Birth of the Drakregus

Author: B.W. Goodwin

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 164298826X

Category: Fiction

Page: 450

View: 2073

To be a hatchling among the oldest of races causes the young to mature expeditiously. Something Drogen ascertained and augmented to without hesitation, battling his own self-doubt and the power he inherited through blood. As Drogen overhears tales of adventure from his kin about the world outside his home, he wants nothing more than to have and share his own accomplishments and failures. What is a hatchling to do when the future feels like a distant dream? But when the gods come knocking, will Drogen be ready to weather the storm and prevail in a world foreign to his own?

Drogen, Darknet und Organisierte Kriminalität

Herausforderungen für Politik, Justiz und Drogenhilfe

Author: Meropi Tzanetakis,Heino Stöver

Publisher: Nomos Verlag

ISBN: 3845282835

Category: Law

Page: 280

View: 8798

Die Beiträge dieses Bandes basieren auf politikwissenschaftlichen, soziologischen und kriminologischen Forschungserkenntnissen, juristischen Analysen sowie Erfahrungen aus der Praxis. Sie stellen die erste umfassende Publikation zur komplexen Thematik "Drogen, Darknet und Organisierte Kriminalität" dar und beinhalten deutsch- und englischsprachige Beiträge. Die multidisziplinäre Ausrichtung macht deutlich, dass das neuartige Phänomen der anonymen Drogenmärkte im Internet eine vielschichtige Herausforderung darstellt. Klassische Konzepte wie das der "Organisierten Kriminalität" müssen erweitert werden und benötigen neue Erklärungsansätze. Organisationsstrukturen auf Online-Drogenmärkten müssen neu analysiert werden. Ebenso hat die Entwicklung der Kryptomärkte drogenpolitische Implikationen und erfordert neue Angebote der Drogenprävention und -beratung sowie Ansätze der Strafermittlung und Justiz. Schließlich stellt sich die Frage nach einer möglichen Regulierung von Online-Drogenmärkten. Angesichts dieser Problemanzeige beleuchten die Beiträge dieses Sammelbandes AkteurInnen, strukturelle Gegebenheiten und ökonomische Transaktionen auf anonymen Drogenmärkten. Mit Beiträgen von Meropi Tzanetakis | Heino Stöver | Klaus von Lampe | Frank Neubacher | Anja P. Jakobi | Jasmin Haunschild | Gergana Bulanova-Hristova | Karsten Kasper | Andreas Zaunseder | Angus Bancroft | Gerrit Kamphausen | Bernd Werse | James Martin | Benjamin Löhner | Sandro Rösler | Christian Mader | Stefan Mey

Schauplatz Evaluation Pack

Author: Alistair Brien

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435305406

Category: German language

Page: 272

View: 6792

This text is designed for students of German and is part of the "Schauplatz" series. A teacher's resource book, a cassette pack, and three assessment packs are also available.

Shooting a Texas Tease

Author: Robert Kearney

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595178537

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 3787

West Texas is a white hot cauldron boiling over with a lust for money and power. Trapped in the flames of passion searing the Permian Basin, KPER television news reporters Erin McCartney and Sean Ryan battle to survive while exposing the drug smuggling, political corruption and sinful scandals rocking the city of Midessa, Texas. They are caught in a deadly crossfire between the crime and the corruption and their news director Scott Sangsue who demands total obedience and unquestioning loyalty. Just how far will the men and women of KPER-TV go to save their jobs and satisfy Sangsue’s hunger to be number one? How much are they willing to sacrifice—their lives, their morals, their principles? When rookie television journalist Sean Ryan enters KPER-TV, he is swallowed by the cut-throat competition of television news. Suddenly, everything he knows and believes is being challenged by a world turned upside down. Will he succumb to the sexual temptations of Amer Chienne and Celeste? Will he be killed by the criminals or the cops in their drug war? Will he abandon his journalistic principles to save his job? In the end is he any better than Sangsue?

At Play in the Killing Fields

Author: Joseph DeMarco

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1463461925

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 2810

JOE KAYE (1976-2031) - The False Prophet of Fennimore Place Joe Kaye was an American poet, philosopher, schoolteacher, and author of 11 books. Born in New York City, Joe taught in New York, Hawaii, and Michigan. In Hawaii, he started writing and by the age of 25 he published his first manuscript. He later moved to Michigan and then to Wisconsin, where he developed a tumor which began to give him delusions. His delusions led him to construct a giant labyrinth on a tropical island. He also had an obsession with looking for a message he believed he had left for himself in a past life, in the form of a poem, song, or story. He went insane with paranoia and believed the karma police were coming to take him away. He also became obsessed with cheating death, practicing a religion called Voodoo Botany, believing it would make him a god. On a late night talk show, he made a prophecy about the extinction of the human race. He was sent to rest at Fennimore Place Institute. The maze was never finished. He died broke and penniless.