The Phoenix Project

A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Author: Gene Kim,Kevin Behr,George Spafford

Publisher: IT Revolution

ISBN: 1942788304

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

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Five years after this sleeper hit took on the world of IT and flipped it on its head, the 5th Anniversary Edition of The Phoenix Project continues to guide IT in the DevOps revolution. In this newly updated and expanded edition of the bestselling The Phoenix Project, co-author Gene Kim includes a new afterword and a deeper delve into the Three Ways as described in The DevOps Handbook. Bill, an IT manager at Parts Unlimited, has been tasked with taking on a project critical to the future of the business, code named Phoenix Project. But the project is massively over budget and behind schedule. The CEO demands Bill must fix the mess in ninety days or else Bill's entire department will be outsourced. With the help of a prospective board member and his mysterious philosophy of The Three Ways, Bill starts to see that IT work has more in common with a manufacturing plant work than he ever imagined. With the clock ticking, Bill must organize work flow streamline interdepartmental communications, and effectively serve the other business functions at Parts Unlimited. In a fast-paced and entertaining style, three luminaries of the DevOps movement deliver a story that anyone who works in IT will recognize. Readers will not only learn how to improve their own IT organizations, they'll never view IT the same way again.

Summary: Gene Kim's the Phoenix Project: A Novel about It, Devops, and Helping Your Business Win

Author: Sarah Fields

Publisher: Blurb

ISBN: 9780368256615

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As Parts Unlimited IT manager Bill is driving to his office on a Tuesday morning, he gets a call from the CEO. The call is about the Phoenix Project. It is Parts Unlimited's new IT initiative and it's critical to the future of the company. However, the project is way over budget and very late. The CEO is The company's new IT initiative, code named Phoenix Project is critical to the future of Parts Unlimited, but the project is massively over budget and very late. The CEO requires Bill to directly report to him. He needs Bill to fix the mess in ninety days or less. If he fails, the entire department will be outsourced. Bill gains a new perspective on IT work and how it is very common to a manufacturing plant. A prospective board member teaches Bill about the philosophy of The Three Ways. In an entertaining fast-paced style, the three luminaries of the DevOps movement deliver the story of The Phoenix Project. Anyone who works in IT can relate to the story and readers will never view IT the same way again. In this comprehensive look into The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim, you'll gain insight with this essential resource as a guide to aid your discussions. Be prepared to lead with the following: More than 60 "done-for-you" discussion prompts available Discussion aid which includes a wealth of information and prompts Overall brief plot synopsis and author biography as refreshers Thought-provoking questions made for deeper examinations Creative exercises to foster alternate "if this was you" discussions And more! Please Note: This is a companion guide based on the work The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim not affiliated to the original work or author in any way and does not contain any text of the original work. Please purchase or read the original work first.

The DevOps Handbook:

How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations

Author: Gene Kim,Jez Humble,Patrick Debois,John Willis

Publisher: IT Revolution

ISBN: 194278807X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

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Increase profitability, elevate work culture, and exceed productivity goals through DevOps practices. More than ever, the effective management of technology is critical for business competitiveness. For decades, technology leaders have struggled to balance agility, reliability, and security. The consequences of failure have never been greater―whether it's the debacle, cardholder data breaches, or missing the boat with Big Data in the cloud. And yet, high performers using DevOps principles, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, and Netflix, are routinely and reliably deploying code into production hundreds, or even thousands, of times per day. Following in the footsteps of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook shows leaders how to replicate these incredible outcomes, by showing how to integrate Product Management, Development, QA, IT Operations, and Information Security to elevate your company and win in the marketplace.

The Lean IT Field Guide

A Roadmap for Your Transformation

Author: Michael A. Orzen,Thomas A. Paider

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351105841

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 183

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How many IT books have you read that are long on theory and short on practical application? They are interesting, but not very impactful. They provide a framework from which to think and understand, but lack a process from which to act. Addressing this urgent need for the IT community, The Lean IT Field Guide explains how to initiate, execute, and sustain a lean IT transformation. Illuminating a clear path to lean IT, the authors integrate more than two decades of combined experience to provide you with a proven method for creating and sustaining a true lean IT workplace. This field guide not only highlights the organizational techniques of more agile and lean processes, but also the leadership work required to help management adopt these new approaches. Based on proven methods from different industries, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, food and beverage, and logistics, the book details a clear model that covers all the components you need to achieve and sustain a favorable work environment and culture in support of lean IT. Filled with anecdotes and case studies from actual businesses, the book includes pictures, templates, and examples that illustrate the application of the lean methods discussed.

The Last Firewall

Author: William Hertling

Publisher: William Hertling

ISBN: 0984755780

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

View: 1898


In the year 2035, robots, artificial intelligences, and neural implants have become commonplace. The Institute for Ethics keeps the peace, using social reputation to ensure that robots and humans don't harm society or each other. But a powerful AI named Adam has found a way around the restrictions. Catherine Matthews, nineteen years old, has a unique gift: the ability to manipulate the net with her neural implant. Yanked out of her perfectly ordinary life, Catherine becomes the last firewall standing between Adam and his quest for world domination. PRAISE FOR THE LAST FIREWALL “Awesome near-term science fiction.” – Brad Feld, Foundry Group managing director “An insightful and adrenaline-inducing tale of what humanity could become and the machines we could spawn.” – Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger “A fun read and tantalizing study of the future of technology: both inviting and alarming.” – Harper Reed, former CTO of Obama for America, Threadless "A fascinating and prescient take on what the world will look like once computers become smarter than people. Highly recommended." – Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO Cloudability “A phenomenal ride through a post-scarcity world where humans are caught between rogue AIs. If you like having your mind blown, read this book!” – Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Indie & Small Press Book Marketing

Author: William Hertling

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781481034937

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 112

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Why do some books sell a few copies and then languish, why others go on to sell tens of thousands?In a word: Marketing.Indie & Small Press Book Marketing explains how to market your book, with a detailed plan for what you need to do before launch, during the all-critical launch month, and afterwards.Full of proven techniques to get initial sales and reviews, increase conversion rate of your blog and Amazon page, engage with communities of passionate readers, and connect with influencers and reviewers who can help launch your book into bestseller lists.“Finally, a structured approach to marketing books.”– Tonya Macalino, author of Spectre of Intention and The Shades of Venice“Even for the traditionally published author, this book is full of great stuff! It takes a detailed, easy to follow approach to promoting your book. Highly recommended!” – E.C. Ambrose, author of The Dark Apostle series"Chock full of actionable marketing tips I wish I'd known years ago."– Gene Kim, author of The Visible Ops Handbook and The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win