Murderous Maths: The Brain-Bending Basics

Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 140715639X


Page: 208

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Murderous Maths: The Brain-Bending Basics is full of facts, tricks and tips to give children a roller-coaster overview into the world of murderous maths. Updated for the relaunch of the primary national curriculum in autumn 2014, children can learn to become mathematical masters with simple explanations and hilarious characters.

Easy Questions, Evil Answers

Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781407114514

Category: Mathematics

Page: 159

View: 8244

How can you make a liar tell the truth? How many people in the world share your birthday? Easy Questions, Evil Answers provides the answers to these questions and more. It's the perfect read for anyone who's ever wondered just how many footballs you can fit in a swimming pool and how long it takes to count to a million.

Murderous Maths: The Most Epic Book of Maths EVER

Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Publisher: Scholastic Non-Fiction

ISBN: 1407163639

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 3904

The Most Epic Book of Maths EVER (formerly The Murderous Maths of Everything) is one big book with (nearly) all the answers to everything in maths EVER. Readers can join the cast of crazy characters on a tour of the Murderous Maths building to discover the darkest and deadliest mathematical secrets, including: a sure-fire way how to make birthdays last twice as long, how the number 1 starts fights, how triangles lead to murder, and much more. Maths has never been so much fun!

Murderous Maths to the Power of Ten Boxed Set

Author: Kjartan Poskitt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781407131948


Page: N.A

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Boxed set contains Awesome Arithmetricks, Guaranteed to Bend Your Brain, Desperate Measures, Do You Feel Lucky, Easy Questions Evil Answers, Key to the Universe, Guaranteed to Mash Your Mind, The Perfect Sausage, The Phantom X and Savage Shapes.

Murder by the Numbers

Author: Robert Brigham

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491741694

Category: Fiction

Page: 378

View: 4824

Pomp, circumstance, and murder mark the graduation ceremony at Marcus Rome State University. Famed philanthropist and commencement speaker, Douglas Norwood, lies dead. There is no apparent motive. A cryptic message to a local television station provides many questions but few answers. Sergeant Tom Warren and the campus police are faced with the grim task of untangling the mess. University President Norman Mulholland wants a solution fast, and appoints mathematics professor Jim Albright to serve as liaison between him and the police. In an unconventional move, Warren and Albright enlist a group of amateur sleuths composed of Albright’s sexy psychologist wife, Donna; eccentric mathematical genius Elmo Sherwin and his wife, Michelle; and Mulholland himself to work with Warren. With the exception of the president, this is the same group that pinpointed another campus murderer three years earlier (see Math Is Murder). The team soon learns the crime is more complicated than it first appeared, and watches with growing anxiety as the university’s situation deteriorates. Will they be able to solve this mystery in time to prevent more carnage? The clues in this whodunit are everywhere. It’s up to the investigative team and the reader to find them. The problem is recognizing them.

Pass your exams

Study skills for success

Author: Andrew Holmes

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

ISBN: 1907518444

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 9966

Pass your exams offers insider information needed for exam success written by a real expert, someone who is a committed life-long learner. Andrew Holmes reveals 52 brilliant ways to motivate yourself for success and gain the confidence to ensure that your hard work pays off on the big day. You'll find fantastic tips on improving your attitude to studying, committing information to memory and learning how to learn. The tried and tested techniques in Pass your exams will help you to turn your exam performance around.

Killer kids, bad law

tales of the juvenile court system

Author: Peter Reinharz

Publisher: Barricade Books Incorporated


Category: Law

Page: 335

View: 982

The chief of New York City's family court division presents a study of America's juvenile justice system, using case histories and personal experience to argue for a complete overhaul of the system

The Collected Stories

Author: Leonard Michaels

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429933827

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8186

Leonard Michaels was a master of the short story. His collections are among the most admired, influential, and exciting of the last half century. The Collected Stories brings them back into print, from the astonishing debut Going Places (1969) to the uncollected last stories, unavailable since they appeared in The New Yorker, Threepenny Review, and Partisan Review. At every stage in his career, Michaels produced taut, spare tales of sex, love, and other adult intimacies: gossip, argument, friendship, guilt, rage. A fearless writer—"destructive, joyful, brilliant, purely creative," in the words of John Hawkes—Michaels probed his characters' motivations with brutal humor and startling frankness; his ear for the vernacular puts him in the company of Philip Roth, Grace Paley, and Bernard Malamud. Remarkable for its compression and cadences, his prose is nothing short of addictive. The Collected Stories is a landmark. "Leonard Michaels's stories stand alongside those of his best Jewish contemporaries -- Grace Paley and Philip Roth." -- Mona Simpson, The New York Times Book Review


The Magazine for Men

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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