Betsaida / Bethsaida - Julias (Et-Tell)

Die Ersten 25 Jahre Der Ausgrabung (1987-2011)

Author: Heinz-Wolfgang Kuhn

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3525540256

Category: Religion

Page: 310

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These excavation plans are unique! They can never be redrawn, due to the normal destruction of nature and ongoing excavations.

Jewish Funerary Customs, Practices And Rites In The Second Temple Period

Author: Rāḥēl Ḥak̲lîlî

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004123733

Category: Religion

Page: 588

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This publication outlines the material preserved in the ancient Jewish cemeteries in the Land of Israel and provides a comprehensive and instructive study of Jewish funerary customs, practices, and rituals relating to death, burial and mourning, as well as addressing the meaning of Jewish funerary art and tradition.


The E-Book

Author: Eliezer Segal

Publisher: JBE Online Books

ISBN: 0980163315

Category: Judaism

Page: 333

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The Jesus Discovery

The Resurrection Tomb that Reveals the Birth of Christianity

Author: James D. Tabor,Simcha Jacobovici

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451650523

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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The Jesus Discovery shows how a recent major archeological discovery in Jerusalem is revolutionizing our understanding of Jesus and the earliest years of Christianity. The Jesus Discovery is the story of a stunning new discovery that provides the first physical evidence of Christians in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus and his apostles. In 2010, using a specialized robotic camera, authors Tabor and Jacobovici explored a previously unexcavated tomb in Jerusalem from around the time of Jesus. They made a remarkable discovery—two ossuaries, or bone boxes, one carved with the earliest known image of Jonah; the other displaying a reference to resurrection. Since the newly discovered ossuaries can be reliably dated to before 70 AD, it is possible that whoever was buried in this tomb knew Jesus and heard him preach. In addition, the newly examined tomb is in close proximity to the so-called Jesus Family Tomb, and its discovery increases the likelihood that the “Jesus Family Tomb” is, indeed, the real tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

Denying Her Voice: The Figure of Miriam in Ancient Jewish Literature

Author: Hanna K. Tervanotko

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3647551058

Category: Fiction

Page: 354

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Hanna Tervanotko first analyzes the treatment and development of Miriam as a literary character in ancient Jewish texts, taking into account all the references to this figure preserved in ancient Jewish literature from the exilic period to the early second century C.E.: Exodus 15:20-21; Deuteronomy 24:8-9; Numbers 12:1-15; 20:1; 26:59; 1 Chronicles 5:29; Micah 6:4, the Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q365 6 II, 1-7; 4Q377 2 I, 9; 4Q543 1 I, 6 = 4Q545 1 I, 5; 4Q546 12, 4; 4Q547 4 I, 10; 4Q549 2, 8), Jubilees 47:4; Ezekiel the Tragedian 18; Demetrius Chronographer frag. 3; texts by Philo of Alexandria: De vita contemplativa 87; Legum allegoriae 1.76; 2.66-67; 3.103; De agricultura 80-81; Liber antiquitatum biblicarum 9:10; 20:8, and finally texts by Josephus: Antiquitates judaicae 2.221; 3.54; 3.105; 4.78. These texts demonstrate that the picture of Miriam preserved in the ancient Jewish texts is richer than the Hebrew Bible suggests. The results provide a contradictory image of Miriam. On the one hand she becomes a tool of Levitical politics, whereas on the other she continues to enjoy a freer role. People continued to interpret earlier literary traditions in light of new situations, and interpretations varied in different contexts. Second, in light of poststructuralist literary studies that treat texts as reflections of specific social situations, Tervanotko argues that the treatment of Miriam in ancient Jewish literature reflects mostly a reality in which women had little space as active agents. Despite the general tendency to allow women only little room, the references to Miriam suggest that at least some prominent women may have enjoyed occasional freedom.

Revue de Qumrân

Author: N.A

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Category: Dead Sea scrolls

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The Archaeology of Jerusalem

From the Origins to the Ottomans

Author: Katharina Galor,Hanswulf Bloedhorn

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300111959

Category: History

Page: 332

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Introduction: history of the research -- Natural and man-made city limits -- The Chalcolithic period and the Bronze Age -- The Iron Age -- The Babylonian and Persian periods -- The Hellenistic period -- The Roman period -- The Byzantine period -- The early Islamic period -- The crusader and Ayyubid periods -- The Mamluk period -- The Ottoman period.

Introducing Judaism

Author: Eliezer Segal

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780415440097

Category: Religion

Page: 345

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Taking a historical approach, and focusing on the religious aspects of Judaism, this work introduces themes as they emerge from authentic Jewish documents. Readers will gain an understanding of how Judaism is lived by its adherents and the historical and geographic diversity of Jewish beliefs and practices.