Basic Engineering Mathematics, 4th Edition, Elsevier, 2005

Basic Engineering Mathematics

Author: John Bird

Publisher: Bukupedia


Category: Mathematics

Page: 301

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Basic Engineering Mathematics, 4th Edition introduces and then consolidates basic mathematical principles and promotes awareness of mathematical concepts for students needing a broad base for further vocational studies. In this fourth edition, new material has been added on engineering notation, inequalities, graphs with logarithmic scales and adding waveforms, together with extra practical problems interspersed throughout the text. The text covers: (i) the Applied Mathematics content of the GNVQ mandatory unit ‘Applied Science and Mathematics for Engineering’ at Intermediate level (i.e. GNVQ 2) (ii) the mandatory ‘Mathematics for Engineering’ at Advanced level (i.e. GNVQ 3) in Engineering (iii) the optional ‘Applied Mathematics for Engineering’ at Advanced level (i.e. GNVQ 3) in Engineering (iv) the Mathematics content of ‘Applied Science and Mathematics for Technicians’ for Edexcel/BTEC First Certificate (v) the mandatory ‘Mathematics for Technicians’ for National Certificate and National Diploma in Engineering (vi) Mathematics 1 for City & Guilds Technician Certificate in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering (vii) basic mathematics for a wide range of introductory/access/foundation mathematics courses (viii) GCSE revision, and for similar mathematics courses in English-speaking countries world-wide. Basic Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition provides a lead into Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition. Each topic considered in the text is presented in a way that assumes in the reader little previous knowledge of that topic. Theory is introduced in each chapter by a brief outline of essential theory, definitions, formulae, laws and procedures. However, these are kept to a minimum, for problem solving is extensively used to establish and exemplify the theory. It is intended that readers will gain real understanding through seeing problems solved and then solving similar problems themselves. This textbook contains some 600 worked problems, followed by over 1050 further problems (all with answers – at the end of the book). The further problems are contained within some 129 Exercises; each Exercise follows on directly from the relevant section of work. 260 line diagrams enhance the understanding of the theory. Where at all possible the problems mirror practical situations found in engineering and science. At regular intervals throughout the text are 15 Assignments to check understanding. For example, Assignment 1 covers material contained in chapters 1 and 2, Assignment 2 covers the material contained in chapters 3 and 4, and so on. These Assignments do not have answers given since it is envisaged that lecturers could set the Assignments for students to attempt as part of their course structure. Lecturers may obtain a complimentary set of solutions of the Assignments in an Instructor’s Manual available from the publishers via the internet – see below. At the end of the book a list of relevant formulae contained within the text is included for convenience of reference. ‘Learning by Example’ is at the heart of Basic Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition. John Bird Defence College of Electro-Mechanical Engineering, HMS Sultan, formerly University of Portsmouth and Highbury College, Portsmouth Instructor’s Manual An Instructor’s Manual containing the full worked solutions for all the Assignments in this book is available for download for lecturers only. To obtain a password please e-mail [email protected] with the following details: course title, number of students, your job title and work postal address. To download the Instructor’s Manual use the following direct URL: