World of Chemistry

Author: Steven S. Zumdahl,Susan L. Zumdahl,Donald J. DeCoste

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781133109655

Category: Chemistry

Page: 928

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Easy to read and accessible to all students, WORLD OF CHEMISTRY includes excellent visuals, numerous problem-solving examples, a wide range of end-of-chapter exercises, and real world applications that truly bring the "world of chemistry" together in one unique central learning resource. Offering a rigorous but understandable introduction to chemistry, this program reflects the authors? belief that chemistry is something students must construct for themselves with the help of the teacher, the textbook, laboratory exploration, and the other materials provided. this proven textbook. To make the book easier to use, this edition has been redesigned with more white space in the side margins (less distractions and clutter) and now has a more streamlined look-and-feel.

Exploring the World of Chemistry

From Ancient Metals to High-Speed Computers

Author: John Hudson Tiner

Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

ISBN: 1614581541

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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Chemistry is an amazing branch of science that affects us every day, yet few people realize it, or even give it much thought. Without chemistry, there would be nothing made of plastic, there would be no rubber tires, no tin cans, no television, no microwave ovens, or something as simple as wax paper. This book presents an exciting and intriguing tour through the realm of chemistry as each chapter unfolds with facts and stories about the discoveries and discoverers. Find out why pure gold is not used for jewelry or coins. Join Humphry Davy as he made many chemical discoveries, and learn how they shortened his life. See how people in the 1870s could jump over the top of the Washington Monument. Exploring the World of Chemistry brings science to life and is a wonderful learning tool with many illustrations, biographical information, chapter tests, and an index for easy referencing.

The World of Chemistry: Essentials


Author: Melvin D. Joesten,John L. Hogg,Mary E. Castellion

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495012130

Category: Science

Page: 608

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Joesten's WORLD OF CHEMISTRY: ESSENTIALS is known for effectively presenting chemistry in terms understandable to the non-science major. The Fourth Edition continues to clearly explain the importance of chemistry and the impact it has on students' daily l

World of Chemistry

Author: Joesten

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780495973904


Page: 331

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The Fabulous and Fun World of Chemistry!

A Science Book for Girls by Girls!!

Author: Angela Taha Naef,Adria Taha Resnick

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781493670406

Category: Education

Page: 24

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Explore the world of chemistry with Daisy in a fun and inviting way for girls age 8+. Learn fun facts about how chemistry is part of nail polish, shampoo and ice cream! An exciting, new way to get girls excited about science.

World of Chemistry

Author: Robyn V. Young,Suzanne Sessine

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning


Category: Reference

Page: 1360

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Articles on theories, discoveries, concepts, and notable people in chemistry.

Investigating the Natural World of Chemistry with Kids

Experiments, Writing, and Drawing Activities for Learning Science

Author: Michael J. Strauss

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 1612331556

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 226

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This unique book of real chemistry and science for children illustrates the nature of physical and chemical change using the very smallest parts of things: atoms and molecules. It encourages children, ages 5-12, along with their parents or teachers, to become active learners of science, to discover meaning not only in the ideas and definitions of others, but also (and especially) in their own world. Chapters include: Evaporating, Condensing, Dissolving, Crystallizing, Mixing, Separating, Melting, Freezing, and Reacting.


Author: Steven S. Zumdahl,Susan A. Zumdahl,Donald J. DeCoste

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337515655

Category: Science

Page: 1200

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Learn the skills you need to succeed in your chemistry course with CHEMISTRY, Tenth Edition. This trusted text has helped generations of students learn to “think like chemists” and develop problem-solving skills needed to master even the most challenging problems. Clear explanations and interactive examples help you build confidence for the exams, so that you can study to understand rather than simply memorize. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

World of Chemistry


Author: Melvin D. Joesten,James L. Wood,Mary E. Castellion

Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole


Category: Chemistry

Page: 552

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The quality of human life is described in terms understanding to the non-science major in this application-oriented chemistry textbook. This paperback offers a more concise, less theoretical, less mathematical version of the hardback version, WORLD OF CHEMISTRY, Second Edition.

The World of Chemistry

Author: Mekvin D. Joesten,Walt Volland

Publisher: Harcourt College Pub

ISBN: 9780030044984

Category: Science

Page: 362

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Lab Manual for the World of Chemistry Telecourse

Author: Nava Ben-Zvi,Melvin D. Joesten

Publisher: Harcourt College Pub

ISBN: 9780030301681

Category: Chemistry

Page: 156

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SUMMARY: Consists of 26 programs on various chemistry topics, including the atom, chemical bonds, the periodic table, water, etc.

