Three Stones Make a Wall

The Story of Archaeology

Author: Eric H. Cline

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691184259

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

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In 1922, Howard Carter peered into Tutankhamun’s tomb for the first time, the only light coming from the candle in his outstretched hand. Urged to tell what he was seeing through the small opening he had cut in the door to the tomb, the Egyptologist famously replied, “I see wonderful things.” Carter’s fabulous discovery is just one of the many spellbinding stories told in Three Stones Make a Wall. Written by Eric Cline, an archaeologist with more than thirty seasons of excavation experience, this book traces the history of archaeology from an amateur pursuit to the cutting-edge science it is today by taking the reader on a tour of major archaeological sites and discoveries. Along the way, it addresses the questions archaeologists are asked most often: How do you know where to dig? How are excavations actually done? How do you know how old something is? Who gets to keep what is found? Taking readers from the pioneering digs of the eighteenth century to today’s exciting new discoveries, Three Stones Make a Wall is a lively and essential introduction to the story of archaeology.

Birds in the Ancient World

Winged Words

Author: Jeremy Mynott

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198713657

Category: Animals and civilization

Page: 480

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Birds played an important role in the ancient world: as indicators of time, weather, and seasons; as a resource for hunting, medicine, and farming; as pets and entertainment; as omens and messengers of the gods. Jeremy Mynott explores the similarities and surprising differences between ancient perceptions of the natural world and our own.

The Colour of Lies

A gripping and unforgettable psychological thriller

Author: Lezanne Clannachan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409146936

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Tell me, where did Lily go? When Anna takes a job with a family whose niece is missing, she finds herself increasingly haunted by the mystery around her disappearance. As rumours and gossip circle the family, Anna becomes obsessed with the missing girl. The more she learns, the less she knows who to trust. But Anna has her own secret. She knows what lies look like - she can see dishonesty stain the air. Only her sister knows about her synasthesia and how she can read emotions, even when people are trying to hide them. Now suspicion is beginning to gather around the one man Anna knows to be innocent. She just has to find a way to prove it... A gripping story of obsession, jealousy and a missing girl. This mystery will have you desperate to find the truth about what happened to Lily... Perfect for fans of Lisa Ballantyne, Sibel Hodge and Kerry Fisher.

Love and Death in the Sunshine State

The Story of a Murder

Author: Cutter Wood

Publisher: Algonquin Books

ISBN: 1616208260

Category: True Crime

Page: 240

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“I was convinced that somewhere in this pile of anecdotes and photographs and recollections was the vital clue, the detail that would make everything slide into place, and as I began to assemble all the information I’d gathered into an idea of a woman, I imagined myself at the head of a troupe of deputies and detectives, leading us all inexorably in the direction of Sabine Musil-Buehler.” When a stolen car is recovered on the Gulf Coast of Florida, it sets off a search for a missing woman, local motel owner Sabine Musil-Buehler. Three men are named persons of interest—her husband, her boyfriend, and the man who stole the car. Then the motel is set on fire; her boyfriend flees the county; and detectives begin digging on the beach of Anna Maria Island. Author Cutter Wood was a guest at Musil-Buehler’s motel as the search for her gained momentum, and he was drawn steadily deeper into the case. Driven by his own need to understand how a relationship could spin to pieces in such a fatal fashion, he began to talk with many of the people living on Anna Maria, and then with the detectives, and finally with the man presumed to be the murderer. But there was only so much that interviews and transcripts could reveal. In trying to understand how we treat those we love, this book, like Truman Capote’s classic In Cold Blood, tells a story that exists outside documentary evidence. Wood carries the investigation of Sabine’s murder beyond the facts of the case and into his own life, crafting a tale about the dark conflicts at the heart of every relationship.


Memories of the Future

Author: Charles Bowden

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 1477316604

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 236

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“A dark, troubling vision of life in the desert, defined broadly; of mountain lions and drug kingpins, Mexican hopes and Indian feuds.” —Los Angeles Times “In these powerful epic tales of the Sonora Desert, Bowden peoples the harsh land on both sides of the US-Mexican border with saints and sinners, but his enduring hero is the desert itself.” —Kirkus Reviews

America Goes Hawaiian

Author: Geoff Alexander

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476633568

Category: Social Science

Page: 292

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 How did Hawaiian and Polynesian culture come to dramatically alter American music, fashion and decor, as well as ideas about race, in less than a century? It began with mainland hula and musical performances in the late 19th century, rose dramatically as millions shipped to Hawaii during the Pacific War, then made big leap with the advent of low-cost air travel. By the end of the 1950s, mainlanders were hosting tiki parties, listening to exotic music, lazing on rattan furniture in Hawaiian shirts and, of course, surfing. Increasingly, they were marrying people outside of their own racial groups as well. The author describes how this cultural conquest came about and the people and events that led to it.

