Learn How to Draw Cartoons - For the Absolute Beginner

Author: John Davidson

Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

ISBN: 1310289573

Category: Art

Page: 65

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A quick and easy way to illustrate an idea is by using cartoons. Artists use this kind of theme when targeting young viewers or those who’s a little less of art critic and more into the message of the picture being portrayed clearly. Cartoons are “eye candies” that can easily capture people’s attention because of its stereotypical and simply understandable nature. This is also the reason why it is widely used by advertisers when presenting a service or a product. This book will teach you how to start drawing your own cartoon characters in a semi-realistic form and how to finish your illustrations easily. It will show you how to produce a traditional quality cartoon drawings and the fundamentals of illustrating your ideas properly. This step-by-step instruction manual is a great start for beginners and an additional knowledge or guidelines for amateur illustrators. Learn the very basics of cartoon and start making your own comics or detailed illustrations. Find out how to make a variety of different facial features to improve your characters’ appearance. Turn your thoughts into pictures and explore your creative side while having fun. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION TYPES OF CARTOON ELEMENTS OF A CARTOON • Large Heads • Body Proportions • Props and Objects EXPRESSIONS • Additional Details for Portraying Cartoon Expressions FACIAL FEATURES • Eyes • Nose • Mouth • Ears DRAWING A SCENARIO AGING YOUR CHARACTER

Learn How to Draw Cartoons for the Beginner

Step by Step Guide to Drawing Cartoons

Author: John Davidson,Paolo Lopez De Leon

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781497582965

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Learn How to Draw Cartoons For the Beginner Step by Step Guide to Drawing Cartoons TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Materials: Drawing a Cartoon Face: Man's Face Woman's Face More about a Cartoons Face Different angles of the Face Different faces have Different shapes Adding years to the Character Cartooning a baby Drawing Cartoon Eyes Drawing Cartoon Nose Drawing Cartoon Mouth or Lips Drawing Cartoon Ear Expressions Drawing Cartoon Hands Drawing Cartoon Feet Stick Figures The Center Line and Poses Body Construction Exaggeration Various Cartoon Effects Light and Shadows Overall Application Author Bio Introduction: Cartoons remind me of Saturday mornings when I was little, I usually brought along paper and pencil in front of our television, when the cartoon program starts, I drew along the characters in the paper, If I remembered it right the show was about a munching sphere head who likes to eat pellets, when he eats the big pellet, that's the time he can eliminate his ghost enemies, I'm pretty sure you know that one, a popular video game anyway, after I drew it, when First day of School comes, I show it to my friends telling them how I spend my weekend, of course other than studying my lessons. So that was my Saturday morning cartoon days, today we have different cartoons, with a lot of selection or genre that some of it needs to have mature audience, that even a kid wouldn't relate to it, well that is a contemporary trend, with a twisted style but at the end it can really entertain us, make us laugh and leave smiles on our faces. Thanks for choosing this eBook as your guide in the world of cartoons, where you will experience how to draw your own cartoons, practicing the steps in the drawing procedures will help you gain the drawing skills, that you will need to became a cartoonist, you will learn the proper materials that you will use when drawing cartoons, you will be able to draw cartoons with confidence, and seeing the simplicity behind every cartoon characters that you desire to draw, so set some time to commit yourself to drawing cartoons with the help of this book, so have fun when drawing cartoons.

Drawing Scorpions - How to Draw Scorpions For the Beginner

Author: Adrian Sanqui,John Davidson,Mendon Cottage Books

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 1311935584

Category: Art

Page: 45

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Drawing tools Parts of a Scorpion Body Posture Black Emperor Scorpion Striped Bark Scorpion Amblypygi Whip scorpion Author Bio Publisher

Learn How to Draw and Paint People For the Beginner - Step By Step Guide to Drawing Harry with Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Airbrush Watercolors and Cartoons

Author: Paolo Lopez de Leon,John Davidson

Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

ISBN: 131031814X

Category: Art

Page: 201

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Materials How to draw a Harry Potter Cartoon: Drawing Harry’s Body: DrawingHarry in different poses: Light source and Cast Shadow: Cartoon Eyes: Other Characters and Creatures: A. Phoenix B. Severus Snape C. Blue Pixy D. Grindylow Various Gags and Caricatures Cartoons: The Basics: • Sphere • Cone • Cube • Cylinder How to render a Harry with pencils: Charcoal Painting • Shaving the Charcoal • Rendering Using Charcoal • Tips to Remember Rendering Harry Potter in Charcoal Learning about Colors Pastel Painting • Shaving your Pastels • Various ways to blend using Pastels • Additional Techniques: Rendering Harry Potter in Pastels: Watercolor Painting How to Create Color Value Chart Application and Techniques in Watercolor • How to Use the Paintbrush • How to Mix your Watercolor • How to Create a Wash • Rendering the Sphere • How to color Sphere using two colors and blending technique Painting Ginny and Harry in Watercolor Airbrush Painting • Airbrush cleaners and Alcohol • Airbrush and its Mechanism • Maintenance and Troubleshooting • How to Hold an Airbrush: • Basic Airbrush Exercises: Airbrushing Harry Potter Author Bio Introduction: I knew you had read the book, saw the movie, and even bought merchandises of our young favorite wizard from Hogwarts (alright, I know it’s the school of witchcraft and wizardry and not the place which can be found in the map), but have you consider to learn how to draw Harry Potter in pencil or in any art mediums, and this eBook is all about it,so before we begin, let me congratulate you for picking up this eBook, as I’m going to teach you how to draw Harry from cartoon to another form of art works: pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor and even airbrush, yes you heard me right. So what do you need learn these artworks?Simple I listed the things you need in the materials, they can all be found in any art stores or art suppliers, so visit and check for the availability of the materials, and it also nice to make friends with your art supplier, as he would be happy to assist you for the things that you will be needing, and even give you a call if the materials if in stock or available. Dedicate by reading and practicing all the exercises in each sections of art medium, set a good time for you alone and focus in drawing and soon you will be a true versatile artist not just drawing Harry Potter, as you can use this method when drawing other people faces,even the faces of your love ones: parents, relatives, friends, neighbors and boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. So have fun drawing Harry Potter, let him inspire you magically.

