcraft and Magick

Author: Harmony Nice

Publisher: Seal Press

ISBN: 9781580059152

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 9917

Witchcraft and Wicca for a modern, mystical world, from YouTube vlogger and Instagram sensation Harmony Nice The face of the witch is changing. The rise of social media has opened up a whole new world of learning and connection for devotees of real Wicca. For the "witch-curious" and for beginners looking for an accessible guide to Wiccan beliefs, YouTuber and Instagram sensation Harmony Nice reveals how you can explore natural magic and healing for yourself. Complete with beautiful illustrations, Harmony introduces Wicca and its benefits, and what life is like for a modern-day Wiccan. She explores the positive impact that ritual and meditation can have on your confidence and mental health, and how the practice can help you to find your true self, build inner strength, and establish a harmonious connection with nature. For those just getting started, she offers practical guidance on: using crystals, wands, tarot cards, and magical tools setting up an altar introductory spells for health and protection creating your Book of Shadows finding your own witchy path--solitary or with a coven