Author: Duncan Macmillan

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 9781849437585

Category: Drama

Page: 89

View: 7985

‘I could fly to New York and back every day for seven years and still not leave a carbon footprint as big as if I have a child. Ten thousand tonnes of CO2. That’s the weight of the Eiffel Tower. I’d be giving birth to the Eiffel Tower.’ In a time of global anxiety, terrorism, erratic weather and political unrest, a young couple want a child but are running out of time. If they over think it, they’ll never do it. But if they rush, it could be a disaster. They want to have a child for the right reasons. Except, what exactly are the right reasons? And what will be the first to destruct – the planet or the relationship?

Building Sustainability with the Arts

Proceedings of the 2nd National EcoArts Australis Conference

Author: David Curtis

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1527504255

Category: Art

Page: 431

View: 6040

Environmental art or ‘ecoart’ is a burgeoning field and includes a wide variety of practices, some of which are exemplified in this collection: from sculptures or installations made from discarded rubbish to intimate ephemeral artworks placed in the natural environment, or from theatrical presentations incorporated into environmental education programs to socially critical paintings. In some cases, the artworks aim to create indignation in the viewer, sometimes to educate, sometimes to create a feeling of empathy for the natural environment, or sometimes they are built into community building projects. This timely book examines various roles of the arts in building ecological sustainability. A wide range of practitioners is represented, including visual and performing artists, scientists, social researchers, environmental educators and research students. They are all united in this text in their belief that the arts are vital in the building of sustainability – in the way that they are practiced, but also the connections they make to ecology, science and indigenous culture.

The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Irish Plays: 'This is just this. This isn't real. It’s money.’

"This Is Just This. This Is Not Real. It's Just Money"

Author: Thomas Conway

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 184943672X

Category: Drama

Page: 336

View: 7822

HEROIN by Grace Dyas, Trade by Mark O’Halloran, The Art of Swimming by Lynda Radley, Pineapple by Phillip McMahon, I ? Alice ? I by Amy Conroy, The Big Deal edited by Una McKevitt, Oedipus Loves You by Simon Doyle & Gavin Quinn, The Year of Magical Wanking by Neil WatkinsEdited and introduced by Thomas Conway. This anthology comprises eight new plays by Irish playwrights premièred between the years 2006 and 2011. These playwrights ride, however, in no slipstream of the identifiably Irish play. Here, the enterprise of playwriting itself is being re-imagined. Here, above all else, is a commitment to becoming in the theatre. For all that, each play is concerned with what is unfinished business in Ireland. How astonishing, then, that these plays should revolve for the most part around identity and, in particular, sexual identity. How identity comes into play, how we open up the field of play, how we raise into collective experience the exercise of that play – the urgency in the playwriting would appear to lie precisely here. We can read from the historical moment – from a narrative emphasizing an economic bubble and its hangover – into these plays. Or we can take these playwrights at their word and observe lives lived at the contour of identities in the making. It is for us as readers, just as we have as theatre-goers – frequently scandalized, enthralled, shamed, appalled, unburdened, tickled pink – to decide.

The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Greek Plays

Author: Lena Kitsopoulou,Nina Rapi,Yannis Mavritsakis,Akis Dimou,Charalampos Giannou

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1783197684

Category: Drama

Page: 312

View: 5057

5 of the most notable Greek playwrights, two women and three men 5 voices representative of contemporary Greek dramaturgy in all its diversity A palimpsest of plays indicative of the current theatre trends in Greece. A fusion of concerns, feelings and ideas, taking you on a journey to Greek theatre. Because Greek theatre does not stop at ancient tragedy and comedy. Lena Kitsopoulou, M.A.I.R.O.U.L.A. Existential anxieties consume a ‘strange’ woman who wants to leave all that is tormenting her behind. Nina Rapi, Angelstate In an imaginary space of expiation six characters seek truths while battling with desire, loss and guilt. Yannis Mavritsakis, Wolfgang Based on a real event that ‘traumatised’ civilized Europe, a man obsessively seeks absolute devotion by totally depriving a woman’s freedom. Akis Dimou, ... and Juliet A monologue about sexual loneliness. Our heroine, an aged Juliet reminisces upon the traumas of love. Charalampos Giannou, Hungry A common family crisis takes an unexpected turn in a series of tragicomic events and becomes a total disaster.

