The Sacred Scriptures - 29th Special Edition (Part 3/4)

The New Covenant & New Testament - The Book of Psalms & The Book of Daniel - 29th Special Edition

Author: Johannes Biermanski

Publisher: Ebozon Verlag

ISBN: 395963207X

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Page: 441

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The objective of “The Sacred Scriptures” by John Biermanski, 29th edition - “Special Edition,” also written in German, is to revoke all falsifications in today's Bibles known so far (the New Testament), and to restore the original state of the verses as far as possible. In the present work, you will find the holy and true name of the living Elohim/G-d “YAHWEH” (the Elohim/G-d of Abraham, the Elohim/G-d of Isaac and the Elohim/G-d of Jacob), of the children of Israel (Exodus 3:15), to his glory in this edition, and “The New Covenant ~ The New Testament”, “The Book of Psalms” and “The Book of Daniel”, in which all verses are written in German and English with “Appendix” in English (see the “Table of Contents”). In this part is: "THE LETTER OF PAUL THE APOSTLE TO THE ROMANS" until "THE GENERAL LETTER OF JUDAH" and "THE BOOK OF DANIEL". The author was born in 1963 in North Rhine-Westphalia and completed a traineeship for wholesale and foreign trade in a pharmaceutical wholesale company. In the course of his professional development, he used to be a freelancer but was also officially employed; he has experienced a lot rises and falls throughout his life. While studying the Scriptures, he was led by the Spirit of the only God, the Almighty and the only Holy Father in heaven, whereas, by grace, he could recognize many things that are now presented as heresies to the world. In recent years he has been active in the proclamation of the Word of God in Europe, particularly in Brazil (South America), and has enlightened many people by his message, so that they get to know the true God, His holy name and His will and only obey Him - and start to think about all this, i. e. "so that they finally decide themselves in favour of the living God, instead of against Him, and their names are not erased from the divine 'Book of Life' forever."

From Frankfurt to Jerusalem

Isaac Breuer and the History of the Secession Dispute in Modern Jewish Orthodoxy

Author: Matthias Morgenstern

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004128385

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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This work analyzes the history of the Frankfurt Neo-Orthodoxy in the 19th century and explains its impact on Jewish religious parties in the 20th century. Focussing on Isaac Breuer and his philosophy, it describes the dilemmas of observant Jewry vis-a-vis the secularist Zionist movement.

Foundations of the International Legal Rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel

And The Implications For The Proposed New Palestinian State

Author: Cynthia D. Wallace

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 1616389176

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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It is no secret that the debate over the nation of Israel’s claim to the city of Jerusalem has caused great controversy. While many who support the rights of the Jewish people present compelling emotional appeals, most fail to substantiate their arguments with hard evidence. To truly defend Israel on the political front will require more than emotional outcry; we must explore the legal and historical facts surrounding this conflict in order to preserve the rights of the Jewish people. Dr. Cynthia Wallace uses her thirty years’ experience in the field of international law to delineate the legal and political rights of the nation of Israel as well as the ramifications of the proposed Palestinian state. Using a comprehensive approach, Dr. Wallace presents compelling evidence authenticated by the community of nations to establish Israel’s rightful legal claim to its capital and most holy city.


Literatur zur Situation in Jerusalem und zu den Lösungsperspektiven der Jerusalemfrage

Author: Gerda Hansen

Publisher: N.A


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Der israelisch-palästinensische Konflikt

Hintergründe, Dimensionen und Perspektiven

Author: Dietmar Herz

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515082594

Category: History

Page: 246

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Sah es nach dem Abkommen von Oslo Mitte der 90er Jahre fuer einige Zeit so aus, als stuende der israelisch-pal�stinensische Konflikt vor seiner L�sung, so ist diese Hoffnung in den vergangenen zwei Jahren weitgehend geschwunden. Nahezu t�glich berichten Presse und Fernsehen von Selbstmordanschl�gen radikaler Pal�stinenser und israelischen Vergeltungsaktionen in den besetzten Gebieten. Der �Friedensprozess� scheint unwiederbringlich zu Ende, neue L�sungsans�tze sind nicht zu erkennen. Der Band versucht, Hintergruende und Zusammenh�nge in diesem oft unuebersichtlichen Konflikt zu erhellen. Mit Beitr�gen von M. Asseburg, N. Bubis, S. Dorsch, Z. Elpeleg, A. Frangi, S. Hofmann, M. Junker, A. Martiny, S. Maul, E. Ottolenghi, A. Primor, A. Timm, P. Weyland, S. Witte, M. Zimmermann.

Crossing borders

towards a culture of peace : the Middle East Youth Peace Forum

Author: Gertraud S. Auer,Tove Raiby,Margit Schmidt

Publisher: N.A


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Author: N.A

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