Cartoon Drawing For Beginners

Author: Laura Whitworth

Publisher: Laura Whitworth

ISBN: 1524295922

Category: Art

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To learn how to draw cartoons and comics effectively, you have to first understand the purpose behind them. Anyone can learn to draw cartoons and comics in a mechanical way, but to become successful, you have to get the meaning of what makes people want to read them, and continue to read them. Once that is understood, the drawing is much easier and will come across as being a reflection of purpose. Learning how to draw cartoons is mostly done by observation and practice. As we study some of the masters of the art of cartooning, you will discover that they learned in various ways, but they never quit drawing. That is the secret. If you form the habit of doing a little bit of drawing each day, you will be on your way to success. Or you can do a lot of drawing each day too, and that will be fine. If you are really serious about the pursuit of cartooning and the drawing of comics as a career, you should seek the best instruction you can get. Just think about how many hours a student puts in to any career path, such as a doctor, lawyer, or even a plumber, and you will find that to become a pretty good cartoonist, you can do the same, only the time spend would be considerably less. Even so the satisfaction of being able to earn a living doing something your love to do is a great motivating force, and you can do just that if you decide that it is what you want. This book will give you an insight into the world of cartoon-drawing, its rules and traditions, and the paths to follow. Once you get the main idea and purpose behind drawing the cartoons you will be able to develop your own authentic recognizable creative style and break into the big time of cartoon-drawing!

Manga Art for Beginners

How to Create Your Own Manga Drawings

Author: Danica Davidson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510700064

Category: Art

Page: 220

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Designed for how people learn The ideal manga drawing book for beginners Includes ideas for how to draw your own graphic novel Have you spent years admiring manga drawing and wondering how to draw cool stuff, but you haven’t known how to make it on your own? This book by Danica Davidson and illustrated by the amazing Melanie Westin will guide you to drawing your own manga. These two help you find your why and include how to draw for adult beginners in this book. They also include how to draw anime for beginners, how to draw cartoon comic strips, how to draw tigers, and more. This cartoon drawing guide will be especially useful for the beginner cartoon artist. This belongs on any anime bookshelf and can help readers create a book. Learn more about the art of manga with Danica Davidson and Melanie Westin in Manga Art for Beginners: How to Create Your Own Manga Drawings.

Learn How to Draw Caricatures - For the Absolute Beginner

Author: John Davidson

Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

ISBN: 1311212280

Category: Art

Page: 65

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To draw a caricature is to simply draw an image that is very distinguishable to your model/subject’s identity with or without being photographically identical. In early forms of this genre, the type of figures used was animals to represent a certain person. A painting or any type of artwork cannot be called a caricature if the piece does not involve an actual person, because involving a real person as a model is the critical part of this genre. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Quick ink sketches • Caricature of a Child • Head in Profile Establishing Tones/Shade Values Drawing a Face in a Proper Proportion Drawing Caricatures with a Pencil • Using Simple Reference Lines • Starting with a Facial Feature Exaggerating Proportions Caricature of a Girl - Amplifying facial expression Caricature Samples So start taking pictures of your friends or ask for a willing volunteer to be your model and begin drawing caricatures. If nobody is willing to be your model, it’s okay. I have few pictures of my friends here and they are more than willing to be models for practicing, mess up their facial features. It’s totally fine, they don’t care. Follow the steps in this book and become a caricature artist in a short amount of time. Learn how to draw caricatures easily without any formal training. This book will guide you how faces take form step by step, how to base it on a model and produce a caricature portrait with ease. This instruction booklet will teach you how to draw caricatures quickly with the use of a simple pen and marker, and then move on to using pencil and start conveying shade values and produce realistic portraits with cartooned bodies. Good luck and I hope you enjoy reading!

Cartooning for the Beginner

Author: Christopher Hart

Publisher: Watson-Guptill

ISBN: 0770434770

Category: Art

Page: 144

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Aspiring cartoonists of all ages can begin drawing a repertoire of characters from the moment they follow the wide-ranging yet simplified lessons that fill these instructive pages, written and illustrated by an all-time best-selling artist/teacher. This complete course, covering both comic strip and animation techniques, begins with lessons on basic cartoon body shapes and facial features. Included are helpful comparisons between the real versus the cartoon head, a smile chart, and various ways to draw the most popular and expressive cartoon eyes and mouths. Next come lots of typical body poses, how to draw action lines, slow/fast movement, cartoon hands, fun hair and clothing styles, backgrounds, and cute cartoon pets. Excellent directions also focus on helping beginners to find and develop their own cartoon style.