The Oberon Anthology of Contemporary American Plays: Volume One

Author: Mark Subias

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1849436185

Category: Drama

Page: 312

View: 9302

This new series brings together some of the best new writing from contemporary American playwrights. Volume One is introduced by Andre Bishop, Artistic Director of the Lincoln Center Theater, the most prestigious theatre in the USA. Each play is introduced by critically acclaimed writers themselves.The volume includes: KIN by Bathsheba Doran, (with an introduction by Chris Durang) Kin sheds a sharp light on the changing face of kinship in the expansive landscape of the modern world.“Simply terrific. Perhaps the finest new play of the season. Funny and audacious, haunting, and exquisitely wrought.” - Charles Isherwood, New York Times MIDDLETOWN by Will Eno (with an introduction by Gordon Lish) Middletown was awarded the prestigious Horton Foote Prize for Promising New American Play in 2010.“Middletown glimmers from start to finish with tart, funny, gorgeous little comments on big things: the need for love and forgiveness, the search for meaning in life, the long, lonely ache of disappointment.” - Charles Isherwood, New York Times COMPLETENESS by Itamar Moses (with an introduction by Doug Wright) Completeness is a 21st-century romantic comedy about the timeless confusions of love.“A funny, ridiculously smart new play. I haven’t seen another play recently that so perfectly captured love – hot-blooded, fearless, fickle – at this stage in life. I was left with nothing but admiration.” - Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg News GOD'S EAR by Jenny Schwartz (with an introduction by Edward Albee) “This ode to love, loss and the routines of life has the economy and dry wit of a Sondheim love song ... Schwartz is a real talent and she is trying something ambitious ... In [her] very modern way, [she is] making a rather old-fashioned case for the power of the written word.” - Jason Zinoman, New York Times

The Oberon Book of Modern Monologues for Men: Teens to Thirties

Author: Dee Cannon

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1783199385

Category: Drama

Page: 200

View: 5493

Monologues are an essential part of every actor’s toolkit. Actors need them for drama school entry, training, showcases and when auditioning for roles in the industry. This book showcases selected monologues from some of the finest modern plays by some of today’s leading contemporary playwrights. The monologues contain a diverse range of quirky and memorable characters that cross cultural and historical boundaries. The pieces are organised in age-specific groups: ‘Teens’, ‘Twenties’ and ‘Thirties’. This volume comes in a brand new format, with a notes page next to each speech, acting as an actor’s workbook as well as a monologue resource.

Plays One

Author: Duncan Macmillan

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 9781783193370

Category: Drama

Page: 462

View: 4235

The first collection from critically-acclaimed UK playwright Duncan Macmillan.

City of Glass

Author: Paul Auster

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 9781786821706

Category: English drama

Page: 96

View: 1228

When reclusive crime writer Daniel Quinn receives a mysterious call seeking a private detective in the middle of the night, he quickly and unwittingly becomes the protagonist in a thriller of his own. As the familiar territory of the noir detective genre gives way to something altogether more disturbing, Quinn becomes consumed by his mission, and begins to lose his grip on reality.


Author: Mark Doherty

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1849437742

Category: Drama

Page: 64

View: 2621

A fable about tradition in a mad place, Trad is the hilarious tale of the very old Thomas and his even more ancient ‘da’. When Thomas reveals that he once fathered a son in a long-ago fling, the pair set off across the Irish countryside to seek the unknown child, with nothing more than a hobble and a limp to help them. A surreal comedy from former comedian Mark Doherty, and a five-star hit at the 2005 Edinburgh Festival, Trad presents a deeply funny journey of discovery, fuelled by a past that’s just as bizarre as the present. Trad opened at the Bush Theatre, London in April 2006.

The Trench

Author: Oliver Lansley

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1849435405

Category: Drama

Page: 64

View: 2118

A new play inspired by the true story of a miner who became entombed in a tunnel during World War One. As the horror threatens to engulf him, he discovers another world beneath the mud and death. Setting off on an epic journey of salvation, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur as he questions what’s real, what’s not and whether it even matters? The Trench blends Les Enfants Terribles’ acclaimed brand of physical storytelling, verse, puppetry and live music from Alexander Wolfe.