New World of Chemistry

Science in the Service of Man

Author: Bernard Jaffe

Publisher: N.A


Category: Chemistry

Page: 710

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World of Chemistry

Chemistry, Chemistry

Author: CTI Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1490271422

Category: Education

Page: 83

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Facts101 is your complete guide to World of Chemistry. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

The World of Chemistry

Study Guide

Author: Nava Ben-Zvi,Isidore Adler

Publisher: Harcourt College Pub

ISBN: 9780030301728

Category: Science

Page: 229

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SUMMARY: Consists of 26 programs on various chemistry topics, including the atom, chemical bonds, the periodic table, water, etc.


Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World

Author: Carla Mooney

Publisher: Nomad Press

ISBN: 1619303639

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 9789

Have you ever wondered what makes up everything in the world around you? Or what exactly is the difference between solids, liquids, and gases? Have you wanted to know what causes two substances to react or change? Chemistry: Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World introduces readers 12 through 15 to the fascinating world of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Learn how these molecules combine to form ordinary objects such as the chair you’re sitting on, the water in your glass, even you! Through hands-on, investigative projects, readers delve into the world of chemical reactions and changing matter, learning how these principles are used in many areas of science, from biochemistry to nuclear science. Combining hands-on science inquiry with chemistry, mathematics, and biology, projects include building models of molecules and bonds, identifying acids and bases, investigating the effect of temperature on reaction rate, and observing how a chemical reaction from vinegar, water, and bleach can accelerate the rusting of steel. Chemistry offers entertaining illustrations and fascinating sidebars to illuminate the topic and engage readers further, plus integrates a digital learning component by providing links to primary sources, videos, and other relevant websites.

The Chemistry of Plants

Perfumes, Pigments and Poisons

Author: Margareta Sequin

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 1782625569

Category: Science

Page: N.A

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This book is an introduction to organic chemistry and its compounds as related to plants. Chemistry tends to be seen as a field that is hard to comprehend and that has few connections with the living world. This book fills a gap as it eases access to organic chemistry by connecting it with plants and includes numerous photos and other illustrations. The book is a combination of organic chemistry with the living world of plants and is an introduction to organic plant compounds for the non-chemist. It starts with a review of basic concepts of chemistry as they relate to plant life, followed by an introduction to structures of organic compounds, which prepares the reader for the following chapters on primary metabolites and on plant fragrances, pigments, and plant defensive compounds. The final chapter relates plant compounds to human life, with subchapters on foods from plants, medicines, psychoactives, fibers, and dyes. Historic discoveries of plant compounds and their developments to contemporary uses, like modern pharmaceuticals, and a section on genetically modified plants, connect with topics of recent interest. The book leads the serious reader from chemistry basics to complex plant substances and their human uses and plant photos and stories accompany chemistry topics and chemical structures to aid understanding. The author, an organic chemist and plant enthusiast, has taught popular undergraduate college level courses on plant chemistry to non-chemistry majors and numerous field seminars to the general public for more than fifteen years. The book's topics and contents have been taught for many years and have proved successful in providing an understanding of plant compounds, organic compounds, and their importance. The book provides a basis for a better understanding of chemistry and its connections to the world of plants, the natural world in general, and to daily life. It is aimed at non-chemistry undergraduate students and to people in general who are interested in plants and who would like to learn more about them. It addresses an audience with little previous chemistry knowledge, yet, leads the serious reader to an understanding of sometimes complex plant compounds, by providing an introduction to chemistry basics, combining the chemistry with pictures and stories, and using simple, clear language. The book can be used both as a text to introduce organic chemistry as it relates to plants and as a text of reference for more advanced readers.

World of Chemistry

Essentials (Study Guide and Selected Solutions)

Author: Wood,Walt Volland,Joesten

Publisher: Harcourt Brace College Publishers

ISBN: 9780030223921

Category: Chemistry

Page: 296

View: 5964

To accomplish your course goals, use this study guide to enhance your understanding of the text content and to be better prepared for quizzes and tests. This convenient manual helps you assimilate and master the information encountered in the text through the use of practice exercises and applications, comprehensive review tools, and additional helpful resources.

World of Chemistry Update

Teacher Edition

Author: Steven S. Zumdahl

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780618570591

Category: Education

Page: 711

View: 9399

The World of Physical Chemistry

Author: Keith James Laidler

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198559194

Category: Medical

Page: 476

View: 5795

This book offers an account of the field of physical chemistry as it has evolved over the years, from its emergence as a distinct discipline in the late 19th century through today's miracle discoveries. The book covers all of the main branches of physical chemistry: thermodynamics, kinetic theory, statistical mechanics, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, quantum chemistry, and colloid and surface chemistry. It describes the difficulties faced by early investigators resulting from attitudes of the churches, governments, and even the universities, which tended to emphasize classical studies. The book also discusses the ways in which physical scientists have communicated with each other over the course of the discipline's history. Teachers, researchers and students of physical chemistry as well as physicists and historians of science will find this lively book interesting and informative.