World Conqueror and World Renouncer

A Study of Buddhism and Polity in Thailand against a Historical Background

Author: S. J. Tambiah

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521292900

Category: Social Science

Page: 568

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World Conqueror and World Renouncer is the first comprehensive and authoritative work on the relationship between Buddhism and the polity (political organization) in Thailand. The book conveys the historical background necessary for full comprehension of the contemporary structural relationship between Buddhism, the sangha (monastic order), and the polity, including the historic institution of kingship. Professor Tambiah delineates the overall relationship, as postulated in early Buddhism, between the monk's otherworldly quest on one side and the this-worldly ordinating role of the monarchy on the other. He also examines the complementary and dialectical tensions that occur in this classical relationship, the king's duty to both protect and purify the sangha being a notable example.

Human Rights in Thailand

Author: Don F. Selby

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812250222

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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By placing greater emphasis on human rights as an anthropological concern, Don F. Selby concludes that they are a matter of negotiation within everyday forms of sociality, morality, and politics.

Die Dschungelkönige

ethnohistorische Aspekte von Politik und Ritual in Südorissa/Indien

Author: Burkhard Schnepel

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH


Category: Caste

Page: 343

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Militant Buddhism

The Rise of Religious Violence in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand

Author: Peter Lehr

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030035174

Category: Religion

Page: 306

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Against the backdrop of the ongoing Rohingya crisis, this book takes a close and detailed look at the rise of militant Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand, and especially at the issues of ‘why’ and ‘how’ around it. We are well aware of Christian fundamentalism, militant Judaism and Islamist Salafism-Jihadism. Extremist and violent Buddhism however features only rarely in book-length studies on religion and political violence. Somehow, the very idea of Buddhist monks as the archetypical ‘world renouncers’ exhorting frenzied mobs to commit acts of violence against perceived ‘enemies of the religion’ seems to be outright ludicrous. Recent events in Myanmar/Burma, but also in Thailand and Sri Lanka, however indicate that a militant strand of Theravada Buddhism is on the rise. How can this rise be explained, and what role do monks play in that regard? These are the two broad questions that this book explores.

Buddhism and Politics in Thailand

A Study of Socio-political Change and Political Activism of the Thai Sangha

Author: Somboon Suksamran

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN: 9789971902438

Category: Bouddhisme et politique

Page: 179

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This book studies the interaction of the Sangha (the community of monks) with politics and socio-political change in Thailand. Although the interaction of Buddhism and politics is recognized, it is seldom acknowledged and frequently denied. This paradox derives from two deeply rooted notions: first, that politics is "the dirtiest business" second, that only "pure" Buddhism and a "sound" Sangha can ensure the moral welfare of the nation, and their preservation in unadulterated form is critical for the survival of national unity.

Mediums, Monks, and Amulets

Thai Popular Buddhism Today

Author: Pattana Kitiarsa

Publisher: Silkworm Books

ISBN: 1630417572

Category: Religion

Page: 196

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Mediums, Monks, and Amulets is a sophisticated yet accessible study of the state of popular Buddhist beliefs as they are practiced in Thailand today. Using a combination of focused case studies and analysis, Pattana Kitiarsa explores the nature and evolution of popular Buddhism over the past three decades by focusing on those individuals who practice, popularize, and profit from it. The case studies profiled in this book include prominent spirit mediums and magic monks, the lottery fever surrounding the posthumous cult of folk singer, Phumphuang Duangchan, the Chatukham‐Rammathep amulet craze, and the cult of wealth attributed to preeminent monk, Luang Pho Khun. It also explores the history of both popular and official opinion surrounding supernatural Buddhism and its clashes with the rationalist, modernizing policies of Thailand’s monarchy and government. Mediums, Monks, and Amulets contests the viewpoint that supernatural elements within popular Buddhism are a symptom of the decline of the religion. Instead, it argues that this hybridity between traditional Buddhist beliefs and elements from other religions is in fact a symptom of the health and wealth of Buddhism, as it negotiates large‐scale commercialization and global modernity. What others are saying “Pattana Kitiarsa’s ability to weave his personal experiences in with sophisticated anthropological methods makes this book a fascinating and moving read. It is a welcome addition to the field and should be read by everyone interested in religion and modernity in Southeast Asia and beyond.”—Justin McDaniel, author of Gathering Leaves and Lifting Words (2008) and The Lovelorn Ghost and Magical Monk (2011) “Medium, Monks, and Amulets sheds light on the changing landscape of contemporary Thai religion that is increasingly influenced by ‘prosperity cults’ from both inside and outside the Buddhist establishment. This book helps us to make sense of the religious universe, where magic monks, spirit mediums, amulets, deities, and other religious commodities of different sorts keep appearing endlessly.”—Phra Paisal Visalo Highlights • Focused case studies on individual cult practices, including magic monks, spirit mediums, amulet cults, and other prosperity cults • Written by the perspective of an anthropologist who is also a follower of popular Buddhism • Discusses not only the interaction of popular Buddhist practices with modern‐day lawmakers, but also of nineteenth‐century royal interaction with supernatural cults

Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks

Mobility and Exchange Within and Beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia

Author: Jason Neelis

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004181598

Category: History

Page: 371

View: 8676

This book examines catalysts for Buddhist formation in ancient South Asia and expansion throughout and beyond the northwestern Indian subcontinent to Central Asia by investigating symbiotic relationships between networks of religious mobility and trade.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Communication

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Anthropology and Archaeology

A Changing Relationship

Author: Chris Gosden

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134716206

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 8179

Anthropolgy and Archaeology provides a valuable and much-needed introduction to the theories and methods of these two inter-related subjects. This volume covers the historical relationship and contemporary interests of archaeology and anthropology. It takes a broad historical approach, setting the early history of the disciplines with the colonial period during which the Europeans encountered and attempted to make sense of many other peoples. It shows how the subjects are linked through their interest in kinship, economics and symbolism, and discusses what each contribute to debates about gender, material culture and globalism in the post-colonial world.

The Ascendancy of Theravāda Buddhism in Southeast Asia

Author: Prapod Assavavirulhakarn,Praphōt ʻAtsawawirunhakān

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789749511947

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 4264

The Ascendancy of Theravada Buddhismis a comprehensive study of the advent of Buddhism in South-East Asia, especially in Thailand during the first millennium CE. The author, Prapod Assavavirulhakarn, presents new ideas about the ancient cultural geography of South and South-East Asia, bringing fresh insights To The perennial problem of "Indianization" - the translation of ideas, ideals, and technologies from India to societies across the Bay of Bengal. Prapod examines existing theories and finds them wanting. His presentation of the early Buddhist period challenges established opinions and offers alternative views of the complexities and uncertainties that uniquely shaped Buddhism. His interpretations are grounded in primary sources, including Sanskrit, Pali and Chinese inscriptions.The Ascendancy of Theravada Buddhismis a welcome advance in the study of the neglected field of early Thai Buddhism. Prapod Assavavirulhakarn is assistant professor and Head of the Department of Eastern Languages at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, where he is also dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Socially Engaged Buddhism for the New Millenium

Essays in Honor of the Ven. Phra Dhammapitaka (Bhikkhu P.A. Payutto) on His 60th Birthday Anniversary

Author: Prayut,Pipob Udomittipong

Publisher: Suksit Siam

ISBN: 9789742601546

Category: Religion

Page: 536

View: 9694

Cooking, Care, and Domestication

A Culinary Ethnography of the Tai Yong, Northern Thailand

Author: Ing-Britt Trankell

Publisher: Coronet Books Incorporated


Category: Cooking

Page: 205

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Encyclopedia of religion

Author: Lindsay Jones

Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library


Category: Religion

Page: 13

View: 2075

Among Library Journal's picks of the most important reference works of the millennium - with the Encyclopedia Judaica and the New Catholic Encyclopedia - Mircea Eliade's Encyclopedia of Religion won the American Library Associations' Dartmouth Medal in 1988 and is widely regarded as the standard reference work in the field. This second edition, which is intended to reflect both changes in academia and in the world since 1987, includes almost all of the 2,750 original entries - many heavily updated - as well as approximately 600 entirely new articles. Preserving the best of Eliade's cross-cultural approach, while emphasizing religion's role within everyday life and as a unique experience from culture to culture, this new edition is the definitive work in the field for the 21st century. An international team of scholars and contributors have reviewed, revised and added to every word of the classic work, making it relevant to the questions and interests of all researchers. The result is an essential purchase for libraries of all kinds.

The kingdom of Siam

the art of central Thailand, 1350-1800

Author: Forrest McGill,Pattaratorn Chirapravati (M.L.),Asian Art Museum--Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture,Peabody Essex Museum

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 197

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