Travels on the Amazon

Author: Alfred Russel Wallace

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465610715


Page: N.A

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IT was on the morning of the 26th of May, 1848, that after a short passage of twenty-nine days from Liverpool, we came to anchor opposite the southern entrance to the River Amazon, and obtained our first view of South America. In the afternoon the pilot came on board, and the next morning we sailed with a fair wind up the river, which for fifty miles could only be distinguished from the ocean by its calmness and discoloured water, the northern shore being invisible, and the southern at a distance of ten or twelve miles. Early on the morning of the 28th we again anchored; and when the sun rose in a cloudless sky, the city of Pará, surrounded by the dense forest, and overtopped by palms and plantains, greeted our sight, appearing doubly beautiful from the presence of those luxuriant tropical productions in a state of nature, which we had so often admired in the conservatories of Kew and Chatsworth. The canoes passing with their motley crews of Negroes and Indians, the vultures soaring overhead or walking lazily about the beach, and the crowds of swallows on the churches and house-tops, all served to occupy our attention till the Custom-house officers visited us, and we were allowed to go on shore. Pará contains about 15,000 inhabitants, and does not cover a great extent of ground; yet it is the largest city on the greatest river in the world, the Amazon, and is the capital of a province equal in extent to all Western Europe. It is the residence of a President appointed by the Emperor of Brazil, and of a Bishop whose see extends two thousand miles into the interior, over a country peopled by countless tribes of unconverted Indians. The province of Pará is the most northern portion of Brazil, and though it is naturally the richest part of that vast empire, it is the least known, and at present of the least commercial importance. The appearance of the city from the river, which is the best view that can be obtained of it, is not more foreign than that of Calais or Boulogne. The houses are generally white, and several handsome churches and public buildings raise their towers and domes above them. The vigour of vegetation is everywhere apparent. The ledges and mouldings support a growth of small plants, and from the wall-tops and window-openings of the churches often spring luxuriant weeds and sometimes small trees. Above and below and behind the city, as far as the eye can reach, extends the unbroken forest; all the small islands in the river are wooded to the water's edge, and many sandbanks flooded at high-water are covered with shrubs and small trees, whose tops only now appeared above the surface. The general aspect of the trees was not different from those of Europe, except where the "feathery palm-trees" raised their graceful forms; but our imaginations were busy picturing the wonderful scenes to be beheld in their dark recesses, and we longed for the time when we should be at liberty to explore them.

Tony Plumb and the Moles of Ellodian

Author: J.M. Smith

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1789015030

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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If your mind housed a spy, what secrets would it spill? Harbouring troubling memories of time in care, Tony struggles to keep his mind on track. Prone to episodes in ‘Madsville’ and bombarded by thought chariots carrying unwanted baggage from the past, he’s smuggled to Ellodian by the rule dodging social worker, Ms Bendy Leggett. At this spooky, curious, underground facility, Tony’s history intertwines with the present and the task of answering three crucial life–changing questions cannot be avoided. With help from good friends and therapy, Tony challenges authority, rights wrongs and makes enemies, until he finally comes to understand the nature of his conundrums, the meaning of the word family and the darkest secret of all; what really happened at the waterfall?

Justice Lost

Author: Scott Pratt

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

ISBN: 9781542049689

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Darren Street faces the most personal and ruthless vendetta of his life. After forfeiting years serving time for a false murder conviction, former criminal defense attorney Darren Street finally got his freedom back and is trying to build a regular life. But when an unthinkable tragedy shatters his hard-earned normalcy, Street is left reeling from the devastating blow. As the criminal-justice system refuses to dispense justice, he sets out--without mercy--after the man responsible. Unwilling to stop at simply righting one wrong, Street decides to dust off his legal skills and dive back in--this time to unseat the district attorney general in Knoxville, whose callous indifference nearly let a man get away with murder. Now navigating a broken establishment already steeped in corruption, Street will find the retribution and redemption he so desperately needs--unless it draws him even deeper into the very chaos that derailed his life in the first place.